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Class of 1977
Andrea Abajian Oh my gosh 30 years! Well since graduation I have been married and divorced I have 2 beautiful daughters Angelina 25 and Melanie 22 I also have the most perfect grandson Anthony 14 months. He is the light of my life I hope to see everyone at the 30th

Patrick Akana Life is good, doing well in Suwanee, Georgia. This is about 45 miles north west of Atlanta. Have 2 kids; Son at Piedmont College - sings first tenor with college chorus, is an operatic vocal performance major. Daughter a sophmore in High School - second chair Flute player, Marching Band is a BOA Competition Performance winner. Have worked as a Fitness Technician for 9 years. Install and repair fitness equipment for Southeastern states. Have been married almost 25 years. Was US Navy veteran of 8 years. Have lived in California, Oklahoma, Tennesee, and Georgia in last 25 years. Enjoy reading, gardening, and family time.

Debbie (Angus) Moreland Married to a farmer and living in Arkansas has 3 children, Terrah, 23 a college graduate and now married. Johnathan, 17 a junior in high school, and Josh, 16 also in high school. Both boys are avid hunters and my life is busy but would not change it for the world.

Dawn (Anzack) Ayers

Beverly (Bateman) Mausbach Like many of you, I came across this site by accident, and have had a blast reading about everyone.....I'm divorced with three kids - Greg, age 18, Mandy age 15, and Travis age 13. I live in Lakewood (CA), and do consulting work in the Human Resources and Payroll fields. I still play clarinet, currently with a local Community band - once a band geek, always a band geek I guess...

Jack Beck Hi I lived in walteria tell 2009. Now I live on a boat in Mexico. We the wife (Mary) and myself are on a 4 year trip. God is good and can make all things posable. 310 901 2477

Lynn (Beckett) Beckett-Lemus Hi Everyone! I teach math at El Camino College. I went in a circle starting with tutoring and taking classes at El Camino while I went to South and ending up back at El Camino in recent years. In between, I had a few other occupations as many of us did! I have been married for 18 years and have two kids currently 13-1/2 and 8. I'd love to hear from my old friends (not to say that we are old!) Lynn

Greg Bennett Stumbled on the site surfing just today listening to Springsteen & the Stones. Does anyone know where the time went? Best wishes to everyone out there. Drop me a line! I promise to return mail and keep an eye out for reunion news! Greg

Dayna (Bennett) Pierce Currently living in South Florida with my husband Jeff. We've enjoyed our time here in the east but looking forward to moving back out west. Great seeing all my old friends at the past reunions. Hope to see you again soon. Keep in touch!

Mark Boujikian Hello

Amy (Buto) King Hi everyone. Since SHS, I've been primarily in the Northwest. Univ of WA grad, wore many career "hats" crunching numbers, married a great guy, 2 children (boy/girl twins) age 12. While I haven't made it to any reunions, I still visit Torrance to see my parents. SHS still looks good and the beach is always wonderful. Life is good -- hope everyone is enjoying the first half. My kids are very excited that I'm halfway to 100!

Larry Butterfield M. Mapes, Cheryl, Brian, & Kenny K., J. Pryor, K. Hecht, the Galva Gang, B. Walker, M. Boyles, B. Killen, S. Bailley, Trainor, or any who remember me at South - drop me a line! The people I saw at the 30th reunion; N. Bishop, D. Murphy, J. Taniguchi, let's stay in touch...hope to hear from you B4 the 40th!

Carol Button

Craig Callas It was great to see all who attended the 30yr and missed those who did not make it. For those who missed the 30 yr, I have been in Long Beach since 93' and married to Lisa SHS class of 85'since 92' Our 2 kids are 9yr old Sean and 6yr old Julia. Hope to see and hear from some of you soon.

Mitchell Carter Howdy All ...... My how time slips away. I have been married for almost 20 years to the "Love of my Life" Sheri. We have a 15 year old Son named Michael. We currently live in San Diego, after 13 years in San Bernardino. After South High, I spent 21 years with Delta Airlines (78-99). I took retirement in 2000. I currently work as a Security Supervisor in the Gaming Industry. My Son and I have just started an internet radio station called "Pirate Radio San Diego" ( soon to be online. This summer we start to restore our 1968 Ranchero Convertable (only 1 in exsistance).

Peter Chopelas Hi everyone! What a great site. Anyone feel free to contact me. I have been living in Washington state since 1986 on 5 acres in the woods, in a house I designed and built. I have an engineering consulting firm (I have a professional licence) and been self employed since 1994. I have been married 26 years now, two daughters 14 and 17. I was looking for information on our 30th reunion comming up this summer. Anyone please contact me with info ASAP

Karen (Czuleger) Strgacich I just heard about this site and thought I would take a look! How neat to hear about everyone's lives now! I am a new single mom with two little rugrats, Scott, age 8 and Olivia, age 4! We lived in the Riviera for 10 years, but I have recently moved my little trio to San Pedro.I am a Director of Sales for the Long Beach Convention and Vistors Bureau. Life is great and I just wanted to say hi! Hope everyone is well! If anyone wantsto say hi, my email is! Cheers!

Pam (Denny) Wickline If you haven't heard already, the 26th reunion (always the 1st Saturday in August) was a really great time. This year we included all the classes from the "70's" and made a big party of it. I want to send a special thank you to Suzy and Frank. They both really made the day possible. I would love to hear from any choir or drama people.

Brad Drevno Great to read about so many of you. After graduating from Harvard I joined the ranks as an Investment Banker and retired to the good life 7 years ago at that magic age of 40. Live in Connecticut and have 3 daughters.

Danny Fernandez Hey everbody wants up.Iam glade I. found this site .I am doing real good.I moved to Brazil Indiana in 1986 and have been a electrian since grad.I moved back to anza ca. in 2006 to take of my mother.Love to here from some of the old gang pleasen e-mail

Doug Fields Hey gang Living in Huntington Beach married two kids 22 and 7 life is good. Looking forward to 30 year hope to see every one.

Mike Fong I found this website and laughed when I found the entertaining life update that someone had written for me regarding the Big Foot on the gym wall. Time has slipped by quickly but I have been very happily married for 19 years. We have two great boys 7 and 15 and live in northern California, Grass Valley. Maybe I can get the time off this August for the picnic. Take good care. Hope to see you there.

Dan Patrick ("Pat") Garwood I am a physician (Radiation Oncologist) in Dallas, TX.

Sheri (Hardesty) Jones

Jenefer G. (Harger) Wilson

Jill (Hartel) Lonergan

Robert J Horton A lot has happened since graduating from good old South High In Torrance. I would love to hear from any of you that remember me, I was the invisible kid that hung around in the electronics shop all the time. Or maybe you saw me riding shotgun in Mike Sauro's gold 55 Chevy at the Hawthorn A.

Pam (Irwin) Fox I'm living in Carlsbad CA with my husband Bob and 2 sons, Trevor(9),and Will(4). Although I am at home now I have an MSW and my last job I worked as a Medical Social Worker in an acute hospital. Before I went back to school for my Master's I spent many years working in the Alumni office at San Diego State University.

Steven Jamesson Wow, how time flies! Has it been 30 yrs already? I was the little dorky looking guy with big glasses who you may have noticed in the background at one time or another during the SHS years. Been married for 19 years to wife, Kelly , Am working for Boeing Integrated systems in Huntington Beach CA,and living in Garden Grove CA. You guys may not remember me, but I m sure you knew of my brother, Tim Jamesson who graduated the same year I did.

Eric Jensen Hey everyone, I have lived in Grass Valley Nor Cal since 78. Married with five kids,four girls and one boy ages 26 to 19. I own a Equipment rental company in Auburn. And teach Bible study's At calvary chapel Grass Valley, God Bless All!

Shawna Johnson Actor- Stewardess- etc..(living the dream)..blah blah blah... Love to reunite with everyone!! We had THE GREATEST high school-and the greatest people!! (I should know- I attended 4 of them). Please write! =)

Tom Kampe My sister pointed out this website to me Tanja, 1987). I am married (24 years) and have beautiful daughters. Our eldest, Erika, has already graduated from CSU. After living, surfing and working in the Santa Barbara area for ~12 years, we moved to Boulder, CO. I've worked at SBRC, Ball Aerospace, and am currently a Staff Scientist with the National Ecological Observatory Network ( Best wishes to all.

Tim Keenan

Frank Kenny Hey there. I've been a real estate consultant for a number of years now and loving it. See This is after 16 years in the airfreight industry! I still live in the house I grew up in believe it or not. Each year, the first weekend in August, we are holding a 70's Alumni picnic. Everyone who graduated in the 70's is welcome. So if you are interested, please contact me at or 310-318-9386 X-329. Looking forward to seein' ya!

Traci (Kettle) Stankis

Robert Koslover Hello to my friends from South High! I now live in Tyler, TX. I am happily married and have two grown children. I work as an applied physicist doing various interesting things, such as designing unusual microwave antennas. Best regards to you all.

Kelly (Leonard) Foster Hi there! What a great site. I have been married for over 20 years. I have 4 children and 2 grandchildren! We left So. Cal in 85 moved to AZ then in 95 to Utah and in 2005 we have moved to No. Cal. Most recently, I was the City Recorder in a small Utah town but currently I home school my youngest, he's 15. Life is good. I would love to hear from you.

Angela (Listerud) Gouirand living in crestline, ca married almost 25 years two kids 21 & 23 1 boy and 1 girl

Randy Lovell Hi Everyone. I am living in Houston, married 25 years, son 17, daughter 12. If you know the emails of Chris Mooseman (West Point classmate), or Debbie (Meyer), please email them to me. I'll be coming to the 30th reunion so look for me.

Julia "Juls" (Maestas) Ingram

Susan (Marcks) Kolb I too found this site by fluke. Interesting read. Life in a nutshell: Graduated South, went to El Camino, transferred to Long Beach State. Graduated in graphic arts. Worked, married (18 yrs.)had two kids (16 & 14), quit work, raised kids, went back to work for PV school district in technology. Lately been seein familiar faces around town. Haven't changed a bit! My son plays baseball, we played at South High recently. Mr. McIlvane still active in baseball. My how time flys.

Christine Massa I'm wondering about the class of '77s 30th reunion. I might be interested in helping with the planning if it fits my schedule.

Chris Mennes Hard to believe we are closing in on our 30 year reunion.Where did the time go ? Went to El Camino and graduated form USC. Married 15 years with a 20 year old son. Living in Costa Mesa but still working in the South Bay selling / leasing commercial real estate. Still see some of the old high school buddies regularly, but would love to hear from old or long lost friends!

Meryl (Meyers) Griffiths I just found this site while browsing for 30th reunion information (I've taken this on for lack of any other motivated parties). Nice to see so many on here! I'm still in Torrance with my 3 kids, Dan 26, Becky 22 and Sarah 21 (also still in Torrance). I'm lucky to still be close to my two step-kids Sandy (39-Texas) and Russ (34-Torrance). I'm dating a great guy (too bad he's from North - oh well, can't have everything) and loving life. Look forward to the reunion and hearing from anyone I know (or not!).

Pamela (Mills) Morton Living in Vegas, 3 kids shane 29, Shannon 27, and Shelby 3 Great husband in Ironworkers 433,,would love to hear from old friends

Pam (Mull) Aupiu Hi everyone! Between Newton days and SHS, I have a lot of great memories. I'm the mother of 5 great kids, ages 6 to almost 21. I am also a grandma as of July, itn't that a trip.(sorry if I am making you feel old!) My kids have all gone through Richardson (NEWTON) and South. Would love to hear from SO MANY - Gigi Truskin, Susan Best, Lynn Applegate, Patty Salazar,Carol Buttons, Missy Short, My Volleyball girls, Eugene (Evian) Zampas, Mark Saldana, Brad Drevno, gosh I could name names for an hour. Write if you have a chance.

Valerie Musick I've been teaching in Torrance since '89.

Rick Perez

Rob Proudfoot Hey, my sister told me about this since I was looking for some 30 year reunion information. I haven't seen too many people from my class over the years, but would like to hear from anyone who remembers me. I've never been married and don't have any kids... This is my sister's e-mail address (Anne, '80) but she'll make sure I get any messages sent to me.

Suzy (Richardson) Park Hope everyone knows by now that we are having a (recently planned) casual picnic for our 25th at Rocketship Park on Saturday, August, 10 from 4pm-8pm, with break-off activities afterward for smaller groups (including elementary and middle school alumni, which will be seperately organized). If you are interested in donating stuff or bringing ideas for games (for the kids, or active adults) please E-mail me (Suzy) or Frank Kenny, or Kirt Strawn. You can also contact us through This picnic is a bring your own blanket & basket affair, so it is free, unless you want to bring a treat, or something cool to advertise your business (printed frisbees?). Please help us spread the word, since most of the info from the 20th was misplaced, and we are starting from scratch. Thanks, Suzy (Richardson) Park Thanks also to Byon, for creating this website!

Valerie (Ruble) May My brother told me about this site, how fun, I just wish more of us were on it! I married Danny May (also a 1977 grad) in 78 and he was in the Navy for 8 years, we had two boys now 17 and 22 and lived in Iowa for 15 years afer the Navy. I am an RN working for a group of surgeons, now in Indiana. Danny died in May of 2002, just 4 days after our 24th anniversary, of lung cancer. I still miss him everyday. I moved to Indiana to be close to my family and now live with my 17 year old, the 22 year old just graduated from University of Iowa with a Chemistry degree May 13th, hopefully will be going on to Medical school. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or Danny--Email is care!

Margie (Schneider) Pfister Hello everyone. So amazing how fast 30yrs go by. I am doing well. I have been working as a Critical Care RN for 26yr., specializing in Open Heart Surgery recovery. I am also an Ambassidor for One Legacy Organ Procruitment. My current husband works for Fox Sports Network TV in graphics.I had a son but he unfortunately pasted away 6yrs ago.

Mary (Schuyler) Austin Howdy all. It is so awesome to see some of these names. I have 2 girls; 25 (stepdaugher) and 16. I also have 2 grandchildren; one of each ages 2 & 5 who are adorable (of course). I live in Rancho Penasquitos (San Diego area). I lived in Tennessee for 10 years and loved the quiet, laid back, hospitable people there. So, if you remember me I would love to hear from you. If anyone has a picture from the yearbook they can send in for me that would be great.

Kris (Sorenson) Zimmerman Salter Has it really been 26 years?

John Sosbee Kinnon sent me this site. He also looks the same as HE did on 1977; he wears those extra 40 pounds well. I guess I don't warrant a mention from Darcy, but that's OK - I am still the same "stay in the background" type as I was back then. After 19 years in various divisions of Citicorp, I have spent the last 6 years with the Federal Reserve. Living in Oaktown, seeing the world, working for change (fist extended)! Oh, and Georganne wants to know if there is a reunion in 2007.

Michael Soskin Oh my stumbled on this site and realized... (it's been a long LONG time) so I put my name and contact info down

Don Souder My best to you all. I married Michele Felice of Manhattan Beach. We've been blessed with three beautiful girls (in their teens now!) and live in the Antelope Valley where I've been teaching math since '92. 'Don't surf as much as I'd like, but life is good.

Mark Spencer The Tides Of Time (By Mark Spencer) Upon the surging tides of time, For want of reason and of rhyme, A soul is taken by the flood, Its vessel made of flesh and blood. He sails with youthful innocence, On seas of inexperience, To be the master of his fate, His fledgling spirit cannot wait. And so the tides begin to teem, As torrents soon replace the stream. While innocence receives its knocks, His youth is dashed upon the rocks. Though flesh is torn and sinews strained, Wisdom is learned and prudence gained. And as the tides outrun the past, His innocence is gone at last. He rides the current to the sea, His thoughts filled with uncertainty. Though new adventures, there, await, Hes not the master of his fate. Amid the songs of cherubim, He sees the twilight skies grow dim. Then bathed in holy light, sublime; Hes lifted from the tides of time. End.

Arnie Stanton Hi Spartans! I've been an engineer, programmer, teacher, and even an MFCC intern. My wife Greta has done a great job of keeping me in line since 1988, We live in Torrance. I recently got back into playing and composing music. If you like, you can listen to some of the music of mine at SKySWiM.

Later, Dudes and Dudettes.

Leslie (Steele) Westberry Wow, time sure does fly !! If you're ever in Savannah Georgia. Call me !!

Anita (Stefko) Joy Hey everybody! I live in beautiful Crescent City (Northern CA) with my husband. My 25 year old daughter also lives here in Crescent City. I spent a good 20 years in the healthcare field and then I decided to open a fitness center. So here I am, almost 50 doing Personal Training and teaching Pilates and Yoga. Some days are easier to get out of bed than others but I'm having a lot of fun! Love to hear from some folks as I won't be making it down for the 30th.

Chris Stratton Ran accross this site and thought I would drop a line and say hi. I was not much into the whole high school deal but did have fun at some of the home football games and dances. I think the real fun for me at school was woodshop. I made lots of furniture and things and still have some of those things to this day!! Also the two years of accounting helped me out when I first started out on my own in 78. I have worked in large business like Xerox and Aerospace in El Segundo, and computer IT, and IS in med size companies, and for the airlines at SAS and some construction work. I am on my 5th carrer path and am working as an electrian at this time and seem to enjoy the work. I have 5 kids and 5 grand kids. I still enjoy biking, camping, and surfing. I have been living in Washington since 1989 and sorry to say have not been to any reunions. For any one that may remembers me I use to hang with John Ford, John Quinn, and had spent one year at Newton Middle School. It is crazy how fast the time goes.

Kyle Straub Phoenix, AZ

Darcy Sullivan Kelly Kinnon referred me to the site -- so, yes, I still know the K-man. I married an English woman, Gabriel, brought her back to the US and we have two kids, Finnian and Zoe, 14 and 12. We live in San Francisco, and I am a Marketing Director at Fair Isaac, the credit scoring company. I have fond memories of Mike V, Lisa T, Tom M, Marcia K, Kelly K, Marc S and many of the rest of you lovely, lovely people. Of course, I still look exactly like my high school picture, in a Dorian Gray sort of way -- don't we all? (Posted Feb 2007)

Lisa Tansey Hey there! I live in San Diego; took a spin through Canada; worked as a genetic engineer & now as a computer geek at Northrop Grumman. Took up music, drumming & dance. Would love to hear from Darcy Sullivan, Tom Moylan, Bruce, Chris Moosemoss, Sue Carney, any of the old gang... Enjoyed seeing a few of you at the 20 year. Probably can't make the 25th.

Julie Thimsen Hi All, I've enjoyed catching up with so many classmates. What a hoot! My son Shane and I live in Thous Oaks, have drums, guitars, amps, dog, cat and pony. I finally got Shane into surfing and he's digging that. Visit our website, call or email. I would enjoy hearing from anyone!

Leslie (Trudell) Keenan Hi everyone well i married Tim Keenan right after high school we have been together since raised 4 kids and now have 3 wonderfull grandkids ,Tim and i were a custom home builder for many years with over 90 employees boy im glad thats over we are retired on our ranch and enjoying life and each other so for all of you said young love doesnt last well it did and Tim has filled every dream i ever had god bless all of you hope to see you at the 35th reunion

A. Clayton Vandiver, Jr. My one year at SHS is and will always be a big part of me, even though I'm now back in my home State in Florida. Three kids, loving wife, all fairly young - (I still always wait for anything worthwhile until it's almost too late). Good to see so many familiar faces here who may remember hearing John Denver's "Aspenglow" played over the schoolwide loudspeakers during lunch the day after our Christmas concert in '77. My only claim to fame at South? Legendary choral music director, Pat Byers, baby brother.

Mike Villano Wow - what a surprise to find this site! Where to begin? Been married for seven years to an ex-TV comedy writer. Now we work together as editors at Yahoo! Have been working as a music journalist for the past decade, writing for Billboard, Mojo, LA New Times and various other publications. Prior to that, I was a paralegal and then got into freelance computer consulting in the late 80s. No kids, but we do have two cute kitties! Anybody who remembers me, please drop an e-mail. Peace.

Kelli (Wade) Piken Still (always) in SoCal. Married for five years to a great guy from NY, (second marriage) major bliss. Kiddos are 17 & 19, Mackenzie & Travis. Lived in Torrance/So. Bay for 15 years and the past 7 in Palos Verdes. Love tennis, golf, travel, fun & friends. Sorry to have missed the 25th, but look forward to the next.

Georganne Walker Hi all-- Like many of you have expressed, time has really flown by. I relocated to San Francisco for nursing school (USF) in 1979. Returned after graduation to Torrance, but I had truly left my heart in San Francisco, and it was just a year before I returned to the Bay Area, where I have now been for more almost half my life. Went to grad school at UCSF (finished 1992), and am currently working part time as a pediatric nurse practitioner and lactation consultant. I am happily married (going on 18 years) to a Minnesotan who had come to the Bay Area for school. I have been blessed with good health, and live a very active life which includes hiking, tennis, and yoga. We have two wonderful boys, Gabriel (14) and Nathan (11). I keep in touch with Sosbee, Kelly Kinnon, Bill Shirley, John Mathews, Lisa Sorensen, Sharon Kelly, and Mary Atha. I am coming down to the reunion with Sosbee (we are practically neighbors up here in Oakland) and look forward to seeing many of you there!

Tom Weeden hello to all hope everyone is well im doing good have two great boys ryan 24 attending med school in new york & eric 18 in school studying computer science. got married in 84 moved to florida in 93 and am now in boulder colorado with my son eric love to hear from anyone e-mail at

Thomas Weeks Hi Uall, was Married for 22 yrs. and now single,have two boys 23 & 19 Joel is at cal state Fullerton and is the third baseman and Cameron is at West Torrance and plays as well,hope to hear from U soon

Debbie (Weeks) Whitaker Wanted to update my information here since a lot has changed. I am widowed as of 2 years ago and still live in Apple Valley, CA. I am still caring for my disabled daughter and my oldest son lives with us. My other son (my daughters twin) bought a home here in Apple Valley with his girlfriend and they are happy and doing well. I have reconnected with many alumni on Facebook. Look me up there!

Pam Winslow Living in Hawaii. Would love to hear from anyone!

Janet (Wise) Wessing I'm married to Malcom Wessing. I have 7 children, 2 stepchildren, and 4 grandchildren whom I adore. After I graduated, I became an EMT, and was an entertainer in Laughlin, Nevada. Currently, I am a Pre-Med student in college, and I enjoy acting in community theater with my husband.

Diane (Woods) Davis

Valdena Joy (Zeller) Maule If you remember me send me an an e-mail. I am looking for a few of you to talk old times. I was not very involved but knew people in Choir and Glee.This is so amazing .My first time to even try to hook up. I live in Missouri and have lots of life stories to share.

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