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Class of 1981
Marie (Alegria) Wilder I would like to attend the next reunion.Please email me with the info or mail it to me at 2819 NW 30th, Newcastle, Oklahoma 73065. Yes Oklahoma, I guess chrissy williams and I were the only ones who left CA to go to Oklahoma.

Lynne Amberg Yes, I too am alive and well in Torrance. Missed the first reunion due to a massive stroke which I suffered 3 days before the reunion...(that really sucked!). Missed the second reunion, too... wanted to go though - I do plan to attend the next one! I am a single mother (never married) of one very beautiful 15 y.o. daughter who is currently in 10th grade at South. Yes, I'm still crazy about horses (& all animals), as is my daughter. Feel free to e-mail me if you would like.

Joy (Andrews) Murakami Even though I didn't actually graduate from South (took the GED), I still feel like I am a part of the graduating class since I went to school with everyone. I am alive and well and living in Santa Clarita, CA. I have been married for 25 years and have 2 daughters (ages 20 and 18).

Jim Babbitt Married and living in Long Beach with two kids.

Michael Baer

Judi (Barker) Murphy

Rob Barrett I am living in Atlanta Georgia with my wife Valerie and our two kids, Luke, age 4, and Sara, age 18 months. I opened my own Ob/Gyn practice here one year ago after leaving Washington State due to unceasing rain and gloom. I still race, now as a member of the Atlanta Christian Runners.

Judy (Blythe) Prince Hello to everyone. I just found out about this website - it is so fun to hear about what everyone is up to, I just had to put my two cents in! I am so sorry to have missed the recent reunion! I am doing great. Have been married to my husband Jon for 12 years, and have a four year old son, Grant, who is our pride and joy. We live in Rancho Palos Verdes and are enjoying being back in the South Bay. I am a psychologist, currently working in the student counseling center at Cal State Long Beach. Life has been very good to me. I hope to see you all at the next reunion.

Mary (Bolten) Wolff Where has the time gone!? The highlights of my life, in reverse order of importance, have been: I graduated from Loyola Marymount in 1986. I've been working for The Boeing Company for 19 years as an illustrator. William and I have been happily married for 16 years and have been blessed with three beautiful children, Matthew (15) Sarah (11) Rachel (11), who all drive me crazy and occasionally make me worder why I thought it would be a good idea to reproduce. Seriously, they are the best thing that has ever happen to me! I pray you are all happy and well. God Bless! Mary

Bruce Boock Hello out there, how are you? I'm happily married with triplets (2 boys, one girl), who will celebrate their 6th on January 5, 2002! I have many fond memories of life and times at South High, although I might do things differently if I had the chance! Stay in touch!

Erik Bradeson I have no idea if any of you will remember me,but I did go to South from 78-81.Most of the time during High School I was at the beach,and I guess that is still how it is.I moved around abit,from El Paso Tx. to Newport News Va.I also lived up in Sacremento.I was married to a wonderful woman from 84-94,that was the year she died from cancer and left me to raise our two beautiful daughters,who were 8 and 9 at the time.Since that time I have started my own Concrete co. and I am doing very well(thank God).I am living in the city of Vista of San Diego county,and have been here for about 20 years.It was great to see all of your names on this site.I guess I will end this the same way Ron Hupe ended his letter,If anybody remembers me,give me a call @760-727-8234. God Bless you all.

Vada (Brock) Romero Hello everyone, just thought I would give an update on my life I have been married now since 1987, we have 4 wonderful children Joshua 19, Mitchell 18, Cassey 16, and Savannah 9. We have been living in Henderson, NV which is right outside Las Vegas since 1999. I am a stay home mom now since we moved to Nevada and I love it. Hope everyone is off having a wonderful life. Vada

Suzanne (Brody) McDermott Hi everyone! I'm still in SoCal, living with my husband John (SHS Class of 1980) and our 2 kids Patrick (12) and Colleen (9). Also, been working at Toyota Motor Sales for the last 22 years right out of college. Still singing, but these days mostly at church. See 'ya!

Kevin Brown

Erik Bucy

Bruce Burkett I can't believe I (barely) survived the party circuit after (barely) graduating, if I knew then what I know now...! I finally found my place in the computer industry around 1990 & have never been happier. I have realized many dreams such as; being a dad to a beautiful daughter born 1996, playing music proffesionally & for charity with many bands and different styles of music (metal is still my favorite!), and so many other oportunities that are beyond these dreams. I live down the street from South & have a very full & enjoyable life. To put it into perspective we have shelter and food, everything else that we have are extra gifts.

Valerie (Lori) (Burton) Woo Hi all! Well, it looks like the 25th flew past with no reunion, so I guess we're looking at 2011 before we all see each other again. Kevin (also class of 81) and I are still here in NorCal, two grown kids, two grandsons, and three little girls under three who keep us on our toes! (Yes, three... and we're hoping for one more, only a boy would be nice this time!) :) We'd love to hear from anyone with something nice to say, and hope that somebody will pick up the reins on the 30th so we can all be reunited again soon!

Michelle Burwell

Randy Charles Had a great time at the reunion, hope to keep in touch with the friends I reconnected with. Thanks to the committee for all the hard work. What do you think about a 30th?

Lisa (Choo) Kjelden Just updating my profile again. Still happily married and living in the midwest! I love it here, but like to make short visits to CA to catch up!

Monica (Cilva) Root Allright... Great news... I'll be a grandma in February. After five long years of waiting Christopher and his wife Maricela are expecting. All is well w/the pregnancy so I'll be off to Oahu in Feb. James graduated in June and is now living in Santa Barbara and going to SB City College and playing baseball for them. Rebekah just started her Junior year at Lompoc HS and is now a Varsity Cheerleader. Pretty cool. Carl continues to work for Raytheon in Lompoc and umpire baseball and I still work for a local ophthalmologist and loving it. Life on the Central coast is great. Just had a mini reunion w/Cavin Shorter two weeks ago. Since out class didn't pull off at 25th reunion, we had one of our own. Good fun. Sand castles on the beach, Casa Pulido, fun DVD's. Ran into Jeremy Brydon and Mark Taniguchi stopped by. It was a small gathering but a whole lot of fun! I hope this note finds you all well and healthy. Love, Monica

Lisa (Clanton) Semko Hi All, I am currently single and still living in the South Bay. I have an awesome daughter who attends school in Palos Verdes. I still perform and record, but spend most of my time teaching. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Molly (Coad) Sievers So much has changed since my days at South. It was a long, hard road but I am very happy now. I am happily married and living in beautiful San Diego. Our "claim to fame" is that we got engaged the day before our first date! It's been eight years and counting, so it definitely worked! We have a wonderful baby girl named Elanor. I'd be glad to hear from any of my old friends out there.

Robyn (Collins) Davis I would like to express my sincere sympathy to fellow Spartan 1979 Joe Anzack for the loss of his son Joseph Anzack jr. He was lost last week 5/2007 in the war. Joe, your son gave his life for my family, I have a beautiful 7 year old daughter that thanks him also. God bless you and give you the strenght to get you through. Robyn (Collins) Davis...

Maria (Cominis) Glaudini What fun it is to read about all of you. I have been married to John (Musician) for almost 19 years. We have Charlie (7 this May). Went to CSULB for undergrad, UCI for Grad and 11 years in NYC of pounding pavement. We are back, living in Cypress and loving CA lifestyle. I teach Acting @ CSUF and occassionally do T.V. and Theater. We have two dogs, love beaching, BBQs and gardening. Keep in touch! Go Spartans!

Monica (Conway) Jeffery

Erin (Cook) Riddle It is wonderful to read about all of you Spartans! Looking forward to seeing you at the 26th(?!) Reunion Fall of 2007. Love from Big Bear, Calif! Erin

Cynthia Croft Hello to all, and trust life is good for everyone. Now I'm teaching at a local high school, still married with a dog and living in the South Bay. When is the next reunion?? Best wishes,

Cheryl (Crow) Halloran

Daniel L D'Hondt Hello everyone ! 20 years.. Dang... About a year after graduation I went to the North West (Oregon) on a visit, decided I liked it quite a bit, and I moved up permanetly about two years later... I certainly miss the beautiful weather and the beach's we have down in So. Cal. but I don't miss the traffic & the Rat Race... Having said that I want you to know I am still a "True" Californian, and I own property in the town of Sonora (about two hours East of San Francisco) and in Klamath River (right at the top of the State on the Klamath River). If I could "split my time" I would love to spend a few months out of the year in each area... I have been self employed for the last 15 years in the "Pest Control" business (here is a link if you would like to see more ). I was at the 10 year reunion, and it was GREAT to see so many of us there ;-) The ONLY reason I was not at the 20th is due to a typo on my address, my invitation was apparently lost in the mail... (ARGH !!!), I am hoping we do a 25th reunion because the years go by way TOO fast !!! If any of you are up in the Portland Oregon area, feel free drop by or give me a call on my business line 1-800-328-2847 I cant tell you how "bummed" I am about missing our 20th reunion, all I can sy is lets not wait another 10 years. Take care everyone, I hope all is well with each one of you & your family's ! Hope to see ya soon! Dan

Lorraine (Davino) Shea Wow this is a great website. Well 1n 1977, my parents moved out of the school district and I had to attend Torrance High. I was devastated because all my friends were from Newton Middle School and I knew no one from Torrance High. Anyhow, I am married to a wonderful man for 8 years no kids. I live in Harbor City and work as a longshoreman thanks to my stepfather who passed away 10 yrs ago and left me the job. I would love to hear from any of you who remember me. I hung around Lynne Amberg and played flag football with some you. It was great reading all of your profiles. Julia Yokabaitis where have you been.

Sharon (Detwiler) Gartland Craig and I are still happily married (20 years now!) and enjoying our 4 kids. People are always surprised to hear we were high school sweethearts and the relationship has lasted! What can I say, I just know how to pick 'em. We live in Madison, Wisconsin now (after 16 years in Chicago) and both of us work for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. My oldest (Paige - 15) is a sophomore in high school and their mascot is the Spartans! We never made it to the reunions, but would love to make the next one. Is there a 25 year reunion in the works?

Carol (Dodds) Lynn Hello everybody, I also just found out about this site. I have been to both reunions and looking forward to our 25th next year. I am single and have a 17yr old daughter, Heather who will be attending OCC Jr College and son Bobby who is 15, attending Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. I live in Cypress. I have had several jobs, courier, Special needs School Bus Driver,I am a certified Massage Therapist since 1992 and now I am working in Newport Beach in the Billing Dept for Gynocological and Oncologist. Please feel free to email. God bless

Stefan Elming Hail,fellow Spartans!I'm a single white male with a negative status on the "Elmo-Spawn"(no offspring).After leaving South's Elysian fields,I did the traditional "El Camino Shuffle",plus UCLA,plus steadily worked like a monkey on fire as a happy and comfortably successful multi-media artist-designer-type Jolly Rover. I have also done various other Hobo Joe/Passport To Beyond jobs and stuff either too dumb,boring,or wierd to mention here.Depends on whom you ask.Occasional sightings by some of you over the years have been confirmed.My current incarnation is as a 911 Emergency Medical Technician, a.k.a. "Ambulance Guy", here in the South Bay.I'm also a light infantry combat medic in Aco,1/184th INF(AIR ASSAULT),CA.Army National Guard(Go NIGHTSTALKERS!184 LET'S GO!).By the way,we were in the armory on 11Sep01.After that,while we were busy packing our gear,the Media stuck cameras in our faces and asked us how we felt about all the dead and missing workers and rescuers.We answered by landing on the foreign sands in anger before the smoke had cleared and the tears had dried.Thanks for your support.In Unity Lies Victory.GO,MIGHTY SPARTANS! Contact me,if you like.Doc Elming out.

Beverlie (Ensom) Miller Just wanted to update you all with my new e-mail address (and name). I have been very happily married for two years now. Life is good and I am glad to be alive! Geez - the way time is flying we'll be seeing each other at our 30 year reunion in NO time! But we're not old - just wise (I hope) Take Care. Beverlie

Craig Fenton Hello All.. What a cool web page ! Glad I found it. Wow! It's hard to believe it's already been 27 years.. How is everyone? Does anyone remember me? After highschool without any idea where life would take me, I got a job working at Whittlesey Toyota as a mechanic, now known as "Torrance Toyota" I worked there for 7 years until I became sick of all the politics within the dealership. So' I opened my own business know as FENTON's Toyota.. Maybe you've seen it off the 405 north just before Costco. The business still exist, but I'm not there. I sold the business after 18 years, as well as everything else and moved to Thailand to do missionary work as a Christian. At this current time I live in Thailand studying Thai as well as the Khmer language. I have three daughters, the oldest getting married soon.

Steve Frankenberg

Helen Franks Single and living in Atlanta since 1993.

VJ (Vince) Frasso What's up. Cool website. Glad to see most of you are doing great. I've been married for 15 years, have 3 boys, a great wife (not sure why see married me) and living in PV. Life is good. Hopefully I'll see you around the South Bay. Take it easy - VJ

Pamela (Gentry) Roberts Roberts, Pamela Ann (Gentry) Born in Torrance, CA, July 18, 1963; went home to be with the Lord, March 31, 2007. Pam is survived by her son, Michael James Gonzales, Jr.; 1 granddaughter, Marissa Lynn; mother & father, Mary & Bob Gentry; brother, Kevin; sister, Cheryl; nieces, Haley & Katelyn; and many cousins who love her deeply! We will all miss you SO much and we love you SO much, but we will all be together again! Memorial services Wednesday, April 4, 2007 at 12 noon, Rolling Hills Church (chapel), 2221 Palos Verdes Dr. N., Rolling Hills Estates. Reception following. Please sign the guest book at

Bruce Ghent Lousiest French Horn player in High School is currently a professional Taiko Drummer in San Francisco.

Kristopher Gomez Having a blast...Great wife, 2 beatuful kids. Living the dream in Portland Oregon... Big old victorian home, great family, fabulous rock band (yes, still playing clubs) and a rewarding job. Damn, sucks to be me. Would be great to hear from you.

Ed Gordon

Diane Gramstrup Moore

Albert Grandmaison What's up? After SHS, I moved to Camarillo and worked on an oil platform for several years. I then became a sea urchin diver for about 20 years. In 89, my family and I moved to Wildomar in southwest Riverside County. I now own Paul's Pet Food Delivery Express. Got Dogs? I've been with my HOT wife since 1982. We have 4 awesome kids - Justin 20, Chris 16, Amber 15, & Dylan 13. I missed out on our reunions - to busy making babies, coaching hockey, diving, selling dog food, being a good husband / father. I need to get my priorities straight!! Love to hear from anyone who cares!

Mark Gregory 20 years, still alive! After several career twists and a late start, founded a web design firm. Currently living in Palmdale with my wife Mary and a house full of cats.

Cheryl (Gros) Drohan I hope this finds you all well and happily enjoying your lives, children and families. Jim and I will be married 18 years this march and currently live in Pennsylvania with our three children. Matthew is 12 and currently in 7th grade and Megan and Kaitlyn are both in 3rd grade and turning 9 in December. I can't believe that in less than two years, I will have a high schooler, YIKES! Thinking of this makes me think of so many of you and all of the fun times we had. Recently, I was updating old photos and it was a lot of fun looking back and seeing so many great looking faces. I hope that we will be able to get together and catch up in 2011. Take care and be well.

Susan (Haenel) Ferraiole Can't believe how the time has flown by -- living in NY (Hudson Valley) for the past 15 years -- left Torrance via San Francisco. Happily married with no children (Hey, then I don't have to grow up, right!?) Work in NY and wouldn't change a thing - absolutely love the East coast (maybe not in March but it's all a give-and-take). Good to see how everyone is doing --

Dave Harris Living in Solana Beach. I can be found surfing Swamis or racing my vintage Maico at a motocross track near you. Still ride in the desert with Jamy Johnston and Darryl Hartland on a regular basis.

Jane (Herbert) Brown Hello all! I can't believe it's been 21 years since STHS. I'm now Jane Brown, married 15 years to my high school sweetheart, with 2 daughers, ages 9 & 6. I am a consultant with the State of CA. Life is good!

Jeffrey Higgins Still here and kicking...Hey!

Elaine (Holland) Searcy I tried El Camino for a year after SHS, hated that, and quit school until '84. Got a degree from Cal Poly SLO in Environmental & Systematic Biology w/concentration in Environmental Impact Analysis. Have worked at the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District since '89. I live in Ventura, am married, have two beautiful children - a 10 year-old girl and a 8 year-old boy.

Karen (Hulstyn) Angers Hello all. I'm living in Orange County, CA with my husband of 19 years and our two girls. Having a great time and enjoying life!

Ron Hupe hay if any of uall want to chat call me or eMAIL me @512 618-8372 or ttul.

Marco Kahoe Hi everyone just wont to say whats up.Life is good have a great girl friend and great spotted dog.Live near San Fransico.Its funny really didnt care for high school but some how I miss it.

Linda Kennedy

Scott Kido Still alive and disappointed I missed the reunion. Since South, I've walked a long and twisted path with career stops in too many areas. I am currently a VP of Operations for one of the largest for profit college chains in the country after working as a College President for the last couple of years(yes it's true but they didn't know me in high school). Also, still single with no kids (and thats not all it's cracked up to be!)and living in Huntington Beach Old friends can email me at or

Beth Knappenberger Yes I am alive, for those of you who remember who I am. Never been married, and haven't had any kids either. It wasn't a conscious decision, it just hasn't happened yet. Done a lot of traveling in the Pacific Northwest. Lived in Colorado for a time, and also in the Santa Barbara area for five years. I'm now living in a small northern California town by the name of "Paradise." It isn't really paradise, though. It's beautiful here, but you've got to really be able to appreciate some trippy people! See ya at the reunion.

Mary Kusch Hi everyone. I'm still living in Torrance and working locally. I've relocated to Coeur D'Alene, ID. in 1994 and came back in 1995. I've been to both reunions and had fun at them. I hope to see all of you at the next one.

Jill (Laven) Verderese

Pamela (Lawson) Horton Happily married to Troy for 18 plus years. One son- Tyler -whom is my pride and joy. Living on the Central Coast (SLO County) since '87. It is a slice of heaven!

Greg Lowe Hello All! It has been some time since I have connected with anyone in Torrance. I have lived in Florida since 1995 and have a 15 year old son named Brandon. Recently single and enjoying a new chapter. I hope all of your lives have been bountiful and your dreams have been reached. I have been in Sales for all of my adult life and enjoy anything that can be done in or on the water. Feel free to give a shout out or send an email. All the best!!

Chris Lucas

Shelly Marek Hi fellow Spartans... where has the time gone since we were at SHS? I graduated from UCSB in 1985 with a degree in Political Science, then managed to get myself into the car biz working at Nissan's former U.S. headquarters in Carson. I ended up managing their co. magazine then left to start my own publications business in 1993. Have done lots of stuff for the import car co's in the South Bay... you may have my work in your glove compartment :-). Best thing is I get to work at home, in my 1920 bungalow in the Belmont Heights area of Long Beach. Have loved fixing up my old house. In between remodels, I enjoy traveling to far-off places. The world has a lot to offer! Wishing everyone the best. I hope all your dreams have come true!

Mike Marshall

Blair McDonald

Douglas Moir Joined the Air Force in late 81. Lived in Az, Phillippines, and Germany. Returned to Torrance in 86. In 91 I moved to Bend, Oregon. Started an acoustical engineering and consulting firm. I've been married to a beautiful German girl for 16 years. No kids and 1 dog!

Eric "Rick" Newcom I married my high school sweetheart Samantha AKA Barry. We did hang out Behind the library as the bad kids who smoked both cigarettes and tires. We have 3 Children Amber 13 , Andrew 11, Annamarie 4, we presently live in Lomita. I grew up in the Clifton Heights area near Palos Verdes Blvd and Linda Dr. on Rockview Dr. in Torrance. My mother passed away in 1997, Dad is still alive and well living in central Califorina in Nipomo which is near Santa Maria. My sister Karen class of 1976 at south lives in Santa Maria with Two girls Jesse 20 and Caitlin 17. And Damian 3 grandchild.I lived on Rockview drive for 22 years had lots of friends, Robbie Scott, Doug Rogers,Randy Olomos,Karen Pulver,Robert Van Ryan, Earl Lither,Joe Anzack, Steven Padillia,Berverly Enson,Jeff Petty, Kurt Schellbach, Dave Toward,Dave Schible,and many more. I work for Boeing Intagrated Space Systems as a Senior Tech and have recently started Digital Internet Marketing @ ENDOFTHERAINBOWNOW.COM , Please feel free to E-Mail Us about anything Seaside Days, Calle Mayor, or South we would like to hear from you.

Suzanne (Owen) Owen-Wright Jonathan (Narbonne) and I have been married 23 years now. We have lived in east Tennessee at the base of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park since 1996 and love it. An update – At last…I am now a Certified Recognition Master in the engraving industry. There are currently only 54 CRM’s worldwide so it is a goal that I have strived very hard to meet. I am a member of ABWA Sevier Chapter (American Business Women’s Association) and am starting my third year as Newsletter Chair, thus partially fulfilling my writing bug. We were one of the top five (no placements announced) at our Regional newsletter competition this spring and are competing for National honors in October 2008. Between work, business trips and ABWA, neither of us has much free time, but we enjoy playing disc golf and traveling around the area. In fact, as my favorite season (fall) is arriving, it is just about time to hit the apple orchards and start making applesauce and other goodies! I really enjoy reading the updates everyone posts. What a great way to keep in touch! I can be reached at

Michael Parker Hello to everyone. I'm still married, now with 2 children, a boy and a girl, and that's enough! Still a lawyer, practicing in Los Angeles. Enjoyed catching up with everyone at the 20 yr. reunion. Hope to hear from people in the future. Take care.

Kristen (Peitzman) Itokazu Hi classmates! It's so much fun to look through your pictures and remember so many faces - can it really be over 25 years since graduation? I don't feel that old, but high school seems like a million years ago. I've been happily married for 19 years and have two boys, ages 10 and 13. I'm a second grade teacher and live in the San Diego area. I'd love to hear from some old friends!

Nitsa (Peters) Peffer Hi everyone, I just ran across this website by accident. So much fun to read about everyone. I live here in Torrance with my husband of 16 yrs., daughter (Arianna 15), son (Zackery 14). Arianna is in the 10th grade at South and Zack is in 8th at Calle. We will be moving to Palos Verdes in May (2010). I have been a stay home mom since I had my kids (a couple little part time jobs here and there for fun). I can't believe how fast time goes. Looking forward to seeing everyone again at our next reunion.

Bradley Potts Hope Everyone is doing well? I have been married to my wife Michelle for 19 wonderful years. I don't know how she puts up with me. After high school got into the High-Tec industry and spent ~18 years living in the Silicon Valley. We then moved to the Portland, Oregon area and loved that part of the world. Currently we are living in the Raleigh, North Carolina. If you have a chance please drop a line and say high, I would love to get caught up with old friends.

Dan Radic

Phillip Ramirez It's been very nice to see how much all of us have grown... still keeping the basic traits we had as young people, but maturing into such nice people! I have fond memories of a lot of the people on the site, and can only hope that others feel the same way about me. I'm sure life has dealt us all blows that we're recovering from, and some of us are gone, but the memories linger. I just celebrated my eighth anniversary (one and only marriage, thank you!) with my wife Kathy on beautiful Mackinac Island in Michigan. We have no children but an exceptionally cool cat! I occassionally do the music thing, but have been making a living as an actor and headshot photographer in Jacksonville, Florida ( Once an artist always an artist. Stay well, friends!

Kelly Reys Hi to everyone out there. I'm Sep. have 2 boys and 1 girl ranging from 16 to 10. I'm a homemaker. Hope you are doing well.

Carolyn (Riddell) Seaton I am currently living in Hermosa Beach and have been married to David Seaton for nine years. I have one son, Rick (18), from my first marriage. Rick will be attending the University of Colorado at Boulder next year. After teaching elementary and middle school for several years, I moved into school administration. I served as the Principal of Manhattan Beach Middle School for three years, and I am now Executive Director of Educational Services for the Manhattan Beach Unified School District.

Lisa Rucks

Nancy (Russell) Nelson Still Sparking things up.

Bill Sanders Hi all, I spent the first couple of years bumming around. I joined the army in '85 and got out in '88 to go to school. I got my degree in Econmics from the Univ.of Miane and couldn't find any good job possiblities in the local area. I went back into the army and have been there every since. I have been married for six wonderful years to Megan and we have two boys Caleb,4 and Liam,2. I'm heading to Germany for three years this winter, so if your in the area stop by.

Lisa Santiago where are all thouse torrance south bay studds that I want to see again now that I am single and do some catchimg up ?

Sheila (Savage) Patchett Where do I begin? Well I saw a lot of old faces at the 10 year reunion. I was there with my husband Steven who I had married at 21. I had just given birth to our 2nd child Kalen. She is 14 now and attending Moorpark High. She is a beautiful 9th grader who loves being a flyer on the cheer squad. My first born Stephan (Steffan) is 20 and attending UTI. My baby Tyler was born June of 1994. Steven and I divorced Aug. 1996 after 12 years of marriage. He remained very close and we were all still a family. I went back to school and graduated in May of 2004. I received a Bachlors in Social Welfare. Steven and I took our three children on vacation like we did a few times per year. We drove to Havasu with the boat and wave runners.On our third day there I wanted to go on another boat ride,so of course we did. When we brought the boat in to start dinner Steven wanted to take the children out for one more ride around the shore line. I said yes,and pushed them off with my daughter standing next to me. She had enough for the day and wanted to help me and my mom with dinner. There was a crash and my nightmare began. Stephan survived after being treated and air lifted to the trauma ward in Las Vegas.At midnight I found out my baby who was 10yrs and 6days old had gone to heaven minutes after the crash and Stevens body was no were to be found. They searched for 3 days with no luck. But 6 days after the crash his body came up and he had also gone to Heaven. I can't tell you all what had to be done in the next year. On Oct.31st 2005 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Its worse then what they thought. I'm a stage 3c and pray not to become a 4. I would like to be reunited with my baby and husband, but have children here who need me. Things are good between my daughter and myself, but have lost my eldest in that crash too. If anyone prays out there please pray for us. Besides my treatment we have a trial this month as well. The other boat driver has been brought up on charges such as manslaughter. We've been lucky in that our community and many churches(including our own) have done so much for us. The one thing I've learned is submitting, trusting and following in God. Who gives Grace,Mercy and Hope. And don't think for one minute that it has been easy. I would love to see some old faces at a 25th reunion.If you don't mind a bald woman. They tell me my eyebrows and lashes will return soon. So don't forget to invite me to that one please.

Philip (Steve) Schuyler Praise the Lord that all of you are still looking after one another. I have been married to Ursula for 17 years. We have 3 beautiful daughters 13, 10 & 7. We live in the raging hot Imperial Valley. But life is great. I work as a public health microbiologist so if any of you have a social disease let me know...We love to go the Colorado River! But my real passion is Kairos Prison Ministry. I have been so blessed by the brothers behind bars. I ask the Lord to Bless you all!

Mitch Schwartzburg Hi everyone, well, it has been a long time since I visited this site (before the 20th reunion), so here is my update: I am still working as an engineer in the aerospace industry (23 years, the industry has been good to my family), currently working for Raytheon Corp. in El Segundo. We are still happily married....Nancy & I are coming up on our 20th wedding anniv. We still live in beautiful Mission Viejo, Ca.(12+ years). Our daughter, Heather is 16 1/2 yrs old and is driving (man, time flies). Heather is a junior at Capistrano Valley HS where she is doing great both in academics and in sports (she is a pitcher on the varsity softball team). Heather is also on an ASA Fastpitch Travel Softball Team so when the high school season (beginning of Feb. - end of May) is over we get right back into travel ball (we have very little spare time). Between the High Scool softball and Travel softball Heather gets about 8 weekends off a year from play softball. Heather is already talking about Division I colleges to play ball at and is currently being scouted. I am back into Vintage Auto Racing so when we do have a free weekend I try to go racing. Look forward to the 30th reunion. Everyone take care and see you soon. Mitch

Fred Sidoti Still hangin behind the library after all these years. If you know me send me an e-mail

Kevin Smith Hello to grads of '81 - Only spent two years, my final high school years, at South. After graduating, attended El Camino then UCLA (Go Bruins!), the CSULB for a Master's in History and I teach part-time at Los Angeles Harbor College. Married for going on 11 years, have two awesome sons and live in San Pedro. I work full time for Los Angeles County Office of Education.

Thomas Smith 20 years already! Got my degree in mechanical engineering from Cal Poly and now am a registered civil engineer doing structural work. Live with my wonderful girlfriend in Lakewood. For fun, I build and race sports cars.

Robert Staszak Its been a long time, and i'm glad everyone is doing well these days. I'm living Flagstaff, AZ. and doing fairly well. I am a construction superintendent building custom homes $$$$, I am currently divorcing after ten years of marriage and nine years seperated (ttl 19 yrs), I have one son thirteen (big boy). I am involved with a local church serving where i can and of coarse i still play the drums (forever). Everybody God bless and hopefully see you in Nov. Take care

John Karl Stephenson, Jr Hello to all. Like the rest of you, I survived. Went straight from South to El Camino then I got into music which I played professionally until about three years ago. Now I live with my wife in a nice home in old Torrance. We have one boy together, and we each have a child from previous marriages. I am a Certified Arborist AKA "Tree Nerd", and I work locally.

Jon Stevenson

Emily Thomas If anyone remembers (me), I moved to Utah my Sophmore year. I moved back to Torrance right after my gratuation (dixie high). Anyway, I did a lot of different things when I came back. Most of it not so good!! I had a baby girl when I was 20 and placed her for adoption. I just met her last July...She is BEAUTIFUL!!! Then in 1995 I had my son, James. He is an awesome young man. I am still single....and back in Utah. I have been in Enterprise for 12 years now and love it!! Where else can you hop on a 4 wheeler and take off for the hills??? Any way, I hope to hear from some of you....

Carrie Todd The twenty year reunion was a blast! It was great fun to see so many friendly faces again. Moved away from SoCal in summer 2004 and now happily living in beautiful Boulder, Colorado! Looking forward to the next reunion (whenever that may be). New e-mail address since old posting:

Steve Turner Hi to all my long lost friends. I hate that I have lost contact with so many friends. After South, I went to San Diego State and married my next door neighbor from the dorm. Kelly and I got married in 88. We have three kids; Megan-16, Matt-15, and Shannon-12. I am a firefighter for L.A.Co.F.D. and live and work in Lakewood. I still run and coach pole vaulting at Mayfair High. If you get a chance look me up I'd love to catch up.

Emanuel Valdez

Dani (Valenzuela) Elledge Hi, My Husband and I live in Lakewood, CA. We have two kids, Kimber is 7 and Hunter is 5. I am a busy working mom. We love to go to our cabin in Big Bear when we get the time.

Mark Vampola Living in Santa Barbara area, married with 3 kids who are just growing up too fast.

Dennis Walker Married to Lynne 22 yers ago today. Working for Gwinnett County Public Schools in the Atlanta area.

Richard Weeks Ok, I finally decided to add my name to the list. Let’s see what have I done since high school? Well I got married (16 years ago) I have two beautiful girls named Melissa (19) & Alicia (16), I was working for the same company since 1987 where I was Branch Manager. I then met up with a few old friends fron SHS and now sell Real Estate in both the South Bay and Inland Empire. I live in Corona California I drive a Hummer and live in my dream home and I have a cat named Mew (or rat boy, he answers to either one.)

Nancy (Whitehead) Whitehead-Smith Married, recently bought a home in Torrance, 17- year-old daughter attends South (it seams so small now!), marketing manager of a local credit union. Happy life.

Lavon (Whittlesey) Heinemann I have been married to my husband for just over 16 years and have 4 children. Our 2 oldest, Haley, (14 yrs) & Kurtis (13yrs) go to school at Calle Mayor, (just like me,) and twin boys, Kevin & Travis (11 yrs) and attend Seaside Elementary. We bought the house I grew up in, and its pretty cool that our kids go to the same schools I did. Next year Haley with be at South, its looks a little different now, with the gates all around- like a jail! It would be much more difficult to sneak out & go to breakfast after 1st period now!! Our kids play baseball at TABB and Redondo Sunset, and AYSO soccer. Can't hardly wait for them to try out and play for SOUTH! My brother, Harold's son Dustin plays on the Varisty Football team #47- I just love going to the games and watching him on the field, and bumping in to old classmates! Before you know it our 30 year reunion will be here and we will all be sharing pictures of our grandkids!!! Oh my! Be good to yourselves and hope to see lots of you guys at the next reunion!

Mike Willens Wow, what a cool website! It's been too many years since high school. I graduated from UC Irvine in 1985 with a B.A in Economics (boring). I lived in both the South Bay and OC for many years. I have been in the insurance claims business since 1988, most of those years working as I currently do at Enterprise Rent A Car where I am a claims supervisor. After a couple moves out of Southern California I now live in Coconut Creek, FL (near Ft. Lauderdale). I am in the process of divorcing my wife of 9 years. We have 3 wonderful kids, Tyler, age 7, Ryan, age 5, and the most adorable 2 year old daughter Ellie. My family (including twin Damon and sister Stacey) still live in Southern California. I'd love to hear from anyone that would like to write.

Christine "Chrissy" (Williams) Statton Hello everyone! I'm happily married with 3 amazing kids working as a CPA in the central valley. My oldest heads off to college next year...can't believe it! We are busy with sports, music, church, and tons of fun. I haven't been a good Sr. Class president, and have nothing in the works for a 25th yet, but hope we can get something going. Is anyone interested in heading it up who lives back in the area? I hope we can get a reunion together! Marie the heck are you?!

Conny (Wine) Brown Hey everyone, Hope everyone is well. I am still in So. Ca. In San Pedro.A single mom of a 13 year old.

Teresa Yesia Hello Alumni: I still can't believe it has been over 20 years since being on the South High campus! Well, I still reside in the South Bay Area and have been experiencing the political arena for over 20 years by being employed with the City of Torrance. Hope all of you are doing well. God Bless, Terri

Julia (Yokubaitis) Sliskovich Hey Everyone, Hope life has been treating you all Well! I thought(for you who have been trying to get me to the reunions)and I must say without success, here is the latest gossip. I'm a single mother of two Awesome boys Alex who is Playing for South High freshman and junior and senoir varsity football team. Nick is my youngest in Richardson Middle 8th grade he also is in football he,s an excellent Quarterback.As for Me,as you can see I,m still living here in Sunny California and what a Ca winky dink I bought a house right near South High.I have had several diffent jobs and careers but have decided I want my own home based business. There thats most of it all condensed. Hope I see you all at the next Reunion(Just Maybe)Bye for now!

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