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Class of 1965
Alicyn (Abramson) Goughnour What a fantastic 40th reunion we just celebrated. I hope more of you make it to the 45th. I am retired in Chico with my husband, Tom, former warden at San Quentin Prison. We lived on grounds for two years and loved our "gated" community. I've been married for 36 years with 2 sons and 3 grandchildren.

Jeri (Adams) Bell My husband Larry and I have been married for 43 years. We have a daughter 29 who has just married her sweetheart of 6 years. We are looking forward to some little wee ones in the future. We have owned our own business of 25 years and have had the pleasure of working together for other employers before that. A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of visiting our SHS campus for the 1st time in over 40 years. This brought back fond memories of my high school experience. Our family sends a fond hello to everyone. Feel free to send us a note.

Gary Anderson After SHS I spent 7 great years in Boston - Graduating from the Berklee College of Music followed by three years of teaching, I left Boston for life "on the road". 1972-78 was spent traveling the world while playing the saxophone and arranging music for Woody Herman's Thundering Herd. I have been in New York City since '78 and have managed to continue making a living as a composer/musician/producer in film and television - We have a wonderful 17 year old daughter, Tracy and a home near Princeton, New Jersey. I do spend quite a bit of time working in LA, Nashville and Atlanta. Love to hear from ol' Spartan Bandmates. - and if you like Handel's Messiah - check out .. you'll be glad you did.

Linda (Barnes) Bustamante Looking forward to the Reunion in Aug.2010. My husband,Arnie, and I are retired and living in Chester, CA. A small town of 2000. So nice and slow paced from our 28 years in Reno. We have 1 granddaughter (1yr) and 2 more expected in June 2010. (Both boys)We travel to Reno often to see family- and hang out with Sue Turner and Desi LaMotte, who live there also. See you soon.

Edward Barrera After my divorce in 2000...I have been living all over the country and enjoying the good life..I have a 36 year old daughter a 26 year old son and a 21 year old son..and 3 beautiful grand kids..I still visit Calif often..and still have friends in the south bay...I would love to hear from old friends. Call at 562-396-3694 or email to

Janyth "Jay" (Bauer) Keller Since leaving South High, it's been a wonderful journey! Al & I have a blended family of my 3 children - son and two daughters, his son & daughter and 9 grandchildren - 8 of them are 7 and under(2 sets of twins). I'm still working as the Executive Director of the Butte Schools Self-Funded Programs JPA. I have been involved in this field since receiving my M.P.A. in 1981. If my husband & I weren't cruising fools, we'd be dancing fools. Can't wait for the next reunion - Ross & Rhonda a terrific job! Thanks to all and Go Spartans (and Bruins)!

Rhonda Beckman I have been living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest since 1976. I have two wonderful daughters who are now married. I have one grandson who will be a year old on July 18, 2004. My daughter and I own a day spa in Vancouver, Washington. Retired from the Forest Service in 1997. During that time I was a Timber Appraisal Specialist, Fire Fighter, Certified Timber Cruiser, tree planting inptector, tree planter, climbed trees and picked cones for seeds, surveyed roads for construction, along with a bunch of other fun field projects. Worked at the Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument doing rehabilitation work in the blast zone concentrating in erosion control and stream/fish recovery . Started talking to scientists about the changes in the ecosystem and ended up the Public Affairs Specialist. A wonderful life for sure. Now I work in alternative health-another fulfilling chapter in my life. Ross Gardner and I are working on the next reunion (actually Ross is doing most of the work.) Look for the reunion information on See you next year.

Lee Booher If you knew me from school year 1992/1963 when I transferred to South High, I confess that I had an attitude because I was at the peak of my rebellion against my rigid fundamentalist upbringing coupled with a sudden change to a stricter school. Although it's been questioned, I really did manage to graduate from South High in June 1965 (and El Camino College College in 1980). After HS graduation, I underwent several religious conversions and stumbles until 1973 when I stabilized as a Freethinker. I have been friendly to the UUA ever since but I don't have time to get involved with another church. During my time of religious indecisiveness, I volunteered for the draft in 1967 and then married my favorite girlfriend in 1969, 5 days after I got out of the Army. We have lived in RPV since 1996, have 2 married Daughters, 4 grand children and we celebrated our 40th anniversary last year.

Chris (Brown) Walz Some smart aleck came into my office today to plan their twenty year reunion and was complaining about it! (I am in the hotel business) I only attended South for my senior year having moved from upstate NY, thanks Mom and Dad. It was a great year though! Claudia Stanley, Susie McDonald and I were the 3 musketeers. After 12 years in Florida, I have recently moved to Charleston SC. Lots of stuff older than I am here, it is a good thing.

Lesley (Callahan) Jones Hi everyone-still in the area-living in Long Beach. I have been married 25 years and have 2 grown sons with 5 grandkids between them. I work at Torrance Memorial Hospital Medical Center & have been there for 25 years. Would be happy to hear from anyone who knew me.

Betty (Campisi) Michael Hi to all. Married a guy from West High in 1975. We live in Carlsbad, San Diego since 1979. We are in our own business as GLASS ARTIST "Southern Calif. Art Productions" We love the tropics and have planted 24 Palm trees at our house. We love to cruise the beach in our PT Cruiser with our two girls (dogs) in the back. Sure miss the good ole days at South. Right now Life is great!

Peggy (Carroll) Gibson Peggy (Carroll) Gibson passed away on April 18th, 2005. She is survived by her daughter, Windy and her son, Sonny. Her brother Tom Carroll and Sister Nancy Carroll (SHS Class of 61) Her ashes were spread at sea and covered with pink rose petals on Cinco de Mayo

Randall "Randi" (Cobabe) Musser Wow! Just wanted to update information. Jim and I have been married for 34 years and have four beautiful children. Sara is 32, James is eternally 19, Matthew is 29, and Jennifer is 27. We now have 3 grandchildren who are the loves and joy of our lives. Isis is 3, Kian is also 3 (6 weeks younger) and Abigail is 3 months. I never realized how much fun being a grandma could be. I am now retired permanently. I decided it was finally my turn to finish college, so I am a full time student. Hope to see everyone at the reunion next year! Loves!

Bob Cole Hi there everybody. Does anyone remember me?

Terrie (Collins) Hamen I was only at South High for my Senior year, but I remember it well. It was a wonderful year! I have been married to Bruce Hamen, Narbonne 1964 Grad for 37 years now. We have 3 children, Jeff, John and Taryn. And 7 grandchildren! I now live in beautiful Parker, Colorado and work for Lockheed Martin on the Titan (rocket)Program (25 yrs). I've had some great experiences in a fantastic business. Blessing to you all!

Gene Cooper How is everyone doing? I am living in Spring Branch, Texas. My wife and I were married as soon as I returned from Vietnam, we were married a year, then divorced for five years, and were remarried in 1973 and have been married ever since. I have two boys ages 27, 35. I work for the Dept. of Defense in Boerne, Texas. I played football at SHS. I was a pretty wild guy back in my school days but have been a christian now for several years.

Linda (Crandall) Patterson Married to David Patterson 42 years in 2009. We went steady since we were 16 years old at South High. We live very close with our wonderful family of two Sons, two Daughter-In-Laws and 3 Grandchildren. Life is Good.

David Cutler

Florence Daguro See you at the reunion

Mary Jo "Ho" (Dunning) Garrabrant Mary Jo passed away on January 25, 2003. She is survived by her husband, Barry (Torrance High, class of 65), four children, who graduated from South in 86, 89, 90, 93, and 5 grandchildren.

Laura (Duport) Oreskovich Looking forward to the 40th reunion in Aug 05. I am retiring 5/1/05, have sold home in Torrance and we are moving to Kernville, CA. My kids (38th bday is today!!) Nick and Gina (twins) still live in the south bay area. Both married. I am blessed with two grandsons! Still married to the same guy I married before graduation....and they said it wouldn't last.

John Faulkner One of life's simple pleasures are the memories of our carefree youth.. Beaches, sun and no bills! Those were the "OUR" days!

Steven Fischer After having moved to New Zealand in 1975, life down here is still marvellous. But, with the years, South High is somehow growing stronger in the mind. By this age, there is only affection and respect ... as it should have been all along. We had a great world back then; it's taken this long to realize it.

Ross Gardner I am still in Long Beach CA and lived in the same place for the past 22+ years with my wife Terri Pfost, we were married in 1988 and have a houseful of 'critters' Looking forward again to this next reunion and hope to see many faces from the class of 65. Contact me, Rhonda Beckman, or Batty Campisis regarding the reunion.

Sharynne (Ghriest) Quon If anyone remembers, I was the quiet one. Not any more! I now live in Las Vegas and love it! Married a wonderful guy name Ken (Franklin HS '65)who is a paramedic with L.A. City Fire and have two beautiful children, Kimberly and Kevin. Retired as a school office manager for Rowland Unified School District and left Disneyland after four years as a Vacation Planner. Enjoying retirement - I recommend it to everyone!

Jim Gibson Hi All, I guess I did about the same things all us guys did. Graduated, went to VN, came home, went to school. Yep, I'm still drinking rum & coke as I did then :O) I married Peggy Carroll from the same class. Ended up divorced after 28 years. Now a happy bachalor out sailing wherever my boat takes me.....OR traveling around to NASCAR races as a fun hobby. Write and say "Hi".

D Griffith Hi folks! So good to see all you here. Married that guy after high school - moved to San Francisco and points north (Sonoma County) guy left, married again, had 5 kids in all. They're so much smarter than I am! 39, 37, 30, 28, & 13. Mostly made a living driving, but spent about 25 years accumulating 40 units of college one class at a time. My youngest and I now live in Long Beach and our hobby is putting together old computers and making them work. Remember we're not getting older, we're getting better! & don't forget to join AARP.. LOL!

Dave Harvey Reunion with old friends is truely one of lifes pleasures. Thanks to Dave Patterson, you can see for yourselves, check out the pictures he posted of some of the "OLD" guys living it up. Look forward to seeing "ALL" you guys at the August reunion. Vaughn, Ross and I get together every month for golf and dinner, maybe we ought to take pictures.

Donna (Hedrick) Erickson Hi there. Just found this website by chance and I was very happy to see many of you posting about yourselves and what you've been doing for the last 40 years. Let's see, living in Vancouver, Washington and will be married to a local guy for almost 25 years in March. We are a blended family - he has two boys who have given us three grandchildren. I have a daughter who lives in Melbourne, Florida. Worked at Consolidated Freightways for almost as long as I'm married until they went bellyup in 2002 much to my dismay. Am enjoying the beautiful NW. Not sure I'll be going to the reunion, but I welcome the chance to chat by email.

Barb "Bobbi" (Hennings) Nelson Don and I have been married now for 28 years and we live in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula. Who would have thought a city girl could be so happy living in such a rural place? We live in our lakefront cottage and it's gorgeous here. I'm retired (eat your hearts out), as is my husband. He's 15 years older than I am. My daughter, Karen, is 34 now and has given me a terrific son-in-law (Chris) and two GORGEOUS grandchildren (Cassandra and Nicholas). You can email me at I was born again in 1985 and have a Christian webpage. Take a look ...

Luis Herdoiza Posso South High School always was so beatifull. Through the years, I always remember Torrance and the wonderful SOUTH HIGH SCHOOL

Janeth "Jan" (Johnson) Bohannon Jan Johnson has passed away leaving one son, Ryan.

Ronald C Johnson

Wayne Jonas 45 years without word from Mama Lowe...the things we miss!!

Candy (Jones) Meyer Hi everyone. My husband and I are living in Portland, OR but still visit the South Bay frequently, as we still have family there. We have 4 children (36, 35, 34, & 30) and six beautiful grandchildren. We left the South Bay 10 years ago to move to Coeur d'Alene, ID and spent 8 years enjoying it immensely. Jim's job brought us to Portland, but we are loving it here as well. Can't wait to see everyone at the reunion next year. Write me anytime -- I would love to hear from my old classmates!

Bill Jones would like to hear from anyone who graduated from hillside in 1961 and from my class mates from 1965. please feel free to email me.

Linda (Keener) McGregor Great 40th reunion-we missed a lot of you. After SHS, ranched and taught high school in southwest Montana. Moved to Sacramento in '84. 3 grown sons and three going on five "grands". Still teaching high school and living in Sacramento delta.

Marc Klugman I retired last March after 34 years with the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Dept. My wife, Phyllis, and I have been married 34 years and I live primarily in Palm Desert. We have three daughters and one beautiful granddaughter.

David Kuchenbecker Wouldn't it be fun to participate in a huge turn-out for the 40th reunion?! Hope to see you there...

Maren (Langum) Donig Hi! some of you will remember me some may not. I got married while going to El Camino. I married a Canadian and moved from California to Ontario to Connecticut, to Alabama, to California, to Hong Knog, to California, to Texas, to Michigan, to Ontario, to Alberta. Along the way I got a BA, adopted three children (all different races), divorced my husband, got a BSW, became a grandmother five times, and added a new husband. I love my job my life and my memories of South High. I'm some what computer illiterate so please be patient.

Harry Leonard If you remember me contact me. I live in the Bay Area with my wife and have SIX! grandchildren. I am currently a therapist working for San Mateo Co. It sounds trite but 40 years have gone, Oh well. Reunion?

Maureen (MacCurdy) Hilbrink I have been living in Humboldt County (Eureka) since graduation with a little time in Tokyo while my husband was in the Army from 1970-71. We love the northcoast as do so many former So Cal's who seem to be flocking here in retirement. Two grown children not too close by. Would love to hear from Linda Dobbie, Joanne Cordes or any one who remembers me.

Brian Mahon

Dennis Mahoney missed most of all reunions still alive been a teacher for about 15 years currently substituting closing in on retirement substitute 5 school district tutor foster care students of all grade levels taught adult ed ESL Credentialized with California teachers in ESL English Master's degrees two one in educational counseling other in special ed. I have currently written 3 books. Two childrens books one adult religious book listed on Amazon . Com. Been single for almost 30 years. Own my own home and vehicle low debts. Enjoy working with kids of all ages. Devout Catholic for about 25 yrs. Almost made to be a Deacon Roman Catholic. Love to hear from any old classmates Love you all!

Diane (Marshall) Best I married Jim Best, West High class of '63, one year after graduation. We have two children, both married, and one grandchild. We live in Paradise Valley, Arizona, but spend summers in Plymouth, Massachusetts. We look forward to the next reunion. See you then.

David Matosky I finished my MBA as of 1/25/07. I was told a long time ago to finish what I started. Looking forward to our 45th Class Reunion. Also I'm looking for our year book, if anyone knows how I can buy one let me know. Peace Out.

Thomas Matthews This is from Tom's brother Bruce. Tom didn't make it pass 1972. He had a love of speed, fast cars and motorcycles. He lost his life north of Manhatten Beach just over the border into El Segundo. Tom was married and has a son Jason. Tom Smith, Jim Studnutz where are you guys. My address for now, bruce 1949 at com cast dot net. I'm in northern California. This is Sept. 2007.

Dare Messina

Michael Montgomery Hi to all! Still living in Torrance. Great to see all the familiar faces on the SHS web site!

Mike Noble Wow-almost 40 years from graduation. I read Dave Patterson's entries and realized I knew all of the guys who get together for poker and fun. Hi to you all. I played many a poker game at Brian's mom's place. Now that I am retired and traveling, I should stop in and play a game with you all. Montana life with 4 kids (and my second wife) is great and has been for over 30 years.

Richard Norman Sorry I missed the 35th reunion, I didn't find out about it until after the fact. Remember me? I'm the guy that always had the camera & shot for the Sword & Shield and Olympiad.

Joe Oberlander

Sid Orr

Dave Patterson I married my high-school sweetheart, Linda Crandall, in 1967, after graduating from El Camino College, where I was on the wrestling team with Rich Byrne. I got my PhD at UCLA in 1976 before becoming a Professor of Computer Science at UC Berkeley. Linda and I have two sons, two daughters-in-law, and three grandchildren (aged 6 to 13) who all live near us in Northern California. A group of us SHS alumni still get together a few times a year to play poker and talk about life: Rich Byrne, Ronald C Johnson, Brian Mahon, Sid Orr, & Doug Vogl (plus Arleigh Williams from nearby Rolling Hills).

Catherine (Pollard) Engel Cain Married UCSD classmate Bob Engel in '66. After receiving Ph.D in Zoology from UCSB I moved to North County San Diego and worked as a research biologist. Looking for a slower pace I moved to Montana in '84 and started a manufacturing business, WIND RELATED, with my sister Carol(S.H.'68). Now married to Bill Cain and living on the Big Hole River. I teach UM Elderhostel classes, run a nature tour business and in my free time I enjoy flyfishing, hiking, gardening, cooking and skiing. Would love to hear from old friends! Cathy

Melinda (Priest) Nickols I left for Maryland in 1975 with my 2 children, now 37 and 31. I work as a residential property manager in Fairfax, VA, and really enjoy living in the Washington, DC Metro area. I'd love to hear from Murlene Reeves and Bob Pelle. See you all at the 40th reunion.

Daren Proctor I'm still in the good old south bay.

Glenna (Pulley) Stone-Morgan My family moved to Puerto Rico my Senior year and I went to college at TCU in Ft. Worth, Texas. I'm trying to track down old friends and neighbors before my next trip to California. My husband Morris and I live in McKinney, Texas. I would really like to track down Sandra Christensen.

Marsha (Reeves) Danna Marsha (Reeves) Danna Since leaving South High I married Bob Danna (Lawndale High Class of 63) in 1967. We have a daughter Anita & 2 sons Matt & Ken. Our daughter Anita has given us 3 beautiful grandkids Maxwell, Sadie & Ellie. In 1997 we started a Karaoke & DJ business called Marsha's Music. We continued our business until the death of your beloved son Matt age 33, to colon & liver cancer in July of 2003. We now presently live in Dolan Springs Arizona near the Hoover Dam & Las Vegas NV. I have been in contact with a few classmates resently. I'm still looking for Ronnie Ware. You can contact me at

Murleen Reeves I am now living in Mesa, Az. Working for Medcath Hospitals. I have been here just a year. Still single. Was a professional lady clown with my mother for 18 years in the Greater Los Angeles area. Please feel free to e-mail me.

Rita (Reid) Neal looking forward to seeing everyone at the 1965's 45th class reunion also invited classes 62-68. Torrance Marriott August 21, 2010 email us at for more information.

George Sarabia WOW...What an experience going through this page has been, thanks ! Hope everyone is doing fine and having fun in your journey through this lifetime. How are my track buddies? and my classmates? Drop a line ,it'll be great to hear from you. George.

Virginia (Schatte) Christiansen I was one of "those girls" who got married while in school. We will soon celebrate our 41st anniversary and they said it wouldn't last. Well, it had to -- he's my best friend! See you in August. Ginger

Debra Schumacher I ended up in Colorado 16 years ago, via Vermont. Have 3 grown sons: Brian (32), Aaron (30), & Greg (25) and one grandson, Barry (5). Two marriages, and now, a significant other. Life turned really good at age 50! I now live on top of some mountain (9300 elevation) between Buena Vista and Fairplay. Have a "mini" ranch on 8 1/2 acres with 3 horses, 3 dogs, 3 cats and an occasional bear. Tons of wildbirds and hummers in the summer. I am heavy into genealogy and spend my winter months researching. Life is GOOD!

Anina Schwartz Married my med school classmate Jamie Woolery and after a series of adventures settled in rural Napa. We have four sons, three still in college. Work at Kaiser where I am an assistant physician in chief and a psychiatrist. Still in touch with Cathy Pollard(now Engel-Cain) who lives in Montana. Would love to hear from Diane Sakai or Patty Montooth.

Linda (Smith) White

Barbara (Sohner) Gain Hello everyone! I have retired to Williams Arizona with my husband of 21 year Fred Gain. We have lived in Williams for 18 years. We have 40 acres of property next to the Grand Canyon and we just love it here. I have a 37 year old daughter who also graduated from South High School in 1984. I have 2 beautiful grandchildren Kelsie 11 and Garett 6.


Drew Tully I left music and jointed the Army where I learned to fly helicopters, been doing that ever since. Presently flying MedEvac. Married to another pilot (for the third, last and best time).

Sue (Turner) Rodriguez For the last eight years we have lived in Reno and absolutely love it. My daughter Vanessa also moved here. Our 24 year old son, Ryan, graduated from the university here in Reno. Raul is retired but has a part-time job. I am still working full time- --what's wrong with this picture?!?. Hope to see all of my fellow graduates at the reunion in August, 2010.

Doug Vogl

Bob Weeks I'm retired and moved to South Padre Island, Texas from Santa Cruz, CA in March of 2004. I often think about the South Bay area and all the great folks I've been lucky enough to know and the fun times growing up in that area. This part of Texas reminds me a lot of the South Bay area way back when.

Kathy "Cookie" (Wyatt) Trujillo

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