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Class of 1994
Kelli (Allen) Isakson So here's my story: After graduating from South, I spent a few years playing soccer for BYU in Utah and about a year and a half in Hong Kong as a missionary. I went back to BYU to finish school, but before finally graduating in 2000 I spent about 7 months in China as a river guide on the Yangtze River. Beginning Feb. 2001, I lived in Santa Monica and worked at a non-profit organization in Chinatown then as a substitute teacher while finishing my first year of grad school at UCLA in east asian studies. In December 2003, I married Brian Isakson and moved to Atlanta, Georgia. He's getting his PhD. in clinical psychology and I'm about to start a master's program in applied linguistics. I am an editorial assistant at Emory University and a writing tutor at a local community college. Frisbee, bluegrass, and hiking the AT are activities I try to squeeze in. It's so great to hear what everyone is doing!

Jason Atkinson Within the last 5 years, I have got married (to Samantha Stone), had two kids, recieved a B.S. degree, and moved 9 times. We bought a condo in Mammoth and now in San Pedro. Sam now teaches Spanish at South part time. Feel free to email us.

Luis Bermudez Yeah, not so much with the married anymore. Look me up on Facebook if you wanna catch up. Ciao!

Brotzler Blakely

Teb Borges IT'S THE TEB-STER!!! The amazing sousaphone player's sidekick. HA-HA!!! I Graduated Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida with degrees in both Recording Audio and Digital Media. Photographed Dolphins at Discovery Cove in sunny Orlando, Florida. Ran a Digital Recording Studio, but now it's home/mobile based. Recorded Flo-Rida in 2003-2005.

Mark Brown Hey ppl, I've been hiding out in Hollywood for the last couple of years. I found my niche in the world playing with radioactive materials. It suits me well, fairly simple to understand but overwhelmingly impressive to the masses. You can myself and the rest of the Walteria/Seaside hooligans consuming refreshments at PatsII in Redondo Beach. In case you've been away, my little brother David is now bigger and taller than me. My parents sold the house and moved up on the hill. :( I'm in a PV family now :(

Maureen (Carnahan) Bernal Happily married to the love of my life, raising our two adorable children! It doesn't get any better than this!

Annie Chen

Juliana Cheng

Jerry Coffey

Adriana Concha Didn't get to graduate with the class of 94 but I Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I am living in Santa Barbara california. I am the manager at a fabric store and almost ready to graduate from UCSB with a BA in history.

Katherine Coniglio

Chris Cruz After going to UCLA and Georgetown, I'm now a lawyer at Rutan & Tucker in the heart of the OC. I've probably changed a lot since high shool (at least I hope so), but I'm sure we all have. Married, have a house, and am generally a somewhat-responsible individual who still throws up when drinking. My wife, Abby, works at UCI and is generally the more responsible one in the relationship. I like to travel, drink bourbon, beer, and red wine, cheer for the lowly dodgers, and make corny jokes. Ok, gotta stop - This is beginning to sound like a personal ad. Missed the reunion b/c I was in Vegas, maybe next time.

Jason DeGrasse I'm glad that everyone got to make it to the reunion. The ladies looked more beautiful than ever. The guys...well, lets just say we've put on a few pounds and have hair in odd places. It was great to see everyone and to see how everyone is prospering. I only wish there was more time to catch up. Do we want to have a 15-year reunion? Let me know what you think. Meanwhile, my wife Jana and I are applying for law school and grad school respectively. For now weíre in Atlanta, GA where I work as an environmental planner and my wife works for the National Parks Service. Anyone is welcome at our house if youíre in town. Take care and see you in a few years.

Nicole (Enriquez) Barnard After High School I went to Biola University and got my BA in Social Science and then got a Master's in Education. My husband Jay is from Virginia Beach, VA. We live in Germany with our 2 daughters. I am putting all my good education to use as an Army wife and mother. There's plenty of work to do when your husband is in and out of Iraq, but the pay is great (ha ha). I would love to hear from some old friends. Feel free to e-mail me.

Lori (Fuentes) Mohler what's up class of '94? Technically I shouldn't even be on this page seeing as how I graduated from Peninsula and all but I went to school with a lot of you at Riviera and Calle Mayor. I found out about this site through Bill Everett and thought I'd jump on and say hello. Hope you're all doing great!!! I haven't seen some of you in 15 years and I'd like to hear from some of you again. I'm just chillin' living here in the South Bay. E-mail me if you want. Have a great day!!! :)

Mike Funk Well, I enlisted in the Air Force and was stationed in Denver, CO for three years. I became a Christian during that time. I met Bonni, who is now my wife at a conference in North Carolina. She was living in Florida, so I decided to move down there. She has 2 kids from a previous marraige, 15 and 16. So now I live in Orlando, FL. I enjoy spending time with my family, playing guitar, and messing with computers. I work at Hewitt Associates and do customer service and administration for the 401(k) plan of the Chase Manhattan Bank. You can email me if you want, I'd be interested to hear how others are doing. -Mike

Analuisa Garcia

Jenna Gebel I was not able to make the ten year, but hopefully there is something in the works for 15? Wow, now thats a scary number! I stumbled across this sight randomly and it was great to hear how everyone is doing. I have been teaching at South High for seven years. I moved back to Torrance after graduating from Chico State and living in Tahoe for a while. I am currently living in Manhattan Beach. I travel whenever I can and love it. So happy to catch up on everyone lives!

Larry Greene

Rowell Guevarra Well I left soon after graduation and I don't think coming back other than a quick vacation. I have spent the last 13 years in the Army and have traveled all over the world on the taxpayers dime. Currently stationed at Ft Benning, GA. I got married a couple years back and have 3 kids.

Jamie Happ Hello everyone..Living in Redondo, back here after 4 years in St. Louis and 5 in Florida. I play roller derby for the L.A. Derby Dolls and I am single and loving it!

Lindsay Heap Well technically I moved to TX when I was a Freshman, but I grew up with this class from 1st-9th grade so wanted to post here just to say hi! Graduated from Brewer High School in Ft Worth, TX in 1994, Graduated from Tarleton State University with an Equine Science degree in 2002 only to get a job as an accountant and now live in Tulsa, OK. Never married, no kids, thank you very much, and would like to keep it that way! Don't really miss guys can keep all your traffic, I don't miss that at ALL! Feel free to say hi if you remember who I am. ;)

Luke Hsieh Seems like everyone's doing well here. I've moved to the other side of the Pacific since after graduating from UCLA in '99 and am working for Bloomberg in Tokyo, Japan. If anyone is visiting, pls drop me a line and I can take you around.

Kelly Huthmaker

Andrea Johnston Graduated form U.S.C. with a B.S. degree in Dental Hygiene. Living in La Quinta (Palm Springs area) Working M-Th, cleaning teeth. So it's been 20 years, maybe I'll see some of ya-all in August at the reunion.

Danielle (Jones) Barber Hi all! I was putzing around online and saw this website. It was amazing reading what you all had to say. I am so disappointed that I missed the reunion. I married right out of high school and have 3 kids 11, 9, 6. I am done! I live in Huntington Beach and still dream of life in the country. I keep busy with family...heavy into Water Polo and surfing. Thanks for yoru posts and I hope to reconnect.

Andrea Katz Living in SJ. Married. 1 child. All is good.

Seth Kelly I forgot what I was going to say.

Amanda S. Kim Hey Class of 1994!! I hope everyone is doing well. Please feel free to drop me an email. I would really like to know how all of you are doing!

Diane (Myung-Ahn) Kim Hi Spartans, What a pleasant surprise! It seems many of you are leading wonderful lives. I wish the best to all of you and hope we will be able to meet sometime in the future(I will enclose my most recent photo I took with my cousin)... After 4 years of UCLA, I went on to Stanford to earn Master's degree in International Policy. Currently, I am taking a year off travelling, taking art/dance classes, and am heading off to law school next year. Okay, let's keep in touch. Peace.

Karen Kim

Theresa Kim Hey everyone, it seems that a lot has happened since 94. Well, glad to see that everyone is doing well. After getting my degree at CS Fullerton I worked for a graffiti artist Los Angeles and became a graphic designer for Virgin. Everything is moving along, no kids yet. Hope everyone is having a great year so far.

Stewart King i am getting more and more cryptic in my old age. if there are really things you want to know, though, you might be able to find them somewhere in the website, assuming the link works this time.

Patti (King) Merendo I randomly found this website and think itís great. I canít believe itís been 16 years since we graduated, that seams so long ago. I am married, have 3 kids (a 17 year old step-son, a 7 year old daughter and a 3 year old daughter) and live in west Torrance. I work part time for Body Glove Wetsuits and spend the rest of my time watching my girls at dance class, hanging out with our friends, or planning little vacation get aways (usually to the river). I love my life and feel so blessed for everything that I have. I havenít had any interest to going to the last couple reunions but after catching up with some friends on FB, I think I may go to our 20 year. I hope to see you all there or maybe before that.

Jieun Lee

Kathryn (Lillo) Walsh

Jesse McGrady Hey whats up, I'm still kickin it, Me and good ol jimmy pitts are jammin away makin "post-power-punk-jazz-flow" and rockin it for all the little cuties. We will never get married cause like Jim allways told me, ya gotta play the scene. lAtes

Casey (McNeff) Moutier Time for an update...My husband Brent and I are still and currently living in the San Francisco Bay area where Brent is the Communications Director for our church. I'm staying busy as a stay at home mom of a boy, Riley (4), a girl, Bailey (2), and another girl on the way due the end of April. We are looking forward to adding to our family. I love to hear the updates. Keep them coming!

Jon Minei So is there a 10 year reunion or what? If you're wondering too, touch base with me and let's get to the bottom of this. Anyway, finished my Masters degree at USC in music (fight on!), specializing in classical guitar. Been performing all over doing all kinds of stuff. Just got back from performing in Japan, Seattle and going to Utah at the end of April. Doing well playing solo, musicals and with my quartet. Was in the orchestra pit for a solid year playing flamenco style guitar for a musical called Man of La Mancha. Most of it for a Tony Award winning theater company. Still based in Torrance though. Infact, I've started a music store/school in Downtown Torrance on Cabrillo called Opus Music. So if you need any lessons are just want drop by, please come visit me.

Lynne (Monson) Moore Since graduating high school I've moved to Arizona, Indiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and now live in Alaska. I got a Bachelor's in Elementary Education and married to an Air Force officer all in the same year--1999. We also have a son. I hope to see ya'll at the next reunion. We missed the last one since I'd just had a baby.

Joseph Ng

Trisha Noble well, well...i figured i should update this thing since the reunion is all said and done. i am happy to report that not much has changed in the last 10 years, except now we can all drink legally!! so, i had a great time crashing the shindig with my girlys! the highlights have to be octavio mata the stud muffin keeping my wine glass full at all times, making fun of people with sarah wells, keeping sarah crimi safe from a very horny jared (or was it frank?) carr, droolin over what a hotty ben pappas has become, smootchin on rick sanders and smokin a doobie in the parking lot with some great old friends! like i said....some things never change! i have recently started a new job that i LOVE and am in the process of moving to Granada Hills. yes...i know...the valley. i would love to hear from all ya crazy people. we don't have to let another 10 years pass before we can party together again!

Sara (Nolan) Jennings Hey there Spartans! Its been so much fun catching up with everyone on Facebook, so I thought I would update here. Matt and I are now splitting our time between our condo in Tahoe (summer and winter) and a great new apartment in San Francisco (fall and spring). I work for an awesome company called MacSpeech that does voice recognition for the Apple, and Matt still owns his own business in internet marketing. We both can work where ever we have a internet connection so it makes it our bi-city lifestyle possible. We will probably be thinking kids pretty soon as well, which is such a scary (but exciting) thought! If you guys ever find yourself in either of our cities give us a shout! Glad to hear everyone is doing so well!

Janet (Oh) Arvizu

Matt Paine So my story. Went to El Co, transferred up to UC Santa Cruz, got a BA in Politics. Went to Europe, ended up getting a job and working in Dingle, Ireland (Yes, the Guinness is better there. Much better). Went back to Santa Cruz, lived there for a few more years, realized I had a degree in politics, and went back to school to learn something useful. Graduated Culinary school last year. Just got back from a business/eating tour of northern Italy. Iím in LA until I figure out where Iím going to live for the next year so drop a line if you feel so inclined.

Ben Pappas I can not believe it has almost been ten years. I donít know about you, but time seems to speed up as I get older. It is great to hear that everyone is doing so well. After graduation I went to Cal Poly SLO and graduated in 1999 with a BS in Civil Engineering. I worked for three years for a medium sized Geotechnical Engineering firm in San Rafael (just north of San Francisco). After working for three years I decided to go back to school and attended UC Berkeley to study Geotechnical Engineering. The masterís program at Berkeley was an accelerated one-year program and I just graduated this May with an MS in Civil Engineering. I think I am finally done with school. I am now going to go back to work with the same firm in San Rafael. I love it up in Northern California. There is actually space up here that has not been developed. There are tons of beautiful hiking and awesome mountain biking trails up here. To top it off, Lake Tahoe is less than four hours away where I spend a lot of time and too much money skiing in the winter. If any of you are in the neighborhood look me up. Otherwise I hope to see you in 2004.

Nina (Petropulos) Schroeder After graduation I earned my Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. I married a South High graduate that I've known all my life, and we are enjoying our twin daughters born in 2004, and our son born in 2005. I would love to hear from you!

Jimmy Pitts whats up, class 94' I thought I was a slight memory of my class going into graduation day, I was not attending alot of school my junior and senior year cuz of mass hours in the water at torrance beach and down south at trestles in san clemente,oh bye the way ,we started up the surf class and team,the first in like ten years I think,and still going on now, sorry every one that i didnt catch up with before leaving and sorry girls for not going to the dances with ya, u know where I was those 4 years, after I started surfing in the 7th or 8th grade,anyways,Im in Oceanside now and still kicking it with my long time bro, we never parted, over all these years "pro surfer" Hagan Kelley ,hagan and his girlfriend now living in hawaii, for good,and we've been hanging out recently, getting insane surf down here filming with this guy from the eastcoast that is a Surf Movie Maker,a close friend of ours now. Mr.hunt u still, rule and "basket ball coach"Lamont,u rule too,peace out! jimmy

Rosy (Rosalba) (Romero) Sipaque It's great to hear that everyone is doing so well and I can't believe it's been 10 years... Looking forward to seeing you at the reunion!

Jeff Russell Well I'll be damned, people actually posted here. Well, after graduation I moved to Arizona where I took various web-design courses in PHP, HTML and SQL databases. I am currently working as a computer technician for a local store here in Mohave Valley, (near Laughlin, NV). I am still unsure whether web-design is going to be the "end all, be all" choice, but in the meantime it is challenging. If anyone wants to keep in touch, or just chat here is my web-info: e-mail: MSN Messenger: AIM: Jride0429

Brad Saavedra Howdy!! I am still living in the South Bay with my wife Janna and daughter Kaeley who is 8 months old. After school, I went to El Camino for a few years and then started working at a Godiva chocolate store in the South Bay Galleria. Now I work at Activision a video game company in Santa Moncia. If you have played Tony Hawk Pro Skater or Doom3, you have played our games. I work in the QA department on the PC side and have worked such games as Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein: Enemy Terriory, Call of Duty, and most recently Rome: Total War.

Kee Won Shin

Wendi Siebold

Paul Sugiura

Izumi Tanaka

Liana (Thompson) Vitek I'm still living in Montana. Our ski season just ended so now my hobbies consist of Judo and Tennis. My husband and I are planning to start building a house in Caye Caulker, Belize some time this year. Hopefully we'll be living there full time in no more than five years. Love to hear from any of you.

Adjani Vivas

Sarah Wells Here is the update. I am living in South Torrance and finally planning our wedding. I am still working at Torrance Elementary School and loving it. Life is great. We are hoping to start a family soon after the wedding, and I will update you then. Hope everything is wonderful with all of you. See you at the next reunion.

John Whaley Hello all! Here's a little update. After graduating from South, I went to MIT, which was the best decision that I have ever made. The MIT atmosphere was perfect for me and I was able to really excel there. I pledged a fraternity, Theta Xi, my freshman year and lived in the chapter house in Boston my entire time at MIT. During the summers and one fall term, I was at IBM Research in New York. That's where I found my true passion for research, and I started publishing papers and articles in 1997. I eventually graduated from MIT in 1999 with a 4.96 GPA and Bachelors and Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. It was at the height of the tech boom, and so I got a lot of really incredible job offers. But I had also received an NSF Graduate Fellowship to pursue a Ph.D. degree, so I was really debating between going to grad school and entering the work force. Eventually, I decided to take advantage of an opportunity to live in Tokyo for a year doing research at IBM Tokyo Re Japan was an incredible experience and the most fun year of my life so far. I became fluent in Japanese and did the voiceover for a Japanese TV commercial. I also travelled all over Japan and Asia. I came back to the US around Fall 2000. I was sick of Boston winters and so I started in the Ph.D. program in Computer Science at Stanford. The program here usually takes 5-6 years but I'm planning to graduate in 3. But no one has ever done it before so we'll see if it is reasonable. I'm now living in Mountain View, in Silicon Valley near San Jose. I was able to really expand my horizons at MIT. I'm a licensed bartender and I also got into DJing (dude, Stewart, we should jam sometime, I am currently sans turntables but I'll bring my Sandstorm vinyls.) I was able to spin in some clubs in Tokyo, which was really awesome. I also did a radio show. I started going to the gym and got down to about 6% body fat. FYI- I *still* have my black leather jacket and I still wear it from time to time. But the anarchy t-shirts and ripped up Levi's have been exchanged for Dockers and J Crew button shirts. My TI-85 was replaced by a Palm Pilot, and I hardly play my trumpet anymore, because I don't have any good place to practice. I kicked my toothpick habit with a 12-step program. Being in CA, I still use my Spanish from MC Stetson's class from time to time. I am still single and have no plans to get married in the near future. I was surprised to see so many people already married and with children!! I salute you, but I'm having too much fun being single to settle down just yet. Anyway, I only go back to Torrance about once a year, but feel free to drop me an email sometime and let me know how you guys are doing.

Sarah (Williamson) Ramos Is it illegal for me to add myself here since I didn't graduate from SH? It's just that I know almost everyone listed and I wanted to say hi. Most of you were my friends from the time I was in kindergarten at Seaside then onto St.Lawrence, unfortunately I had to move and lost touch with some of my most memorable friendships. Its the "aries" in me that keeps me looking for you all. I'd love to hear how you all are doing, drop me a line! After moving to Georgia I moved back to Cali in 1997 and have been here ever since. I currently live in the city of Orange so if anyone is up for the street fair in August, let me know!

Olivia (Yamazawa) Reeves Hey everyone. Hope all is going well for the individuals of Class of 1994. Just wanted to update you all on what's going on my life. Since graduating from South, I finished my 5 years in the Navy as a medic and since then gone on to graduate from Indiana University. I currently live in Bloomington, Indiana (Hoosier country)and absolutely love it. I got married to a super guy, and am currently raising two beatiful girls. I now work for a clinical research company as their Diretor of PR. I'm also going back to school to become a Nurse Practitioner. "I'm living the dream"! Hope to hear from any of you fantastic people, take care.

Sharyn Yee Aloha Everyone! After finishing up at SDSU, I lived in San Diego, then moved to Maui in 2005. I'm married and work in the hotel industry. Would love to hear from you, drop me a line sometime.


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