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Class of 1968
Charlene (Arbaugh) Fransz Hi everyone. I live in the Wine Country Temecula. I'm married to a wonderful Christian man. I have three great kids(25,23 and 16). I'am retired from being a hair stylist 23 years ago. I'am a stay at home mom (family management). I miss my favorite beach(burn out beach)was the best. 2007-01-29

Bill Armijo Aloha from paradise!

Barbara (Bakke) Van Leeuwen I was unable to attend the 40th reunion. but heard from Brian Lewis that it was fun and saw the photos. Went to Biola for my BS and worked for 26 years for the University of California. My husband and I still live in Orange County, but summer in Colorado. We have two sons and 5 grandchildren with another granddaughter on the way. My Athena green sweater is a fond memory.

Marilyn (Bartel) Stewart

Elaine Bastajian Hi, everyone! After living in the same house in Torrance for 40 years, I moved out to Monrovia in '01. In October of '06 I moved to Hillsboro, Oregon. It's beautiful here, but I miss the "Blue Pacific Southland" and hope to move back to the South Bay eventually! It was great to see everyone who attended the reunion and we missed everyone who didn't. Many thanks to John for his wonderful DVD presentation that was sweet, funny and touching!

Alison (Berry) Allman Greetings from beautiful Eden, Utah.

Mary (Briggs) Vedborg I'm living in Poway near San Diego. My husband of 36 years, Chris (class of 63) and I have a son and daughter and 1 adorable grandson. Chris is retired and persuing his love for archeology. I'm still working in the library at Poway High School, and I love it.

Duncan Brown Hello to all from Florida.

Juliann Chang

Liz (Coker) Chapman

Mike Criss I would enjoy hearing from anyone. In my travels I got married (27 years now) and raised two girls. They, in turn, have given us two grandchildren with another on the way. My wife and I now live in Greenville, South Carolina - a long way from Torrance Beach!

Deborah Darby Wow it's been a long time since I've connected with anyone. After graduating, I immediately went to U of Oregon (Eugene) for 2 years, then transferred to U of Wisconsin(Madison) for Bachelor and Masters degree. I'm a social worker doing outpatient mental health counseling. I'm not married but have 2 children Beth-22 yrs. and Jon-20 yrs. I'm still in Madison - I love it here.

Paul DeMeire Greetings! I stumbled upon this website and was treated with a walk down memory lane! Alot of water has gone under the bridge these last 39 years. I am currently living in Scappoose, OR after living in Alaska, Washington, and Northern Calif (Eureka). I am married, this time, for the last 15 years. I got 4 kids my first go around, and they have given me 7 grandkids, so far! I work as a union pipefitter, with 3 years until I can retire. Then my wife and I plan to sail our boat to BC and eventually, Baja. We love to travel and hope to see you all for our 30th reunion. Knock on wood.

Chris Edwards

Lee Ellsworth Sadly, my best friend LCDR(USN. RET.) Lee Ellsworth passed away on 1-1-05. Chris J.

Barbara (Fleming) Yunker I am retired. I keep myself very busy selling vintage stuff on eBay.

Linda (Garcia) Dreier Hi to everyone. Would love to hear from friends I knew, and from any who care to write.

John Gazdik Greeting to all my old school chums! Your reunion planner is at it again for #40. E-mail me for details Still in the real estate business for 30 yrs now. Finished by 24th marathon in March 2007. I'm the late starter of the crowd with three kids 15yrs. 18yrs, and 19yrs. All great kids I'm proud of. I hope to see you all Augsust 2, 2008 at the Crown Plaza in Redondo Beach. Don't miss this one.Some of us may not be around for the next one. Dark humor. See you in August

Barb/Bobbi (Gersch) Shear Hi to everyone! Happened on to this site and am pleased to see messages from the class of '68. Bill A. I SO remember you and Mr. Allison (English) going the rounds, I think he met his match in you-you and he were good entertainment and a good way to "waste" class time. Mary-glad to hear you're so happy! Carol- I lived in Hot Springs north of Hamilton. Hamilton is beautiful, Hot Springs was not-glad to be gone. I moved to Casper, WY about 10 years ago-farthest point allowed in the divorce decree fromt the ex. I have four great kids: Amy 28 and mom of my two grandsons, Katie 26 serving in the Air Force and recently back from Afghanistan, Beth 22 working here in Casper in a vet hospital and Gus 20 working at the local Ford dealership. I am a child and adolescent psychiatric physician assistant and love what I'm doing-never dull. Hope this finds you all fat and sassy! I'd be happy to hear from any/all of you!

Diana (Gray) Neson It is great to see all of your smiling faces. My yearbook is packed away in a storage unit at this time because we are living outside the US at this time. I'm married (28) years, semi-retired with, 2 beautiful children, son (25) & daughter (22). Lived in Long Beach, CA, for 20 years before becoming landlock in hot dry Bakersfield. If you ate in the caferteria I might have taken your money.

Jan (Helliwell) Lambert It is so nice to see and hear from friends of the class of South High 1968. I have been on Facebook looking for old aquaintances. What ever happened to Sharon Scanlon? To Chris Briggs, and Barbara Bullock... Marsha Smith and Micheal Grove are on this site and I have sent a message to her. So Cool!! We are almost "60"... blows me away.... I really don't feel that I have aged at all, except that I have 2 daughters with 4 wonderful grandbabies.... have also been married 3 times... and the 3rd time is definatley a "charm" for over 10 years now. Woul love to hear from you!

Chris Huey Currently living west of Portland (OR) on seven acres in the woods, have one adopted son, keep a managerie of goats, dogs, cats, parrots and horses. I'm a software developer for a cable TV supplier. Spare time finds me biking or fishing with my son, or trying to keep up with the blackberries :-) Write me if you remember me :-) (heck, I barely remember me!)

Tom James

David Johnson Greetings! I live in Davis, CA, work in Sacramento doing legislation and public information for a state agency. (My time on the Sword & Shield paid off). Bob Knop, another Parkway (64) and South (68) graduate, and I produced a short film together in Spring 2002. Bob won an Emmy in 2000 for a short he did for UC Davis. I have great memories of Parkway and South. Will be flying down for the 40th in August. All emails welcome.

David S."Fat Dave" Johnson Hi to anyone that remembers me.I was the one that did equipment setup for The Band "Indescribably Delicious"(I.D.}Most people probably won't remember me.I was a Hippie.. Hope to hear from anyone that wants to talk to me.I am currently living in Oroville, CA. Northern CA that is. Dave

Jill (Kaufmann) Whitford Graduated from Woodbury University and got married to Greg Whitford (class of 1969). Have 2 boys-and have lived in the South Pacific for the last 10 years -ever heard of a place called Vanuatu? West of Fiji and East of Australia-it's PARADISE. We own a cafe on the main street in the capital of Port Vila-anyone wanting a fabulous vacation-come visit!!

Ann (Kingston) Freehill Hello Classmates, I find myself at a time in my life where I seem to be looking back more than forward. I feel that the times we live in are so much more confusing than how life was when we all went to high school. The 60's were a great time to spend in California. I love how care-free life seemed then. I am a photographer and write fiction, poetry and stories for children. I am married with 2 grown daughters - both of whom have graduated from Purdue the youngest Brandi, is a mechanical engineer and our oldest Lori works for Wells Fargo and is working on her second degree in business at IU - (can you tell I am a proud parent:-) I still haven't finished college yet (I envision me going down the aisle with a walker when I'm 90:-) I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up:-) I am trying to locate Wendy Westcott -Class of 69 Candy Nichols Class of 68, Lucy Sinclair Class of 68, Janet Rumrill (Sp?) Class of 68, Sandy Kirk Class of 68 and Sandy Bykirk (Sp?) Class of 68. Write Back everyone. My E Mail Address is Ann (Kingston) Freehill

Bobby Knop Aloha, Just came across this site. If anyone remembers me please make contact. A Hui Huo, Bobby K

Gail (Lambert) Ledford Hi all, What a whirl wind it has been since graduatin in 1968. I moved in 1969, when I got married, to Incline Village at Lake Tahoe, moved to Carson City in 1971, divorced and remarried, moved to Prescott, Arizona, site unseen, and have never regretted the move. I have one daughter (36)and one granddaughter (10), who reside in Paulden, about 16 miles from where I live. My husband has a son (21) who lives in California (not married at this time). We own 7 dogs (3 labs, 3 pugs and a miniture pincher), a cat, tank full of fish and a guienie pig. Yes, we like animals. We ride motorcycles, I have a honda 1300 and my hubby rides a harley. We also hunt and kayak. Steve, my husband, is a long time surfer, living in the Palasides he surfed Malibu all the time. Anyway that's it for now. Gail

Kathleen (Mahoney) Branstner Hello from Corning, California (way up north from South High). I am a semi-retired legal secretary, working part-time. Have been married 32 years with two grown children, Daniel 28 and Mollie 25 and a 3-year old grandson, Joseph. I have written two books - one published in 1999 and another going to the publisher this week - stay busy reading, sewing, and just living life! Would like to hear from anyone from class of 1968.

Larry Mannix Where are all my school buddies ?

Gordon Mattatall It has been a long time and I have not made any of the class reunions. But Doug Clark track me down and I stated think about High school once more. I married in 1973 and moved to Eugene, OR. I have two kids a son and a daughter who has one child. My son just jointed the army (2003) and is in boot camp (May). I work in the automotive industry for 18 year after going to school to become a A&P Tech. (aircraft mechanic) then stated my own company writing software and working on computers ( I cant believe that I did not study harder in High School). Well I could go on but this has rambled on to long as it is. Would like to hear from any one that would like to ramble about old times.

Marlene (Mecklenburg) Hecht


Meredith (Money) Campbell California; Toronto,Canada; NewJersey; now in SunValley, Idaho. Skiing hiking golf, just another day in Paradise. If you are ever in the area please get in touch

Joyce Neu Looking forward to coming to the 40th reunion and seeing you all. I have changed jobs about 3 times in the past 20 years, going from Penn State during the 20th reunion to now being based in Ann Arbor, Michigan for a year while I am doing some experimental work with the UN. I've been lucky over the years and hope you have as well. It is so sad to see that we have already lost some of our classmates -- all the more reason to come to the reunion!

Mark Orr Hi again. I'm on Facebook under Mark Sebastian Orr. The profile there has the latest information.

Mark Orr I looked up the web page on a whim; sorry I don't have my yearbook picture available. It'd be nice to hear from anyone. We're doing OK, living overseas at the moment.

Ron Peggs

Deborah (Pemberton) Schopp

Teri (Poling) Deegan Hello from Carlsbad, Ca... Loving it here in San Diego where I moved 16 years ago. I retired after a 24 year Career in Law Enforcement .( Six Years with L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. and 18 years with Orange County Sheriff's Dept. Two years ago, I became a Prudential Real Estate Agent and I am just doing it Part-time for the fun of it. I have a Beautiful Daughter, Kelly, Two wonderful Grandsons, and a Third Grandchild on the way. I am Divorced, but my Life is very good. I have many fond memories of South High Days!

Carol (Pollard) Schwan Whoa! The class of 68 seems to be out of communication. I am alive and well in Western Montana. Fall is in the air and I can hear the Canada Geese fly over as I type. I have been married to Mike Huetter, gave birth to Jonathan, divorced Mike, remarried in 77, gave birth to Shawn, widowed in 87, remarried in 94 to Prince Charming Schwan, (aka, Tom) and plan to stay married for a long time. I have done well in Montana. Won the Small Business Person of Montana for 1990, shook hands with the President. Now I am retired from business and am a City Councilor for the City of Hamilton. I still do my art and sewing,garden, and travel.

Robert Putzel living in huntington beach -retired and traveling alot--would love to here from anyone from south high-thanks a hope you are all well .

Sharon (Read) Joiner I missed the 10 and 20 year reunions, and never heard whether there were reunions at 25 and 30. I hope to make it to the 40th if there is one. Is anyone who was in World Geography with me surprised that I wound up in Texas?

Richard Reid i miss my friends that are gone. i miss Karson Larson of PV high. boy, did i miss the bus!

Gary Sabadash Although I didn't actually graduate in 1968 (see" -- Los Angeles High, Class of 90), I was at South in the late 60's. I'm now bumming around downtown LA, retired and writing a novel, If you have a copy of my book of poetry, Shrugging Books, please let me know, because I don't any longer. "-" dash

Susan (Scholle) Antal Hello everyone! I moved back to California and am surrently living in Marina Del Rey, CA. I have two beautiful grown children and I am a grandmother of a darling baby girl. Would love to talk with any fellow songqueens out there from 1976-68??

Marsha (Smith) Grove Well it's been awhile since South High 1968! I'm still married to the same man for 36 years. He's a California native, so we're still living in Torrance. He works for the Los Angeles Dodgers, management position, so I have attended 80 out of 81 home games the last two years. I guess you'd say I like baseball. Always did. I retired last year as a Graphic Designer, one of my many careers, and decided to work part-time at my favorite store in the South Bay. We have one son, who just got married last year to a lovely Japanese girl. Yes, the reception was at Dodger Stadium. No grandchildren at this time, but probably in the near future. On a very sad note, my dear twin brother Martin (Smokey) Smith passed away in 2000. I was so lucky to have him and miss him so. We're still close to his wife and son's. He has two great sons. Well, I'd love to hear from you. The 40th reunion was a success! Hope to see more of you at the next one.

Henry Sorenson

Heidi Spangler Hello alumni one and all! I stumbled onto this when trying to find a new adventure after retiring from DIRECTV as Manager of Legal Investigations this year. I've returned to the family home in Hollywood Rivera after losing my parents some years back. Still love the sound of crashing waves in the middle of the night, even being 6 blocks away. I've been married for 18 years, no children (darn it) except 4 legged ones. My best to all my classmates from SH!

David Sparks Hope everyone is doing well.

Donald Sparks Im in Arroyo Grande Ca. Graduated from Cal Poly University San Luis Obispo Ca. in 1975 where I met my fantastic wife Connie. We have four great kids and three grandchildren and two more on the way. I've been a park ranger from 1975 to present. We have 5 acres of land in beautiful Arroyo Grande Ca. Take care everyone and it would be great to here from you all.

David Stubbs Greetings from dampest Portland!

Raymond Styles Hello to all from wherever I am-- often Bainbridge Island in Washington state, or in the desert outside Tucson, Arizona, or sadly too rarely in France. A life of first science and then computer work took up so much of my left brain that I am now a committed artist, painting the beautiful where I find it. It would be GREAT to hear back from you all!

Don Taylor Greetings to all old friends and acquaintances. Heard about the 40th reunion too late to change my reservations. I'll be at my Condo in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I guess I'll just have to have a little toast to the living and dead of the class of 1968. Email if you wish. Cheers to all.

Judy (Thomas) Wickre Just found out about this site from sister Crissie also an alumni. I am living in Veblen,SD and teaching 5th and 6th grades. Any old friends out there? Love to hear from you.

Nancy Vogl I hope many people decide to come to the reunion this August. Thanks to John and committee for making all the arrangements. I'm still in Santa Rosa, working with youth and playing in a band: Polkanomics! Yeah, strange to say it's so much fun. We've branched out into Latin Standards, Swing,Tex Mex and goofy pop tunes that Laurence Welk would have played on acid: I look forward to seeing everyone - hope the years have been kind with health and families.

Marcia (Vore) Edwards Greetings from Colorado. Life is good here, in spite of the weather. I'd love to hear from you.

Sally (Wakefield) Westelin 2010 has started out with a fair amount of rain and wind. Ron and I have been here going on 30 years. Amy is going to night school and working full time at PNC Financial in Portland, OR. Ann works full time at Golden State Foods - the supplier to all of the McDonald and Chipotle Restaurants in the Pacific Northwest. Ann is the mother of one Samantha Annabelle Blaine - Sam turned two on 11-11-09. Our second grandchild is due March 24, 2010. The ultrasound pictures show a boy this time around. I watch Sam two days a week. Boy does she keep this old girl hopping. Two year olds are very busy. She is darling and of course the light in Ron's and my eyes. She and her folks went to Sun River, OR for the next five days. Sam will have a blast in the snow. Mt. Bachelor, OR calls to Ann and Josh and they try to go every couple of years. Ron and I have two dogs and a cat. He still loves sports and cars and I am an avid reader, music listener, and dog walker. May you all have a fantastic 2010.

Greg Wallace Wow! Greetings from Beech grove, IN. Just stumbled across this site while looking for pix of the 40th reunion, which I was unable to make because of professional commitments. What a blast-o from the past-o! I've got a page on if anybody wants to drop in. I'd love to hear from you! Truly sorry I missed the 40th. I would have loved to have seen everyone. Maybe the 50th, eh?

John Williams My God! Is this page green or what? I love colours, especially the vast spectrum, defined by prism. I Graduated with colours and Majored and own a Spectral Degree. Saturation became bliss. Contrasting to Temperance,i've accepted a Rainbow that outshadows none to wear out. I reside to Temecula for twenty one years. Retiring from a head position. Successful in being so.

Margaret "Peggy" (Wyatt) Cluff Sadly, Peggy passed away Nov 8, 2002

Susan (Youngs) McCleary Hi after high school I went to work for Western Airlines.Then moved to the islands and went to work for Qantas.Met my husband in 70. got married in 73 had two children.Moved to eastern Oregon .Now work for the Post Office.

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