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Class of 1960
Jane (Aegerter) Marshall Hello - missing So.Cal. very much on a cold winter day in Iowa. Love to hear from anyone from South or Calle Mayor.

Glen Aycock Hello to All: I have been pastoring churches in Arizona, California and South Carolina (Eveangelist) for the last 40 years. At the present I am pastor of four churches in San Bernardino and Redlands area. You might call me a modern day circuit preacher. I became a tennis teaching professional and also coached and taught at the local Jr. College of San Bernardino. It was an unique experience to coach the men and women tennis teams at the same time. Exasperating. One is more than enough. Howeve I did enjoy teaching the college PE classes. I hope to hear when we have a reunion coming up. God Bless.

Linda (Bishop) Eubanks What a pleasant surprise! I married Linda Eubanks' brother Steve, so for the last 34+ years I have been the "real" Linda Eubanks! He was with the Torrance Fire Dept until '95. After his retirement we followed our youngest daughter and her family to Bozeman MT for 5 wonderful years. We loved it! Even the winters!We are back in CA but now we're up north in Roseville - still following those kids. Do you think they're trying to tell us something? Would love to hear from each of you.

Barbara (Bishop) Posten So glad I found the site!

Barbara (Burton) Swift Well there has been a change in my life. After living in Hawaii for 45 years with my husband of 41 years, our son-in-law moved the whole family (5 adults, 1 child, 1 dog and 1 cat) to Concord, Ohio. My husband and I are retired and we all live in one house. We are now living the country life and have added a fish to the mix.

Bonnie (Butler) Sanchez Bonnie died with her high school sweetheart David Sanchez in a motorcycle accident, August 18, 1981. They left behind two daughters Desierre and Wendy Sanchez. May they rest in peace

Patricia (Cassone) Klueger Looking forward to information about the 60th reunion. Will there be one? If so, when and where.

Bill Doty Hello to SHS Class of '60! I attended The University of Kansas (C'65 - Journalism) and, later Graduate level History at CS-Fullerton; first job: Field Editor, Charles Scribner's Sons, Publishers, NYC; then 12.5 years as Director of Production Publicity - Metromedia Producers Corporation (television) in Hollywood; my own company, Geary Street Productions - producing on- air trailers for FAME, MGM-UA - and then another 12.5 years as an archivist for The National Archives in Laguna Niguel, CA. I retired in 2005 and moved to Overland Park, KS - a suburb of Kansas City, my hometown prior to high school. Best to all. Bill

Preston Hamlin I am now retired after spending 33 years with GTE (now Verizon)I am also retired from the Military with 3 years active Army and 30 Air National Guard. I now live in Northern Calif and spend my time travely the world. Any other questions just give me an e-mail.

Gary Hand Hope to hear if there is going to be a fiftieth reunion in 2010.

Rolf Henriks This a great opportunity. After leaving SHS I went to UCSB for a year; then I enlisted in the Navy for four years to get my head screwed on right. It worked. I got an electical engineering degree from CSULA in 1970. But not before marrying Elaine in 1967. In our now 42 years together we've had two kids and four grandkids. After 38 years in engineering, I retired in 2008. We now live in San Diego, but will likely move to the Temecula area soon. Looking forward to a 50th reunion if possible.

Frances (Herrera) Haynes-Herrera I will be brave and and send a before and updated picture of me. I have three children all living in the seattle area. I live in seattle area and Harbor city. I work as a longshorewomen for 22 years. I also work 4 to 5 months a year with Dept. of Homeland Security doing national Disasters. I have 7 grandkids and 1 great grandchild. Life is great. Thank God.

Diane (Hilton) Branam Have enjoyed the reunions I attended. Will plan on attending 2008. I am looking forward to retiring May, 2007!! Am surprised that life seems to be getting busier. Because of health issues Mom has moved in. I have Tuesdays off at work so I can spend them with my grandaughters. Last summer I flew to Sturgis, SD and met my husband who rode with his work buddies. We had a great time!! At home genealogy is my hobby. Am planning to go to GA in April to meet 8 cousins and to see the property that was my GGGrandfathers which is now owned by the water reclamation dept. Also see the one owned by my Great Great Uncle which is still in the family after 6 generations. My line had gone on to Kansas. Always enjoy seeing an email from an old friend in the email box.

Garland Holt Jr : Hi you all. Went to ECC after leaving South High, then Carroll College in Montana, then back to Calif at Long Beach State College. BA in 64, joined DPSS of County of LA as Social Worker in 68, MPA at Long Beach State in 84. Retired as Data Processing Manager in 2004, some teaching at OLLI Long Beach State, until moving to Vancouver WA. Love it. Does anyone remember Mrs Lowe?.

Lynn Johnston After being the 1st. Graduating Class of South Torrance High. I joined the U.S. Navy in Aug. of 1960, Married Louise Bufkin, Hawthorne High in March of 1961, I was on the U.S.S. C. Turner Joy (DD951),I was in the Gulf of Tonkin encounter Aug. 4 1964, I got out of the Navy in Sept. of 1964. I went into construction right after the Navy but decided that wasn't for me. I started working for Jiffy Air Tools, in Dec. of 1965, have been with them through 6 different names (34 years this Dec. 17th). My position is Chief Engineer Quality assurance Manager. I joined the Garden Grove Elks Lodge in Nov. of 1987 and became Exalted Ruler in April of 1994. We bought a Home in 1984 and have lived in Orange County for 15 years now. We have two Daughters, the oldest daughter lives in Torrance with her husband and 3 daughters , our youngest daughter lives in Las Vegas with her husband. You can e-mail me at -

Sylvia (Luceyk) Thomas Hello Alumni: I never left Torrance! In fact, I just recently retired from Torrance Unified School District after twenty-four years of service.

Billy Martin Hey Guys I am glad I found this site. You probably don't remember much about me as I was only at South for the last two years and did not really know too many people. After graduation I joined the army and got to see the world. I now live in Eagle Idaho and make my living the the car wash business. I left california permanitely in 1970 after serving a few years on the LAPD. I still think about the days that don't seem so long ago, hanging out at the beach and the A & W down the stree from the school. I wish you all good health and good will, and I hope I have the opportunity to see some of you again. Did anyone kown Karl Spiegel? you can contact me at wfm.

Barry Monaghan How has everybody been? I hope everyone is enjoying life, and has accomplished the goals they all had in mind. Just remember life is short, live it one day at a time and enjoy!

Doug Nichols Although I moved to Oregon a year before graduation, South was my main high school. I retired 2 years ago from Portland General Electric Co after 35 years of legal practice. I served 6 years active duty in the Navy, and another 20 in the reserve. Married, two children, and two grandchildren. I split time between Portland, OR and Palm Desert, CA, doing volunteer work, hiking and golfing. Life is good.

Larry Pace Hello to everyone, My wife Linda (Helton) Pace class of 1962 and I have been living in Hot Springs, Arkansas for 24 years. We have two daughters, one in Little Rock and one in Las Vegas. We have two grandchildren. I retired two years ago and love it. We travel alot now that we have time away from work. Like to here from you, Larry

Joanne (Palombi) Puls Hi fellow grads: Wow! Can you believe 50 years? After graduating I worked at AT&T, where I met my first husband. We were married almost 13 years and had two children before divorcing. I remarried two years later to a Redondo High graduate who worked for the City of Palos Verdes until retiring in 2000. That marriage also gained me 4 stepchildren. Our Manhatten Beach house was "party central" for our kids and their friends. We moved to Beaverton, Oregon in 2004. Sadly, my husband George passed away in 2008 after 30 years of marriage. I have 8 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. I feel SO OLD just typing that!!!! My kids and grandkids live in different states, but fortunately my three sisters live nearby. They are also South High Grads - Jeanne (1966), Leona (1971), and Lynne (1973). Looking forward to the 50th reunion. Hope to see some familiar faces (assuming we all look the way we did in high school...ha-ha).

Ann (Parmer) Smith Wow! Fifty years. I spent a decade working in the restaurant business and three decades in retail ownership. I have two children, and four grandchildren all of whom are more enthusiastic students than I ever was. Husband Wayne Smith and I are retired to a little wildlife habitat seventy miles north of the California border. We are three miles east of Interstate Five down an easy country road. If you travel through Southern Oregon stop and say Hi.

Ruth (Pennington) York I married my husband Al, who was in the Navy, while still in school at SHS. In 1961, the first of our 6 children was born. We have 9 grandchildren & 3 great grandchildren. We've lived in Ca., Ks., Mo., Fl., & N.C. Al was a policeman in KC for several years. Unfortunately he passed away in May, 2009. I am still trying to adjust to life without him. We would have celebrated our 50th anniversary July 8. We still had a combination memorial & celebration of 50 years. My email is Would love to hear from you all.

Ron Shopper Hello fellow Spartans especially the First Graduating Class of South High Class of 1960. After graduation I attended Crenshaw Tech for one year 1960 to 1961. October of 1961 I enlisted in the Army to October of 1964 I learned more about life there then I could have in school. December of 1964 I went to work for GTE (now Verizon) and retired in June of 2003 after 38 years. August of 1972 I joined the Hermosa Beach Police Department as a Reserve Police Officer until March of 2001 ending 29 years of service. I still live in Torrance and enjoying retirement. I have a daughter she is married to a career Marine they have one son at this time. At the end of my son-in-law's career he will retire and they will return to the SO. Bay area. Best wishes to all and feel free to contact me. E-mail address is

Edward (Solt) Solt-Smith Hey gang, I finally fled the merchant marines after the captain of the boat, “los Bakersfield” was caught red handed emblemizing from the ships emergency funds. Needless to say there was a certain catch 22 about being off that stinking death trap. My dilemma was that since Captain Doug decided to use the emergency funds on a hefty gambling and liquor debt (even amongst rumors of smuggling the white china), with all funds exhausted I was left in the Alaskan Port city, Skagwag with only two twenties in my hand. It was a long and crazy journey through the Canadian Wilderness (a story in which will someday be a novel). Good thing I’m a fast talker and a charmer and know the principles of hitch hiking and working with your bare hands. I ultimately ended up in Reno. Coincidently, Morgan Keach’s cousin lived there. (we had a fling in the late nineties) I looked her up and we been in each others arms since. I currently work at the El Dorado and coach young girls soccer in the AYSO. Morgan’s right about one thing, his daughters are soccer superstars! Well, I’ll c-ya all later…Morgs and I’ve got a fishing trip tomorrow…later!!

Richard Spurgeon Hello to all you Spartans. I was pleased to find this site and I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I'm living in Madera, CA where I teach first grade. I have four grandchildren.

Max Stanton Update I retired in the spring of 2006. I now spend my time between Hawaii and western Oregon. I have a new e-mail address so you can ignore the one on the original posting. Does any one out there have any idea as to when and where our 2010 (50th) reunion will take place?

Kit Taylor I retired from thirty years of professing economics in 2008 -- more time now for photography, writing and travel. My retirement present to myself was two months in the Amazon, part of it following Humboldt's route on the Orinoco and Casiquiare rivers. Finally, on the fourth try, I got the marriage thing to work. My wife, Colleen Hogan-Taylor, and I recently celebrated our 20th anniversary with two weeks in Spain. Since graduating from SHS I've lived in the Bay Area (Berkeley), Brazil (with Peace Corps), Florida (Gainesville), back to the Bay Area (Palo Alto, Oakland, San Jose), and finally to the Seattle area. We currently live in Kingston, Washington. Email: Website:

Joyce (Templin) Kinnu Hey this is great! I was married to Larry (Buz) Cluckey (Class of '60) for 16 years and we had two daughters. We divorced in 1972 and I married Jim Kinnu in 1982. We have lived in New Jersey, Dallas, and now we're back in Orange County. Our daughters live within a mile from us and we are very involved with our grandchildren. We travel a lot and I'm busy volunteering at Church, Republican party, School, and a Women's Christian group. Life is wonderful!

Sheryl (Tolar) Baker Hi everyone, lost contact after the reunion in Long Beach (36th?) so I am looking forward to the 50th. I have been in Orange County for four years after bringing my mom back from Nevada to spend her last years in Southern CA getting to know her three great-grandchildren. I retired last June after spending 30 years in banking following the sale of my family's "Windjammer". Take care and hope to see you soon.

Wayne VanderLeest Still living and working here in the South Bay.

Dave Vogl Karen and I moved to RI in Nov to be near the grand kids. We have a nice house not far from Newport so we get to be in on all the tourist activities and all the great eating spots. After years flying fighters with the Air Force and then flying with United Airlines, I've started a new business at . I guess I just like to work and I'm looking forward to helping my favorite charity once we get going for good. Hope to see you all at the reunion. Dave

Bob Whitely Hi to everyone, Didn't know this site existed. Glad to have found it. Would post a pic but don't know how to do it yet as I am just learning this computer stuff. After high school did the American Graffiti thing til joining the Navy in '62. Married my high school sweetheart from Bishop Montgomery in '64, out of the Navy in '66 and started with the FAA at LAX in '67, worked Lax Approach Control 'til retiring in '93. Got my flying licenses in '70 and even a sailplane rating. I now reside in Tucson trying to escape the changing SoCal hordes and freeway parking lots. If anyone hears about a 2010 Reunion would sure like to know. Hope to see you all again....Bob


Vickie (Zierden) Decker I can't believe I missed the reunion. I was so looking forward to being there. I sure would like some updates:) I am living in Simi Valley and teaching math in a gifted magnet school. I love teaching. My husband of 44 years past away 5 year ago. After a messy divorce, my daughter moved back home with her 18 month and 11 year old sons. I enjoy having the company even if it is a bit noisy.

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