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Class of 1971
Bim Armstrong Graduated from UCLA in 1975 and received a masters from CSULB in 1977. Married Linda Ossipoff (South High class of 1974) 26 years ago. We are both pilots, and have flown in Alaska, Africa, Mexico and all over the USA. I have been in the city management business for 28 years, and have served as City Manager of 3 California cities. I currently serve as City Manager of Santa Barbara.

Mike Arneson Hi Everyone, I never thought it all that important to stay in touch. But life goes quickly. Those who once touched your life should know how important they are as individuals. For me life has been good. I am Happily Married for 32 years to my wife, Cathy. Together we have had a exciting time raising Our 6 Children. Our 9th Grandchild was just added to our Blessings. All the Best Mike Oh yeah, I'm a Locksmith and we have been living in Fullerton for 22+ years.

Toni (Bauerlein) Sehnert Looking forward to the reunion.

James Baxter Wow, it's great to read all the bios. After graduation I went on to get a PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology. I currently own a small business that provides statistical assistance to businesses and doctoral candidates around the country. My wife and I (with 6 kids) live in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Would love to hear from anyone.

Roberta (Berger) Braval would love to here from old friends, and foes. send me an e mail.

Melissa (Bloom) Gerber Still living in Sandy, UT. Manager for the USPS. Four very grown children and four grandchildren, one retired husband (#2 husband), two Labradors and a life that I enjoy. I still miss the ocean, but the mountains are some consolation. Hello to some of my old friends that I have lost touch with: Joanne, Kathy, Gayle, Maggi.

Shirley Brenton Wow, It has been 35years and I haven't gotten any older! Well maybe I just don't act any older. I JUST finished getting my BA at UC Davis in Sociology/Documentary Film and am involved in making short films, and Documentarys... Duh... Education is so wasted on the young. I am married to the most wonderful man in the world (you know what they say, the 4th time's a charm). My husband Mark McKinnon is a Physics Professor at UC Davis and really knows why the sky is blue. In his spare time he sings musical comedy in local theater. I have a 24 year old daughter Sierra who was married last summer. We survived that and now I know I can survive anything...maybe even getting older...eventually

Phil Brooks Living in Tustin, Orange County area. Married to Espy, 4 children (2 stepsons- Bobby 28 and Jim 24, daughter Rebecca 11 and son Philip 5 years) I was talking with Bruce Peterson and he mentioned the 30th year reunion was coming up. 30 has a nice ring to it and I look forward to being there and trying to guess who's who!

Loretta (Bruhn) Eul Married to James Eul 1989 have one son Kevin 17. Became a widow in March 2006, I currently live in laguna Niguel, Ca. I am a caregiver.

Janet (Campbell) Jones

Stephen Cannady Voted most likely to be a Concert Pianist, I fell short of the purer faith of education an opened my own business at twenty-two years old. I did try the corporate world, but as the saying goes: "The corporate world is like a dog-sled team - unless you're lead dog the view is pretty much the same." Married and divorced twice, (I've never had a lucky face) I have a daughter twenty-six and a son fourteen. My first wife Cyndi works as my bookkeeper. This works well when she asks me for money: I always respond, "Sure, do we have any?" My second ex, Kim and I have begun dating again. The charity of women will never cease to amaze me. My daughter now works with me after spending several years with the Carlsbad Children's Museum as Manager. My son is pulling a 3.5 GPA. I know he didn't get it from me. I live in Carlsbad, California, which used to be a quaint little town. I like to cook, although you would never know it by how much I weigh. I blame my svelt appearance on trying to keep up with my very athletic son. I hope I can make the 30th reunion and laugh about God's inifinite sense of humor.

Michael Cohn Well I missed another reunion. Somehow life seems to get in the way of living. I am living in Corona, Ca where I have been running my lead based paint consulting business for the last 15 years.When I'm not working you can find me out on the road on one of my Harley's. Life is good. Hope to see you at the next reunion!!

Gary Colbert Hello, I am Gary Colbert, from 1971 and before. I am alive and well. I live in Talkeetna, Alaska. HC 89 Box 8407 Talkeetna, AK 99767 Best Harmonica Blues Man in the World. Thank you. Gary Colbert

Teresa (Crimmins) Frias

Wendy (Davidson) Clark Dave Clark (Class of 69) and I have been married for 32 years as of March 16, 1974. We have three daughters, Alanna 25, Amber 22 (married as of 11/26/05), and Angela 18. We live in Sun City, Riverside County - lived here for 14 1/2 years. Looking forward to the 35th Reunion! My e-mail:

Diane (Depew) Astiazaran Hi Everyone We started a Facebook site for our class and will be posting info about our upcoming reunion!! Lots of alumni are on it, so check it out an keep in touch!

Ronda (Draper) Chedotte Thirty years, hard to believe. Hope to hear from anyone.

Elizabeth (Eaton) Gruppioni Would have graduated from South if we hadn't moved to Texas just before senior year. Long history in the area though from Calle Mayor Elementary and then South. I graduated from University of Houston with a health and Phys Ed degree. Taught only for about 2 years then traveled with Ringling Bro. Circus as a showgirl, aerialist, elephant rider (no kiddin!). Moved to N.Y.C. then on to Milan, Italy. Met my husband over there and eventually moved back to Calif. now in Ventura. Two children Boy and Girl. We own retail stores- up to #5. I'm interested in the reunion.

Kim Elsey After graduating from SHS, I attended El Camino, AA-75, Long Beach State, BS-77 and USC, MS-80. While in CA, I was fortunate to work for both Xerox and Hughes (now Raytheon). I married Diane Stumpp (Torrance HS-73) and moved to Portland, OR in 84. I continue to work in high-tech business consulting and most recently completed an MBA program at the University of Oregon. I'm currently working as an independent business consultant for Reinventures LLC ( My wife and I are blessed with a 17 year old son, Kyle. Enjoy flying, restoring airplanes and cars in my spare time. Wish everyone the best and would love to talk with past friends!

Cathy Enis I've had a wonderfully varied life since high school. For the last 18 years I've lived in Northern California, and for the last two of those years, I've lived in Arcata. I have an AA degree in music, and expect to graduate from Humboldt State University with my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems along with a minor in Music in May of 2003. I am planning to enter a graduate program in Geographic Information Systems next. My husband and I celebrated our 7th anniversary last June (2002), and I have a really super-duper teenage son. I would enjoy hearing from any of my old buddies who would care to write!

Rocky Farquhar Hi everyone! It's been a very long time. I am now living in Orange County, CA and traveling to Asia often for business. I'm married with four kids. I look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

John Fields Yep, it's me. Hard to believe 35 summers have gone by. Still swimming at RAT beach everyday during the summers. Have three sons, ages 17,15 and 10. Started married life at 35 to Carole who graduated from Redondo High in 1976. My company is 16 years young and have built a second home/started a Mexican Corporation in 2000 with another SHS Grad in Baja Sur(San Juanico/Scopion Bay). Hope you are all well and in good health!

Carrie (Fillman) Bach I have moved all over southern california but resettled back in Torrance in 1986; I became an RN/PHN in 1995 and completed my masters in nursing and public health in 2005 and now I work with the homeless program in public health; I have 3 grown, married daughters and 11 grandkids and a wonderful retired husband. I hope to see ya'll this year since I have never made any of the other reunions.

Peggy (Fisette) Froseth Sorry I missed the 35 year reunion but I'm anxiously looking forward to the, did I just say 40th??? I've been married to John for 29 years, have 2 daughters - Heather 27 and Crystal 24 and a son Shaun who is 13 and starting at South fall 2008. I've been working at rival Mira Costa High School for just over 20 years and am loving it. Hope to see or hear from you soon!

Todd Forshee Married Deena Goulart (class of 72) 23 years ago. Have three children, Jason 20, Lynsey 16 and Lorran 12. Flew attack helicopters in the Army for a while. Lived in Germany for eleven years. Visited some of the world’s garden spots (Saudi Arabia, Bosnia etc.) Currently a government Tech Rep for the Longbow Apache Helicopter weapons systems, living in Tucson, AZ, enjoying life and looking forward to retirement.

Sue (Fullmer) Collinsworth Sue passed away on July 25, 2002.

Rourke "Rory" Harris Living in Colorado since 1979. trying to figure out when our 40th reunion will be

Ron Haskins

Stuart Hunter Hi everyone. Foodscientist turned salesman, Oklahoma State University 1976, 30 years of food industry,...Married 27 years, 4 children. Most recently selling food ingredients like starch and protein to formulators. Raising offspring and taking care of aging parents has its good moments. Open to suggestions. Looking forward to 35th reunion in August. All the best!

Steve Johnson Living on Puget Sound. Splitting my time between developing small real estate projects, sailing my 35' cutter, and mentoring aspiring Internet marketers -

Ed Kelly Married since 1977 to Val (Vinovich) SH Class of 73. Our twins are freshmen; Shannon at Pepperdine and Stephen at Long Beach State. We live just up the hill from South High in Rolling Hills Estates. Sorry I missed the reunion!

Don Kingston Can't believe its been 40 years since that awkward time leaving SHS. My youngest of four children (to speak of) just graduated HS and so I can say "My damage here is done LOL." I am looking forward to seeing all of you Aug 20, 2011 - once again. Peace.

Scott Lederhaus After graduating SHS I went to UC Irvine. From there went to med school at Rush Medical College in Chicago. Spent the next 6 years back at UCI for neurosurgery residency. I have been in the Claremont area since 1986. Married in 1979 to a gal I met in Chicago. Had 5 kids (4 at once) and then one after. The quads will be 27 in November and the baby just turned 25. Looking forward to retiring in a few years in Santa Barbara. Bim, are you still the city manager in Santa Barbara? Would like to make a 40th reunion if there is one.

Debbie (Lee) Clairmont Hello living in West Covina married with two children oldest is 19 attending MtSac youngest is 14 auditioning for Lachsa this year.Anyone hear from Frank Christenson Bernie Keach,Val Wiggley Hope to hear from some or all of you soon hope to find everyone alive and well.

Laurie (Leopold) Lockman I find it hard to believe that 30 years have gone by so quickly. Funny,I don't feel 30 years older. I attended El Camino and went on to Long Beach State.I have been married for 25 years and have 2 children, 22 and 16. Both will graduate next year.My husband is a Paramedic for Orange Co. Fire. Hope to hear from friends. How about Kathy Decker,Monique Gaines, Peggy Fisette, Gary Sims, Jim Depke,and so on.

Robert Maag Still in Torrance. Married 26 years, with 2 daughters (25 and 22). I work for the Torrance Fire Dept. going on 25 yrs now. My daughters are West High grads. Hope to see you guys around.

Kathy (Maurer) Abrams Nice to see everyone!

Herbert "Rusty" D. May Married 27 years, daughter 27, son 25, son 22. Living in Valrico Fl. and working for General Dynamics for 25 years in Engineering. Would love to here from some of you guys. 30 years, can you believe it.

Rhonda (Means) Sutton Wow, nice to see some familiar faces. Been married for 38 years to the love of my life. Ken. 2 daughters 33 and 32. We just had our 1st grandchild.

Monica Meehan

Vicki (Mendelsohn) Frailey Where has the time gone???? I certainly don't feel any older!

Jerrie (Morris) Groven Hi! I raised 4 kids, and am now single, and working in Florida as a Chef on Private Motor Yachts on the East Coast, and in the bahamas. I'd love to hear from any friends from South!

Cheryl (Newman) Freeman Update 4/2008. Jim and I still enjoying the Midwest living, even if we had over 100 inches of snow this past winter. Looking forward to a long, long hot summer at the Lake.

Aric Parent

Bruce Peterson It's hard to believe that it's been thirty years since high school graduation! Whats worse is actually looking forward to seeing the big 50! Still living in the hill country of Texas ( 21 years now) with my wife Susan and our two boys(12 & 14). I look forward to seeing everyone in October.

Richard Peterson Currently living in Orange County. Married 28 years, six children, one grandchild all have which caused me to shrink, expand and lose my hair!!! Work as a law professor at Pepperdine University School of Law in Malibu.

Marc Petrie It's been 30 years, my hair is white, time has flown, and it seems like only yesterday. I was lucky enough to publish a book of poems in 1997. It's doing okay. One of the poems was read on writer's almanac. I have a second book in the works, but, my wife and I adopted a new born new year's day, 1998. Between helping take care of my son and working every day, its not been easy. But, I'm still in southern California, and life is good.

Ann (Gaff) Phinney How are all of you?

Robert "Bobby" Quinn I heard it through the grape wine that #35 reu is upon us of '71', Yikes!

Marguerite "Maggi" (Reed) Barrett The adults told us to enjoy life while we're young cuz it goes so fast. Yup! 30 years definitely flew by. I have been in Washington 14 years, married 9 with an 8 year old daughter. In community relations for the Tacoma School District, and my husband is owner/operator of a beautiful furniture store. Guess I had better get busy with that diet before the reunion! Hope to see you there Melissa Bloom, Mary Blackburn, Rosie Lewis, Eileen Ishihara, and so many more! Right on! Outta sight! Groovy! Dare I say it....bitchin! See ya there! Maggi

Shelli (Rosenberg) Bloom I went to El Camino and then UCLA, graduating in 1976. I worked as a secretary for about 8 years, and then I got married. My husband and I live in the South Bay, and we have a 13-year-old daughter. We travel quite a bit and try to maintain a sense of humor about life.

Steven Sanok Steve went on to get his teaching degree in Elementary Education, and was a teacher. Sadly he passed away Febuary 19, 1984 in a house fire.

Jim Schroeder Who still has their hair?

Theresa (Scrooc) Brunella Our "30" year reunion is one party you don't want to miss! Great friends, good food and live music by the John Brown Band. Please email me or call for more information, or 562-494-4919.

Gail (Snyder) Harris Class is '71 - Our 40th Reunion will be on Saturday August 20th, 2011 at 6pm at The Cheesecake Factory in Redondo Beach. Please see our South High Class of 71 on Facebook and reunion event information. More information to follow as we get it.

Scott Spangenberg '71 would have been the year I graduated from South had I not moved to Maui the summer before our Junior year. I live in Chandler, AZ now and have a beautiful daughter who's in college in FL.

Chris Spaulding Hell-o to the Class of 71. Married my Wife in July of 1976, have two boys Jeff 29, Matt 25. Have been married for going on 31 years to the same wonderfull woman. Iam a RRRM Manitance Mechanic for St. Joseph Hospital in Orange. My wife works for a Excitive VP at Mattel Toys. In my spare time I still play with cars, right now Iam driving a cream colored 1947 Chevy Fleetline Aerosedan modified Pro Street, and Iam building a 1926 Ford Model T 50's old school hotrod. I have been Living in Lakewood Ca for the last 20 years. Still cruise the beach and you can find me sometimes at Ruby's on Friday nights in Redondo Beach. Looking forward to the 35 year reunion. Hope to see everybody there.

Mona (Sonia) (Stolcz) Mara Summers Shortly after graduating I moved to Victoria, BC, Canada. I'd love to hear from past friends so drop me an email!

Mike Tilley My highlight at South was running on the cross country team in the fall of 1968. That year my family moved to Virginia, where I attended school of with some of the now-famous "Remember the Titans" football team. Graduated Virginia Tech, now married with 4 kids (14, 16, 19, 23).

Janna (Vyzralek) Kliebert How are my South High School friends? I hope you are well and happy. Is anyone planning to attend the 35 year reunion on 8-5-06? Write to me and let me know!

Lance Wilcox After graduating from SHS, I moved to Austin, Texas for my undergrad degree, then moved on to Minneapolis for my Ph.D. in English. I have also managed to live in St. Paul, Seattle, Nashville, and am currently in Lombard, Illinois, a suburb about twenty miles west of Chicago, a city I have come to dearly love. I am a professor of English at a small college out here, Elmhurst college, where I have been for 12 years. I have been married for almost 20 years and have twin boys older than I was when I was at South. Life has been, and continues to be, good to me. I like to teach, I get to read a lot, I've done some writing, and I do some acting from time to time. Most of my writing is in the form of articles, though I have had a couple of plays performed, one professionally. My happiest discovery is that, almost 30 years after high school, I can say that the young "idealists" proved to be right all along.

Paulette (Zak) Perry Though I did not graduate from South (we moved down the street to a house near West High) I have many memories of the friends I made for a year and a half at South High ('68-'69) I had just moved to Torrance from Ohio the summer after 8th grade, and it was like being dropped in from another planet! I wish I could remember the handful of people that said a kind word, smiled or spoke to me. They never knew how much that meant and how I missed my many friends in Ohio! Monica Gaines, you were my first best friend in California. Thank you to you and your family for your many kindnesses. I will always remember our walks to the beach and our life's ambition which was keeping up our tans! (laughing) Now my daughter is doing the same thing! I will always remember the love and kindess of your entire family. XXX

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