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Class of 1978
Jeff Apana Greetings Spartan nation! Enjoying my 23rd year in the U.S. Navy, currently assigned as Deputy Command Master Chief at Naval Medical Center San Diego. Played basketball at Idaho State and Azusa Pacific prior to joining the Navy in September 1985. Graduated (finally) from Cal State Long Beach with a B.S. in Business Administration in 1993. Navy has allowed me to see the world (Persian Gulf, Hong Kong, Hawaii, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Australia, Singapore, Bahrain, Kenya, both coasts of the U.S, others). Participated in operations in the Persian Gulf aboard USS MIDWAY during first Gulf War in 1990-91 and USS CONSTELLATION during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2002-2003. Talented, wise and beautiful wife of 11 years Becky is a Psychologist and Supervisor of North Coast Church Counseling Center in Vista. We have one son, Brandon, age 9. Great kid, very smart, great sense of humor, passionate about Game Cube, Nintendo DS and Wii. We all live in Oceanside, CA. Still see old friends from our class, Mike Nannini, Karl Wagner, Greg Turner, Jim and Judi Schmidt, Brian Donnally, others. Passions now are family, politics, cooking, USC and San Diego Charger football. I hope you are all healthy and happy. Looking forward to our 30 year reunion next year. Until then, like we say in the Navy "Fair Winds and Following Seas".

Dana (Ayers) Mitchell I still live in Torrance, right by South High. I have been married 23 years to a great guy! We have 2 sons , 1 daughter, and 1 foster daughter. Both girls graduated from South last year (2005), How's that for de ja vue? I have been teaching preschool for the past 25 years and for the last 5 have been playing in an over 40's women's soccer league, which has been a kick! (excuse the pun.) E-mail me if you'd like to chat!

Terrence "Terry" C. Baas Hello & Have A Great 30 Year reunion,Living in Redondo Beach CA. 90278

Carl Bates Hello alumni. Living in Lancaster for the last 10 years. Married to Denise (johnson) a North High graduate for 20 years. Two daughters age 18 and 16. Been working for Xerox corp for 22 years. Any old "Hillsiders" out there?

Julie (Becker) Bogden Sammamish Washington is home, moved back to Washington right after graduation. Recently separated (still very good friends) after 28 years of marriage. Have two BEAUTIFUL daughters. Lindsey 24 just moved to San Diego, played Pac 10 Golf for Washington State. Kendall is 16 and LIVES for her 3 horses, her Western Pleasure show horse and two minis. We also have two wild Jack Russells. I am thinking of attending our 30th, just need to check if we have a horse show at that time, so if you know the dates I would love to hear when it is.

Dayna (Bennett) Pierce Currently living in South Florida with my husband Jeff. We are looking forward to moving back out west soon. Great seeing all my old friends at the past reunions. Keep in touch!

Dayna (Bennett) Bennett-Pierce Currently well and living in South Florida. Working, traveling, staying active, and truly enjoying life. I have one daughter, who is now 20. Great to see some familar names out there on the SHS site! Planning on attending the '76,'77,'78,79 class reunion on January 3, 2004. Hope to see you there! (I actually graduated in 1977, a year early for those who wondered why I didn't show up for school during my senior year - no I wasn't ditching) :)

Jeff Berson Hello South High class of 78' i have been happily married to Judy (Ruffulo) class of 82' for the past 24 years! we have 2 girls Lindsay 19 and Marissa 17, i work in the swimming pool business and own a company called Discount Pool Supply. we live here in the South Bay, I still enjoy riding motorcycles and getting old. life is good.

Karen (Betker) Green Wow! What a find this is! I look forward to getting reacquainted... Yes, Married with children (27 and 24)AND grandchildren (Alyssa 2 and one on the way!) What joy! After many years in Ventura and some in Bend OR, we are living in St George and Torrey UT. My daughter and I opened a busy natural pet food store and between these and breeding fabulous standard poodles, I have a very full and happy life. Excited about silver and white puppies due in June. Such is life... gone to the dogs! So good to see some familiar faces and hope to see them in person next year.

Helen (Blaisdell) Cordova I just learned of this website from my brother. What a trip seeing all these names from so long ago. I'm living in Torrance, and married a Torrance High Grad (Scott class of 1973) in 1995. We have a total of three children, his daughter (16) and son (12) go to Torrance High and Madrona Middle School. We also have a son (4) who is in pre-school. Life is good. I've been with Rockwell 15 years, working in ERISA Compliance - the legal end of benefits. A challenge and fun. Missed the 20 year reunion (recovering from child birth) but would love to see everyone at the 25th. If anyone remembers me drop me a line.

Victor C. Bressler Greetings to all 1978 alumni. Hope to get an e-mail for the next reunion and see those who have been in my memories for the last couple of decades.

Chris Cairns It's so cool to see the names and faces of days gone by. Sorry to have not yet made it to a reunion. I had moved my senior year and graduated from Newport Harbor High. Currently living in Long Beach. Divorced with 2 great kids. Hope to make the 40th!

Phill Carton 25 years! Looking forward to the reunion! As for me, I am living in Pella,Iowa. I been married for 16 years and we have four kids. I am currently working at Central College and enjoying my many blessings!!

Chris Chaput If I took the CHSPE and never really graduated, do I still get to be a part of the class of '78? The brief time that I went to South is kind of a blur, but playing soccer and making skateboards in woodshop while listening to Elton John, the Bee Gees or Peter Frampton was a ton of fun. After leaving South and enjoying an early career as a professional skateboarder, I went to San Diego State where I learned how to party (hard). I moved to Long Beach and worked as a computer programmer for an actuary (aka "Dad"), and finally bottomed out in my quest to drink more than anyone in Belmont Shore. I got sober on February 21st of 1986 and the world is a much better place because of it. I endured more boring jobs, got married in 1998 and have a beautiful daughter Kendall Nicole born in May of '99. Extreme sports lured me back into the sport that I am truly passionate about, and I race in Downhill Skateboarding, Slalom Skateboarding, and Streetluge now. I'm designing, testing, branding, and marketing high performance skateboard products to a new generation of skaters. My business and home is in Huntington Beach now. I'm newly single again, life is great, and it's getting better all of the time. I hope to meet up with many of you in 2008. I can reached many ways, but the cheesiest is at

Paul Chopelas Wow! Great site. I've been married for 23 years to my college sweetheart, Nora. We have two beautiful girls - Arianna 17 and Talia 14. Hope we've having a 30 year reunion.

Charlotte (Clary) Mansour I cried when I found this website it was so great to see everyone and hear about your lives. I was married for 16-years and have 3 beautiful children Christina 19, Louis 17 and Michelle 13. A wicked nasty divorce for the last few years but a new life ahead that I am grateful to now be enjoying. I live in Rescue, CA (Sacramento) on 16 acres with 3 horses, 5 cats, a Llama, a dog, my children and....the love of my life. Looking forward to the 30 year reunion!!

Brian Connors Still live in the South Bay. I have been married for 17 years and have two children; Brad (13) and Dana (10). I work at Northrop Grumman in Redondo Beach and still play soccer on the weekends. I would love to hear from the soccer alums. Cheers!

Brian Conway It's great to find some old friends here! I can't believe it'll be 25 years next summer since we hung out at Burnout, Haggartys, Spartan Stadium, etc! I've since been blessed with a beautiful wife (La Quinta '78), three boys (Soccer players of course!) and a wonderful life in Dana Point. Looking forward to our 25th reunion so if anyone gets any info just "E" me. Hope to see y'all then!!!

Rich Corsi Alive and well in Austin, Texas (a wonderful and weird city). Full professor at The University of Texas - Environmental Engineering (expertise in human exposure to toxins). No, I don't hook em'Horns. Workaholic but no ulcers yet. Married for 19 years to Humboldt sweetheart. No children. One geriatric and highly intelligent dog. Lots of deer, armadillos, racoons and other critters to enjoy and entertain. Writing folk songs (now have 18)and playing a lot of guitar. Trying to keep in shape. This has become a greater struggle over time! Many names on this site bring back fond memories. Good luck with the new business, Doug! Carl, we ought to get together and play catch sometime.

Natalie Creek

Susan (Curtis) Talamantes

Katherine (Dalton) Kaghazi Hey South High Alum, what a great site! I'm spending more time at South now raising our four kids than when I was enrolled! I still hang out with Carolyn Adams (78) would love to hear from you! Kids are South High Alum too- Class of 2000, 2005, 2006 and last one will be 2009.

Daisy (Dunn) Perez Hello Spartans Alumni, I don't know if anyone remember me, I think I was the only Pilipino student in South High at that time. I graduate in Calle Mayor in 1975. I attended Narbonne High in Harbor City then I decided I want to go back to South High in my last year so I attended 1977-1978. I'm now living in Poplar Grove, IL with my husband whose in the Navy as a Drill Instructor, we have three children, Tabitha-10, Jordan-7, and Sabrina-5. I have two sons on my previous marriage, Robert-23 and Ernest-21 both of them live in Torrance. Email me if you remember me. Hope to hear from you guys soon.

Craig Epstein Hey Everyone! Recently moved back to the South Bay - if you remember me from school, drop me a line!

Maria (Galvan) Carrizales-Samayoa

Lizbeth (Gordon) Gordon Madill Hi Everyone. I'm in the heart of San Francisco (lawyer and real estate broker-investor-landlord-property manager), and happily married to the wonderful Tom Madill (a dentist with his own practice at Union Square), and with daughters Gillian (27; in DC working for a non-profit and trying to save us from ourselves, but returning to SF in late 8.09, about which I am very happy!) and Caitlin (23; in OH in college). Just last week (4.14.09), I had breakfast with dear friend, Kathy Shelton Bartelheim, at Mimi's on Crenshaw. She encouraged me to find this website and be sure I'm on it. I'm looking forward to our next Class Reunion. Meanwhile, I hope you all stay well!

Doug Hering Hi. I'm in Colorado Springs in the exciting world of charter school leadership. I recently left a job as a CFO for a large charter school and joined Charter School Management Corporation ( to bring their successful California model to Colorado, Arizona, and hopefully Texas and New Mexico. I've been speaking around the country on charter school finance, charter school life cycles, and strategic teacher pay structures. My wife, Marianne, went to RHHS (1980) and is a writer and editor. My oldest daughter is at Colorado School of Mines playing soccer and studying engineering. I also have twin boys (11 years old) who terrorize the cat. One is an athete. The other is a music/theater kid. Shoot me an email if you get a chance. I'm on Linkedin and FB. My blog was recently named as one of the top 20 education blogs to read in 2010 by Jay Mathews of The Washington Post. I also write on Colorado Charter Schools for

Beth (Holland) Burdick Hey everyone! Moved back to California from Alabama. Currently a truck driver in Fontana cruising the LA Freeways (ack). I'm also on Facebook. Anyone who even remembers me, please drop me a line.

Leigh (Horne) Hagen What a cool site! My brother Kevin just told me about it. I can't wait to see it grow. I have been married to my husband Bill (Retired from the US Army in 1998!) since 1979. We have two sons, Adam (19) and Christopher (17). I moved to Washington State right after graduation, then lived in Hawaii for three years and finally ended up back in Washington. I have worked at Frank Russell Company as a manager for seven years. Prior to that I worked in the banking industry. I look forward to hearing from fellow Spartans!

Georgann (Karatzas) McConn Living in Washington state. Married 17 years with two beautiful children. Love to hear from old classmates.

Young-Kyu (Kim) Wagner Hoping to contact Josephine Woo who went to UCLA with me in '78.

Mark Kirkpatrick Planning to attend the 30-year reunion next year and hope to see many of you there. I have lost contact with almost everyone from South over the years (still see and talk to Donnelly when I am in town). I am currently living in the Milwaukee Wisconsin area with my wife Lisa and our three children William (age 9), Alec (age 7), and Aidan (age 4). Please feel free to contact me and say hello.

Mike Kosidlak Living in Torrance and working with IT and the helpdesk industry. 2 kids; boy 6yrs and girl 9yrs. Married for 14 yrs.

Annette (Kredo) Garrolini

Marc LeMieux Greetings fellow Spartans from sunny San Diego! Can you believe we've been away from South for 25 years? Would like to hear from you.

Marty Lentz Marty passed away unexpectedly April 19, 2008 in Orlando, FL. of medical complications. For futher info you can reach his father Mr. Kent Lentz 310-433-9326

Kathy (Lewis) Wilson

Bill Lindsey Hello, all. If you're ever in Chicago, look me up. I'll take you to a Cubs game and for a Billy Goat cheeseburger.

Raymond Madick Love to hear from former Spartans. e-mail me @ RAYMADICK@YAHOO.COM Hope everyone is doing well and if your in Palm Springs give me a shout, Ive been living out here for 9 years.

Bill Maurer Married with 3 kids...all boys. See for club soccer website. Laid off from IT Consuling job on 02/26/2003...using it as an excuse to change careers! If you have any ideas email me.

Lauren (McAlpine) Cotner Hi All, update AGAIN. new email address, and now living in Redondo Beach. Still selling Real Estate with Cornerstone Realty. Hooked up with some of you old friends. Kids are growing like weeds: Girl 6-1/2 & Boy 12-1/2. Summer has been great! hot! But fun. Get in touch soon.

Rick McClung We are alive and well in the San Joaquin Valley. Living and loving in Clovis. Donna (Lindenman Class of '79) and I have been married almost 9 years. I am a firefighter for the Fresno Fire Dept. Looking forward to rekindling friendships from the past and to a 25 year reunion.

Kevin Mckeller Living in Torrance(still). Trying to get in touch with old friends. Drop me a line.

Jackie (McPherson) Potts

Karen (McWilliams) Lytle Married, 1 boy, busy caring for husband, child, and all our horses. Live in Palo Cedro, CA. Near Redding-northern CA. Left Torrance in 1999.

Janet (Meek) Brockman Dec, 2005 I have moved back from AZ, in Manhattan Beach... Yea...

Patti (Mexico) Cotter My first time to the page! This is great! Married 21 years to Steve. 3 kids, Brennan (19), Kaitlin (17) and Kyle (15). I have been living in Atlanta since 1992 and love it. The family is in Santa Barbara County so I rarely make it to the South Bay any more. I am actually on facebook if you want to communicate. Best to all!

Richard "Rich" Moser Happily married to Kathy for 6 years. We have a 3 year old daughter named Mia who thinks she already knows everthing. I have been mployed in the aerospace industry for the last sixteen years and am currently living in Huntsvilee Al.

Mike Nannini Glad to hear there is a 25th reunion. Congrats to the people who organized the event. I am 7th grade math teacher in Redondo Beach (Mr. Collins is smoking a cigarette for me) I would love to hear any stories you may have of Nannini house parties. Take care.

Susie (Nelson) Clayton Wondering if I'll ever get back to the west... still living in Minnesota, married to Peter for 26 years, 1 married daughter, 2 sons in college and 1 son in high school (my auto insurance is staggering!). Working as an Events Assistant for a non-profit -- would love to catch up with classmates on Facebook - Susie Nelson Clayton.

Louie Olmos Still at Tarbell, Realtors but now kids are 7 and 4! Call me anytime! (951) 970-2350

Nancy (Perry) Mias i am married to a wonderful husband. I have two beautiful girls. maggie is 13 and bridget is 7. i currently live in worcester. i am very happy in my life

Nick Peters After 25 years, I still have clear memories of sporting events, some parties (a few are fuzzy), dieting to make wrestling weight and hanging out at lunch listening to that high-definition sound system we had at school. I am married to Sabine and we have 2 awesome boys (anthony 7, Nicholas 5). We live in South Torrance in the Christmas Lights section - (what a zoo during the holidays!). I have been a real estate broker since 1985 and have my own office. Looking forward to the reunion. If anyone wants to donate toward the silent auction that will be at the Reunion - let me know. 800-376-6425 - all proceeds go to South High!

Deborah (Pitcher) Moore Unbelievable it's been so long since going to South, a lot has happened - very happily married to Jeffrey Moore from San Diego, have an 11 year old son Matthew who started Jr. High this year. Living in Houston, Texas for the past 6 years, before this was in San Diego since graduating with my B.S. from Cal Poly San Luis. Working as Creative Director for a national home builder. Big event coming up for me in 2 weeks, believe it or not, testing for my black belt in Tae Kwon things change! Great to read the postings, would love to hear from old friends.

Steve Polcari Hi, now working for Northrop Grumman Space Technology in Redondo Beach as a Pricing Manager. My girls, Sandi 14 and Kimi 12 are working their way through Calle Mayor and South High just like Dad. Mom Michelle is very involved in their extracurricular activites (cheer, Girl Scouts) when not being an Accounting Manager during the day. Still living on Anza right across the street from the house I grew up in.

Tony Romero Divorced and have four great kids, still young though ages 8 thru 15, two boys and two girls. They keep me quite busy. I'm a Manufacturing Engineer at L-3 in Torrance on and off for the past 30 years and love the challenges. Enjoy traveling and have visited many parts of the world. Would love to hear from some old friends, e-mail me if you get a chance. Hope to see you at the 30 year reunion.

Darrell Russell Hello Spartans,I am still living in the area. I have been married for 18yrs, have 1 daughter 9yrs old (going on 13)Have been a Building Engineer for Commercial Office bldgs. in the so. bay since 1984. Still into motorcycles. Lifes been good. Would love to hear from some old friends.

Dale Russell Hello, fellow SPARTANS,, I am now living in LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY,, I have two beautiful children DELSIE 8 YRS OLD & KENDALL 5 YRS OLD. I am the general manager of BENJAMIN MOORE PAINTS in KENTUCKY.

John Sandorf Hello everyone! I actually moved to Phoenix, Arizona after our junior year and didn't graduate from South. I've been married 22 years to Melissa Gordon from Flagstaff, Arizona. We've lived in Utah, New Mexico (twice), France (near Grenoble), and now Sugar Land, Texas. Four kids - oldest is Aimee graduating from New Mexico State Dec 2005 majoring in French. Amanda is a Frosh at BYU-Idaho. Eric is a soon-to-be HS Soph. Emilie, born while we were in France, enters 5th grade this fall. I have many fond memories of SHS and am grateful for past friendships. I haven't seen the school for over 18 years. Maybe some day...

Kari (Sannum) Lamich Hello class of 78. I am living in North Carolina. Have been married 20 years to a Chicagoin, Neil. This is my second. I married young and had a beautiful daughter Britt, who passed away 3 years ago in an auto accident. She was 21. Neil and I have 3 kids Sean(19), Kristense(16) and Maureen(15). They have kept me busy. Sean is a Freshman at UNCC. Kristense(another Norweigian name) is a junior and Mo a freshman.Mo likes soccer like her mother..... I was a stay at home mom and now am an Asst. Teacher in Kindergarten and love it. Can't wait to hear and see people from Walteria and Torrance

Carmella Satery Hello everyone. just got added the directory! I am living in AZ. And working at fry's supermarket as a mgr. at the deli. I have 2 children andrea 24 and michael 17, and 2 grand children anthony 6, alexandria 14 mons.hope all is well. looking forward to the next reunion, did not attend the last one.

Karen (Schwartzburg) Schindler What a fun site! Paul and I have been married for 23 years. We have 2 great kids: a 20 yr old daughter and 16 yr old son. I am VP of QI for a national long term care company. I have some very fond memories of SHS!

Dae K. Seu I was looking for a summer camp for my kids (2 girls, 7 and 9) in Torrance and ran into this site. Any good summer camps? Haven't really been living in Torrance other than visiting my parents couple of times a year. I have been living in Tokyo for the last 10 years or so, working in finance with the latest stint on private equity investments. Ran into Julia Leighton's tennis pal from Stanford recently in Tokyo. Whatever happened to Doug Brewster?

Michael Snider Wow, just found this site today, cool. Was married, widowed now for a number of years, no kids. Still racing cars, at least when not injured. Have my home and shop on a couple acres out in Riverside near Lake Mathew's. Miss the beach area but needed a bit more room then I could afford so moved a litte east. Still in contact with a few people from South. Please send a e-mail and say hello. Would love to hear from old friends.

Lisa (Stilwell) Radeski Happily married to Matt (Mira Costa) for 21 years. Teaching Kindergarten at Walteria. Two great boys, Chris is 18, a freshman at U C Santa Cruz, Jake is 9, attends Chadwick school. See you all at the 25 year reunion!

Jeff Taylor Hi to all ,I'am living in Lake Arrowhead,Have three Kids,Two boys and a girl.And we own a tree service up here.

Doug Thayer Spokane Washington is home now. Fishing, golfing and umpiring. Hoping the 30th reunion has better attendance than the 25th. Where are all the "maddogs"????

Carol (Uhrinak) Howden Hi there. I'm back in Torrance, in fact I'm now in the house I was in while in South. . . too weird. I never really moved away but I had been living in other neighboring cities. Anyway, I have one daughter, Megan, who is 12. Married (again) to a New Yorker. I see a few people around sometimes - I guess we're all very busy these days. Hope you are all doing well out there. . . If you see a familiar, older, face in Ralphs - say hi! carol

Rika Uto Greetings from Vancouver, British Columbia! I've been living here since 1991 after I finished my graduate studies at UCLA. I have an eleven year old son Keitaro and work as an arts & education programmer at an inner-city community centre. I haven't been back to the South Bay since my mom moved back to Japan six years ago but we're hoping to do a road trip down there some time soon. Great to catch up on everyone!

Ed Valenzuela Finally getting around to updating this listing. I've lived in Northern California (San Francisco and now Berkeley) since 1983. Married for 21 years to Gary Walker. We have an 8 year old daughter, who's life our's revolves around. I now have Special Events business in San Francisco after being a full-time parent for the past 7 years. Having a blast on Facebook connecting with old, old friends from SHS. Check it out.

Elaine (Vampola) Phipps Married 23 years with 5 kids ages 20, 19, 18, 16 and 14. Life is nuts with 4 teens and a bride-to-be (our oldest). We live in Vista Ca, and life is great.

Karl Wagner Jeff Apana directed me to this site a year ago and it took this long to look it up. It is good to get a snapshot of where people are at. For me/us (married Sharon Sanchez 78) we moved back to South Torrance in 1996 and are raising two boys, Brett (12) and Curtis (10) within a mile of each set of grandparents and other family. Feeling very blessed and content. Look forward to a 25 year reunion in 2003!

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