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Class of 1995
Kurt Allendorf Fifteen years. Crazy! I'm now an engine captain for the forest service in Lone Pine, CA. For those of you wondering where the heck that is I can see Mt. Whitney from my station. Or for the yuppies of the bunch it's on the way to Mammoth Mt. on highway 395. If you a driving through stop by. The station is accross the street from McDonalds just south of the highschool.

John Astbury Thirteen years- WOW! Where does the time go?

Ashleigh (Bayer) Moore

Angela (Berg) Alarcon

Alan Berman What's up all? I still live in Vallejo, near S.F. I have a 10 year old step-daughter named Alisa and a 15 month old baby daughter named Lucia. I'm a counselor in a Psych. hospital and I have my own Film/Videography business and hope to be a recognized film director. E-mail me if you know me, PEACE!

Jennifer (Biehle) Beaird Hi Everyone. I cannot believe we are out of high school almost 10 years already. Since high school a lot has happened in my life. After graduation I left my family and friends to go on a little adventure that was not so great. When I finally opened my eyes, I came home to the love of my life. Billy and I were married in 97'. Billy continues to work for the Motion Picture Industry and loves it. I love being a stay home mommy. We own a home in Lakewood and have 3 beautiful children. Ausin,6; Brent,3; and our new little princess Carah who is 6 weeks.I feel my life is full and complete. I hope all is well with everyone. I would love to hear from you. Take care!

Rachelle Brown Hey everyone! This site cracks me up - I just wanted to say hi and see if I'd hear back from anyone. I'd love to be in sunny California right now, instead I'm freezing up here in Utah at BYU - I'll be graduating in April in Speech-Language Pathology and then heading off to grad school at a school yet to be determined - let's see where I can get in, and what I can afford! South High feels like lifetime ago - a lot has happened since then...A highlight of the last 5+ years was working as a missionary for 18 months in northwest England - an unforgettable experience...Well, I've lost touch with most of you - I did have a chance to see some friends at Julie Watson's wedding last November, but I'd love to hear what's new with everyone! Take care!

Jason Chantry

James Chumley

April (Dahle) Wilson Hey People. I missed the reunion, I know, I'm a slacker. Surprised to receive the invitation considering I graduated from North. I appreciate those of you who thought to include me though. Last year I got married and moved across the country to a little slice of heaven in the Northeast Kingdom (Vermont). My son is 10 now, and I have a stepson who is 6. Last year we adopted 2 other children who are 12 and 7. This is a spectacular place.

Brandy Donatz Hi! Well, South High seems like a million years ago. My brother Marc is a sophomore at South right now and it feels weird when I have to pick him up from school. Every one looks so young... Anyways, after highschool I went to Japan on a scholarship as an exchange student and lived there for a while. Then I came back and got my A.A. from El Camino, transferred to U.N.L.V. and majored in Elementary Education. I graduated with a B.S. and a. Elementary teaching credential. I stayed in Las Vegas for two years teaching first grade but was homesick and hated the dust storms so I`ve been back in the South Bay for over a year teaching Kindergarten. I`m currently working on my masters at Chapman University and plan to spend as much of the summer as I can in Hawaii=) Take care, love and kisses=)

Noel Doumerc 2009 Doing great with wife of 8 years this year and raising a wonderful 6 yearold girl named Sunny. She literally brings sunshine to my life everyday. Still working in the Southbay at a Electronic component manufacturer and a professional beach volleyball referee for the AVP during the summer(Great Job). I have been living in San Pedro for 4 years now because I just can't afford to buy a house in Redondo/Torrance just yet. It's in the plan though. That's it for now. If you want to hang out or just shoot the breeze hit me up.

Jamie (Drews) Browning

Thomas Farlow Well. 10 years after graduation i find myself in Florida. Will be married a year in february. Wonderful woman who makes me smile brightly all the time. I find myself to be a stepfather to her 2 beautiful daughters. And all the plights that go on with being a Father/Stepfather.. man..where does 10 years go.

Aaron Flowers Well, after high school I went into the Navy as a submarine navigational electronic technician. Since then I moved to the Inland Empire where I work full time and live with my girlfriend of nine years. I'm thinking about changing my name to "when are you going to get married", since that is the biggest topic of my life right now.

Daniel Flynn Hello all I am now a teacher of computers locally at Leuzinger High School. Our football and basketball will destroy South! If you have any acess computers or other equipment please contact me we need donations bad!

Danielle (Galla) Garbalosa I am so happy I found this website! It will be so great to catch up with you all at the reunion in July. I graduated from L.M.U. in 2000 with a psychology degree and worked as a counselor at an elementary school. I got married to the most wonderful man, Rick, last July and we have a home in Irvine. I am now a real estate agent with First Team. God bless the class of 1995!

Evan Gates So much has gone on since we all graduated. People are getting married and having kids...although I am not one of them! I graduated from UCLA in 1999 with a degree in History and was on the gymnastics team there. I now live in Manhattan Beach and aside from a normal job as the Dir. of Sales and Marketing for a professional tennis tournament, I'm also working on my MBA at UC Irvine and will be done in 2009! (Nice to hear that Rob Moore has moved past his days of running away from substitute teachers at Calle Mayor!)

Rachelle Gonzalez

Brad Gray Hey everyone, well it's 15 years since then I got married to the best woman that i have ever met...she's a ER Nurse...I became a Paramedic to add to my Firefighting duties and now working on an Army base here in Yuma, wife and I have 3 wonderful 11y/o Step-son, 2 1/2y/o daughter, and 1y/o son...we have been married for 2 years now...and I have been in Yuma, AZ for 10 years now.

Antyon Grffin

Jason Habermeyer

Jennifer (Hansen) Breitinger Do you ever feel like we are spending the rest of lives trying to live up to our high school years? Miss you all, Jennifer

Teddy He Hi Everyone, I am very glad many of you are doing all good. After graduating from SH, i went to Otis college of Art and Design. I am current working as a Motion Graphic Designer, mostly doing animation for commericals in 2D and 3D, and still live in... guess what... Torrance. Looking forward for the reunion!!! See you all very soon. Teddy He

Holly Hernandez

Jack Im Hey everyone!!! It's great to hear that you all are doing great. I just wanted to write and let everyone know that the 10 year Reunion is in planning. Myself, Noel Doumerc, and Jennifer Short (White) are heading the gig. E-mail me your contact info so I can keep you all posted. . Hope to see you all in a few months at the reunion.

Haruko (Imoto) Iguchi

Justin Jackson I look forward to seeing everyone. I am currently trying to dig up the videotape of the Johnny Knott vs Robert Moore MAIN EVENT boxing match...some of you remember. It would be nice to show that to everyone...just a little history. Other than that, all is well with me. I live in Long Beach and work as a Mortgage Broker....loving life. See yall soon

Cyndi Kaneyuki

Joshua Kapelka This is so crazy...You go looking for Porn on the Internet and you run across a South High Alumni website...what are the odds? So, since High School I've continued to do what I did best in High School...goof off. I am a Stand Up Comic and I tour all across the U.S, but I still call the South Bay my home. Hope to see everyone at the reunion. (Is this B.Y.O.B?)

Ray Kermani Hi everyone, I am a part owner and help run the hair salon directly in front of South High School, called Mayor Hair Salon in the Calle Mayor Shopping Plaza. The salon is located next to Ralph's and Starbucks. I would love for any of you to come in for a hair cut or any waxing and facial services. We have $20 hair cuts for men and $25 for women, and offer a variety of styles as unbeatable prices.

Young Kim

Jimmy Kim coming across this site makes me realize that some sections of the world are reserved for greatness whereas others are condemned to be the brunt of all jokes. god is so cynical and plays the cruelest tricks...on torrance. we are the dick cheneys of the world. present company excluded... hopefully

David Ko Sup, everyone. I'm here in Baltimore, Maryland. Just attending grad school for Computer Science at Johns Hopkins. Also graduated here as an undergrad. It was a trip! To all you would-be college people. Don't leave the West Coast! There's no place like california!

Clare (Kuo) Crawford It's fun to see people's postings and see what everyone has been up to. After graduating from college, I went to law school in San Francisco due to being convicted of the gospel's call to care for the poor and needy. Since graduation, I have been working at Bay Area Legal Aid, which provides legal services to low-income clients in the SF bay area. I love my job, for the most part. My husband Matt (of 1.5 years) and I are living in San Francisco.

Sunny Kuo

Caroline J. "CJ" Lee 5/27/03 - This is a great site! I very much look forward to our schoo's reuninon! I guess I've been trying to keep busy. I went to UCSB, UCLA, moved up to SF to work at a venture capital company, and now I'm in NYC going to New York Law School. keep in touch ya'll!

John Lee

Caroline Jasmine "CJ" (Lee) Vranca Stay in touch everyone! I'm practicing entertainment law at a independent film company. Got married. Living in Sherman Oaks. Enjoying life as much as possible. xoxo, CJ

Maureen Li Hi everyone! I'm almost done with my internship out here in Philly and will be starting my anesthesia residency at County USC in June. Can't wait to finally be back in California for good! Glad to hear the reunion went well too. I was on call that weekend so I wasn't able to make it even though I was really looking forward to it. Take care everyone!

Carolyn (Lillo) Weyel

Lisa Liu

Anya Lorenzo Hey, Everyone, Well, I've been living up in Hollywood with my sister, Coco, for the past couple of years and my life is better than I could have ever imagined. Glad everyone is doing so well.

Tim Luycx Hi all,I just stumbled onto this site by accident,and noticed there are a few but if there are any peeps that remember me from 92 would love to hear from you,been living in europe for the past 12years now and completly lost touch with all my old mates from when i was in calle mayor..would love to get back in touch for a laugh and swap may be coming back to visit one day...

William McDaniel Hope to see you all soon at the reunion. Wow, 10 years!!

Daniel Mcrae

Mike Meza Hey Everybody- Just on the computer looking for Gerard and i found this great website! Hope everybody is doing well. It's amazing how we have blossomed into adults....some husbands....others mothers.We aren't the people we were in High School. It's refreshing to hear how everyone is chasing their careers and starting their families. About 2 weeks before we graduated, I was trying to find a career that best suit my personality. Turns out Firefighting best fit. So Now with a plan, i decided to work it. After many adventures, and progressively increasing my experience, I became a Los Angeles City Firefighter on August 14th, 2000. It's been a great experience and look forward to a great career. Carlos and I share a Condo in Redondo Beach. He has found his true love, Andie Artino, and wouldn't be surprised to see him starting a family in the near future. Happy to say that we both are plugged in at Church and have a relationship with Jesus. It's because of him that i've been able to survive all my adventures and is the reason for a grateful, meaningful life. I'm beginning Paramedic School in May, and am looking forward to completing that.Carlos and I still keep in touch with alot of our friends in High school: Andy, Gerard, Sean, Matt , Tony and Billy's.Take Everyone, and God Bless! See you at the Beach!

Carlos Meza It was great to see so many face at the reunion. Hope everyone the best. My wife and I (Andie Artino Class of '97) live in Torrance and currently tend to our two puppies. Not a subsitute for kids, but keeps us busy just the same. We've been blessed with many friends in our journeys, but few are as close as those we grew up with. Drop a few lines, if you got the time...

Tiffany Michalka I was just looking at the teachers at South and was excited to see some old friends teaching there. I just graduated with my Master's degree in Education from Pepperdine and was hired to teach 2nd grade in Cypress School District. I am excited to be a teacher!! I hope everyone is doing well!!! ;)

Rob More Whazzup everybody??? I'm back in the South Bay after travels that took me from El Camino to Utah to South Korea to Utah to Salinas to Santa Barbara. I finally ended up with a degree, and I am happy to announce that I am using it making the bean burritos at Taco Bell next to South High. My manager Juan told me if I continue to hustle, I could be made shift manager before the reunion, and I know that would impress all the ladies. So, if you want a Double Decker Taco made by the best in the biz, stop by after a SHS football game or E-Mail me. Hope to see you guys in about a month.

Sachiko Ogawa

Annie (Pan) Cheng I found my way to this website because Clare (Kuo) Crawford :) told me to check it out. It's so fun to read about some of what's going on with my high school classmates. I graduated from college in '99 with a degree in Industrial Engineering. Since then I worked as a financial anaylst for 2 years and now am working as a banker. I grew a lot in my faith and relationship with Jesus while in college and in response to what I was learning through bible studies there about Jesus' heart for the poor, I moved into the inner-city of East Palo Alto (about mid-way between San Jose and San Francisco) upon graduation. I've been here for 4 years now, and, along with a few other Christians, have been trying to love and serve the primarily Latino neighborhood in which I live. I got married in July 2002 to a wonderful man named Lawrence, who serves with me in my neighborhood, as well as partners with me in serving the high school youth group at our church. I hope you're all planning to go to our 10-year reunion in 2005 so I can see you face-to-face.

Hedieh Rahmanou Hi Folks! Itís now August of 2002. Hereís where I am now: After graduating from Berkeley I moved to Washington DC on a fellowship for a feminist think-tank. Now I work at a different think-tank (Center for Law and Social Policy) that focuses on issues related to economic security for low-income families. I live on Capitol Hill, just 6 blocks of the Capitol. I love DC (except for the occasional Anthrax scare or bomb threat). But I really miss California for the exceptional weather, the decent produce, and my friends and family.

Sean Robison

Vern Ryan Hey.... I hope everyone is doing well!

Karen Scheiwe Hi:) Lately, I've been listening to Frank Sinatra on my commute from San Mateo to San Jose.

Shila Shenasi Hi Fellow Spartans...It's a thrill to hear everyone is successful & active on their paths. To me the South High days were a blissful bubble completetly separate from the chaotic world we live in! I guess we never realized until we ventured out to other parts of the world, what a beautiful, peacful and safe place we were lucky to grow up in! On personal note, got my degree from UCSD, then was totally burnt out from school (some of you know what I more finals!), so traveled alot then settled in LA, back to school again, became Architectural Interior Designer and our firm just finished doing Red Bull USA. I'm engaged and to be wed soon, and funny thing is I think we are going to settle in Redondo Beach (I'm going to need my parents to babysit- alot!) moreso "there's no place like home!" ;-) Hi Nadia, Kara & Taylor...see you guys at x-mas!!!!

David Shimabukuro I can't believe 10 years is coming up! I took the long road here in Berkeley. I'm still in school working on a graduate degree in geology. My thesis area is in Italy, so it isn't that bad, but it will be nice to finish sometime.

Matt Sorenson

Richard Tai Greetings to you all who graduated in 1995! Many things have happened in these 7 years since we graduate. For those who still remember me, I am back to Los Angeles since Aug 2001. I worked as an associate design engineer for two years after graduate from college, and now working as an assembly worker here in LA. God has done many many miracle in my life and life is definitely worth living for Him. Feel free to drop me a line anytime!


Dan Tuccinardi Still just being a dork with a guitar... Some things never change. :)

Darlene (Ventura) Roa Just click on my name to contact me.

Janene (Walser) Edmisten Hey! Wishing everyone a very Happy 2011 to come and hope everyone is well. Life is great. Been married 4 years this October and together the last 12. Our daughter, Taylor, is now 12 and son, Hunter, 2 and we welcomed our daughter, Sawyer, on October 26, 2010. So I am now a mommy of 3 and will have my hands full! P90X here I come! Oh yes I will get back that High school pre baby body! I love being a stay at home mom though. I've taken up dog training and breeding. We curently show, hunt, field test, do dock dog competitions and breed our lab (Buck). I launched my website in December of '09. Check us out at: Hope to see you all at the next reunion.Take care.

Andy Wang Well, it's been five years since I've updated my own profile here and it still is great to see and hear about all of you. After a few years of teaching high school in the 'hood, I moved to Taiwan to work on my Mandarin Chinese, which didn't work out because all I know is "Ni Hao" and "Xie Xie". Also put all those years of being a knucklehead at Calle Mayor to good use and began fighting professionally and you can learn more about 1/2 naked men fighting in a cage at my website: I also am proud to say that my best friends in high school are still my best friends to this day...

Leslie Wendl Hey south alumnis!! Glad to have come across this website. So what has been going on with me the last 7 /8 years...well I gratuated from SDSU in 2000 with a BA in Communication. After gratuation I traveled over to Europe for a bit came back here, then went back to Europe and back again (i got the bug). I am currently at Long Beach State finishing up my teaching credential and ssubstitute teaching for Manhattan Beach school district. I should be teaching soon (hopfully 6th grade) Anyways glad to hear everyone is doing well. Drop me a line if you want, it would be nice to hear from some of you. Leslie

Jennifer "Jenni" (Whelchel) West Oh my gosh!!! I know I didn't really graduate with you guys, but since leaving in 1991 I still claim Torrance as home! I have an exciting soap opera as a life...married 2x's- divorced 2x's!! 3 kids...boy/girl/boy. Please call me and let me know how things are. I would really like to hear from anyone...I live in North Bend, Oregon still and work for Horizon/Alaska airlines. So glad everyone is ok...if anyone talks to Taylor, Nadia, or Kara tell them is 541 404 4065...hope to hear from you y'all.

Bill White Wow, a South web page. This is pretty cool, I checked out a couple different graduating classes to see how everyone was doing. Glad to see you all are doing well. After slipping through the cracks at South I wasted a year drinking and screwing around. Lord knows I needed a break aftere all the hard study time I put in while at South. Then I joined the Marine Corps as a basic grunt. Lots of good times there, shooting things and playing in the dirt. Just like being in first grade again but with a much heavier squirt gun. After a well deserved honorable discharge I moved to San Antonio for a few years with some Marine buddies of mine. It was a good time but I missed the beautiful south bay. That and my very lovely, beautiful and smart girlfriend Katherine would have probably left me had I stayed there. Now I am full time student by day and bartender by night. Hopefully I will have graduated by the time our ten year hits. It has been a fun ride, I love my life. Take care everyone.

Margaret Wirth Hello all. This website is crazy. Time flies and life changes. I wanted to see if anyone had the Grad Night Video? I wanted it but never got any info on it and thought "Well, I'll have to wait until there's a reunion to find one." So here comes the 10 year reunion. If anyone knows how to get one email me please! Thank you. As far as an update on my life, I graduated from UCLA in 1999 and then spent 5 years working in communities throughout Los Angeles working with youth focused non-profits that work with middle and high schools. This fall I started grad school at Cal State LA and I'm working on my masters and credential to become a school counselor. No marriages and no children, but I still have time for that. Adios.

Jeff Yamamichi

Cathy Yang

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