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Class of 1982
Gregg Aldapa Currently working as a Longshoreman.

Mary (Anagnost) Menchaca

Mary (Babbitt) Hammers Hi, I'm married with four kids (aged 8-1) living in the Bay Area, still working in broadcasting. Life is good. It was fun to see everyone at the 20th reunion. Count me in when the class of '82 gets together again!

David R Baker It was really great seeing the friends i had back in high school and missing them all. I'm married to a lovely lady bt the name of toni and we are in North Corlina where she grew up and started a family. i have 4 step kids and im a granddad twice now.i'm happy to have found this web site and i welcome all e-males to im a mechanic and i own my own bussiness now and doing really great. ill make the next reunion count on it.... bye 4 now..David

Lizzy Bishop Cannot wait to see all of you at the reunion!!!!

Steve Brickman Hey everyone! A little catching up! Graduated from Cal State Fullerton. Married for 10 yrs to wife Ann. Have 2 girls Bria (7) and Madison (4). Work for Allstate in the Claims dept. Live in beautiful San Diego. We also have a home based business that my wife and I have run for the past 7 yrs. Sorry I missed the reunion, but unable to get away during our busy season. Would be great to here from others!

Kirk Brunton

Guy Brydon Still living in beautiful south Torrance with my gorgeous wife and high school sweetheart, Michele (Hosino). We have been married 11 years and have five kids! No kidding, count 'em: Derek(10) Jaime(8) Taylor(4) Renee(2) Gunnar(5mo.)(final score boys 2 - girls 3). I have been a residential real estate appraiser since graduating from USC in '87. Michele is an R.N. Looking forward to seeing our class in 2002. Still can't find my hall pass! Time to update this message. Our 20 year reunion was awsome and we hand nothing but positive feedback from the alumni. It seemed that the 20 year was more attended that the 10 year. Ed Mannes did an excellent job as the committee chairman. It was great to see so many old friends that we grew up with, even before high school years. Class of '82 Rocks!

Chris Cagle Hi Looking to communicate with old friends, Dave/John Dalton or anyone else that I might have known- Thanks, Chris

Suzann (Carll) Kelly Isn't being 40 fun? (Yea, right). I've been married for 21 years and have two kids. I've lived in Germany, Washington, and Las Vegas but am now in Northern NV. No more moves for us unless it's back to Torrance for Vince's Spaghetti. Yummy! (Can someone send me some?)

Tammie Cheek Still alive & kicking in Manhattan Beach. 42 years and ticking and I still can't part with the South Bay.


Polly (Clute) Bocchino

Hana (Cohen) York

Kris Concepcion Married Peggy Whities. We live in South OC with our 4 girls.

Tim Cunningham The rundown: I graduated from CSULB in '88, lived in the Caribbean (Virgin Islands) from 89 -94 (adventurous!), sobered-up and got my Masters Degree in Environmental Policy & Management from the Univ. of Denver in '96. I'm still living in Denver and work as an environmental planner. (The quality of life in Colorado is very nice.) I missed the 10 yr. reunion due to my Caribbean adventures, but looking forward to July, 2002. I still go back to stay at my parents in Torrance at least once a year (Christmas). I was fortunate to have been raised in such an influential and energetic area of the world. Hope to see you in 2002.

Paula (Cutcher) Aiton Married in 1984, we now have a 7 year old daughter. We live in Central California and love, love, love living in a small town. My husband is a successful architect in Fresno and I've dabbled in lots of things mostly using computers and technology (web design, research analyst, writing,...that sort of thing). I'm also a piano tuner. I have continued to play music steadily since high school and now have five instruments I play most of the time. I recorded a praise & worship CD in 2007 with my church worship team while in Brazil (yes, you heard right, Brazil) and we'll be recording an english language CD in 2009. My primary instruments are flute and saxophone. Sorry I haven't been to any reunions. I'm just not a reunion sort of girl. Present day is keeping me busy.

John Dalton After spending several years trying to burnout. I funally was able to stay clean. 13+ yrs. now. Moved to Las Vegas in '93. Married an '83 North High alumnist, named Brynne. She and I have a son named Christopher, he is 15 and a freshman in high school. I'm very proud of him, he has enrolled in medical placement program to become a doctor. My wife is a realtor and I am a pharmacy technician by day, a student by night(taking pre-requisites for pharmacy school). Hope to hear from people

Greg Daraban Its hard to believe its the reunion year. 20 years have gone by pretty fast its seems like yesterday we were all cruising around on Friday and Saturday Nights looking for Jerr's Truck so we could find the party. I married Arlene Vogeler class of 1983. We have 2 kids Justin 6 and Tyler 3 we live in the most exciting city in the world Las Vegas, Nevada. I certainly miss the beach, but I really love the fun of this 24 hour town. Arlene is co manager of a Bath and Body Store in Caesars Palace,and I'm Oddsmaker and Sports Analyst for a computer odds service. We sell odds to all the Las Vegas and Offshore Sportsbooks around the world. I currently host a radio show and was on National TV on(USA Cable)for 2 years picking games against the point spread. I was lucky enough to win the Stardust Casino Contest picking college basketball games against the spread and won $10,000 bucks. The money was great, but the best thing was my name was on the Stardust Hotel sign in lights for an entire week which was really cool.** Regarding the 2002 Reunion the committe did a great job, it was great seeing everybody.

Phil Delurgio It was great seeing so many of you at our reunion last year -- thanks Eddie for throwing a great party (as always). As for what I've been up to -- graduated from USC in '86; lived all over LA doing various things; moved to Chicago for grad school in '92; got married in '95; moved back to LA/OC in '96; Had one little guy in '00, another in '02; we moved up to NorCal in '01, and are itching to get back to SoCal.

CTB > F600

Scott Dickson As I have a habit to do, I have re-surfaced after years of looking for enlightenment. This time I have landed in Columbus, Ohio working at Ohio State. OK, not what you expected, but it's been pretty good so far. Sorry for missing the 20 year, but planning a visit to Cal this summer. Take Care

Lisa Dillon

David Djujich Still here, single, living in the Riviera, after living in Orange Country for 5 years and New York for 5 years, I decided I missed the good life back here in the South Bay. Great to see so many familiar names on the list.

David Doyle I have been living in Las Vegas since 2001....

Janette (Dunbar) Mondon Hi Class of '82. I am living in Northern California with my husband of 20 years, David, and 2 children (Daniel, 13 & Rebecca, 10). I graduated from Cal Lutheran Univ in 1986 and CSU Stanislaus in 1993. I work for Stanislaus Child & Family Services. I sure miss the beach.

Christie Edman Big thanks to everyone who attended the 25 year combined reunion in November 2007. Happy Anniversary SHS.

Brenda (Elder) Leavenworth Hey everyone....Well, after high school I worked at Little Co. of Mary hospital where I met my now husband, Ted. We have been married 24 years, have 3 kids, Megan 23, Katelyn 21, and Scott 19. Both our girls are now married and our first grandchild is on its way!! We live in Temecula where my husband is now a Pastor. Life is good!! Miss the beach, though.

Ann Elming Passed away 1987 car accident corner of Hawthorne and PCH

Kimberly (Erickson) Luster The easiest way to find out what I'm up to is to email me or check out my page on: Many wonderful things have happened since I left South High. I'd love to chat... anytime. I hope you are all doing fabulous! Take care, Kimberly

Michele (Evans) Evans-Ito married, with one child and living in Lakewood, Ca

Kevin Francis Enjoyed the 20 year reunion. The commitee did an excellent job and I was able to renew some great friendships.

Carl Freeman

Kathy (Fuller) Garland Never left the South Bay. Yes, still alive and doing well, thank you very much! Married to my husband for 16 years. Still run.

Larry Gasteiger

Cindy (Gramstrup) Maxwell

Jeanine (Griffiths) Fields

Chris Haas Latest stop is Greenville, SC, Summer 2006. Those that have dared to keep up with me know to write my address in pencil. On my 3rd passport - filled up the other two. Life is very good here. Hope you're all doing well.

Richard Harger Hope everyone is doing well!

Kami (Harrison) Scheible Hi. I was married to David Scheible since 1988 and we recently divorced. I two beautiful children Adam 16 and Sharon 15. I own a home in Murrieta California. I work at an imaging facility full time. Still looking for Jamy Johnston. Would love to get intouch with him. Went to my 20th with Jamie Geswaldi - had a great time. Nice seeing old friends. Wish to hear from them.

Dan Hart

Kimberly (Harvey) Gilbert Hi All, It was great to see everyone at the Tri-Mega Reunion. Can't believe it has been so many years since high school. Hope to see everyone soon. Take care, Kim

Graham Healy Living in Placerville California with 2 dogs named Jazz and Mary-Margaret

Renee (Hill) Harlow got devorced,looking for a new man to support me

Mark Hoisko 2010 - living, working, and enjoying life in the pv pennisula area..!

Ken Hollomon OK! Now things are getting really strange. My oldest son is at South High. My youngest will be a freshman at South High next year. I am a soccer booster parent. And I am still dating. Yikes!!!! What happened???

Ron Hupe Married,then divorced. i have three great kids; Ashley 16, Ronald jr.(bubba)15, and Kyle 12. I live in riverside county out by lake elsinor. i'm happy, tired and overworked.

Matt Jones 2009 is my 20th year of living in Japan. I married a beautiful Japanese woman and have 4 children (3 girls and a boy). Julia 6, Lennon 4, Leah 2 and Tina 0. People keep telling me it was the "Genie Auction" when the girls dressed me up as a Japanese Maiko-san that sealed my fate! I still coach soccer and live near hot springs. All friends welcome!!

Carolyn (Jung) Cook

Yvette (Kakumu) Dobson

Dave Keary

Jeffrey Khachadoorian Looking forward to seeing everybody at the reunion. Later, dude!

Michelle (Kimbrough) Siincomb Hi everyone - I've been living outside of Palm Springs, CA for the last 20 years w/my husband, Chris. We have two sons, Eddie and Bailey. I am a successful career person with a Fortune 500 company in Senior Management but my most rewarding aspect of my life is being a wife and mom. I have a lot of fond memories at South.

Deralyn Knappenberger Deralyn did not add her name, to this list. Her BIG sister Beth did! I figure if she signed me up in high school for all of the armed forces, I could at least put her name on some kinda list. If anyone is interested in contacting her, you can go up to my name in 1981 and send me a message for her. She is living in Northern California (Humboldt Co.) and is the proud single mother of a just turned five year old girl. Oh man, she's gonna love me for this!

Sandra Kortlang Hello Class of 82!! After hearing about our 20 yr. reunion, I went to the ol' high school and did a stroll about and boy did it ever bring back some great memories of my "time" with my pals Libby (Parks)& Sylvia (Maloney)!! I am probably the only graduate who has yet to take the "plunge" but that is cool with me. I have traveled and played and enjoyed life and have no major complaints (ya right)!! Can't wait to "trip out" on those I enjoyed and laugh at those I did not!! --Just kidding See ya soon!!

Eleanor La Fraugh

Carla (Lee) Gilhuys The 25 year reunion is right around the corner. It will be great fun to visit with my high school friends again.

Dana (Leonard) Palmer It was great to find this site and see the familiar names. Looking forward to seeing your faces in 2002. Quick update...lived in Argentina for 18 months before coming home and getting married to Douglas Palmer in 1986. We have two children, Andrew (9) and Mandolin (5). We started out in So. Cal, then moved to No. Cal, but have finally found our home here on Fox Island in Washington. It's not Torrance, but at least I have an ocean view!

Susan Lepper

Greg Lewis I still live in Torrance. I have been married to Shelly for 18 years and have a fouteen year old daughter and a ten year old son.Our Daughter goes to South next year!! I own an Uphostery business and work at the Palos Verdes School District.

Lorrian (Maass) Ippoliti Has it really been 20+ years? Where does the time go??? I graduated from CSULB with a degree in Business Admin/Accounting and spent a few years at Deloitte & Touche in Irvine before deciding that the private sector was where my skills and desire for quality of life fit best. I'm currently Accounting Manager for the Torrance HQ of a not-for-profit consulting firm (how's that for an oxymoron?) that assists California's manufacturers. My husband, Mike, and I live in Long Beach. No kids (yet?) but my brother Randy's ('83) boys keep us busy, as do our dogs, cats, and garden. I'd love to hear from you - send me an email! :-)

Ed Mannes If you are interested in the reunion, please send me an e-mail with your contact info. I alos recommend going to and registering your name and contact info there. The reunion is July 20 at the Torrance Marriott. For those interested, we will be having an informal gathering at National's in Torrance on Friday night, the 19th, and a family picnic at DePortola Park on Sunday, the 20th. If you have contatc with any classmates, please have them contact me or the reunion company. I look forward to seeing you there.

Niki (Marks) Akbik Hi Everyone! Missed the 2002 reunion, had a baby the week before. Have 2 boys now. Still live in Torrance. Just found site 5/05. Nice to see how everyone is doing. E-mail me. Hope to hear from Mike Westman.

Debbi (Martinsen) Leyden Still living in the southbay. Would love to hook uhp with any friends from the top of crest rd. and ave. i. emee at

Donnie Maurer All- Great time at the 25 year re-union! Good seeing everyone. Still in Temecula...married 11 years to Eleni...three kids Joey 10, Christine 8 and Jake 6. Look forward to seeing everyone soon. Donnie Maurer 11/26/07

Tricia McLinden Basically, there's never a dull moment in my life.I could write a book. Life is good! Why am I coming to the 20 year reunion? I hated high school. Because, it'll be so fun to see familiar faces I grew up with! I'm going to ride my bike on "the strand" Sat., and shop at Del Amo. Tammy Strawn, Debbie Martinsen, Andrew Buck, Greg Lewis, I saw your names, and others, I'll see you. And, BLers ruled big time! later people

John McMahon

Betsy (Mead) Noel Hey everyone! Just found this site and am so glad to read what everybody's up to. I'm on the East coast now, so it's harder to come back and visit, but I'll try to make it if we have another reunion. I'm married and living in Ithaca, NY with my husband and our 2 year old daughter (plus 2 dogs and 1 cat). I'm working as a dentist and generally enjoying life. I'd love to hear from anyone who's also East, or just anybody who wants to get in touch!

Kathleen (Murphy) Brown Just let me update this, we have moved to the Bozeman MT area. I have lived by the beach, in the desert, on an island, in the plain states, back to the desert & now I have made it to the mountains. I love it here. My 3 boys are fine young men, Dennis is 23, works for a railroad co. Mikey 21, plays football for North Dakota State University, DT #94. They are No 1 in the FCS coaches poll. I'm not able to make the reunion this time because I will be in ND watching him play. Kevin is 19 & is working in Hawaii building steal buildings & very much enjoying life. Jerry & I have been married for almost 24 years & we are loving life. I hope everyone is well.

Geoff Nathanson

Eric Neseth

Michelle (Palyo) Kent

Elizabeth "Libby" (Parks) Compton

Elizabeth "Libby " (Parks) Compton Happily married for twenty-two years. Living in Colorado since '93. Three children, Noelle (20), Dani (16) and Dylan (14). If you are ever in the area stop by, the powder is great!

Russell Pierson See entry under Renee Meadows (Pierson).

Glenn Pitcher Moved to San Diego in the summer of '81 but went back to finish out my senior year. Been in San Diego since. Got married in '96 to Missy and we have a great little girl who's now 3.

Teresa (Poff) McDugald

Lorrie Powell

Laura Ralph Hi everyone this has my updated email info. I'm doing well. Living in No. Cal. after a long stint in the Northwest.

Dr. Jeffrey S. Rhind, D.D.S.

Kathi (Robertson) Scott

John Rolstead Hello to all Spartans! I am just finding this page in 2009. It was fun reading your notes, so I will add mine. I guess my biggest announcement is that I am a Libertarian. That is funny coming from the class bully (just ask the Jerr)! Life does that to you; you just keep learning about yourself. I fondly remember the summer before high school; I spent all three months on the beach at Ave I. What a life! I went in the Navy for 6 years (Electronics Tech). I met and married Elaine in 1993 (British). Misty is her daughter (1987). We had Travis in 94. We live in St. Louis, I work for Solutia as a computer systems analyst. I look forward to the 30 year reunion. See you all then!

Chris Rossi A week doesnt go by that I dont thank God for the blessing of growing up in the South Bay and attending South High with each of you. 2010 finds me celebrating 10 years in Phoenix, AZ with my wife of 12 years and our 3 children ages 11, 6, and 4. If you are ever passing through AZ or visiting loved ones, I'd welcome the opportunity to reconnect over lunch or a beer. Hope to see you all at our 30th reunion in 2012. All the Best, CR

Steve Ruffoni

Jennifer (Sales) Bemowski

Desierre (Sanchez) Montgomery I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion !!! I didn't make it to the last reunion, and Joey Satery told me how much fun I missed. I will be at the next one for sure. I am still in living in Walteria with my husband of 13 years Randy. I have one daughter Tiffany that is 22 years old. Tiffany was the fourth generation in our family that graduated from South High. My mom was in the first graduating class in 1960 and my father and little sister Wendy, also graduated from South. After high school I began my 25 years down on the waterfront as a Longshoreman with the I.L.W.U local #13. I just recently transfered to the Marine Clerks local #63. My daughter Tiffany is also a Casual down on the docks. She will be the fourth generation longshoreman in our family soon. I can't wait to see everyone again it's going to be a blast !!

Joey Satery Hope all is well with everyone. See you all at the next South High Alumni function. Take care.

Marc Schaefle Hello

Elana (Schupack) Duewel Life is good here in Folsom, CA where my husband Mark and our two boys Kevin (9) and Brett (6) live. I would love to hear from old friends. You can e-mail me at

Michael Shurgot apparently the only class I took at SHS that is relevant to my current career (CPA) is algebra. If I had known this would be the case, I would have spent much more time "behind the library" and much less time trying to remember which kind of tea (Ceylon and Darjeeling) was flung into the harbor during the Boston Tea Party!!!

Michelle (Siminich) Sabina

Laurel Snider

Sue (Spencer) Havris Hello all...I'm hoping this update "takes." I think I posted my name change the last time, but I didn't change any information. I'm living in Tucson, Arizona, where I teach 4th grade. I miss the South Bay. I was there Christmas, 2007 with my husband, Jeremy. I'm assuming I missed the 25 year reunion, but I'm so detached from my high school life. Feel free to write me if you remember me. I'd love to here from you.

Matt Stellino Hello fellow Spartan brethren: Well I'm a standing on a corner in Phoenix, Arizona and life is good. Chris Rossi is my neighbor, my two kids Matthew and Molly(11 & 8)are growing like weeds and keeping me busy, and I've been married to the same beautiful woman for going on 14 years. Love to hear from any and all alum and if you're ever passing thru hell (aka--phoenix, az, it's hot here ya know!!)look me up.

Tammy (Strawn) Parsons Hey everyone! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion next summer! Wow, a 20 year reunion... that makes me feel old. I married a guy (Neil) from Northern California 17 years ago and were doing great! We have 5 kids, 2 girls and 3 boys from the ages 16 to 7. We live in Lakewood, CA not to far from "home" (Torrance). I'm a full time mom and a part time student at CSULB. You can check out our web site at!

Todd Thompson I just decided to check and see if there was an alumni site for South High.....and here it is!! I have really enjoyed reading about a lot of you and what you are doing now. Here is my contribution =) I moved to Arkansas in 1986. My father is from AR. and a lot of my family lives here. I was dating Jennifer Mobley (class of '83) before I left and came back to marry her in 1988. We still live in Arkansas and have two kids, Taylor (11) and Kaitlyn (8). I can honestly say that, next to my decision to follow Jesus Christ, my wife and kids are the best thing to ever happen to me. Life has been good to me to say the least. I have so many good memories from school....having English with Kim Wyrick and Kirk Brunton, playing in the basketball team with Eddie, Bill, Alan, Gary, Matt, etc., and many many more. I will bookmark this site and re-visit often to look for any changes.

Catherine (Ulyate) Webber

Kevin Valentine

Julia Vendeland See everyone at our 25th reunion next year!

Gina Virrazzi Hi Everyone!! Not a lot me time to say much...still in the South Bay (with my daughter, Reggie, of course!!)...same old, same old. I hope all is well with everyone else...Take Care and I'll add more later. Bye for now!!

Margie (Weber) Ehlers Hi everyone! So terrific to find this site and see how many people stayed in the area and how everyone is doing. My husband Mark and I have been married almost 14 years and have four kids: Mary,10, Maeve, 6 and Malcolm and Max 13ms twins. Thats all. I'm a stay at home mom. We bought in Old Torrance 5 years ago. Hope all is well. Send me a message or I'll see you at the reunion!!!

Kathy White

Tim White The other night I was looking at my yearbook for the first time in many years and it made me think about the twenty year reunion coming up soon. I'm now married to my lovely wife Daniela and have two young children. We met while I was touring around Europe in 1991. She comes from Austria. After getting married we moved to Maui and started a successful business dealing with tourists, we love it here. Hope to attend in 2002.

Peggy (Whities) Concepcion

Stacey (Willens) Miller Hey all! My husband Blake and I live in Fountain Valley and have a 2 year old daughter Olivia. I've been working as a social worker and therapist for Los Angeles County for 11 years. Will try to make it to the 25th reunion along with my brothers, Mike and Damon who graduated in 1981.

Robert Wilson after leaving south high i served a four year apprenticeship in millright and machinery erectors union. i worked for several differant contractors in southern ca before being offered a 3 month job in hawaii in april of 1989- i came to hawaii moved to the north shore of oahu the first week i was there and became a surfer.8 years ago i bought a small fixer upper house near hilo on the island of hawaii.i live here with carol, my girlfriend of 4 years.50+ chickens 11dogs 4 cats and a goat.if your coming to thebig island im in the phonebook-please feel free to call.

Kim (Wyrick) Trudnowski

Jim Wyzard After years of lurking, I finally decided to update this page once I heard about the passing of my friend Ron Cleary, class of 1981. Ronnie and I hadn't spoken for awhile, time and distance are always the prime culprits. He was and will always be my friend and I will miss him tremendously just like I have missed him over the past few years. Life is funny that way you never know how much you will miss something until it's gone. I've been living in the NYC area for the past 10 years and I have been on the east coast for over 20. I am re-married with a 2-year old daughter. My daughters from my first marriage live in the South Bay and both graduated from South High. I am proud of them as any father could be. NYC is my home now but a part of me will always be in the South Bay. Those friendships from the past are the part of the foundation of who I am and as I think back to all the great times I had at South I was lucky to have those friendships. As I moved forward in my life I was comforted in knowing that at one time Ronnie and his family treated me as one of their own. When Ronnie's dad passed away 10 years ago a part of me went wit him. With Ronnie's passing a bigger piece of me goes as well. Farewell my friend, rest easy...

SueAnne Yee I don't know if anyone remembers me...I was a pretty shy band twinkie :) Went on to UCLA and ended up in aerospace for two years, before marrying a fellow UCLA grad. Been married 18 years and have 12 year-old twins (boy & girl--lucky me!) Have been in sunny San Diego for 7 years now (after 10 years in the Imperial Valley desert!!). My contact info: Drop me a line sometime!

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