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Class of 1964
Hank Aptekar My father travelled a lot in his business and I only spent one year at SHS, graduating in 1964. I went to El Camino College but the US Army got me. I went to Vietname and fought there and was lucky enough to survive without going insane. Having no real direction I made a career of the US army and retired in 1965. I then worked ten years in Civil Service and after 30 years in the US Gov't without a penny or any investments, I started my own business. I now live in Las Vegas, have a beautiful home, a college fund for my kids and a good investment portfolio. I also was a multi sport referee add referreed high school and collegiate basketball, football, volleyball and baseball. I was on the Baseball Committee for the Olympics in 1988 in Seoul, Korea. I retired from officiating sports a few years ago (the knees, always the knees). I still run my business and am successful. I also am involved in professional wrestling as a "bad guy" manager and referee.

John Backlund After graduation I served an LDS mission in Sweden, graduated from BYU with a BA in History and the University of Utah with a JD. Practiced law for 9 years. I have served as a District Judge for 24 years. We have 4 children and 8 grandchildren. My wife's name is Madalyn and we enjoy traveling and spending time with our children and grandchildren.

Sue (Beck) Blackwood

Richard Burton Hope to see many of you in August. I'm living in Sarasota, FL where I can still smell the ocean at night.

Linda (Calohan) Bush I've heard from Bob Gebel that we are having a 45 reunion...Can you email me information on when and where...I've been living in San Diego for the past 34 years...It would be wonderful to see everyone again...

John Cargill Transferred in as a Junior from Narimasu in Japan. Retired after 22 1/2 years in the Marine Corps. Unretired and did 7 years at Olser Institute. Unretired again and as an OpsResearch Analyst did Space Weapons Systems w/Air Force for 4 years in D.C. and now air armaments (missiles, bombs, directed energy) at Eglin AFB in Florida. Married 3 times. Picked up three graduate degrees along the way.

Rodney Dodig How great to have run across this web page. I hope to see more of my classmates here in the near future. I am living in Southern illinois now. Work as a Systems Analyst and spend a lot of time traveling. I'm having a great time and look forward to hearing from some of the people I attended South High with.

Dolley "Ruth Ann" (Dolley) Carlson Hello all you grown ups! So wonderful to read the alum page and "see" old classmates. Has it really been almost 40 years since we graduated? I live in Irvine,CA, write books (see or and travel extensively speaking at women's retreats and special events. My greatest joy is my family; husband Tom, we've been married for 35 years, two adult daughters and now a son in law. Blessings, love & joy to the Class of '64.

Denise (Eschandi) Scharff

Carl Evans Hi Spartans! I went to UCLA, then USC and ended up as a petroleum geologist for Texaco, BP, and Pennzoil in LA, Houston, and Caracas. Now I am part of a little oil company that drills gas wells near Sacramento, but I live in Houston with my wife of 35 years, daughter and 2 grandchildren. I get back to LA monthly, and am jealous of all of you who stayed. Email me. Chao.

Glenn Fisher

Charles (Grevins) Campbell Hello to all 1964 alumni. Hope all of you are in good health and doing well. I am retired and living the good life now. Enlisted in the Army after graduation. Did three tours in Viet Nam ('66-'68) with 101st Airborne Division Recon Platoon. Happily married. Do alot of traveling now.

Mary Ann Haynie Succumbed to leukemia in February 2007.

Nancy M (Kimbell) Ford

Rudy Lisa Graduated in Chemical Engineering from UCSB and went to Purdue for graduate school. Worked for a few years at Dupont in Delaware, then moved to BASF in Michigan when Dupont threw me out. Been here ever since in R&D. Married with one child. Hobbies--bridge playing, golf, fishing, and traveling.

Tedd Martin Hello to all you class of 1964 survivors! I'm still in Oceanside, where I've been for about the last 24 years. Will be retiring in the next few months and am looking forward to a 40-year reunion, if there is one. Feel free to send me an email.

Sandra (McCarroll) Douglas Living in beautiful Washington State. I have been blessed with one son and three grandchildren. Look forward to hearing from those classmates that remember me! lol Note: I didn't graduate from South, but, attended in 63 and part of 64.

Jane (Peltz) Venneau Where have the years gone. I have been married to Jim for 46yrs. We Live in Corona,Ca. Have 3 sons and 6 grandkids. I worked with a OB-GYN in Newport Beach Ca for 27yrs and retired 4yrs ago. My Jim is President and CEO of our family business Aero-Craft Hyd in Corona. We deal with the airlines. All 3 of our sons work with us. Its great seeing them every day. We love traveling to Europe and also love riding harleys and taking our grandkids on trips. God has really blessed our family. Hope to here from some of you.

Mary Ann (Percy) Zall Looking at all the pictures on the Web brings Looking at all the alumni pictures bring back many memories. I graduated from Long Beach State with a Business Degree and have been married happily for 30 years. I have one daughter who attended Cal State Northridge on a Volleyball scholarship and is now attending Long Beach State. I am looking for Stephanie Priest. If anyone can help me find her I would appreciate the information.

Jeane (Powers) Richard Married to Ray Richard in our class and living in WA. Hope to go to the reunion in Aug

Ray Richard Retired in 89 and just enjoying life with Jeane Powers from our class

Larry Simpkin Living in huntington beach since 1972, married( still)6 kids 35,29,25,23,& 19, 2 grandchilderen, three EAGLE Scouts.Anyone from 64 let's chat...

Ronald Traub I still live in Torrance with my wife, Myra Traub(Ganatta), class of 1966. I have two grown children, one granddaughter and another on the way. I have been teaching for L.A.U.S.D. for 34 years. I enjoy snow skiing, golf, and bike riding. I would like to hear what other alumni from South are doing. Please e-mail me at

Don Van Valkenburg Moved from S. Calif to the Pacific NW in '05 from Long Beach where I lived for about 30 years. Got tired of the rat race down there and just love the weather and beauty of the Pacific NW - no the rain doesn't bother me at all. I Still make wine and beer on occasions and simply manage my rentals the rest of the time. Rental property has always been a sideline for me and helped supplement my income in S. Cal, but with this move I have committed to the rental housing business for 100% of my income now. Email: valkenburg is the prefix separated by "at" symbol then I am doing this to prevent my email from being harvested by spam programs

George Williams It's nice to see old friends. I worked for the City of Torrance Fire Department for 31 years and am now retired. Surfing is still a passion for me as well as scuba diving and long range fishing. Drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you.

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