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Class of 1963
Mike Adamson Hi all...Sorry I missed the reunions. I live in So Cal and am an almost retired attorney,(a little consulting). My two sons are 30 and 27, and my hobbies are boating, vintage cars, guitars, and golf. I love going to Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Tom Adkins Currently a practicing attorney in Houston, Texas. Married with two kids. Amy, 22, is a graduate from the University of Texas and is now in Los Angeles. Tommy, Jr., 16, is a sophomore in high school and is aspiring to be a Longhorn like his sister.

Alan Albright Still here in Escondido, same house since 1972. My wife (Shari) and I have two daughters, and two grandsons (in Tucson). Our older daughter is getting married in June (2005), so we're quite busy. I semi-retired last year from over 33 years with NCR, and I'm on contract to NCR doing the same job I did before I retired, just a lot less (about 5 hours a week instead of 50). Full Retirement will be more fun in a few years.

Carol (Allen) Calkins Dave and I have been married 41 years and have lived in Orange County 30 years. We have one son Mark and two grandchildren Jacob,14 and Brooke, 13. I'm retired, and love it, Dave has a few more years! We enjoy all the reunions and seeing old friends. See you in 2008!!

Susan (Alven) Flores I love electronic communication. It is so easy to stay in contact. The 40th reunion was grand. I am now retired, doing lots of volunteer work, and still in southern California

Karen (Bergstrom) Farrier I really enjoyed the last reunion, which was my first after all these years! I have been living in the San Fernando Valley for the past 21 years and keep saying I'm moving back to the beach cities. My "baby" is 21 yrs. old; the eldest was 32 but died last Oct. I also have a 25 yr old daughter who blessed us with three grandchildren. I just recently started a new clothing business and it is consumming all my energy at this time but am very passionate about it. It is never too late to do what your heart leads you into. Hope to see everyone at the next reunion and would love to hear from anyone that isn't on my private email list!

Marise (Bochove) Rinkel After graduating, I went to Holland for 4 years to attend nursing school. Got married to a Dutchman, raised 3 kids and have 6 grandkids. Presently, my husband and I live and work in the Czech Republic where we work for a soccer organization and teach English. I would enjoy hearing from anyone who remembers me.

Jane (Boyer) Dielman Sorry to have missed the reunion. Will try for the next one. I am still living in Port Orchard, WA with my husband of 36 years, Terry. We have a daughter that's a dental hygienist and a son who is a fishing guide at the mouth of the Columbia River. Email me is you want to go fishing!!


David Calkins The 45th year reunion is now past. Thanks to Carolyn Weyant and Joe Price, Ron Coleman and the other committee members for their hard work. Because the turn-out was a bit lower than past reunions, we had the opportunity to visit with people we might not have known well or perhaps not at all. This alone made the trip worth while. For one of our classmates, this was the first SHS reunion he had attended. Hope to see everyone in five years.

Gwen (Cassell) Uman Hi All! Hope to see you at the in-between reunion in 2008. It's so fun to catch up and keep up with everyone. Son Russ, a programmer, is now 32 and has a home in Oakland with girlfriend Ellen Martin. Husband Steve still working hard in Infectious Diseases near Cedars Sinai. My consulting business keeps growing. Dog Cookie is a sweatheart.

Karen (Colby) Moore Greetings - I currently live in North Fork, CA, which is 1 hour outside of Yosemite, with my husband of 37 years, Steve. We are pastor and wife of a little mountain church. We have 3 daughters and 9 grandchildren. We were sure sorry to miss the reunion.

Robin (Cook) Asher Living in Huntington Beach at "Seacliff on The Greens". In Real Estate, married, happy, healthy, golfer, life is good! Who's out there?

Bill Darnall Currently working in Torrance at Kubota Tractor Corp. as Manager, Parts Pricing. I live in Bellflower with my 2nd wife , Lanell. My daughter (Only child, first marriage) Kristin was Miss Garden Grove in 1999 and was married last year. I can be reached by phone during the day at 310/370-3370 ext 1702 or by e-mail at Hope to hear from you.

Robert "Bob" Deurloo Living in Albuquerque NM, divorced and re.married to Peggy Wolff class of 64 SHS. I have 3 children and 2 grand children, all who live in Massachusettes where I was a firefighter and retired after being injured in 1985. Life is real good. Had a super time at the last reunion.

Mari (Gilmore) Clark I'm probably only & always remembered as the one who had the chemistry accident. That was certainly a lifetime ago. I am now a secretary in a Doctor's office in Santa Monica after working 6 years at Santa Monica-UCLA Med. Cntr. I recently bought my condo & enjoy living alone. My 2 sons also graduated from South High--my youngest son turned 29 on 7/21 & my firstborn will be 32 in Nov.

Trish (Harlan) McClure Hello to all. I've retired from 30+ years as a librarian and I'm enjoying life with my husband in Portland, Oregon.

Judy Ann (Hoover) Day Judy died of Colon Cancer Nov. 2004

Paul Huffman Retired May 2001.Graduated CSULB where I met my wife Pam (now married 36 years) and living in San Clemente past 20 years.One son Darin (age 35).Still surfing/traveling-mostly to Fiji and Indonesia,but any place with warm water and good waves works.Spare time spent golfing and hanging out on our boat or at Turks in Dana Point Harbor.Still in touch with a few SHS grads: Craig Bullington, Wayne Mouland and my brother Gary (SHS 65) who is married to Linda Lambertson (SHS 65).

John Jacobsen Hi fellow grads of the great Class of '63!

Sandra (Johnson) Coberly Looking for Maureen Root, married to Dale Williams. Would also like to hear from any other classmates and friends. Please email me at

John Johnston Hi all, still working in Nashville,TN. I've been here 17 years. Have 2 sons one in San Pedro, one in Reno, NV. I come to CA every August for 2 weeks of golf and seeing old class mates. Ridgley Harris. Jim Ruby, Skip Mobley and I get together every year in San Diego for a week of golf. Hope all is well with you all.

Eva (Kahn) Paul Living in Rochester, NY with my second husband, Keith. Have been billing Medicare Insurance for hospitals for 30 years and will retire....sometime. Still miss California. I have 3 step-kids and 5 grandchildren. Just found the classmates web site. What a great blast from the past! Hope to make the 2003 reunion.

Ford Kanzler 3/17/06 I've been a NorCal resident since attending grad school following a '66-'70 military stint. My wife and I live about 20 miles south of SF on the coast in El Granada where I've resided for 26 years. My daughter is a floral arranger and my son is finishing college this spring. 'Been working 30 years in tech public relations in Silicon Valley. We have a loving family and a happy, healthy life. Heading to the Sierras now for a ski weekend. Best to all!

Ed Kline Linda and I live in Bellevue, WA. Our two children are both married and live in the Seattle area.

Ernie Lawson I just fond the SHS page and wanted to see if anyone was still around that I went to school with. I'm still married 42 years.

JoKay (Louvier) Bednar I am looking forward to seeing my Classmates of ‘63 at the next reunion! I have been living in San Jose since 1973 and in the same house since 1980. I have also been working for the same boss since 1980, though I am now counting down to retirement. It’s safe to say that I have never been one to like change – though the biggest one in my life came when Tom died in a plane crash in 1982. But, the Lord saw us through that dark valley and has blessed me with another wonderful husband. Our life is full! I have a son who is a software engineer for IBM – he and his lovely wife have given us three awesome grandsons who are the light of my life. My daughter is a junior high school teacher – her husband brought a boy and a girl (yippeee) into our family. We actively serve the Lord in our church, love to travel, are members of a square dance club (though ballroom dance is still my favorite), attend the theater regularly, and enjoy good movies and good books. Family and friends are a priority in our lives – so would love to hear from you.

Carolyn (Malosh) Sandoval I'm anxious to see everyone again after all these years.!

Helen (Marich) DuFriend I am sorry that I missed the reunion, but I am currently living in Saudi Arabia. These past five years have afforded me some wonderful challenges careerwise in health care quality improvement and provided the opportunity to travel extensively. I return to the Dallas area next year, close to my three kids and their families, including five grandchildren. I will continue to work for a few more years as I am just not ready to retire! I plan on traveling around the US when I get back and getting re-settled into community life.

Robert "Bob" McDonald Hi Everyone, Life is good and getting better all the time. I'm getting married July 28, 2001 to the love of my life, Luzette. Oddly, Ron Freese and Stan Odle will be my best men. Zeta's never die. See my website at

John McDonald Not a whole lot to change from the last post. We still live primarily in Austin, Texas, and secondarily in Long Beach' Belmont Shore. We are still retired, still playing some golf and still fishing when we can. Hunting is big in Texas, so that's another hobby enjoyed as well. We have three children, two of which live in Long Beach, and one in Austin. All are married and they have blessed us with a total of seven grand children (four boys and three girls.) When time away from grand parenting allows, our other hobbies are cooking, wood working, gardening, reading and needle crafts. Email addy is Oh, and we love our Labs too!

Vicky (McKay) Joseph Be sure to add me to the list for the 50 year reunion.

Wayne Mouland This photo was taken on March 13, 2006 on a snorkel trip just off the Kona Coast of the "Big Island". What a great spot for vacation.

Randy Newell Jeni [Miller] Newell and I live in Santa Maria Ca.. We will have been married 39 years this September. I am retired do to many abuses of my body, while earning a living and having fun. Jeni is a Childrens Librarian with the city. She plans on retiring in 1 or 2 years. Our recently married son and his wife just told us that we will be grand parents in oct. or nov.. We are really excited, this will be our first. Looking forward to seeing all of you next time

Stanley Odle Greetings! I live in Washington State and get together with McDonald and Freese quite often. They need me. Indeed, Zetas never die. I would love to hear from any of the confused friends that shaped my unusual life. What grand memories...some of which seem to be continuing today.

Richard Paselk Hi, I've been teahing chemistry at Humboldt State University in the far north of California for nearly thirty years. My wife and I are rapidly approaching our 40th anniversary. We have two daughters and two grandsons. I am currenlty active in museum work in addition to my teaching. You can find me on the web at: http://

Joe Price UPDATE: Two Summers away from our 45th reunion! Reunion Secretary Carolyn "Babe" Schroeder is busy gathering names and updates for our upcoming reunion, so if you move or such send her an email. Have a great summer and get ready for our August 16, 2008 reunion at the Hilton! Be there or be square! Joe Price, Reunion Chairman, 45th reunion, South High School, Class of 1963

Duncan Priest In 1963 they opened West High and all of my friends that I hung out with went there. I am trying to find out if they have a web site like this one so I can look for them. I now reside in Pennsylvania. I retired in 2001 from Boeing and moved here. This is where my wife is from. All of you take care and good luck of whatever you are doing.

Allen Purdy Retired in May of '05 and thought I'd spend all this glorious time off wrenching on the 'Vette and/or lowering my golf handicap. I hated all the free time and I am returning to the real estate industry as a one-man brokerage office hopefully dealing with upscale buyers.Actually, I'll probably take anybody at this point!The 40th was tremendous and the 45th should be even better! Note to those who missed the last one: don't even think about missing the next one. SSHS Class of '63 are still the nicest group of people you will ever find!

Roberta "Eileen " (Robinson) Cassell I live in Conroe, TX. just outside Houston. WE have a horse farm where we breed quarter horses, paints,mini's, draft cross and shelties! sure glad I retired!I worked as a vet tech for 45 years, but find plenty to keep me busy now. I have 1 daughter,2 sons, my husband John, has 2 daughters, we have 7 grandchildren from 23 to 1yr. and as of aug 2006 we have a great grand child! We love showing off the place so if anyone ever is in our area give us a shout and come by, love to see you.

Robert "Bob" Russell After 32 years with Huntington Beach Police Dept I retired on Labor Day'98. Very happily married with three children and two grandkids. Spend most of my time at SeaCliff CC golfing and traveling.

Barbara Savage Hi all, Ain't modern technology grand. What a great way to keep in touch. Here we are part of the sandwich generation and I'm feeling a little like grilled cheese. Can anybody out there relate? Barbara

Lois (Schellman) Kobayashi Hi All I enjoyed the last reunion, especially since it was my first since 1964! Great to see everyone. I live in Oakdale, Ca., "Cowboy Capital of the World", near Modesto. Retired after 26 years with AT&T; happily married, have one married daughter, age 26. Currently working for Faith in Action and have a small business making personalized books. Check out my website at Stop by and see us on your way to Yosemite!

Carolyn "Babe" (Schroeder) Weyant I still reside in Torrance with my two beautiful shelties Bonnie Blue and Mellie. After 33 years, was laid off from Garrett/Honeywell in 2002 as the Executive Assistant; now working at The Aerospace Corporation. Looking forward to retiring in a couple years (I hope). I enjoy putting together our reunions - be sure to send me your home and e-mail address updates. My main hobbies are my family, my puppies, the L.A. Dodgers, "Gone With the Wind" (collections galore), and keeping in touch with my life-long friends . . . that would be YOU. See you at the 2008 reunion!

R. Scott Schumacher ...retired last monday (nov. 1, 2004) from 25 years with santa barbara city fire department....moving to florida and gonna sail the caribbean, nekkid.....UPDATE 5-25-05: living in a trailer on sarasota bay....NOT sailing the caribbean(lonnng story), but will be fishing(clothed), diving and partying nekkid on a small, open power catamaran, locally.....when not on/in the water, i dodge tourists/snowbirds on my madly in love with a cute little redhead, happy and golly,life is RICH!!....i truely hope all is well you you kids and lookin' forward to the 45th.....wooohooo!

Velda Kay (Simmons) Fincher I've been married 39 years to a southerner I met at the Beach Cities Ski Club! We have one adopted 28 year old son. We've lived in Alabama now 8 years. I miss the weather, fresh foods,family and friends, not necessarily in that order. I am office manager for a Clinical Psychologist and will probably work until I die! See you in 2008

David Smith

Susan Steele After many years in Tucson, AZ (at the Univ. of AZ) and a few in CT (at UCONN), I am living in Pacific Grove, CA and working as the Provost at the Defense Language Institute. My daughter (26) just finished law school and got married and my son (18) is busy finding himself in Berkeley. I wouldn't mind retiring, but my husband is working in a start-up, so a little security is necessary for a while longer.

Rich Stieg After a stint in the USAF, including a year in Thailand, I was married and then spent most of my career in the computer industry in Portland, Detroit, and finally in the San Francisco area. I now live in Pleasanton, CA, with my wife Kathy and daughters Chelsea, 19, and Brittany, 23, who recently graduated from Cal Berkeley. I have a web development company and I'm co-owner of two web-based businesses called Healthy Practices and VendCentral. I also play bluegrass banjo in my spare time.

Elizabeth "Liz" (Sturges) Kieffer Hi everyone, I've enjoyed each of the reunions I've been able to attend. I'm excited about not waiting a full 10 years for the next. I will have a HUGE thrill next Sunday. For the first time I will have all 6 of my grandchildren together at the same time!!! The one I see the least lives in Alaska and will be coming for a week... What a thrill for this "Grammy"... Keep in touch, Liz

Claudia (Wald) Zuercher Up early this Saturday morning, March 18, 2006 drinking a cup of joe and reading the SHS updates while my hubsand of 36 yrs snoozes with grandson number 3 of 4. Three adult children all living in CA with 4 grandsons. Oh, how I pray for a little girl. Maybe next time. Now living in Redondo Beach, on the other side of Riviera Village (Avenue F and Catalina) from where I was raised. Love it. Simply couldn't get the sea water out of my veins. Would love to hear from any of my middle aged cohort.

Sharon (Ward) Young

Katherine "Kathy" Wentworth I'm living in Rome right now where I work as an Independent Scholar with a grant from the National Science Foundation. My research is focused on the hydraulic infrastructure and urban development of Rome - from its foundation through the 20th century. Right now I am writing a book titled "Written in Water: a Topographic History of Early Modern Rome". Please visit my web site "Aquae Urbis Romae: the Waters of the City of Rome" at if you find the subject of interest. The site is an ongoing project for water research in Rome. This is a great life - one that I never could have imagined from the Senior Lawn so many years ago. I'm sorry to have missed the reunion but I would welcome contact from my classmates, especially if you find yourself in Rome.

Janet Wentworth Hi All, I've lived in Eugene, Oregon for mearly 18 years. I am retired from the City of Los Angeles and the Univeersity of Oregon where I was the first and only Ombud Officer. I have a lovly and very large garden. I recently remodeled my home (an ongoing project) to make it more wheel chair user friendly (I've been in a chair since just after we graduated). I have seven cats and three dogs. I am aerobic and lift weights at our local "Y"

Donna (Whitely) Cothran Any of you SHS grad's Harley riders? My husband and I rode our bike across the country to D.C, with thousands of biker Veterans' in the "Run for the Wall" . .what a wonderful excursion!

Judy (Wilts) Hole Wow! It's been awhile. The only one I recognize on this list is Marie Acosta who was in my ex-husband's class. Can you believe I'm back living in Torrance? Be blessed and send a hollar if you remember!

Jo Witney Living in St. Louis, MO. since 1995. Divorced with four children, oldest 2 married.11 grand children. Realtor in St. Louis. Will always miss California.

Robert Woodrum

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