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Class of 1975
Loren Aiton After South I continued in my desire to become an Architect. Attended El Camino and then Cal Poly. I have been practicing Architecture for 20 years. Happily married for 20 years to another South High Grad (Class of 1982) and we have a 2 1/2 year old daughter (got started late). We moved to the central San Joaquin Valley 10 years ago and live in Hanford near Fresno.

Steve Allen Hiya! Lot's happened since 1975. Went in the Navy, got out, and went to work at MGM and then here at The Walt Disney Company. I've been married for 12 years, and have an 11 year old daughter, and a 5 year old son. I've been living in Culver City since 1984. I'd really like to hear from an alumni.

Marguerite (Balencia) Miller hey all~ it's been a long time comin.' i'm so pleased to see so many of you on this site. you can find me on facebook. yes, well i am happily married and living in NW minnesota. we have 3 kids ages 26-20! amazing how time flies. contrary to the thoughts of the guidance staff at SHS i have been an educator since 1979, and have held several jobs as an ED or CEO. crazy. i am looking for suzanne stilwell, does anyone have any info on where she might be? smiles...

Greg Bass Howdy everyone. I saw some of you at our reunion in 06. After South: El Camino, UC Davis, USMC, United Airlines, Raytheon Corp. I fly airplanes and make PowerPoint Slides and Spreadsheets for a living. I got married to a very special woman in 95 and have one very special son who is 11. We live in Simi Valley, CA.

Betty (Bendschneider) Bush I moved to Palm Springs, CA in 1980 and love it. I am married and have 2 children: Heather-20 and Cristofer-12. I would like to hear from anyone from '75. Send e-mail to I was hoping we would have a 25th reunion, but have not heard about one. Alum's from the '60's sound like they will be having a blast in 2000!

Jory Bishop Wow...what a time warp! I remember quite a lot of you. I'm living in Colorado now after some time in Washington, Oregon & New Mexico. Been married & divorced, no children. I have most of my hair still and some of my wit. Feel free to contact me if inspired. Take care.

Susan (Blades) Bill

Cheri (Bock) Perez Wow what a long and winding road Its been sence 1975, I have lived in lots of wonderful place's and met lots of wonder people, I lived in chico ca, with some wonderful friends for awhile and went to collage.Moved to Lake Tahoe and became a jack of all trades in the casino's (Change Walker, Macanic, Twenty one dealer, Keno runner, but best of all Coctail Waiterss, from there moved back to L,A for awhile to help my husband settle some busniess and then to Las Vages, then to Alaska were I lived with my husband for sixteen years, I managed a few busness while I was there tell my husbands death. I am now in Oregon were Im closer to my family and have a son soon to be sixteen years old and the joy of my life. Well be going back to school here and hope to get into medical office billing. The greatest gift of my life has been God in it he has seen me thur some amazing things and Im doing great.

Steve Bock I currently live in San Pedro and have been a Torrance Police Officer for the last 25 years. I have a son in the Navy and another son in the Marines. My daughter is a Sophomore in Riverside where she lives with her mother. I am re-married to Toni and we are avid Harley-Davidson riders. I'd love to hear from you. Any one hear of a 30 year reunion, or have I missed it?

Julie (Boethling) Talbert Hi...Cool site. I'm married and living in Hidden Hills, CA with my husband, Lloyd. We have 3 kids who range in age from 7 - 21. How did that happen? 30 year reunion, wow. I would love to hear from you.

Gary Burkhalter I lived in Orange County and Ventura County and came back to Torrance where i currently reside, right next to South High! I am married with 3 children and 1 step-daughter. I would love to hear from any classmates!

David Burton Greetings fellow alumni. Get this; we're OLD now! The last thing I ever expected to be...but life's good. I've been married for 25 years and have 2 great kids. I still live in SC, only now it means South Carolina instead of Southern California....

Melanie (Bustos) Campa Hello to my fellow Spartans! What a strange trip it's been since 1975. Shortly after high school I moved up to the westside (Brentwood) where I lived for 10 years and worked for a group of Maxillofacial surgeons in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. I married in 1986 and shortly after moved to Santa Barbara to open a restraunt with my husband. Two years later we sold the restraunt and returned to Torrance and live in the West High area. I have two sons, ages 13 and 10. I recently returned to college to get my degree in Psychology and plan on grad school to become a Marriage and Family Therapist. Would love to hear from my old friends!

Peter Coconis Don't you just love the nostalgia? I was able to jam all my credits into three years so as to graduate a year early in 1974, but all the people I really knew were class of 1975. I'm now in North Carolina (the college basketball and golfing capitals of the world), have been married 18 years, and have an 11-year-old daughter. I own my own janitorial service (not glamarous, but it pays well) and do medical transcription (typing: the one thing I learned in high school that I still use). Hope to hear from you!

Steve Collins Still living in South Torrance with my wife Debbie AND two sons. Also grads of south. Jeff/Jonathan.

John Crowley Hey There !! Unfortunately I couldn't make it too the 30 year reunion; I was in the process of moving and starting a new job. Now, I work at the Monroe Corrections Complex (ie, prison). A truly wonderful environment. I still have two sons and three grandkids. What a boring life!! Still looking to connect with George Goddard and Steve Betker, both from the class of 76. See ya!!

Kathleen (Cummings) Roquemore Sweet! I always knew about this website, but never about the link to '75 alumni! How fun to catch up with everyone that has posted. It just doesn't seem like it's been 30 (31) years. I hope to see all of you at our reunion on August 26, 2006. Info on the Great Reunions website. I married a West High grad, have 1 son who just graduated from Torrance High, and have been divorced for 12 years. I think I'm one of the few still left in the South Bay, much less Torrance. Would love to hear from old friends, especially those from Arnold!

Ralph Dacut Just thought I'd post an update to my diretory entry. I'm hoping to make it to the '75-'76 class reunion in August and hope to see a lot of my Walteria Elementary/South High class mates! Current living in Minneapolis where I've been for the past 14 years. A job move brought me up here and didn't think I'd be here this long! :-) I have two great kids, Chris who is 22 and Jenna who is 16, plus a step-daughter, Lindsay, who is 15. My wife, Dawn, and I were married 3 years ago at Wayfarers Chapel in PV and she's the love of my life! Hope you all are doing well, and again, hope to see most of you in August!

Robert Eden

Susan (Field) Burton WOW! I can not believe it has been 35 years. I have been with my husband Doug for 35 years and have a 17 year - old daughter. We live in Loma Linda. I have been an R.N. for 26 years at V.A. in Loma Linda. E-mail me, I would love to here from you.

Amy Fitzpatrick I moved to the East Coast a year after graduation and have been in Virginia ever since. I worked in the Wholesale Wine & Beer business for 19 years. After the birth of my Son,in 1997, I started up my current business, which allows me the freedom of working from home and having a flexible schedule. Those of you with Children, know that is pretty important. Enjoying every day.

Paula (Gardner) Behmer Hello, boy the years are passing quickly, I am still working on what I am going to be when I grow up. I have been busy raising four great kids, 13 to almost 30. Hoping that the years ahead with Obama will undo, and improve on the damage from the last administration, we all have a difficult road ahead, but anything worth having is worth working for. Take care.

Paul Gold To everyone's shock and amazement, I became an attorney in 1982 and have been practicing since then. I hope to retire soon and make either the priesthood, stand-up comedy, ant farming, or all of the above, my life's passion. I'm living the middle class dream in Paradise: North Redondo Beach, with a wife, 2 daughters, 2 dogs, and 2 testicles. I still have most of my own hair which has not yet completely gray.

Alan Goldhammer Hi to all alumni! Still live in Torrance. Both of my children graduated from South (class of 2002 and 2004)and can't imagine living anywhere else. See you soon at our 31st????

Warren Goodman Well, I could say something catchy, or funny but I will say I made it to almost middle age and despite the guidance of counslers like Ruth Barr and the public school system. I guess like most of the behind the scoreboard crowd I am lucky to be here. I feel it it wasn't for Coach Roger Bryant, who instilled a team sprit in me and a sense of pride that being on a winning team had, well, things would have been different. Soccer was a part of my life thru El Camino and in the PSL soccer leauge. The team spirit carried on into sailboat racing and some bluewater deliveries.I still sail but seem to just pay the slip fees,heavy sigh. I am a slightly boring dad with 2 great boys 11 and 12 and wife who puts up with me. She is a nurse and a great mom. I am a insurance agent with a major company, home re-modeler and apartmet bldg owner/manager. And believe it or not, former cubmaster for 4 years and well as soccer coach. I know what my fellow players are thinking "the blind leading the blind." more later.

Jeni (Greco) LaVoie Just wanted to say hi and hope everyone is well. I have lived in San Clemente for the past 11 years, not too far from good old South High. I accidentally stumbled onto this site! I'd love to hear from 1975 south high graduates!! Hope we have a reunion in 2010.

Brian Gross Some of you may be surprised, but, I have actually survived. I have been happily married for 24 years to a Torrance High Grad. We live in Mesa Arizona. I have two children. Brian Jr (my wife named him), he is 21 and in college studying to be a veterinarian and Kimberly age 16 (god help me). The hardest thing in my life has been having a beautiful teenage daughter. I would love to hear from any past acquaintances.

Victoria (Halpin) Guzman seems the last 40 years have just flown by. Here we are, much older and hopefully wiser, and it seems no one is slowing down. Sounds like life has been good to all. I happened on this site accidently while searching for someone, and I was thrilled to see how many of you I still remember. I am very happily divorced, mother of 2, (Darlisa is 28 and Tony is 30) and I have 2 grandchildren aged 7 & 8...the absolute joys of my life. I have been involved with an awesome gent for the past 7 years with absolutely NO marriage plans. We have both tried THAT before (to other partners) and prefer the "single-but-attached" status. I quit dental assisting to teach basic math, pre-algebra, and language arts to developmentally challenged adults at Los Angeles Harbor College, and I am currently pursuing my masters in behavioral sciences. I volunteer at a local LA county library, teaching reading and grammar skills to illiterate adults, while I supplement my income tutoring local youth. I still reside in the South Bay area, and would love to catch up with most anyone, particularly other band members. Anyone know of any reunions? Please keep me posted. Blessings to All.

Gary Hansford

Kevin Herrera It's been so many years, I moved to San Luis Obispo Ca, after living in Walteria for 25 years.I was married for 17 of those. I am working for outside sales for a hardware co. living life riding motorcycles with good friends. Hope to see all of you at the next reunion.

Piper (Hoelting) Mathews Hi All, Missed you all at the 20 year due to the birth of twins. Looking forward to seeing you at the 30. I am married to John Mathews (class of 77). We have 4 children Carly 16 (a spartan), Scott 13, and Michele and Miranda 10, my supprise twins. We moved away for 7 years but we our now back in the South Bay. Its fun to have my kids become Spartans. See you all at the 30.

Carolyn "Carrie" (Hooks) Landers

John Karatzas Wow! I never thought I would find a "Worm Hole" to go back in time to find some familiar and friendly names. After garduation, went to Cal State Long Beach and Got my B.A. in psychology. After loafing for a few years, I got my act together and became an eye doctor. I had some health problems, but recovered ok. I was able to retire in 2001 and moved to Washington State, build a modest home on 5 acres and resumed my life of loafing! Don't have any kids, but I have 5 great Parrots, a little persian cat, and a German Sheppherd as a great companion. Best wishes to everyone and may you all have a happy, healthy and prosperous life! feel free to email if you remember who I am!

Marybeth (Kelly) O'Brien I have been mariied to Steve for 27 years now. We have two children. Brendan, 22, will be graduating from UCSD this quater with a mechanical engineering degree and is a successful world class triathlete. Julia, 19, is a Speech Pathology student at SDSU and is a member of the school dance team. We live in Escondido and are happy in our warm home! I hope to see you all soon at a reunion! I'd live to hear from any Riviera Alumni.

Tracy King Living in North San Diego and loving it. Married with 4 kids and 2 grandkids. Riding Dirt Bikes and fishing keep me busy!

Vicki (Lambeth) Rossi What a great website. It is fun to see familiar names and what everyone is up to. I currently live in Washington, have been here for the past ten years. Am married for 26 years, have three children, Sara 23 and just married, Brandon 21 and Jessica 16 and just driving!!! I lived in Wyoming for 16 years after graduating and loved every moment of it. I still miss the beach, but the mountains make up for it.

Walter LaVergne

Julie Laxton I was in the South High Band & the Torrance Youth Band during high school. I am not sure if there is anyone signing in who were in those groups from 71-75.

Stacy (Leonard) Brown Hi - My husband Alan and I have been married since 1976. We moved to Arizona in 1982 from Torrance and we love everything Mesa, Arizona has to offer. I was a stay at home mom until most of my kids grew up. I had 4 children. My son Dusty was born in 1978 and Misty in 1980, in Torrance, California. After we moved to Arizona, Crystal was born in 1983 and 9 years later Wesley. So I have two boys and two girls, with the best daughter-in-law ever, Tia and the sweetest grandchild Kylee. I went back to college after raising my children and earned a BA in Elementary Education and a Master's Degree in Special Education. I am currently a special education teacher. I love teaching, but I hated school as a child. Go figure…

Susan (Lewis) Rollinson Hello Class of '75. I married a West High grad in 1981 (divorced now) and had one beatuiful, spunky daughter. She's severely 17! I moved to San Bernardino county in 1981 and have been a computer applications analyst for about 18 years. Looking forward to a 30 year reunion.

Michael J. Lippian Hi,to all my alumni & esp. to the class of '75.

Lori (Marcks) Banach ALOHA! Living in Kauai for the last 3 yrs. Life is good. Cant believe its been 30 yrs. Are we old yet???? Hope to make it to the reunion to catch up on life......

Rae (Martz) Christensen

Wayne Maxwell

Patrick Mock Went to UCD and UCLA for undergrad and grad school. Currently Sr. Biologist at a large environmental consulting firm in San Diego. Married 26 years, two kids (11 and 15 years old), and a yellow Lab. Living near La Jolla.

Cathy (Morgan) Martin Hi classmates, Fun website to read! Husband Gary and I live in Encinitas, Ca. 29 years married. 4 boys, 2 stepkids with 5 grandkids! We go to alot of baseball (Danny,10 grade, plays at La Costa Canyon High)and football (Johnny, 11 grade, plays at Santa Fe Christian High)games. Also involved in Youth theatre here in San Diego. We love traveling. Would love to hear from you!

Jeanne (Morrison) Reynolds I just found this site, it's great to see what classmates are doing. I have been an attorney since 1983, first in the San Francisco area and then I moved back down to LA in 1987. I learned about Scientology and became an attorney for the Church of Scientology International, which is never boring and has taken me to Russia and France on various matters. I'd love to hear from people, drop me a line.

Tim Moyer I live in Murrieta, CA with my wife, two sons, and two dogs. I am a computer consultant and also perform my original music. You can find out more about that at I would love to hear from my Torrance Beach friends.

Keith Musick

Gregory Newman Just joined facebook and am hoping to get in touch with all of you. On my third marriage and have six kids and nine grandchildren. My twin brother Gary passed away a few years back. By for now.

Mike Nix Good to hear from all of you.Cant believe its been 30 years.Been living in Mission Viejo for years with my wife Karin and my daughter Corrie. Hope to see you at the 30th.

Stephanie O'Raidy

Marty Jo (Olson) Laudig DC 32 years, seems like yesterday. I sang professionally for 8 years after SHS, got married, had my daughter Ashley, now 20, in 1987. She became brain damaged in 1988. Soon after I divorced, moved back to Torrance with my daughter, worked in the area for awhile and then decided to go back to school to earn my Doctorate in Chiropractic. I have an office in Lomita for the past 5 years and amazingly have only ran into two class mates. I have a web site if you want to see me now...older and wiser. Hope I can come to our next reunion.

Jana (Peck) Saccato Hi! How fun to see so many familiar names and to hear what everyone has been up to. I moved to Clearlake Ca. in 1978. It was a small rural community not even incorporated. We have grown some but not much. It is a resort area, with Bass fishing at it's finest. I have a son, 22 whose name is Dayan. My daughter, Ceara is 17. I was married 20 years, but have been divorced 4. I am currently studying Real Estate Appraisal, doing a mid-life change of career. I hope that we have a reunion next year with a good turn out. I still love the Bay Area and visit as often as possible.

Debbie (Peck) Auday Somehow my previous entry got filed in 1960, but I graduated in 1975. I live in New England with my husband Bryan and 11 year old daughter Emily. I teach middle school English and graduate education courses at Gordon College. I like to lift weights, run, bike, play tennis, and read. I haven't kept in touch with anyone, but would love to hear from HS friends.

Neal Peters Hello everyone, Well as you may know I left South High in 74 but would have graduated from there in 75. I went to Walteria Elementary before that. I moved to the Northern California area in 77 and have been here since. I’m living in Lakeport CA now. I currently own a motorcycle shop, which is what I been doing for the last 15 years. I stopped racing motocross in 93. I worked in a rock band from 80 through 85. I still play in the clubs but not fulltime anymore. I am married and have two daughters. If you remember me please email.

Paul Plasencia What a long strange trip its been... from serving 20 years in pastoral ministry to having been divorced - like so many of us! - and remaking myself in a new image. I pushed the educational limits, having gotten a PhD in history, a couple of odd MAs along the way, and then walked away from all that madness. Currently, I am happy in Ventura, teaching special education (early elementary), playing the blues (bass and guitar), and standing in awe and wonderment at each sunrise. Hoping this finds all of you well and that life has been good.

Andrea (Popovich) Perez I'm living in Torrance with my husband Ron (Perez '75) and our 2 kids, Becky (16 and at SHS) and Paul (12). I would love to hear from anyone and catch up.

Carolyn Sue (Posthumus) McClure What a wonderful idea! I've enjoyed reading about everyone and send my best wishes. I, myself, am a Special Education teacher (moderate to severe disabilities)at La Costa Meadows Elementary school, North County, San Diego. Before getting into education, I enjoyed writing/reporting for the North County Times. I have two wonderful step-sons and a husband with whom I share a passion - sailing. We dock a little sailboat at a little harbor near our little house where we live with our little dog, a pug named Doodle Dog. We live our little lives with little worry and lots of joy. Just one more thing - - I remember sitting in a class at South High one day back when dinasaurs walked the earth. The teacher asked us to think ahead to the year 2000. How old would we be? What did we think we would be doing? etc., etc., etc. I distinctly remember being absolutely flabergasted by my answer to the first question. "Yuk!" I thought. "I'll be 42! It won't matter WHAT I'm doing. I'll be too old to enjoy it." Pretty funny, huh? Viva la 40s to all!

Jim Prevo I am currently working in San Pedro as a Paramedic for the LAFD whom I've been with for almost 25 years now.. A long time. I am divorced and moved from Oceanside to Fallbrook California, getting settled in to my new home. I am enjoying life and keeping pretty busy.I have a 20 year old daughter who is currently living in Colorado.. I hope to make it to the 30 year reunion next year. we're having one.... right? I'm looking forward to seeing many of you there.

Terry Profitt Hello Class of "75. Just got this site from Tim Weir today. I slowly moved my way down the coast for the passed many years and found my way to San Clemente. I've been down here for the past 20 some odd years. I am currently "almost" married to my first real girl friend Jeri. (Class of '76 Torrance High.) We have been seing each other off and on for 35 years. I'm playing drums in rocks and blues bands, bartending and working constuction. I spend time here and down in Baja at our place in La Bufadora and racing SCORE Off Road. No kids-2 dogs-2 tortoises. Hope that we have a 30 year reunion. BE HAPPY

Jim Quinn Hello all! Great to see some there are other survivors. Living back in town and loving it. See you at the 30th

Kim Reynolds Wow! So much has happened sense 1975. I still live in Torrance. I was married for a while. I have a son (10 years old) who I've been told looks just like me. Poor kid. I pursued my dream about working for a movie studio and being an artist only to wind up having a carrier with Warner Bros. as a Production Artist in Burbank. But I always look back at my South High years with a smile. Every so often I look at the school from Rocketship Park and remember those wonderful years. Hope everyone is doing well.

Robert (Bob) Sarazen Recently got on Facebook and started checking out who I knew. Ended up here. I went to Seaside Elementary in Torrance (1971) Ran track (poorly) with coach Scully. I went into the Navy out of High School and then Graduated from Long beach State in 1982 with a Business Computer Methods Degree. Don't ask me what that is, still trying to figure it out after all these years. I live in San Diego with my wife of 17 years and two teens, boy(15) and girl(13). I work as a database programmer and actually like it. I play Basketball and Baseball for fun. Recognized some old names, that was fun.

George (Shaw) Dorsey I'm doing well. Married 6 kids,owner of Spring& Fall Powerwashing. We live in Columbus, &been hear for 4 years.

Merril Simon How fun! I'd love to hear from old friends at South. I'm enjoying my life in Northridge, CA where I am a professor at CSU Northridge in Counselor Education. I'm married (to a non-South High, in fact, non-Californian) lovely man and we have a delightful son, Micah, as well who (in 2002) is 9. Life is even better in my 40s than in my teens!

Sheri (Smith) Siehl

Curtis Soltau Hi Classmates,
Wow I can't believe it has been 30 years since we all graduated, how time flies. Yes, the "Wildman Curt" is still alive and kicking as they say, although a lot wiser now. I eventually completed by bachelors degree in “Information Technology” 2006. I guess we all eventually get it with time. LOL.
So, here is summary of what I have been up to the last 30 years: I went directly to work after graduation and spent the first 8 years in the retail industry working and rising from stock clerk all the way up to a district manager by age 25 and was responsible for 15 retail stores. I eventually got burn out working 12 hour days, 6 days week then decided that this was not a good way to live life. So, I changed careers and when into the Aerospace Industry working as a tool machinist, and manufacturing engineer working for various companies along the way such as, Mc Donnell Douglas, Continental Airlines and Boeing where I currently work in Huntington Beach.
I met and married a South High Grad class of (79) in 1983 and was married for 21 years. I also have two children ages 16 & 9 and love being Dad and coaching Soccer and Baseball.
Anyways, that is an update of my life looking forward to seeing you all at the 30th class reunion. So, drop me a line sometime and lets share some laughs of the past and future.. Wishing you all the best.

Ellen (Spidell) Crozier Hi! I married John Crozier (also in our class) and have since kept busy raising two children while pursuing a career teaching first graders! My oldest is now in college - she is a marching bulldog at Fresno State. In what free time I have I quilt and work in my garden. We spent 14 years in Colorado and now have settled in Folsom near Sacramento, CA.

Charlotte (Stevens) French I moved from Palos Verdes in 1991 to Palm Springs. I am divorced and I have one daughter, Nicole, who is 26 and lives in New York City. I just purchased my very own home in La Quinta California. I got involved with horses 11 years ago, and own 2 beautiful quarter horses. I belong to several horse clubs which have allowed me to travel and be in various parades, including The Tournament of Roses. Hope everyone is doing well and I look forward to being in touch.

Frederick "Rick" Stone Hi all: Time to update the entry. I am currently on faculty with the Phoenix Baptist Hospital Family Practice Residency Program in Phoenix, Arizona, and have been here since September 2005. I do full spectrum family practice, from delivering babies to taking care of nursing home patients, and covering all age groups in between. I am one of the faculty in charge of the geriatrics program. I still have an interest in rural medicine, and am working on some electives with the Native American populations in Arizona. I am in the process of a divorce. No two-legged kids. I am keeping our four cairn terriers, while my soon-to-be exwife is keeping two other dogs and the two cats. I keep busy with work, spoiling the dogs, and taking time for travel.

Nori Taylor Hi everyone! It's been a fun and interesting 30 years. Hope to see a lot of you in August '06.

Kevin Turner I would have graduated in 1975, but due to some family crisis I was not able to. However... I have often thought of you so many, many times. I would like to find a few people. Kerrigan Corey, everyone called him Keg. Lia Williams. Pam Bird. Steve Adams. Lonny @$#&! No, you're still a shit! Denise Bowen. Miranda Coreless. Mary Pat Clayton. Hey you guys, I still love and miss all of you even though it seems a lifetime. Peace to you all, and contact me if you're able. Me...

Deborah Vaia hello

Nancy (Valenzuela) Cowden Well I have just turned 50 and I am feeling really old! I have been married to Dan (Redondo Union grad) for 27 years and have two children. My son Kevin is 24 and is almost finished (hopefully) with school. He wants to be a high school teacher and a baseball coach. My daughter Kasey is at Harbor College and is an asst athletic trainer and the frosh/soph softball coach at Torrance High. She is majoring in Athletic Training. I am a sub. Para-educator with TUSD. I went to the 30 year reunion and had a blast visiting with old friends. Since it was combined with the Class of 76 it was great to visit with those people as well. This site is great and I hope to hear from all of you.

Joe Vampola Living in Oceanside Ca. Married w/3 teenagers. Life is good.

Lynn (Weber) Anderson Hi to all, time goes by so quick, we can't be that old can we? I live in ventura with my 3 girls. I'm an RN and work with kids and adults with disabilities. Miss the beach days at Torrance and Redondo. Hope everyone is healthy and happy.

Mike Welsh Hello all...good to see some old familiar names here..still living in the south bay(manhattan beach) 2 wonderful kids (11 and 13) and one not so wonderful ex...still keep in touch with some ex spartans (Zach Nadel, Mike and Erin(O'Brien) Preston, Marc Wilson, Paul Gold, Erin Duncan, Ron Vallery,my brother Kerry Welshand my sisters Lise and Karen Anybody interested in contacting me or them just e mail

Dan Zacha

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