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Class of 1970
Kevin Albers I haven't seen anyone in so long! I give my thanks to everyone that I remember, you made my life perfect! I live in Toronto, Canada. Now, it's really nice here. Wow! Good to find some contact :)

Arlos Anderson Indeed what a long strange trip its been. From having the Torrance police arrive due to wearing an American Flag on a jacket (odd, don't Police wear them now)? And now working on secured government sites Muck to Majesty... new and future grads, you have no idea what lies ahead, be positive, one day you too will be in charge of the planet. My wife and I will see our son off to college this next fall and the idea of retiring back to the Caribbean gets better everyday. I worked for the British Government building desalination plants in the British virgin Isl. We own a house on the Monterey Bay, she is a math teacher and commercial illustrator and I'm a mechanical engineer in fluid processing and a commercial diver. I'm in better shape than I ever was in high school. What the heck was up with Mr. Beardsley and those Jock strap checks out on the back fields at P.E?

Deborrah Barton Deborrah (Debbie) passed away December 22,2006. Her family misses her very much.

John Bill Hello all ,far from torrance, living in the land of smiles ,

Ronda Breedlove Hey everyone...just found this site about a month ago...wanted to say hi and invite those who choose, to email me. Also, am the chairperson for our 40th reunion coming up in 2010. If you have any information about any of our classmates please pass the info along to me at my email address or contact SHS Activities Office for my personal information. Been a very busy person all these years...9 children and 8 grandchildren, so far...the so far only applies to the grandkids...there will be no more children in my future!!! : ) Write me...really want to hear from you...hope life has been good...take care... Ronda Breedlove

Lynda (Broberg) Maas Has it really been 40 years? My best friend in high school was Pam Ambrose - she has been living in Hawaii since we were 20. I live in Nevada City in Northern California with my husband, my 17 year old daughter (was I really like that when I was 17), three horses, two dogs and two cats. I own the Jazzercise franchise - it has been a wonderful business enterprise for me. I have been employed as many things. Most of all I love living in a small town but I do miss the BEACH. My daughter is going to college next year and her most important college asset is that it is at the beach. So, she does take after her mom. It would be fun to come to the reunion but I really dont know how many people I would know. Does it matter?

Gary Burt This HAS been a great trip back into the memory archives. Started with, then my search and here I am back in the '70's. Currently living in the Chicago 'burbs in management with Clear Channel Entertainment producing, of all things, MONSTER JAM. After a 20 year career in radio (and some marital "learning experiences"), I've come to realize there is more to life than the present (and since the future is taking care of itself), it's time to look back. Life has taken me across the county with only 2 states remaining to see. From South, moved to Oregon where I spent 20 years, then to Phoenix for eight, Chicago area for six now back in Phoenix and loving it! I have two great sons living in Oregon. I've made contact with a couple under-classmates and would love to hear from anyone else. (updated email address as of 5/07)

Bruce Byers Update on email, so it works now! Drop a line if you want. I'm currently living in Santa Barbara, where I'm retired from USN and sold my business in 2004. I'm now managing money (mine and others) for a living, and keeping busy with singing in Santa Barbara Opera and the local choral society, but don't keep up on instruments much (even though it was my undergrad major). Married Susan Inman in '74, after both graduating from UCLA, followed up with two masters. Sue's an engineer at Raytheon. Our two kids: Steve is a patent lawyer in L.A., and Marilynn is a middle-school teacher in Santa Barbara. My older sister Brooke (SHS '68) lives in Palm Springs, and younger brother (SHS '72) lives in Arkansas. Don't get back to the old stomping gounds much, but would love to hear from you. Hi to all the folks from band and classes... Looking forward to reunion in 2010!

Dennis Carpenter 30 years and still going strong. I have owned a business in constuction consulting for eight years and have a son attending California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, a daughter attending Cal-State Fullerton, a daughter @ El Toro High school (junior) and a four month old grand-daughter. I have been married 27 years and totally enjoy my life. I have great memories of my years in high school and am looking forward to our class of 1970 30 year reunion coming in October. What a ride it has been so far!

Anastasia (Ann) Chopelas Been all over the place but am moving back to the South Bay next summer. All over the place includes Germany, Las Vegas, Seattle, and Houston. Long story, but fun. Two children, one going (25) plans to go to grad school at UCLA next year while the other 21 is finishing bachelors. I am a lucky single mom. I have enjoyed reading all your updates. Drop a line any time.

Marie (Coate) Silver Hi everyone.I came across this website and thought it is pretty cool.Got married at the age of 18 and have a daughter who is 34 and an attorney.She got married 2 years ago to a guy whom she went to grade school and high school.I just found that I will be a grandma. Getting old does have some good perks. As for myself I am married for the second time to a wonderful man.I have waitressed for many years and worked in a nursing home as an activites asst.I live in northern calif where the beautiful redwoods are.I currently am making jewlery.GOD BLESS EVERYONE PEACE.

Jim Cole I just discovered this incredible website. I see my brother (1966) found it. The world has turned around too many times for me to try and summarize everything. Here are few highlights in my life: married in 1977 to a beautiful girl that transferred from New York with United Airlines, 8 children, 5 grandchildren, living in Center Grove IN., work for Cummins Engine Co. for 25 yrs,I am a Design Integrator/Engine Configurator for future products. Looking forward to retirement. email anytime at

Carolyn Cooper My name is Lela Stone. I am Carolyn's sister. Carolyn died of Marfan's disease in 1970, shortly after graduation. Carolyn was a sweet and wonderful young lady. If anyone were friends with Carolyn or knew her I would love to here from you. I moved from Torrance at the age of 14 in 1974 and am now living in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Scott Darnall Hey, gang! This site was a pleasant surprise! It's good to see you on this site and to hear about you. I have been married since 1978 and moved from Long Beach, where we lived for 17 years, to Scottsdale, AZ where we are now (July 3rd)enjoying the "warm" weather. I graduated from CSULB in 1883. The last time I saw Linda Tanner was at CSULB where we were both taking evening classes.

Rick Davis Still alive after more than 30 years! I spent 10 of those years in the US Navy Submarine force during the Cold War, and now live in the San Francisco Bay area of California. My wife Nancy and I have beenn married for 26 years, and our daughter, Kate, is a Ballroom dancer!

Dee-Ann Dossi Am an Admin. Asst. in Properties with Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA here in Utah for the past 27 years. Love the snow and mountains! Never married (never wanted to) and no children. I love my home and love fixing and redoing every room one at a time. Love to travel, read, cook and cross stitch. Now that most of us are turning 50 this year it seems like we were in high school just months ago and not over 30 years. Time stops for noone.

Kathy Dunn Can't update my own profile, and my e-mail has changed, so am doing a duplicate post so the previous one can be removed. After I graduated from South, I attended Humboldt State University and received a BSN in nursing. I moved to San Diego, and was married in 1975. I worked as a nurse in orthopedics and acute physical rehabilitation. In 1981 I divorced and moved to Chicago to attend graduate school, finishing my masters degree in rehabilitation nursing in 1982. I returned to San Diego and worked as a clinical nurse specialist in rehabilitation, with a specialty in spinal cord injury (SCI). I am currently the clinical nurse specialist and rehabilitation case manager at the SCI Center at the VA San Diego Medical Center. My parents still live in the Hollywood Riviera, so I get to Torrance pretty often. I enjoy travel, gardening, crafts and am an avid cinema fan. It was fun to spot South in the film "American Beauty"!

Dennis Fandey After graduation went to El Camino and then to the University of New Mexico - Architectural program. Went from there straight into Naval Aviation Officer Candadite School, Pensacola Florida - "Officer and a Gentleman" School. Career Navy Pilot retiring in 1995 after 21 years. Tours of duty included living and flying in the Caribbean, Far East, Point Mugu Ca, Antarctica, Texas and finally as a professor of Management, Aviation Safety/Mishap Investigation at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Ca. – my only tour not in a cockpit. Whew! Also headed the first military anti-terrorism unit, providing aerial and ground Presidential security for President’s Reagan and Bush while at NAS Point Mugu, CA and NAS Corpus Christi, TX. At retirement, I had a two year old and a new born and stayed in my Camarillo, Ca home. Initially flew military support ops for a civilian firm after retiring. Became a full time “Mr. Mom/Dad” raising my boys for the past 12 years or so. Also got back into acting and stunt work part time for a number of the past few years, as well as, being a consultant in Aviation Safety/Mishap Investigation and Security/Anti-Terrorism. Recently unretired and working for the Navy as the ED SPEC Training Administrator for the E-2 Hawkeye WING here at NAS Point Mugu. Also now with the Calif State Military Reserves - Army, a "Weekend Warrior", training Troops in combat and lifesaving skills before they deploy overseas and on call to fill their billets when they're gone during disasters like the past two years of wildfires or the guarding of the airports, etc.

Michael Freige There is still life in Torrance, just stay West of Coast Highway. Coach Harris, Coach Holland and Torrance Beach are still the same. Bring your board, the water is 72 degrees already! Where is Brent Russell? Are our letter-mens jackets "collectible" yet? Farrell's Ice Cream is gone, but memories of drag racing on Hawthorne Blvd. remain. I look forward to hearing from you, feel free to write for local information!

Bruce Gray I retired from the Navy in 1994(USNS Dutton,USS Nimitz,USS Blue Ridge, USS Tripoli) I Went to El Camino College 1970-73(AA Photography), Purdue Univ. 1976-79(no degree) and San Diego State 1994-97(no degree). I belonged to The International Cinematographers' Guild IATSE local 600 1998-2001. Presently, I work for The Transportation Security Administration in Passenger and Baggage Screening at San Diego Int'l Airport. I have Three children, Melissa (born in Japan) in 11th grade in Pensacola, FL; Bruce, Jr. in 7th grade and William Robert Siltanen Gray, who just started Kindergarden. I started researching my family genealogy about 6 years ago and now have about 1500 people in my family tree that goes back to about the year 1500. I was at South High about 10 years ago and was surprised to see some graffity I painted was still there. On the pedestrian over-pass, in the corner, I painted "Apollo-Athena 1969-70." I can't get in trouble for that, can I?

Cheryl (Haws) Evenich Hello to everyone. Its very disappointing to see just a handful of alumni on this site. We had 800 students at our school. You would think that with maturity, apathy would abate? Wondering if anyone knows of students who have passed? I read that Sharon Stansell, Deborrah Barton, Carolyn Cooper have left us. Does anyone know of others? I have been married to Dan for 38 years and have two South High Alumni kids, Crispin Evenich 36 (1992)and Vanessa Evenich 34 (1994). I also have 3 grandkids 12 and 8. Lived in Torrance until 1997 then moved to Orange County (hated it). Sold house and moved to Queen Creek, Arizona (2009) after husband almost died last year. We love the small, horse town, living on a golf course, swimming in the pool. We own a small sales business and I was a teacher from 1995-02(hated it). Spent a lot of my life working and volunteering for current passion is being an advocate for autism. Was a Girl Scout leader for a decade. My kids were my inspiration and it helped me find my destiny. Any stories on bullys or bullying during our tenure at South. Please email me anytime with information. Peace and Love

Nancy (Hillendahl) Stephenson

Toni (Hipp) Gannuscio I can't believe that 31 years have past since I graduated from SHS. I am still living in California (Riverside County). I am an Executive Assistant to the President of a freight forwarding firm. I have two children, a girl and a boy...and two beautiful grandchildren, a girl and boy. I welcome any emails from anyone who remembers me.

Kathy (Huizing) Filatreau Hoping to see all at the next reunion!

Mercedes Ivey 1 husband, 3 kids, 1 dog, and 3 cats. Up in the Pacific Northwest.

Philip Jay Married in 1972 to Trudy Hasten ('72), still together all this time. My son is a lawyer in Sacramento, my daughter works for Lionsgate studios. I've practiced environmental law in the Central Valley for over 30 years. Never quite got out of the sailing thing, still have a boat at King Harbor in Redondo Beach, a 39' sailboat named "Yankee Traveller". We're down there about a week every month. See you at the reunion!

Michael Johnston We have been living in San Luis Obispo since 1992. I have spent 21 years in public education as a high school math teacher and administrator. I still keep in touch with Tom Umbour (fellow 1970 grad). I am blessed with a wonderful wife of 28 years, and an incredible son. What a long strange trip it has been. . .

Ku'uipo (Kalima) De Leon Aloha, Ku'uipo here. Living the kick back life in Hawaii. Hopefully to see everyone at the reunion. Take Care, Ipo!

Bruce Kent Hello to all my fellow classmates of 1970. After thirty years, I took a trip back to South while watching the movie "American Beauty". I had to stop the movie several times to take a closer look at the background. I said to my wife,"Thats my old high school"! She did not belive me until I showed her my old yearbook. Life has been good to me. I have been married for 15 years,(My first)and I have two beautiful children ages 13 and 5 years old. I have been working for Xerox for the last 15 years as a field tech rep. I hope to see everyone at the reunion in October.

Randy Kirk Lost my yearbook, but I havent aged, so I must look the same. Went real far, Manhattan Beach. Placed 14th in 2008 US Boomerang National competition. What's left to accomplish?

Ross Kirkley It's funny the older I get, the more I think about my High School friends. I transferred from El Camino to the University of Utah in 74 and never left Utah. truly it's an outdoors paradise. I live in Park City (Home of the 2002 Olympics). I retired from the Integrated Logistics Industry in 2001, now own an Insurance Brokerage Co., I am going on my 26th season working for the National Ski Patrol at the Park City Ski Area. Life is good.

Deedie (Klempan) Street Still married since '72 and living in Pasadena. Our oldest son, Logan, a 7th grade math teacher, is getting married in March '05. Our second son, Eric, is a police officer in West Covina. Our daughter Stacey is a Jr. at Point Loma University in San Diego. My husband Gene is a Lt. for Azusa PD. I work part time at DBL Realtors in Pasadena as an assistant to a real estate agent. I also run estate sales. Life is good!

Eric Lewis I'm currently the band and choir director at Madrona Middle School in Torrance. I still see some of the teachers from South when we were there. Many of our former teachers are just now retiring. Email me if you're in town (or not in town).

Peggy (Marstall) Karleen Hi Gang, I have been living in Santa Cruz, Ca since 1972 (also in Hawaii for a while). I have 4 kids and 2 grandkids. I am going to the 40th Reunion! Hope to see you all!! Say Eric Thompson, I emailed you when I saw your message, where are you now? By the way...I am still surfing.

Bridget Ann (McBride) Saphiloff Dear Friends, So much time has passed and memories fail but I do remember many of you pleasantly! I am a school district nurse working in Tehachapi, California. I am wishing to find another yearbook for 1970. My brother Rusty Mc Bride got he only one and I would love to have one. Anyone have an extra one for sale? The reunion should be really great and fun to see you all. God's blessings. Bridget email


Diana (Mitchell) Bright Hope everyone has a good time at the reunion. I have been married for 28 years and living in St. Louis. We have a daughter that works in accounting and a son in law school and am sorry to say no grandkids yet.

Gayle (Morgan) O'Connor Hi all how many are going to our 40th reunion Oct 2, 2010? I usually attend with Shaun Zimmerman, but sadly she passed on Nov of 2008, I was thinking about meeting for drinks mingle and go home, does any one live near Huntington beach and would like to drive up together? I am happily married for 25 yrs. but I took him to the 30th he was very bored just sitting there, I can't blame him. So email me and let me know. I was so sorry to hear about Marion Noble, I just loved her. Oh by the way I have boy, girl twins 17yrs. Seniors at Huntington Beach High School, Great kids. Look forward to hearing from anyone who wants to go. Char Lopez where are you? Love to all, Gayle

Mike Murillo I have been in Huntington Beach since 1980. Back in the South Bay again. Anyone know how to reach Janelle Standridge? Have a good one! #714-528-4121 x15

Dan Neece Do we still have a music department at South? It was the best in the district as I recall. Now I can't find any information on the directors or the program. I'm still proud of all our accomplishments and am still friends with Mrs. Byers, the best damned choir director anywhere. Drop me a line Dan Neece 1970

Marion (Noble) Dooley Greetings: I am Marion's brother Mike. For those of you who don't know, my sister passed away on July 1, 2003 from complications of Lupus. She moved to Montana in the summer of 1974. She had several jobs but for the last 20 years of her life she was officer in one of the banks in Polson, Montana. She left behind a son, Jackson, whom she adored and a husband, Dennis. She was loved by all who knew her and is greatly missed. It appeared the entire city of Polson attended her funeral. Her family felt blessed that she was in our lives. Her smile, laughter, and quiet sense of peace touched all of our lives.

Janis Olson Hello to a great class. It's fun to read about you. I went to college in Montana to become a nurse. I worked in CA then moved to Corvallis OR in 1980 and to Portland in 1990. I enjoy life and hope to make it to the 40 year reunion in 2010.

Fredericka "Freddie" (Orr) Rockey Hello everyone! I like many of you have just discovered this website - very cool! Met some of you at the 2000 reunion - look forward to seeing many more at 2010.

Michael Owen Living in Australia. Still doing artwork and designing silver jewelry for a living.Working,surfing and have a fishing business in Indonesia. Life is good !!

Patti (Quinn) Disanto-Heider anyone out there know anything about the upcoming reunion?

Naomi (Ramirez) Weeks Hey...I knew about this site and decided to sign up. I am retiring from Boeing (Hughes Aircraft) this December after 30-odd (and I do mean odd) years as an electronics technician. I can be reached be email.

Albert Vincet Rivera Attn: Class of 1970 South High School, Torrance, CA - Or family is sad to report that your classmate 1970 graduate and my brother, Albert Vincent Rivera, has passed away suddenly on the morn of Wednesday, September 29, 2010. Our family will lay him to rest at the Riverside National Cemetery soon as he was a Navy Veteran. Just after the our small service at the cemetery, we will have a Memorial at the home of his sister, Tina, in Lakewood, CA. All of his classmates, who remember Albert and would like to attend, please friend me on facebook, look for me with my email address - I will be sure to inform you of the event. So sorry he couldn't join you all for the reunion planned on October 2nd. Sincerely, Lisa Rivera the email above is mine... Thanks.

Nancy (Rogers) Schow Hi all - living in Lomita and working in Torrance. My daughter will graduate from South in 2008.

Kenny Rumrill Hi Yall, I'm alive and well on the central coast of California, I'd love to hear from anyone who cares to write.

James Satt i left California as soon as possible but came back to get my BA at UC Berkeley. got my MD from Vanderbilt U, got my wife from Huntsville AL. Now we are back in Colorado, raised four children here, and now the baby is flying the nest. I am a humble country doctor, the poorest physician I know, but rich in other ways

Gregory Satterfield Hi all. Hope things are well with everyone. I finally retired from the Torrance Police Department (Sept. 2005), after two knee and one ankle surgery. I am enjoying the retired life while my wife is still working. Our son Josh is a Jr. at North High School (it pains me to say that) and is the varsity goalie for the soccer team. Stay healthy and may God bless.

Debbie (Scanlon) Yett Hi All!

Sandra Seaholm Hi there, I live in Homestead, FL and have since 1981. I work in the medical field, and really enjoy it. I got married in June 07' but we've been together for several years. We have no children but lots of pets, which we call our kids. HA! I hope you all are doing well, and I look forward to attending our 40th Class Reunion, if the date allows me to. Hope to hear from some of you, Sandra Seaholm (I kept my maiden name)

Lee Snyder I left South in the middle of my junior year to attend Coronado High in Scottsdale, Az. I now live with my wife of 15 yrs. in Templeton, Ca. I have lost touch with most of my friends from South but at 57 yrs. old I thought it would be fun to reconnect. Please email me if you remember me and we can go from there.

Sharon Stansell Sharon Stansell passed away suddenly on December 14th 2006. She was a wonderful person and had so many friends.She was the most thoughtful and kind person. Her best friend was Nancy Rogers. She recently spent time with Sue (Wilkens)Lopez up here in Seattle while she put on a 50th surprise party for her sister Lori in 2005. I will add more to this message later. I just wanted to add her to the list so you would all know what a wonderful person she turned out to be. I can be contacted by her friends if you wish to know more about Sharon.

Jeanné (Stratton) Fox Greetings from Canada.

Lynda (Tanner) Delgado I have been living in Las Vegas for 9 years. It is 20 years behind California. I am married to a Cuban for almost 7 years. I have a 10 year old who is a second degree black belt and is currently ranked number one in the World for his age and rank. Needless to say, I am very proud. I have been on the cutting edge of developing and implementing program for at-risk youths and their families in Nevada. I currently am a partner in a company called Youth Impact Services. We are expanding into California and I hope to be moving back there witin the next two years.

Eric Thompson still surfing still living in san diego since 72. Anyone who used to surf with me at topaz or torrance beach e-mail. Anyone who knows what happened to Peggy Marstall email. What a quick trip this is, wish all well. eric

Robert Warrington e-mail me

George Westbrook I live in Long beach and have never moved out of the area scince leaving South High. I worked for Alpa Beta Markets for 23 years and now drive for a trucking comany in Pomona, CA. I married my high school sweetheart, Cathy Spaulding and had two children. It lasted for seven years. She now lives in Walla Walla , Washington. I am now married again going on 11 years to a wonderful and understanding woman.

Richard Whitmeyer Wow man, 30 years! In that time I have been married for 25 years and have four children. They were born in 76, 84, 86 and 90. Some plan, eh? In case no one noticed, I have attended no reunions. (What was with that Newport Harbor venue anyway?) I lived in Vancouver BC for four years, working mostly in plastics and rain. I moved back to Torrance and then remembered why I had left. Since 1980 I've been in the Santa Maria area of California's fantastic central coast. I work on Vandenberg Air Force Base for the Lockheed Martin Corporation, Astronautics Launch Operations. The military industrial complex has been good to me. I've been coaching youth soccer for years. I have a great time doing that. Thank you Coach Bryant! One more thing, anyone else's hair getting, like, gray?

Susan K (Wilkins) Lopez I was Sue Wilkins at school. I have been married to my husband of 22 years, Pedro Lopez, and we are still in the South Bay area. I am working as an electronics technician for Boeing Satellite Systems, formerly Hughes Aircraft, and have been employed here for 25 years. We have one son, Brannon who is attending West L.A. college and will graduate this year with an AS in aviation. He plans a career as an Aircraft mechanic. He is presently working for Robinson Helicopters at the Torrance Airport as a sheet metal mechanic while he attends college at night. I have had a wonderful life and have sweet memories of my high school days. I had three wonderful friends in high school that I was very close to who were Jan Holland, Martha Dutton, and Carolyn Cooper. Carolyn passed away shortly after graduation, and I have recently contacted her sister Lela, finding her through the Alumni Directory, and have exchanged photos with her. What a thrill this was for me! I would also like to be in contact with Jan and Martha too, so if you have any information on these two ladies contact me at

Annie (Witte) Odell I live in Glendale, where I practice locally as a Family Nurse Practitioner. I am currently working on my PhD in Health Psychology. So all of you who helped me pass my tests because I tended to sleep through can get off the floor! Missed the 30th, but I'll try to be at the next one.

Kathie (Yockey) Fischer Tucked away here in Marin County, married for 33 years. Our twins are 32, Aron and Noah, living in faraway New York. I'm a granny, I'm a school teacher in Mill Valley. Funny thing.

Debbie (Zuanich) Eddy Married, one daughter. I downsized from Torrance to Portland, Oregon to rural Eastern Oregon. I am a fisheries biologist for Oregon Fish and Wildlife, and I love it. I am looking forward to a visit from Becky Burks (now Lacome) who works at National Park Service Headquarters. Hooray for the geeky Girl Scout girls - we have the cool jobs!

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