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Class of 1985
Darin Anderson Hey Spartans, I really hope everyone is doing well! I can't believe we are 40+. When I came across this site,it made me smile seeing so many familiar faces and remembering great times together over the years in Torrance. Life has been good. My wife of 7 years, Lori, is wonderful. We have two son is now 6 and my daughter is 4. Our health is great, I still run and play soccer a lot and lead a couple companies, and We have been living in Newport Beach for the last 8 years. Please email anytime. If you are in the area, please let me know.

Gigi (Andrade) Breznai Hi everyone. Most of you probably don't remember me considering I only went to South a year and a half. I now live in Cincinnati OH with my husband, Frank and daughter Avery. I miss being away from home and visit often! Hope to see you guys at the next reunion

Anne (Babbitt) Filce Hello all. I now live in Tahoe with my husband and two kids, 12 and 10. I teach at my kids' school and am enjoying living in an area with seasons. I never would of thought that I would spend more time skiing than at the beach.

Danny Barnett

Wayde Beckman Hi all. I am living in The Woodlands Tx. I have been here since Oct 1998 after spending a few years on the east coast, a couple in Denver, a couple in Pheonix and finally one in Guam. I got married in 2003 and have 2 beautiful girls the oldest is 3 and the youngest is 3 months. I have been working for Continental Airlines for 17 1/2 yrs. I am a Captain and fly the 737. I hope all of you are well. Sorry I missed the 20 year reunion. I hope to see you all at the next one.

Mila (Bobkova) Thomas I live in Orange County with my husband of 16 years, Bob. We have two kids, John 8 and Emily 4. Graduated CSULB in 1989, Pepperdine MBA 1996. Spent 10 + years working for an investment firm. In 2007 I changed jobs to work for a children's non profit.

Rene (Buckalew) Cipres 8/05 Just wanted to update everyone. Still happily married to the love of my life, Patrick, living in Lake Havasu, AZ., a SAHM to 2 wonderful little boys, Steven (6), and Matthew (3). We live next door to my parents and really enjoy the small town atmosphere. I would love to hear from everyone. I will not be making it to the 20th due to conflicting plans. Oh well! Hope everyone has a great time.

Dana Cagle Hi Looking to find any old friends from Calle Maypr or even Seaside!! Drop me a line.....Dana


Debbie (Chen) Keesey This is an updated entry - I'm writing this in July 2008. Now 40 years old! At least I know you're all with me! You know, I really dislike that high school graduation picture of me. Did I really look like that? Ugh! Anyway, I'm in the South Bay, have 3 growing boys (3, 6 and 8), create estate plans (Wills and Trusts), and have an eco-friendly bamboo apparel business. Lots of fun. Check us out at See you at the 30th!

Chuck Codd Living in Waco Tx. Assistant soccer coach at Baylor. Wife and daughter are good. Food on the table and airconditioning in the summer. Life is good! Old friends say hi!

Raymund Del Rosario Wow. I can not believe that i wasted so many years of my life and now i am 40.Dam.But anyways,I live in tampa ,fl now which i still don't know how i got here, but I am doing ok.I look half my age and i love it.Well if you ever happen to be in tampa send look me up. Later, Ray

Laureen (Deprest) Ameye Hello everyone,its great to hear everyone is doing so well. I live in a small town in Michigan with my husband and our two kids. Im an Interior Designer and my husband is a retired FireFighter who is currently working as a line Supervisor for a leading automotive supplier. Sorry I missed everyone at the reunion, hopefully I'll see you at the 25th year. Feel free to contact me, I'd love to hear from old friends.

Gordon Deprest Hi all. I wish I could see all of you at the 20th class reunion, but unfortunately I can not attend (work is keeping me pretty busy these days). For the last 5 years I have been living in a suburb of Detroit Mi. Prior to that I lived in Tempe Arizona for 14 years (what a time I had !!). I'm an Inside Salesman and work for a millwork company. Through the years I've remained single (never been married/no kids) but what friends and memories I've shared!! Drop me a line on my E-mail address and we'll catch up.

Kristy Doyle I just finished a video with the guidance of my good friend and Oscar-winner, Norman Gimbel. He wrote "Killing me Softly"...Oscar for "Norma Rae", etc. He's 80+ but says you are never too old to write a great song and that a great song lives forever. Look for the video/song on U-Tube soon...called "Sunday", filmed in Ojai....keep your dreams alive everyone! Your friend always, Kristy Doyle.

Janelle (Estiamba) Schooley Hi everyone.How wild! We're crawling up on 20 years from being at South. I am retired and living in CA. Before retiring I worked in the fashion industry. I've worked for Body Glove, Lee Thomas Inc,and Victoria Secret Dress Division. Now I travel and enjoy life at my home in Palos Verdes.I'd love to hear from fellow Spartan Martians.We're all green inside.

Shelley (Evert) Metivier

Chris Fisher I didn't really gradute with my class. I finished in 84 with an independant study program. I still rememeber most of the class though. Others classes too! Good school, great times. Would like too attend a reunion. Please inform me of any info possible. I miss all of you.Some of my best friends were at south. Anyone heard from Mr. Porter or Mr. Martin? Would like to say hi.

Stacy (Fry) Gens OMG- Check all my fellow alumni out!!! I am currently in Orange County, Ca. I been busy since high school. Married, Divorced, Married and then Divorced again. And both divorces were all good and friendly!! I have a wonderful 11 yr old son who is the light of my world. I have been with the love of fmy world for 4yrs, and its ok not to be married (ha ha ) I am a accounting manager for a Electronic Data Interchange Company in Irvine. I miss High School I miss alot of people from 1985. If anyone knows how to or talks to Suzanne Huntling... Please let her know I am looking for her!!! she can find me on Facebook. I am glad to hear all of you are well, happy and parents after all these years!!! Care cant wait till 25th Reunion!!!- Stacy

Peg Garcia-Bergin Hello fellow classmates. Unfortunately I did not get to graduate with you because I moved after my freshman year to Cambria, California. I have since moved many times and now live in Seattle, Washington. I have been married for 10 years and have 2 kids, a 3-year-old boy and 5-month-old girl. I have been working for United Airlines for the last 6 years and love the free travel. Like all of you I am just looking to reconnect with some old friends that I lost touch with many years ago. I would submit a picture from my freshman yearbook but I lost it (along with all my Calle Mayor and Seaside yearbooks and pictures) during one of my many moves. So if any of you out there have an extra one and donít know what to do with it, please let me know

Wendy (Gasteiger) Travis It's great to catch-up on everyone. As for me...I graduated with my BA from UC Irvine in 1989. Got my Masters in Urban Planning at George Washington University in 1993. Then, I lived in Florida, Oregon, and North Carolina before settling in Austin, Texas in 2000. Met my hubby, Jim, at work and we were married in 1999. We have two beautiful daughters, Taylor (2002) and Lexi (2006). I am an Associate Vice President with HNTB, an engineering consultant firm, and I do transportation consulting. I hope to see you all at the 30-year reunion!

Kim Hale WOW - like many of you I stumbled across this site! I see many bios of people I used to hang out with - a wonderful reminder of my days at SHS. I am currently a student at Wellesley College in MA, where I am majoring in Urban Studies/Education Policy. I have spent a good part of the past ten years living on the east coast, primarily in New York. Looking forward to making a trip back to California for the next reunion. Would love to hear from you... Kim

Andy Hooton I have had alot of fun since I left school. I now live in central Arizona and am a Deputy Sheriff. I teach D.A.R.E. and work full time in three schools as a School Resource Officer. My wife and I are expecting our first son at the end of June.

MaryJo Jerro Quit my job, traveling the world for a bit. I'll get back to the work thing soon enough. Email me if you have time.

Mark Johnson OWNED BY and OPERATED

Rory Jones Living large here in Seattle Wa.Write if you want,love to hear from you

Careen (Kahoe) Stokes Hey everyone, just updating my profile. I now live in Squires MO, my husband and I raise Boer goats and we also breed horses, we bought a 40 acre ranch and are loving it here. My children are 18 and 10, the 10 year old is here but my 18 year old is attending El Camino we tried to get her to move here but city girl said " Hell no ". Well if anyone remembers me write me would love to hear from old friends!

Wen Hwa "Abel" Kan Wow! It's really cool to see how people have changed (or not). I'm now married and live in Irvine, and I teach people how money works, and how to start their business. Still keep in touch with Frank Lin and Roger Suh. Wish everyone's doing well!

Cherene (Kohan) Birkholz

Lea Lambert Hi Kids~ What's happenin'? Hope all is well and every single one of you is planning to show up at the reunion for a good game of caps or quarters. JK! So far, life for me has been great with the exception of the last year... I was diagnosed with cancer but I beat it. After 7 months of Chemo and three months of radiation, I am happy to report that I am finally in remission and lookin damn good! My hair only took two months to grow back! For a while there me and Melissa Etheridge could've been twins! I am currently single. -Never had kids -I'm too selfish and career oriented. I'm in the process of moving back to Redondo Beach. Like most people who live in LA, I work in the entertainment industry. I've been doing visual effects for 8 years and I love it! All in all life is very good. I hope to see lots of happy, healthy familiar faces at the reunion! Until then, take care & be well!

Lynae (Lever) Gisler I graduated from SDSU in 1992 with a MA in Education. I began teaching at a language school where I met my husband (he was one of my Swiss students)who is an electrical engineer. We bought a beautiful house in San Diego which is a bit big for the two of us. We are not sure about having kids because we like to travel. Some of the places we have been to are: Jamaica, Japan, Costa Rica, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, France (most of Europe). Look me up if you are ever in San Diego.

Frank Lin Hi all, I am glad I found this site! It is a pleasant surprise to see what my former classmates are doing well. I am living in the Torrance area and would love to chat with old friends so feel free to contact me if you are in the area. I still keep in touch with Roger Suh, Wen Hwa Kan, and Scott Johnson on a fairly regular basis. Since I was the class historian, I took lots of pictures during high school and would love to share with you guys. Take care.

Beth Maki ya, well, life goes on...

Melissa (Marshall) O'Malley I have four children (ages 11,9,6,3 mos), am happily married and very busy performing music, raising a family, working (same place for 20 years!), etc... I live in Lomita and am very active in our local church in Torrance. You can check out LOTS of pictures and listen to our music at See you on Saturday!

Wendy (Mastin) Grebbien Hello! I have been married to my husband Brian since 1993. We met in San Diego while I was attending San Diego State for my B.A. degree and teaching credential. We have three children. I am a teacher at my neighborhood elementary school. We live in Carlsbad, CA.

Bryan Matthews

Carolyn (McDonnell) Maury Hello! It is wonderful to read how everyone is doing. Hard to believe our 20 year reunion is in 3 years! :O Time has flown by. So many blessings. I hope each and everyone of my fellow classmates have experienced all life has had to offer. I hope to hear from some of you!

Colleen (McMahon) Woolery Hi Fellow Spartans! It's great to see how everyone is living life to the fullest. After HS I went to SDSU then finished up at CSULB. I worked my way up to become a Senior in-house producer for Mattel Toys making commercials. I married my college sweetheart Dan in '97. We have 4 children. Quincy-10, Lidia-8, Michael-6 and our most recent surprise Nate-1. Almost 2 years ago we moved up to Danville CA. (the Bay Area). Everything is beautiful up here except the beaches. There's nothing like a Socal beach. Now I'm a busy mom of 4 and lovin' life.

Lena (Megerdichian) Mihranian Hello all, I have been married to my husband John since 1999. We have two beautiful children ages 8 and 4. We live in Northridge,CA. My husband and I own and operate a Baskin Robbins in Encino, CA. Can't think of any way I would rather spend my days than working with my husband and raising my kids. Life is good........ Would love to hear from some old friends.

Keith Moore Hi everyone. IM currently liveing in Big Bear Ca. Im Divorced with 3 kids 2 beautiful daughters and one energetic but wonderful son. I would love to hear from anybody from south. I miss my old friends. Take care

James Murphy Hi everyone. It is hard to believe it as been almost 20 years. I have been living near Charlotte, North Carolina for the past 7 years. I am married and have 2 daughters.

Jeffrey Neal My brother Mike (class of 87) mentioned this site. After South, I graduated from UCSB and later completed the Executive Management program at Stanford University. I'm married and have 3 children, Katherine, James and Grace. My wife, Karin is from Bakersfield and is a San Luis Obispo Alumni. I've made a career in the professional staffing business for the past 13 years. I'm currently Group President at Kforce Inc. (NASDAQ: "KFRC", ). We live in Marin County up in Nor Cal and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. Cheers. 2003-07-25

Theresa (Nelson) Marek Hello- I moved to Oklahoma after I graduated from South. I graduated from the University of Oklahoma ( O.U.) with a degree in Sociology. I married and had a son. My son Steele is 7 1/2 and lives with me in Oklahoma City. I would love to hear from some old friends.

Mike O'Connor 19 years, where did they go? I have worked at such a diverse array of jobs that space would not allow me to list them all. From being a police dispatcher to working for McCluskey LTD. in Torrance on a dance prop called Dreamcatcher for the L.A. based dance troop Diavolo. To consulting for Remora Records and Secret Studio on technical matters. I work for an Electrical contractor out of Long Beach and another general/electrical out of Huntington Beach at the present. I am single, no children, have 2 birds and live in San Pedro. I have been an avid motorcyclist (NOT HOGS) for the last 20+ years and ride EVERY day. If you Email be sure and come up with a snappy subject line or spam in the can you will be!

Kelly (Obrien) Machuca I am married, have a wonderful son named Cole who is 5. My family and I just recently moved from Torrance to Roseburg, Oregon. I am a Hospitalist for the Veterans Affairs.

Jim Olmos Hope you're all doing well. Please check out my site at jamesolmos . com I have a few links to social networks where you can add me and see what's happened to me after all these years. Can't wait to hear what's new in your life!

Kendra (Philllips) Stumpf Married, living up in Northern Ca for 15 years now, and will never get used to the cold temperature of the ocean here, but I do love the "small" town feel of where we live (Pleasanton). Still playing and coaching softball, love watching the Dodgers. My daughter Kalaya is a Sophomore in College. Started up my own business (can you say scary?) - it's all about inspiring and encouraging women and girls to stay and be active in sports. Hope everyone is well...and happy!

Rahul (Ray) Podder 23 Years! Whaaa? I stumbled upon this site and was pleasantly surprised to trip down memory lane. HS seems Eons ago, much like my breakin' days, but the memories are surprisingly crisp. My wife and I have been in the West LA area for the last 10 years. Before that SF/Bay Area and before that traveling wherever work took me. I advise to, design and develop emerging web/mobile businesses and its a fun ride for the most part. I'm looking forward to the next reunion to catch up with all of you :)

Tiffany (Pruitt) Aguirre It definitely doesn't seem like 20yrs! Looking forward to seeing you all at our reunion. The synopsis: Graduated from USC 91(BS Dental Hygiene); married, Andy, 1996; Graduated 97 (MBA); August 1997 had 1st son, Adam; Ryan followed in 1998; "stay-at-home-mom" 2000; 3rd son, Scott, in 2002. My husband is a FF/Paramedic with Long Beach. We just moved back into our home in the Riviera after tearing the 1948 house down! Still see a lot of SHS alumni living in the south's great...Life is good!

Joyce (Rayess) Burmood :)

Robin (Reddy) Hunsberger Hi everyone. I just stumbled across this page and was shocked to see so many familiar names! I would love to chat with everyone and catch up. :-)

Scott Reece Hi all. Just came accross this site and had flashbacks to the times we had. It is awesome to read about everyone. I am currently in Arlington Washington, which is about 50 miles nouth of Seattle. After HS, I played baseball at El Camino and ended up coaching there for a couple years. Started working in 1990 for an aerospace interior company in O.C. Moved up here in 2004, as the company has another facility here. I am married with 4 kids 18, 14, 11 and 9. The oldest graduated HS last June. Wow. I enjoy coaching the kids sports teams, keeps me young. Keep in touch. I wish all of you the best. Take Care, Scott

Mark Reynolds Come see my band perform live at Scruffy O'Shea's in Marina Del Rey at 9pm...11/25/2K... MET A IV (Metaphor) will be coming to a town near you, so lock up your daughters!

Michelle (Rosenthal) Parsons Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. Things are going well for myself and my family. I was married on April 21st, 2007. I couldn't be happier!!! We are living in Thousand Oaks and we love it.

Steve Rutkoskie I am currently single after a 10 year marriage and loving life. Surfing, skiing and riding my Harley around the south bay. I am back in Redondo where I belong. Love ya , take care Steve

Derek Sholl What's up Spartans! I have finally signed with a record label in Dallas. Bought a house there and I'm starting a radio tour with my first show since the single release- October 12th 2006 with Tracy Byrd! My first single(Pray For Me)hit Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma radio September 23rd and will be going national very soon! So wherever you guys are , you need to call in and request the song and support a fellow Spartan. Exciting times that I just wanted to share! My son (D.J. Derek junior) is a junior at South High right now, I have been around there quite a bit lately. It's amazing how time flies yet things seem to stay the same. Hope everyone is enjoying life, see ya at the 30 year!! Derek Sholl

Rob Silverman Graduated 1985. Dream was to play 3rd base for Padres. Held cubicle job until 2002. Spent next 2 yrs injecting steroids & learning to hit slurve. In 6/04, signed at open tryout held by Tampa Bay Marlin staff. Career Highlight: Without ever stepping on field, was suspended by MLB for steroid infraction lasting 50 games. Second Career Highlight: Took SATs for in high school for Bennett Nathanson. Whatever happened to him anyway?

Scott Smith

Steve Smith Never thought I would look something like this up. Married for 16yrs with 4 kids, work in Santa Barbara as a printer for the County Edu Office. Live in Santa Maria. After playing in Prop13 for 17 yrs I now play in The Action League a 7 piece ska / punk band from SLO, Ca. Still get to the south bay a few times a year and have a beer with friends like Bill Watt, Mark Broeg, Paul Ensley and Greg Frias. Cheers! aka Smitty

Mathew Tate Well, alot has happened since graduating. I have been in the military for many years now, Marines, Army and now the Navy Seabees and have had two tours to Iraq. I am a crane mechanic/operator in so. cal., I also just joined the sheriffs dept. as well. lots going on. I am married and have a boy on the way. Living in Lakewood now and still love cars.

Debbie Taylor

John Vigil I lived in Oregon for 5 years and have been back in the South Bay since 1998. I have been married for almost 6 years and have 2 boys- a 3 year old and 3 month old.

Gwen (Walker) Garman Hello Everyone: Sounds like everyone has pretty good life so far. My husband Steve & I live in Salina,Kansas. Steve is in the law enforcement for over 20 years nowfor the salina sheriff's dept as a deputy and investgaor for the drug task force. myself went to college here in salina for business mgmt,computer tech,criminual justic.Did nursing for awhile till I got hurt on the job with my back.Istay pretty busy with two boys active in school sports,and church activies. their ages are 10,9 years. then we have 16&17year olds. So we stay pretty busy in this family. has anyone seen or heard from Vikki Ablott or Terri Trujuilo. last I heard they were still in Torrance ,& Redondo. Vikkie your god son &i sure would love to hear &see you . Long time, anyone contact me at, or 785-643-6883. can write PO BX 101 New Cambria, KS 67470

Shelley (Walker) Johnson

Rob Weir Good old South High! I never made it to the 20 year and probably won't attend the 30 year, but it is certainly good to read about how everyones life has progressed. I moved to Colorado from California with my wife Pamela and 2 daughters, Jasia (7) & Malia (5), about 4 years ago. After South (SUOTH, if anyone remembers that pep rally mess up)I attended Cal State Northridge and have worked as a Professional Geologist for the past 15 years. Not much else to report, hope to hear from some of you in the future. 2/19/2010

Tracey Williams Greetings fellow Spartans! I can't believe we're all grown up with children of our own.South High holds many special memories for me. I remember wearing purple for our class competitions. Oingo Boingo. Ditching classes. The "Mall" concerts during lunch. I am single with one child. My son is 22 years old and is currently trying to go professional in skateboarding. I am currently going back to school to become a respiratory therapist. Would love to hear from you.

Desiree Wong I live in Redondo Beach, CA with my animals - an iguana and 2 bearded dragons. I've been a software engineer in the aerospace industy since 1990 and over the last few years have been active in reptile conservation and wildlife photography. The fieldwork has taken me to Grand Cayman to support the Blue Iguana Recovery Program and Guatemala for Project Heloderma. Feel free to email me! and

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