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Class of 1969
Larry Adams What a long strange trips its been. I had an insurance agency in Redondo Beach for twenty years. I got togehter a 20 year old Riviera Elementary school reunion together back in 1984. I still keep in touch with some of you, mostly females. The 70's was filled with Backgammon, the 80's with poker, and always the horse races. I used to own and race horses, but now just gamble on them. My motto has always been wine, women and song. Oh yes, and gambling. Now I'm just hoping to stay retired. My e-mail address is Good luck, fellow Spartans.

William "Bill" Akana Reretfully passed away in 1977, he is missed and still loved by his family. Still was the greatest brother around.

Jeff Barnes Time flys! Since South High, (in a nut shell) served in the Navy aboard submarines, was director of a zoo and exotic animal park in Oklahoma, got a degree in psychology and currently pastor a church in Idaho. I look foreword to visits back to Torrance and Redondo and cherish many memories.

Lee Bauerlein Hello from Tucson. Lived here since '79. I still visit the Torrance/Redondo area frequently and love riding along the bike path or grabbing a coffee and pastry in the Village and going out to TB or the Cove to watch the surf. I own a small design/cabinet/furniture biz. Tucson is a nice place to live... Socal is a great place to visit.

Sandy Bogin It's hard to believe that 40 years have passed already. Living in NY with my spouse, Claire, and enjoying recent grandparenthood! Is there a 40th reunion?

Linda (Booker) Hitt Hi Everyone.. I need to update my info. I am still living in the San Francisco Bay Area, still married to my wonderful husband, Vince..we just celebrated our 23rd Anniversary. I have two beautiful girls, almost 20 & 15. I am happy, not feeling old yet and enjoying life to the fullest. Would love to know where Teri Armstrong, Carol Berg, Cindy Morgan, Julie Vallery, Marcia Bigelow are these days. Hope to receive some emails from old Spartan classmates.

Betsy (Brose) Keegan Can't believe I'm doing this - first time I've looked backwards - too busy I guess.

David Clark I am married to Wendy Davidson (Class of 71) for 32 years as of March 16,1974. I've been working at Northrop Grumman for 33 years in El Segundo. Looking forward to my retirement in a couple of months, maybe do some traveling, visiting friends and long lost relatives. We have three daughters, Alanna 25, Amber 22 (married as of 11/26/05,) Angela 18. Looking forward to seeing some old classmates at the Reunion on Aug. 5,2006 @ the Elks Lodge, Redondo Beach, CA. Would like to hear from anyone that would like to e-mail me. My e-mail:

Cindy Cloyd

Claudette (Curton) Mills Heard In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida today,for the first time in probably 20 years made me think of South High,Mr Tuxford,making bongs in crafts class,M-80s in the toilets,making out under the bleachers,ditching class when the surf was up,getting sent to Mr Benson's office...what a long,strange trip it's been. Looking for Jan Swetnam and Larry Colgan

Debbie (Dennis) Moore This is so cool..all of your photos bring back so many memories..can't find my yearbook..will have to have my kids help me with the photo!

John Eckhart married with 10 yr old daughter on Maui. Been making and selling jewelry for 30 yrs. Aloha

Robin (Fleming) Hendershot Now have 7 grand kids and still in Laguna Hills,Ca.

Claudia (Forbes) Moore I am living in Northern CA. I am married and have two daughters. I graduated from UCD in 1998 with a degree in American History--late in life, but I did it! I am now working part time and doing lost of traveling with my husand. My oldest daughter is 27 yrs. old and married the youngest is 26 yrs old and graduated from UCLA last year. My husband of almost 33 yrs. retired last December. Hello to all.

Daniel Francis Been living in southwest montana for the last 18 years

Brenda (Geoerge) Thompson Amazing! This little gem of a site brings back some memories. I've been living in Canada for the last 27 years. ( Nanaimo,Vancouver Island) Life has been a real adventure since 1969. Three grown kids, 4 grandkids. Started own business to fill the need here on the waterfront, sailmaker/repairs,canvas. Check out When I visit the South Bay I never see anyone familiar. Doesn't anybody live still live there?

Cathy Gill Hi from Snohomish WA, was drummer in Spartan Band for 4 years - any other musicians out there? Please let me hear from you...

Barbara (Goldenberg) Barany Hi-I finished a PhD in chemistry and began working in semiconductor research before marrying and having two talented kids. Now I've stopped working and serve on our local (St. Paul suburb) school board.

Thomas Gonzales How's everyone doing Back in South Bay send me e-mail wouldn't mind hearing from you

Faith (Hatlestad) Ranney I'm located in the San Fernando Valley where I've been teaching elementary school since 1973. My twin daughters are 26. I remarried 4 years ago, 9 years after the passing of my first husband. God is good; I have a great life: hiking, running, camping...

Kevin Hazelton

John Helliwell From John Helliwell e-mail Only 10 more years until our 50th reunion. I hope someone takes hold of the reins on this and gets it organized. Love to see everyone again. A quick overview of my life. Was wild in high school. Didnít settle down until later. I donít preach but Jesus is in control. Married at 21, had 3 children, Ron 36, Kriscinda 35, and John 31. They all live in Alaska. They wonít leave. They love it there. I went to Hawaii with my job but my wife wouldnít come. Only saw her on vacations. After 4 years I couldnít do that anymore and we ended in divorce after 27 years. That is something in life I didnít think I would ever do. I made the commitment and I was going to stick with it. Anyway, everything is done for the best and now I am happy. Found me a Hawaiian girl. We are best friends and have a bitchin time together. Took her off the island and now we have been married for 10 years. Her 3 children live in Hawaii. We both took up golf and love it. Go whenever we have a chance and always on the weekends (together of course). This month hit my longest drive, 329 yards. It just happened to be in a tournament and on the hole for the longest drive. Thatís kind of how my life has gone, from good to better. In perfect condition mentally and physically except this big stomach that sticks out. Hope this finds you all in good health. Feel free to e-mail me. I am also on facebook as John Helliwell. The picture is of me on my blue Big Dog Motorcycle. Take care and God Bless

Gary Hill What a long starange trip its been...hope you're all digging the life!

Dennis Horton Living in N. California since 1990

Eric Langdon Hello everyone, I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion. Please do drop me a line and say hello.

Dawn Langer Still in the area (Long Beach) and on my fourth career.

Tim Lawrence It's hard to believe its been 30 some odd years, we have seen alot and expierenced more, lets pass what we have learned to the next generation, so hopefully they don't make the same mistakes..

Rebecca (Becky) (Leonard) Kesweder hello and hi to all from Becky who sneezes..... I'm living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have a little house in Martinez. Divorced and happy. The four kids are grown...and I get to be a grandma this summer! Write me a note and I promise to answer

Deborah (Listerud/Robbins) Russell-Blessing

Maureen Mcdonald Hi Did not get married until 50.Did not last.Retired after teaching for many years.No children.Live in the land of crazyness Hollywood.Are we having a reunion?


Dores Mondragon Hi. I am a part of the Operating Engineers Union Local no. 953 here in Albuquerque, NM. I have a son and daughter. I have been happy living in New Mexico since the 70's. I am a quilter, and have 2 small dogs.

Carol (Montgomery) DeLong Hello fellow Spartans! I just found this website but have been keeping in touch with a few South High '69ers on Facebook. I retired last year from IBM as a Customer Operations Manager after 27 years. It's great to be free again! Now that I am retired I have time on my hands to play on the internet, travel with my husband Greg and reflect on my rebel rousing days on the beaches of Southern California. Have lived in Arizona for 17 years. Would love to hear from my old rebel rousing friends from the past.

Steve Nadalin Howzit class of 69. Found this site wondering if there was a 40 year reunion. Wow you guys are old! Been living on Oahu for the last 30 years. Currently with my wife and 13 year old daughter. The daughter stealers from Maui stole my 24 year old daugthter/surfing partner. Had to switch to paddle surfing - needed something to hold on to. Alohaz

Nancy (Nelson) Malone I live in Irvine,CA and Big Fork, Mt. I have one son currently finishing at ASU. I thought it might be fun to contact some old friends.

Nancy Nickle Greetings to classmates from class of 69. Would love to hear from old friends. Live in Sacramento, CA (children are grown). Own a restaurant in San Diego (Kafe' Yen) and working with producing an indie singer/songwriter's album, plus investing in the movie industry. What is most important in my life is my partner Billie, my Family and spirituality (not religion).

Rick Oakes Currently working on a PhD at the University of Edinburgh, so....I won't be able to join you at the 40th reunion. I'm studying medieval Muslim scholarship concerning Jesus' crucifixion; translating commentaries, lectures and debates from Arabic.

Michael Orzio This is your All request Lunch Hour !!

Mike Peinado Hi to all, Live in Mukilteo, Wa (N. of Seattle) overlooking Whidbey Island. I'm still in the insurance business, still married and have 2 grown daughters who work at the Univ of WA. I am a serious painter, (have been for years) and have an art studio and try to paint as much as possible. Spent some time at the Laguna Arts Festival 2009 and visited Rivera Village, Ave I etc--a lot of nostalgia and still beautiful. Looking forward to a reunion down the road.

Steve Penny

Linda (Polin) Bremme I'd love to hear from the trouble makers in Mrs. Hawkins' AP English class: Dave Brenner, Bob Saunders, Spenser Durst, Debbie Purmort(?), Katie Shelley...etc I ran into Celia in Boston a long while back. I know Celia's still raising hell. Cool. I also ran into Gary Farmer in NYC an even longer while back. Where are the rest of you weasels? And, no, I have no intentions of ever going to a h.s.reunion.

Darlene Ramsey Deceased, brain cancer, 1999

Jan (Redman) Weeks Just discovered this site. What fun to read about all the old stomping grounds and what everyone is doing. Hope to read more info from some of the "oldsters". Wish I recognized more names at this point. Keep writing everyone!

Michael Roberts many miles, states, countries.... now forty years later back just a mile from way back then.... hard to beat the weather or the beachs.

Jim Robinson Still in Southern California... waiting for our 41st reunion.

Janet "Shirley" (Robson) Giff hello, iam trying to contact anyone in my year at then, carson high school. my name was shirley i was good friends with brenda leroy. and brenda endfinger.i lived in grace avenue in torrance. i dident get to graduate as i had to go back to scotland.if anyone reads this and remembers me please get in touch as if would be great to hear from you thanks

Kathryn (Rustanius) Penwell Have been in Kona Hawaii for 35 yrs, except for the 1984 Olympics in LA and 1996 in Atlanta. Grown son in Australia and still teaching high school at a charter school on the ocean, check out

Barbara "Boni" (Sanok) Eernisse Over the last 40 years, I have lived in Seal Beach, Bellflower, Bullhead City, San Gabriel Mountains and now Montana. I married Gary in 1970, had our son in 1973 and stayed at home until our son was 11. I did some craft shows while our son was still little and then worked as a secretary for 13 years until downsizing in 1995 and I was layed off. I started a custom embroidery business and had that for 8 years and retired from that 6 years ago. I still do an annual job for a golf tournament, but now I spend most of my time at the gym trying to stay ahead of the middle age bulge and I knit for charity ( I knit burial clothing for preemie babies that don't make it as well hats and booties for those who do). Gary will retire in two years, but we have made travel a part of our lives while we are healthy and able. We have seen places that I never thought I would in my lifetime. I am very grateful!! I hope to hear from you soon. Boni

Robert Schwent Still around the area. How is everybody in the new Millenium?

Fausto Silva Hello all Trojans from 1969. I am glad to have found some of you in this site. Incredible to be able to communicate like this 40 years later from the time we lauched off from South High. We fall in line with the landing on the moon 40 years ago too. I live in Tustin, CA, working in the architectural and construction management field; things I was interested in somehow from the time I took drafting classes at South High. I hope to make it to the 40th anniversary reunion and see many of you.

Michele "Miki" Darlene Tercero Hope to see lots of you at the multi-year reunion at the Torrance Marriott, August 26th.

David Thorpe Hi.

Susan Tinney Hi! I used to be an English Lit/Journalism major. I have been a library technician, directory assistance operator, a software librarian. I have have worked as a Q.C. insurance clerk for 10 years. My proudest accomplishment is my 17 yr old son. I'd like to hear from Rebecca Kesweder, nee Leonard. I pray that the Lord will bless you all!

Christine VanderLeest Hi, Am a principal in Torrance and am on the SHS campus at least a few times a year. Still singing, still single, still happy. God has blessed me! Living in Lomita and loving life. Would love to hear from other Spartans!

Celia Wcislo Yep. Still causing trouble, but now I've turned it into a career. I'm president of SEIU Local 285, a 12,000 member health care and public service union in Massachusetts. Have a young son, and enjoying life. If anyone knows where Leslie Sakai went to, I would love to track her down!

Wendy (Westcott) Reynoso Just retired (YIKES! i am old) from Cal Poly Pomona. Feel free to email me. I missed the last reunion (2006). Lost some people when i left work and they were on my computer there. So if you haven't heard back from me in awhile, write me at home. Still talk with Kathy Thomas/Penny and Ann Kingston and,of course, my brothers Terry, Tracy and Cary Westcott. While working at Torrance Library, I saw a lot of people from SHS, but lately??? I have 3 kids (who aren't kids anymore) and now that I am not commuting 3 hours a day, I have time for fun! Looking forward to hearing from the Class of '69.

Greg Whitford Come visit in paradise - Vanuatu - I have lived here for the last 10 years.

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