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Class of 1974
Jim Allen Karen Logan and I reconnected at our 30th reunion and got married two years later! I retired from commercial real estate 5 years ago so we now divide our time between travel, exercise, and hobbies such as stained glass and coppersmithing. I still play soccer with a local club and Karen plays tennis 3 days a week. We recently hooked up again with Dan Cook and hope to drag him to the 35th reunion. See you then!

Cindy (Angone) LaLonde I'll never foget the "Hill" or "Walteria" Ciao Ciao

Fernando Arevalo Now living in Oakley, CA, a small town east of San Francisco, with my wife Anita. Have a daughter Natalie (24) and son Eric (19). YES, I'm still playing soccer!

Camille (Barton) Wall Hello! I live in Rolling Hills Estates, with my husband of 20 years and two teenage daughters who attend Peninsula High. I work part time as a social worker. Volunteer a lot and take care of my parents. This is a great website!!

Tom Battey Hi Everyone, It's been a long time I still live in the area. You can send me an e-mail at this address. Hope to here from some old friends soon.

Russell Burruss

Patricia (Calta) Butterfield Hi all, I am currently working as a Senior Director of Customer Operations at a medical device company in Irvine California. The company manufactures a device that freezes local cancer tumors. It's great to be part of a cure, but I'd like to shift my focus to prevention. I am interested in wholistic solutions to almost everything including health, architecture, sustainable communities. I am interested in human development, personal empowerment, equine assisted experiential learning and energy medicine. Art, science...and the merging of the two. I live in Dana Point and love it here. Happily married for 20 years.

Alyce (Coats) Dooley Hello to any South High comrades. I have been living in a rural part of Riverside and teaching in a public school for the last 25 years. I married my HS sweetheart Mark and we have two young adult age children. We plan to move back to the beach in May 2011.

Michael Cohen I am married and have three great kids. When I got out of school I was working for an auto part store. Now I work for Guess Jeans Inc. for the past five years as the pre production coordinator.And I live in Baldwin Park calif.

Catthy Ann (Collins) Sanders hi there i would like to get in touch with margret kernan cindy size more linda tandy

Bruce Conze Wow, it can't be that long ago! After browsing through this site and seeing many remembered friends, I thought I'd throw my two cents worth in as well. I've been married 30 years to Nancy (from Mira Costa) and have three daughters all graduated from Cypress High School. Live in Cypress (north Orange County). Work for the Federal Aviation Administration as an Aerospace Engineer. Hope to make the 35th Reunion since I missed all the others.

Dan Cook I hope everyone is finding life as interesting as I do. Not sure how much South added to the mix: we had possibilities as well as limited definitions. Some got it together earlier, some later. Me - later. Lots of searching to find my niche; always felt my skillset was good for something, just not sure what. Now a family doctor, iconoclast, part-time world traveller and writer, and full-time feeder of 4 cats!

John Cross Loving Life in Cascade, Idaho

Pam (Crowe) McEwan Hi Everyone! Living in Boise, ID. I have three grown children and three grandchildren. I would love to hear from you.

Mark Dooley Hi everyone, I went El Camino, then Point Loma College, Married my HS sweetheart Alyce, 20 year teaching in Riverside. We have two grown kids. Now I'm investing and doing Real Estate sales. Retiring next year and moving to Oceanside. Look me up.

Elena (Endemano) Matheson Hi! to anyone who remembers me. I'm living in the Seaside Rancho area of Torrance. Married 20 years to Greg Matheson, c/o '73. We have 3 children. Mindy, South High c/o 2000!, Cody, S.H. c/o 2002, and Dylan, most likely, S.H. c/o 2014!!! You do the math. :) Update: 2/09 Still here, married 28 years now! Youngest is now at Calle Mayor and our daughter gave us a grandson! Cole Parker Smith 12/17/07 Life is good

John Fosterling

Danny Fuller Living in San Diego for the past 30 odd years.

Jim Geibel

Jan Goetz Hey everyone...I am living in a small town in north carolina. Moved here 7 years ago after buying a country style house. I am still an orthopedic nurse (27 yrs) and do alot of medical missions work overseas. I missed the 25 yr as I didn't hear about it. Can't wait for the 30 yr reunion as I had a BLAST at the 20!!! So glad to find this site.

Alan Grant Living and loving life in Lompoc. Four kids, four grandchildren.

Raschel "Shelly" Greenberg Have worked at UCI since 1980 and live in Tustin with my hubby and son.

Kent Grether I'm a newlywed (September of 2003), and I have two grown boys ages 23 and 21. Didn't get the marriage thing right the first time, but I'm getting better at it with practice. After my entire adult life away from the South Bay (Santa Cruz, Portland, and Honolulu), I moved back in 2002 and now live in Playa del Rey. Had been an actuary for 17 years, but I'm now in the investment business doing sales. Ended my soccer career just two years ago when my knees started acting up, so golf is my most regular pastime.

Steve Gunther Long ago at a high school far far away... I married a Minnesota girl, Julie, and we are currently living in Hudson, WI, No children but 2 cats and a Newfoundland dog to keep us busy. My strongest memories of high school days are hanging out with friends, bumming rides to the beach and trying to score some beer. Been thinking about old friends and those who have left us too soon. Drop me a line sometime.

Terry (Haigh) Peralta I've been living in Dana Point for the last 23 years. Not too far from Torrance! I married Mike Peralta in '79(SHS class of '72). We're not together anymore, but remain very close and live right by each other. It's great for us and our kids: Chris (25) surfer/musician/appraisor and Haley (21) college student majoring in journalism and film. I work in the scuba dive industry (PADI) and sell scuba dive travel all over the world. In this job I get to travel all over the world. If I can't make a lot of money at it, at least I get to see/experience the world!

Kary Harger I'm still in Torrance for some unknown reason.

Mary (Harney) Callahan Hi all. I wonder what Mary Callahan's name is now...I'm living up in Western Montana. My husband of 21 years farms with his dad. We have three kids: Shauna who finished high school and is working in Yellowstone National Park to save money for college, Tim who will graduate June 9, (his total graduating class is 32 - just a little smaller than our graduating class) and J.J. who will finish 5th grade on June 8. I earned my MS degree in Speech Pathology and work for a local school district. The trade off for living in Montana is that when many in Northern Calif were enjoying a break in the heat last weekend, we were watching it snow!!!!!! Maybe summer will start up again next week. Hope you got this e-mail address Diane.

Carol Harvey Live in the Boston area; two daughters in college, one still home.

Brian Haskell I missed out on graduation due to to our family moving to Ohio 3 months before school was out. It is "neat" to see so many familiar names on this web site. Married 22 years, 6 children and still doing pottery! We live in Utah. We still visit and love "So Cal".

Barbara Hassell Hey there! Glad to see many of you at the 35th reunion, had a great time catching up with you all. After South I went the El Camino route and lived an extended adolesence in the bars of Redondo, Hermosa and Manhattan. Did some traveling,eventually got earned a BSW degree at CSUSB, had one son age who is now 19, moved up to Seattle and back down to CA and somehow ended up in the IE. Miss being near Ave C. but try to get out there when I can. Currently working as an educator for Head Start after being a social worker. What a "wild, strange trip" its been and wondering what is still around the corner. Drop me an eline~

Marianne (Helstowski) Weinell I enjoyed the 35th reunion pictures. It's fun seeing where everyone landed. I just moved up to San Francisco to work on a new kind of laboratory test that predicts diabetes! Still with the guy I married 28 years ago. Both kids went in to math - Liz is teaching high school math, and Steve is working at the Lahaina Dive Shop in Maui waiting to get in to grad school (for math). Take care all!

Mitchell Heynemann I married fellow SHS grad, Ellen Yocom, in 1976. Since then we've moved around some, however we currently live in the Columbia River Gorge in Southwest Washington and work in Vancouver Washington which is about a 30 minute commute west of us.

Lynn Irvin For the past twenty years I have lived in New Jersey working at Bergen Community College as a supervisor of the Buildings and Grounds department. I am married with two daughters ages 17 and 22, a stepson (married), and a stepdaughter (married with two children of her own). It would be great to hear from South Alumni.

Jeanne Irvin Hi, I'm currently living in Livermore, Ca. (about 40 miles north of San Francisco) with my daughter, Cheryl and my grandson, Justin. I've been working in the software industry for the last six years. I'd love to hear from old classmates!

Ron Jackson Living in San Diego now, but spent 20 years in Newport Beach/Balboa Island area. Lots of fun living on the island. I was in the band--terrible trumpet player. So, I went on to be a music major of course. Still compose when I get the chance. Finished my second novel and looking for a publisher. I did some freelance writing for Magazines and L.A. Times. Single. We need to see more band members from our class - Hi Sue Mills, do you have a saxaphone collecting dust somewhere?

Steve Jarvis Living the fun life in San Diego

Janina Jolley I live in Clarion, PA with my husband of 26 years and 10-year- old daughter. The cold and snow took awhile to get used to, but it is beautiful here. My husband and I are both professors of psychology at Clarion University of PA. We met in a statistics class at Ohio State�he was more interesting than multiple regression. My daughter and I love horseback riding, especially long trail rides. We have an adorable Morgan gelding who is fun to train. My husband and I enjoy long bicycle rides along the Allegheny River when the weather permits, and Ohio State football. Life is good. If you have a moment, please drop me an email. JJ

Linda (Jones) Lewis I stayed in California for awhile after school then moved to Utah, San Diego for 20 years, Kentucky and back to CA desert. I have one son and 4 grandchildren that are great! I've been working for the Post Office for 25 years. I hope to see everyone at the reunion this year.

Darrelyn (Jung) Bender I am living in South Alabama with my two daughters, Jessica & Caitlin. Our 30th year reunion was this year - which I missed! Will be there for the 35

Irene (Karatzas) Bouffard Living in Washington state. Married for 24 years with 3 children and two grandchildren (which I'm way too young for!) Love to hear from you.

Susan (Kavanaugh) Johnson Hi Ilive in Charleston, S.C. Six children all but one grown. Two granchildren. 3 dogs 3 cats I work as nurse. My husband and I hope to move back to the west in a few years. I am looking forward to a 30 year reunion even though I can'timagine we have been out that long.

Richard Kellam Enjoyed seeing many of you at the 30th Reunion and Soccer Reunion. Living near Oakland, where I've been for a long time, and working as a writer in high tech. My wife of several years, Tina Toona, and I have a wonderful 10-year-old son, Miles.

Brad Lambeth Pepe got "last hit" on me in 1977 after a 3 hr match and I'm still not very happy about it. Living and working in Texas.

Bill Landers

Janet (Lewis) Hewitt Living in Oceanside, CA.

Dean Linnell I live in Ohio, have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. I play racquetball 3 times a week and compete in tournaments. Lost all my hair, so I wear whats left of it very short now. Would love to hear from anyone.

Kathie (Litawa) Fenison 2006 ~ Mother of 2 girls (27 & 19), Grandmother of 2 girls (2 1/2 & 6 mos). Left the corporate world and am now working for the Palos Verdes Peninsula School District....and loving it!

Jannette Lyon Hello old friends! I was surfing the net tonight looking for old photos of the South Bay when I stumbled across this page. Great to see some familiar faces from my past. My first crush - Danny Cook!!!! OMG, what a shocker. I couldn't stop giggling. I'm living in the Santa Clarita Valley (don't ask) with my son, Jesse, who will be 17 in March. My dad still lives in the house I grew up in on Paseo de Granada in the Riviera, and I was just there last week for a visit. Divorced a couple of times, but its all good. Have a great career as an attorney recruiter for the law firm of Greenberg Traurig in Santa Monica. If you're on Facebook, be sure to look for "I grew up in the South Bay which means I’m Kind of a Big Deal." Its a walk down memory lane, to be sure. Hope to hear from you (if you remember me, that is). Happy New Year, everyone. p.s Does anyone know what ever happened to Shannon (Scully) Gonzalez, Gloria Pinedo or Debbie Vaia?

Michael Mapes Did this once already ( too)hope to hear from you.Father of four living in Hemet since 94 in the same career and loving life one day at a time.Hope to make it to the reunion and see you all there.All the sudden I need you guys.Go Spartans.

Carolyn (Mar) Sauvage-Mar My 16 year old daughter, Claire, found this site on the day after Prom, which of course I never attended in my day...times son is 19 and in college. My husband is unfashionably French and we currently are posted with the United Nations in New Delhi, India. We've lived in Vietnam, Cambodia and Madagascar though we're based in New York City. I work with nonprofits and NGOs.

Gary Marshall Hello all. Most of you probably would remember me as hanging out with Dan Zacha, figuring that I would end up in prison. Well I somehow managed to avoid it by joining a police department and am now semi-retired and living in Ventura Co. I've been married for over 20-years (first and only wife). I was head of SWAT and Criminal Investigations when I retired, and now do background investigations applicants for Police & Fire. Hobbies are hiking, snow skiing, fishing, and just having fun.

Carla (McClure) Roberts Just found this website. I've missed the last couple of reunions. We've been living in Lafayette, (northern) CA for the past 12 years. Can't believe how many of you live up here too! Married to Bruce for the past 19 years. I have three kids, Amanda 18, Brooke 16 and Blake 13. When is the next reunion?

Stephanie Mehan Passed away 1993 but Nicole Nielsen her daughter is trying to gather infomation about her and her friends.

Su-Lyn (Menzies) Ortiz Hello friends. I am living in Laguna Niguel with my husband Butch. We have three grown children, Nicole, Michael and Sarah who is a senior this year at ASU. We are also the proud grandparents of two grandsons Blake 8 and Trevor 4 who are the light of our lives. We both enjoy sailing and the outdoors. I am on a women's sailing team and we race as often as we can.

Eric Messelt Bio-stuff: Biola (BusAdmin) '80. Married to Barbara in '82. Pepperdine Law & admitted Bar, '94. Information Systems consultant and management consultant for non-profit organizations. Pastor at Lakeside Bible Chapel, Sterling Heights, MI. Play a little guitar with church band. Three kids from 22 to 12 years old and we're all over the country.

Sue (Mills) Overby I'm doing fine up here in Oregon. My kids are in High School, it's interesting to do the High School thing as a parent, don't you think?

Steven L Montgomery I am currently living with my wife of 25 yrs in Bellflower Ca. We have 1 son. I am working for the Post Office.I just had back suergery and feeling much better now, after all those years of back pain.

Lani (Morelock) Vakameilalo Hi and Aloha from Hawaii! So nice to see so many familiar names. Amazing to think so much time has passed (and kinda funny considering its decades and we're the same age our parents were). My family and I are doing great. We've moved quite a few times but always between Hawaii, California and Utah and have been back in Kaneohe for the last 10 years. I work as an x-ray tech for orthopaedic surgeons which I love. I'm blessed to have 6 wonderful kids and 4 grandchildren who keep me happy, laughing and quite busy. Life is good :)

Debbie (Morgan) Parent

Jeff Nelsen Howdy! Where've I been? Got my degree from UCSB, worked a few years as a flight attendant for Pan Am, then went back and got an MBA from USC. Worked in publishing a while, wrote and/or illustrated 17 published children's books that are now impossible to find anywhere (sigh). Worked for Scantron (remember the tests with the #2 pencils?) for 15 years before starting my own company to provide consulting and software development services. Started that gig about eight years ago, still doing it today. Like many, I've moved further south, now living in Lake Forest CA with my wife Lynnae. I have a 20-year-old son Chase who's in school at UCSD. Playing tennis a lot and trying not to act my age, unless it gets me a discount. heheh.

Debbie (O'Brien) Kleckner Currently living in the South Bay of Northern California but visit family and the beach in the "other" South Bay as often as possible.

Sue (Olmos) Sabel Living in Redondo Beach. Married and have one 13 year old daughter. Teach ballet and love it!

Robert Pfau Hi Everyone, I'm still living in Torrance. Married 19 years to a SHS grad Leslie. We have 2 girls 15 & 13. Life is good!

Leslie Potts I split my time living in the Santa Cruz Mountains and South Lake Tahoe. I own the Picchetti Winery and have a blast in the wine business after a long run in high-tech. 3 grown kids. Very happpy. Email old friends!

Judy (Raech) Gray Married in '79. Moved to Seattle, Washington in '80 to escape smog and congestion of So Cal. Love it up here. Have two boys, Peter 17, and Andrew 15.

Dan Richardson To all of the friends of the past it has been great to re-connect at the reunions and soccer Renew The Rivalry games. The great years of the early 70's were hard to beat!

jose (robleto) robletto Hello!! How are you doing? over 30 years!! BOY It seems like yesterday I was having a great time with all of you! Now I live in Manteca CA. Call me or E-mail me 209 612-1734 I'm looking for Gina Embry, or sister Tina Embry also looking for Debbie Wark or sister Lisa Wark. Well hope you all are doing fine. Jose the boy from Nicaragua. Class of 1974 Jose (Chello) Robleto

Keith Sakai Married in 1990 with two children (girl 9 and boy 5). Living in Los Alamitos and working as a software engineer at Northrop Grumman in Redondo Beach. Time permitting, I'm still learning to surf (accumulating five surfboards which mostly collect dust in my garage).

Charles "Craig" Schaus Greetings all, great to see so many familiar faces. Living in Perth Western Australia since 1986, married 20 yrs to Aussi girl Jac, kids Nina 16, Harrison 14. Listed mining company on Aus Stock Exchange 2004 - start shipping iron ore to China 2009. Spend alot of time in Beijing, Hong Kong, New York and London. Rather be driving my ol' 55 Chevy or body surfing at Ave I.

Charles "Craig" Schaus Still reside in Perth, Western Australia. Almost rid of the kids (20 and 17), or at least their school fees. My company, Aurox Resources, is in the final throws of a takeover so soon to be happily semi-retire. My wife tells me "we were married for life, not for lunch", so I may be taking on the odd job to stay out of her way. Spending the end of 2010 in Hawaii and Torrance with my "totally excellent" CA family. Drop me a line if you recall old #65 who drove the 55 Chevy back in 1974. Cheers, Craig

Jill Schirm Hi classmates. This is a great site to keep in contact. I have been married 25 years with four kids ranging in ages 14-22. I received my BS in ISM from USF and am currently working as the IT person at our local High School in Pleasanton CA. Life has been very good to me but I still miss the beaches of Southern Ca. Looking forward to our 30 year reunion. Keep in contact!

John Schmidt Hi, I am still in Costa Mesa for reasons unknown. I married the neighborhood bird lady last summer. Remember my brother Jeff (the wild one)? He is now settled, married and stable, driving the big ore trucks with 13 foot wheels at the huge open pit copper mine in Ely, NV. I promise to try to get Eric M. to update his entry!

Cindy Sizemore Single-Living in Redondo Beach.

Ernie Sizemore Bought a new house in Bakersfield,moved in Oct.02 Miss the South Bay.

John Sloway Greetings Alums! Back living in the South Bay, and enjoying the beach and the mountains. Yes I'm still playing soccer! Hope to see everyone at the next reunion!

Pamela Kay Smith After grad. from Cal State Long Beach I went to New York to earn a degree in Medical Science in Physician Assisting. Married in NY &2 kids back to back (Leilah now 17 and Bijan now 18) Divorced in 98.Moved to San Jose in 1989. Work as a surgical PA in ENT Head and Neck part Time and 5 years ago got my real Estate Lisence and work for Alain Pinel Realtors .(Plus, it takes 2 incomes to live here!) I karoake,and go out dancing at least once a week. Go to Calvary Church Los Gatos. Training daily to run the aids marathon in June,SF. Play Tennis,etc.Travel on the itinerary this year.

Gwynne (Smith) Fijan Living in Phoenix since graduating from UofA in Tucson. I taught 2nd and 3rd grade for 7 years before having my family. Married in 1979, and we have three kids. Boy/Girl twins age 24, both live and work in L.A. and our youngest son, Jack nearly 20, is going into his soph. year at UofA. I love living in Phoenix but certainly miss the beach. I see and talk to Audrey (Fleming) Smith my sister-in-law often ...she and my brother live in Reno. We frequently recall the good ol' days of high school...those were such great times and fond memories! I also see Mark Simonek once in awhile as he owns a great restaurant here in Phoenix. He looks wonderful and is the same ol' great guy! I was planning on coming to the reunion this month but plans have changed. I will miss being there.

Jim Staats Graduated in 1974. Live in mid cities area. Friend of Ernie Seizmore, Paul Bain, Steve Perparas, Dick Rainy (73), Scott Fines (75). Remember Ms. Guiter (av), Mr. Deck (metal Class), and that cross country gut, Mr. ?. There are many others I cannot remember, especially the ladies, where are you?? Grew up in Walteria, Calle Mayor School, Meadow Lark, still play basketball there every weekend at 2pm, 33 years and still able to move. Three boys, 2 ex wives, and a pile of memories. Have not met another class mate in 33 years, figure that. Ditched 1/3 of the time, best part-time student at South, how did I ever graduate?

Karen (Stidham) Chandler Living in Carson City, Nevada long enough now to be considered a local. Two grown daughters and grandchild; a boy Auryn, light of my life. Teach, direct and work in theatre and loving life with husband Robert.

Teresa Stirewalt I can't believe so much time has gone by. I was a late bloomer. Did not go to college until I was 27. I attended Moody Bible College in Chicago and I have a degree in International Ministries. Currently, I work for a Periodontist in Torrance and have recently purchased my first townhome. I volunteer with some great organizations-South Bay Literacy Council and the Palos Verdes Playhouse. These tend to keep me occupied. It was great to stumble upon our alumini directory. It is great to hear what everyone is doing now.

Bev (Sultan) Nelson I dont know if anyone would remember me but hi the shs 1974 graduating year. I'm married for 28 years with 3 kids and 4 gradchildren living in Houston Texas. it would be great hearing for ya'all

Linda Tandy I am looking forward to our 35th High School Reunion, I have been to every reunion so far and they have been great! I am a geologist, a high school teacher, a consulting teacher and the owner of a mobile home and RV park. I am currently in graduate school getting a masters in education administration. I am happily married and my son just turned 30!

Gerald Tebo It seems that I find myself reminiscing more than usual and trying to reconnect to friends from the past as I approach my 50th. I reside in Seattle, where I live with my partner, Drew, of some 18 to 19 years. I have worked as a Social Worker in the HIV/AIDS field for 20 years now and am currently employed in a clinic at Harborview Medical Center. In addition, I teach Computer-Aided Design in the Interior Design program at Bellevue Community College and Drew and I provide residential architecture and interior design services.

Diane (Thayer) Norris Our 35th reunion will be here before you know it. Make sure you send me your updated information - home address and email address - so we can get you all the details when the time comes.

Bob Thomas Just found this site. Still in the U.S. Air Force stationed in Las Vegas. Married with 2 boys, Zane and Van. Enjoyed the 30 and looking forward to the

Sharon (Tonneson) VanWaardenburg Hi. I've been married to James for 28 years. 2 sons...Kevin is 24 and is student teaching in Language Arts at MacGruder Middle School in Torrance. He is also a varsity baseball coach at South. Nathan is 17, a Junior at South and on the JV baseball team. We live in Lomita.

Sam Vaiana Living in antelope valley and teaching and coaching football at the local college. Anyone out there from class of "74 drop me a line.

Chris Vasiliu now settled in to southern New Jersey after years working in NYC after college graduation. Married w two boys ages 12 and 9.

Bill Watson Still in the area, married to Kris for 15 years with a 12 year old son Bobby. Roller hockey is our game (Bob and I), but I am looking at getting back into soccer.

Dan Wheeler Married 21 years, 2 college age kids. Living in Chico, CA

Brian Wiacek Hello everyone. I live in Granite Bay California. I have a Great wife Susan and four kids. I would love to hear from old classmates.

Elizabeth Witte I have a wonderful life, living in Reno NV. I miss the ocean, but not the traffic or smog. So many changes since 1974. I'm trying to locate Marianne Helstowski, fellow grad and very good friend. Hope to hear from you soon.

David Wittenberg Hello out there. Life is sort of like the Talking Heads lyrics "watching the days go by.." Graduated from college, tended bar, skied, and played volleyball in Tahoe for five years, moved back to Torrance and got a teaching credential, and now teach high school chemistry and physics in beautiful Bakersfield, Ca., where I have also coached a lot of volleyball and served as activities director of the school(if you knew me in high school that should give you a good laugh). I have a wife Christine who is an educator, a seven year old daughter named Carol Jean, and a black lab named Isaac. Summers are spent backpacking, traveling, and whatever else strikes our fancy. We may not get paid in the summer, but we can certainly live with it! Can you say June 10 to August 28? Drop me a line if I haven't faded from your memory.

Tim Yen Left California for the East after graduating from UCSB. Now living in Philadelphia.

Barbara Zimmerman Barbara Zimmerman passed away December, 2008

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