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Class of 1996

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Danny Adams
Whats up South Torrance! I left a long time ago but still make it back now and again. Anyone wanna keep in touch hit me at -danny

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Andres "Andy" Alvarez
What's up all, after graduating in 96 I began studying the art of animation and luckily Landed a position as a storyboard artist for Sony Pictures in 98. Working on “Men In Black”, “Starship Troopers”, “Godzilla”, while working as a storyboard artist I was approached by the Applause Toy Company to design a line of toys for the Power Puff Girls series. When the toy design project was completed I decided to try submitting my artwork to the greatest animation studio on the planet, The Walt Disney Company! I was soon accepted and hired as a character artist on “Piglet’s Big Movie”02. Again by luck my portfolio landed in the hands of the owner of The Animation Academy (School of Animation), I was asked if I would consider teaching. At first I was pretty apprehensive but after some persuasive talks from the owner I decided to dive into art education. I loved the experience so much I decided to create the first school of art/animation here in the South bay! The Animation Design Center was born 03, recently my efforts with the school attracted people from Time Warner who offered me my very own drawing show! The show is set to release in August of 05, I hope it does really well and paves the way for more South bay art/animation. Any ways great to see everyone doing so well and you are all in my thoughts and prayers, God bless. http://

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Anthony Alzona
Hi all! Hope everyone is doing good. As for me, finally graduated from UCI with EE degree in 2001, now im working at Canon. Feel free to drop me a mail anytime :)

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Aaron Artino

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Tina Ashrafzadeh
Hello everyone..........Well after high school I went to UCSD for four years with my dear friend KEVIN TRAPP! Then off to medical school which I am finally finishing up in the next few months. I will be doing my residency in Long Beach in Family Practice. I have a one year old son who is the joy in my life. Thats my 411.........

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Angie (Batungbacal) Batungbacal-Arcano
ALoha Everyone!!! Hmmm where should I start?First of all I'd like to say congratulations to everyone who has either gotten married or has little ones running around. After high school I moved to Maui and have been here ever since. I recently got married on September 25, 2004 to a 'local boy' by the name of JD. I am currently working at the Grand Wailea Resort & Spa as a Administrative Assistant, so if any of you are planning a trip to Maui and wanna hook up, hit me up with an e-mail!!! I don't have any children yet, but the plans are to move back to Cali ASAP (preferably South Bay), or Vegas, then start a family. I can't believe our 10 year reunion is next year already, and I can't wait to see everyone!!!!

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Daniel Bedinger
I hope all are doing well. I am living with my wife, Karen Scheiwe (South High Class of 95) in Vacaville CA. We have been married since 2003. I work in a biotech in Berkeley trying to make new drugs, mainly against cancer. No kids yet. Autocrossing, fishing.

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Ariana (Benardo) Walicke
Hey guys! Can you believe we are entering our 30's? So much time has passed... I think it would take me forever to really update this with everything... but the gist of my life is that I graduated from Mississippi State in 2000 with a B.S. in Marketing (I know, I know... why go all the way out there? I went to play softball and actually had a blast the whole time I was there). After that, I moved to Phoenix and met my now husband, then went up to Portland (worked up at Nike World Headquarters for a while), then was back down in Redondo for 4 years, and am now out in Gilbert, Arizona. I've been married for close to two years to a wonderful guy, Adam, and we just bought our house in Gilbert last year. We also have the coolest lab puppy that I am totally obsessed with. He's our furry kid for now. I'm an Account Manager for Carlson Marketing Worldwide, managing client incentive marketing programs. I like what I do and was able to transfer my job from CA to work from home in AZ and travel a few times each month. If anyone is ever out in Arizona, give me a shout! Otherwise, I come out to CA pretty frequently and would love to meet up.

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Danilo "Daniel-Dan" Caingcoy
Wassup Spartans! Well i just found this site by chance..Its great to see so many friends on this site... Its been to long since ive talked to any of my fellow spartans. Well here alittle info on what ive been up to in the past ten years. After a great football career at south I took alittle time to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I was an Actor for 3 years some small parts. mostly extra work. I promoted Night clubs in hollywood for a few years..Note..Stay away from after hour clubs..You will find yourself looking at glow sticks rubbing your head.. and chewing on a sucker..LOL.. I was an Martial Arts Ins. for 7 years..Fighter for 6 Was rank #1 through the WKO And the #1 contender for the IKA light heavy Title. Currently for 3 years Ive bartended in the worlds greatest dive bar in torrance.. The Zebra Room .. and no it not a gay bar..LOL. I met my beautiful wife there, who is also a fellow Spartan..Class of 99. Rhianon Amburgey-(caingcoy) And to all my friends who new me ya I like them younger lol. We just had are first child on July 25th 2007 My Daughter Mahkenzee Marie Caingcoy...I miss all my old friends..The Brew Crew..You know who you are. If any Spartans still in the SoBay or visiting look me up at the Zebra Room Thurs through Sun nights Doing flare and 151 fire balls. Im always the entertainer, still looking for my big break. I look back. And still think some of the best days of my life were spent as a Spartan. Love you all, Spartan Pride..

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Charlene Calac
Hi... I am currently working at a skateboarding company and about to celebrate my sons first birthday. Havent really changed at all... Contact me we can chat.... Miss all of you..!!

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Sum-Sum Chan
Years since I've updated my profile, so it’s about time. The short version of it - UCSB to USC grad to nice quaint apt in LA up the street from Rehab and the slew of urls that Carl’s spitting out. I'm still a marketing manager loving my publishing job, loving my start up 'zine and lately wishing there were more free days in my life to surf and eat sushi. I'm lucky enough to see my old South friends often even though they are married with adorable kids. And my credit to Liz and Sandy – even though we are so different now, we have monthly outings to make sure we don’t drift apart. It’s always nice running into alumni like Drew, Nickie, Justin, Sang and I swear I saw Michelle and Nicole at the last Green day concert. I’m single, happy and healthy – and I thank my lucky stars for that.

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Alisha Chandler


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Leon Chen
Hi All, Congrats to all the parents out there. I am impressed by all of you, must be hard work. As for me, after working in LA for the last 3 years, got a oppty in the East Coast so moved out to NYC. Now a manager at a hedge fund. Enjoying it so far, minus erratic weather changes. Hope all is well.

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Carl Choi

--- 2000 --- Hey oldskoolers!!! This whole South High website is bringing back a lot of memories...Its a trip how much easier things were back in the days huh? Its definitely great to find out what everyone's up to after all this time. After South, I took a cruise around the world, landed in Africa, traveled on foot to the village of Kabazawau and got a job as a shepherd and care taker for endangered sulcatta tortoises...heh, would've been interesting but my story actually began with doing time at various community colleges for 3 semesters. Then transfered to USC's Marshall School of Business. Graduated class of 2000 with Business Administration in Information Systems and Management Consulting. Following that, took on a job as a Consultant for the Business Consulting Practice of Arthur Andersen. Its been fun hanging out in the consulting world ever since so I'll probably be doing this for a while. For fun, I'm a managing partner for an entertainment events production company in Southern California.
--- 2005 --- Five Years Later... Much has changed again. So to continue the story, I got lucky when one of the partners (Cory Elliott) at Andersen jumped ship to Lions Gate Entertainment, he took me with him as the manager for the department. Huge opportunity and really got me the in on the Industry so I'm forever grateful to Cory for that. But after a year at LGE, my side businesses began to take away a lot of attention to the point where I decided to pursue them full time. My partners and I expanded our business to 10 cities worldwide and opened up a DJ Vinyl Record store in West Los Angeles. We also ventured into several other business units including music distribution, film production and the most recent, a music management/touring company. The last 2 years of independence have been great to me and I can't thank God enough for that. Again, Miss the High School days so Holla if you bored and get me updated! Oh and here are links to some of my companies! So Check-Check-Check It Out!!!

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Joseph Cohen
Hi all. Wow. I stumbled upon this page after looking around the web for an old friend. Anyways I'm an inventor! When I graduated school in 96 I was making $90.00 an hour doing high end IT work. Now I'm an inventor working on all sorts of projects from new computer protocols to jet engines. I got married in 02. No kids yet though we are planning on having a few. I remember being very intraverted when I was in HS but I'm very different now. I travelled the world got to see a lot of different places. Grew up some more and am doing very well for myself. Hmm... What else to say... My projects have contributed to things including Microsoft Windows, Various Linux Operating Systems and Programming Langauges, Online Gaming, etc. I'm in the Burbank area right now but I'm looking forward to moving back to Torrance after I've completed my current project. I missed the ocean :( I know I'm not that far but man I don't like driving over an hour to get to it. LOL. Anyways lets see... Well since I have bloomed as the social flower I'm into all sorts of activities and stuff. Some can't mention on here others you will need to ask about. ;) Anyways drop me a line if you want to talk.

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Elizabeth (Curry) Kogler
Time for an update...I went to CSULB after HS for a BA in Journalims/Public Relations. I've been working in the automotive industry for the last 6-1/2 years and am currently working for a talent/staffing agency managing two automotive accounts. My husband, Robert, and I were married on 8/7/04 and bought a condo in Long Beach in May 2005. We are expecting a little boy on 3/1/09. God Bless everyone and I hope you are doing well!

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Ben Dambrell
Just wanted to say Wuz-up to everyone. I didn't even know we had this. Pretty cool. As for me most of you won't probably know me considering I was kicked out my junior year and then returned back for the 2nd half of my senior year. But what the hell. I've been married to my high school sweetheart for 6 1/2 years. I have a 2 year old son, he will be 3 in march. I live in Santa Clarita and work for an oil refinery in Bakersfield as a Refinery Operator. No schooling for me outside of high school, basically just been working gaining wait and living life. Glad to see everyone is doing good. Anyone want to catch up just click!!! Everyone take care!!

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Robert (Bobby) Davis


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Scott Ellis

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Sang Fang
Wassup everyone! Well, its shocking to find out what some of the things our peers from " back in the day" are upto now. Things for me havent changed much since graduation. Went on to USC, got my degree in Kinesiology, took year off and now Im right back where I started. Back to school again for my Masters at SC, just cant seem to get away from this place. Im living in downtown LA right now, although I do make frequent visits back to Torrance. I still manage to keep in touch with the "boys", so I know what most of them are up to. Growing old has made me realize how much I miss being a kid, especially the days of "Temptations", Calle-Mayor, etc.... Anyway, I like to hear from you all. See you all at the reunion.

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Summer Findeis

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Samantha Finley
What Up! Life has been good. It is so nice to see a lot of you have started families. Yes, Chris Herrera and myself are still together. We live in Torrance and are finially getting married on Sept.23, 06. We have a 1 year old daughter, Katelyn. I work with my family, Finleys Tree and Landcare. I will not be able to make reunion. Get in touch with me-there's a lot of you I want to talk to. Take Care!

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Eddie Flynn
HI everyone I just finished 6 months in Baghdad with a civilian contractor Blackhawk. Now I am headed to Bagram, Afganistan to start another job with Anteon. I hope everybody is doing well. I'll be back in time for the reunion so I'll see you all there.

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Catherine Forbush
Hi! It's great to hear that everyone is doing great w/ life and work. Right now I am living in south Orange County, teaching at a private school during the day, teaching piano in the evenings, and performing as an accompanist for instrumentalists & singers during the weekends. I love teaching the piano lessons but I am not sure about teaching at the high school! But it's been a wonderful experience, at least. It's so exciting to hear about everyone having children and starting a family! I do have one "kid", and that's my new kitten Oscar! But that's about it! Anyway, take care and see you @ the reunion!

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Zara (Gott) Villanueva
I hope everyone is doing great. Nigel and I will celebrate 4 years of marriage this year! I have been blessed with an angel for a husband and a beautiful baby boy. Our son Nathan is 10 months old and is absolutely perfect. Life has been great to us so far. Nigel is stil in Criminal Law and I am mommy to my little man. I do my advertising part time from home which enables me to enjoy every smile and giggle with Nathan. I hope everyone is well and wish you all the best.

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Katherine (Grant) King


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Jeff Haizlip


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Holly Harris


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Frank Hernandez
Hey guys, hope all is well with you. We've all headed out in different directions since high school but it's cool to see everyone is well and doing there thing. Best of luck and all old friends out there hit me up sometime.

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Jay "Lucky" Hess
Eh, most of you people don't know me and I don't remember you, but heck thought I'd update this thing. Since SHS I got a lot of tattoos, put on a bunch of weight, have sworn off long-term relationships, work all day everyday, and that is about it. you'll see me and my best friend a lot more pretty soon though. Lucky's Custom Choppers website will be up soon, so go buy a shirt if you can't afford a bike! Lucky's Uber Alles! Call me and maybe we can watch the Notebook together or we can read the novelized version of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Have fun at the reunion for me

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Matt Heyman
I sort of randomly stumbled across this site sort of like my high school years, but I thought I would post anyway. After doing the typical college thing I moved to San Diego for about 4 years for work. After getting married to a wonderful woman about a year ago we decided we had enough of Southern California and moved up to San Francisco where I work as a sales rep for an orthopedics distributor (joints/ trauma products) and my wife works as a cardiac / thoracic I.C.U. Nurse. No kids as of yet, we are simply enjoying the city and all the great things in life. Drop me a line or read this and wonder, as I did with other postings, “who was that person?”

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Heather Hudson
Well hello, I finally decided to look up my old high school, even though I moved at the end of my sophmore year. After working for the City of Newport Beach city & planning division for MANY years, I decided to go back to college and get my Bachelors of Architecture degree. Next year I leave for Rome, Italy to study there for a year. I also have a 5 yr old son Hunter who is the best thing I ever did, and will also be going to Rome. If you are interested in catching up, email me at or catch me on myspace. Hope everyone else is doing great :)

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Kharis Ibrahim


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Sandy Jewett
hello everyone, love to catch up if anyone would like to. I have graduated from csun in 2003 with a double bachelors degree in child development and deaf studies. I am currently living with my boyfriend out of wedlock. We have bought a house last year and have no kids yet. email me if you would like to catch-up

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Justin Jones
Hey there! I hope everyone is doing well. I just moved back to the south bay after 5 years in San Diego. I graduated from SDSU on my scheduled 6-1/2 year plan. I just started working full time in Torrance developing software and doing some tech support (Very exciting stuff). Just thought I'd say hi. If I see any of you around - come over and say hi. I noticed everyone still party's in Hermosa. If you want to party anywhere else, look me up.... Well, okay, I'll cruise with you to Hermosa. I'll be at the beach with a cold one if you're lookin for me. -JJ-

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Asma Khan
Hey everyone! How's it going? I graduated in March 2000 from UCLA with a Applied Mathematics major and a minor in Computer Programming. I am married, and still live in Torrance, right across from Del Amo mall. My husband and I are expecting our first baby (it's a boy!) in May 2003. Currently I work as a Programmer Analyst for 21st Century Auto Insurance, as well as starting my MBA in Information Technology. Please drop me an email if you get a chance, at

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Peter Kim
Wassup to all my fellow classmates. It sounds like everyone here is doing well, so I'm happy about that. After High School, I went to a computer school and got a MCSE and started working as a Systems Analyst for EMI Music. I worked there for about a year and now I do the same thing for a commercial real estate firm called Arden Realty. I miss my days at South and hope to see you guys at the reunion. Take care and best of luck.

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Anna Koo
Well an update is in order... life is great, still living in Torrance and plan to never move. travel only.. frequently! Teaching 5th grade this year in South Central and still loving it. Got some turn tables and going to start teaching myself how to spin for fun aaaand taking advantage of the winter time for some snowboarding up at Mammoth.. Really taking the time to focus on enjoying life and growing in other ways besides academically... I am sooo glad school is finally over!! I do not think I will be going for another degree or masters for a while.. It's time for family, friends, my students, and me. Anyone up for snowboarding or surfing let me know. ( I should probably learn how to surf first..., it shouldn't be that much harder than snowboarding. I need to keep myself on some kind of board when all the wonderful snow melts :p )

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Sarah La Mantia
As far as careers go, I'm still subbing high school in San Diego. What can I say, it's a great job in a great city. I finally am back in school for my Master's (and a credential, of course). I guess I had to spend 4 years subbing to figure out that teaching is my passion. Never would have guessed that back in my South high days though! Of course there are many other details and if you'd ever care to catch up, I'd love to hear from you. I hope everyone is doing well. I love San Diego, but my heart is always in the South Bay. My greatest friends, my family, and many of my warmest memories are there. Let me quickly say, spend as much time with Your loved ones as you can and cherish every memory made because when they are gone, you'll beg for just one more moment with them. And tell them you love them and how proud you are of them so you don't have to wonder if they knew. OK, enough sappy stuff, email me if you feel like getting in touch. --Sarah

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David Lee
Hey Spartans! Wow... I've been away from Torrance for almost 13 years now. I'm currently finishing up a phd in pharmacology in Buffalo NY (yeah, it's damn cold here but Niagara Falls is stunning and Toronto is a very cool city). Just fyi, I didn't spend 13 years doing a phd... I'm sure some people do and I can totally see how it could happen. I'll be heading back to Cali somewhere in 2011. Hopefully I'll be coming back to Torrance, so look me up in... uh... 2 years. LoL.

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Debbie (Lensner) Snell
Overdue for another update...we've moved and are back home in Torrance. The military life is done! :) I'm teaching elementary school and working on my credential. The kids have gotten bigger, as they tend to do, lol. Brian is entering 2nd grade, Christopher will be in 1st, and Erin is in preschool. Not much else to report; it's good to be back though!

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Dylan Lewis


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Linsey (Licht) Murker
We are finally settling in our new house. I have started changing things here and there in the house, new paint, tile etc. It is hot in Texas now, usually 90-over 100 degrees most days. Thank GOD for air conditioning! my oldest is starting kindergarden this year & LOVES to play soccer. The youngest is turning into a brute, enjoying beating up his older brother. (he may be the football-er in the family!) I got a job at our local home depot, i work in the paint department teaching the Ralph Lauren faux painting class on the weekends. It's a fun job to get me out of the house for a while. glad to see everyone is doing good. can't wait to hear more about the reunion Dylan!!!

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Chris Low
Crazy, I just found this site here in Jan, 2007. Check me out @ if you want to chat and know more about me now. Glad to hear so many people are doing so well for themselves. Talk to ya later. Peace.

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Christina Martin
Hey class of 95.. Not much has gone on for me in the past couple of years.. I have 2 kids.. A boy that is 6 years and a girl that is a year.. I'm not married anymore, and I live in Northern Ca.. If you remember me e-mail me.. Christina

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Kamela (Matthews) Kretzschmar
Whoa...long time no update!!!! How interesting it is to read about everyone! :) As for me, I have been married to a wonderful guy for 3 years. I have my 5 year old son from my first marriage and a 2 year old daughter. I am a stay at home mom to my kids and I am so very proud of them! I have been staying home since my son was 2, and I'm so pleased that we have been able to do this. My children and my husband are the joy of my life :) I have a very fulfilled and wonderful life! I am so pleased to see that so many here have the same- I can hardly believe it's already been 9 years since we graduated. Boy do things change!!!!

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Marci (McEuen) Johnson
Wow! I didn't even know this website existed!! I too am happy to see what some of my old friends are up to- it sounds like mostly everyone is doing well and that is great. I am living in Heber City, UT- big surprise to a lot of you I'm sure- haha! No but really, my family moved here in 1999- and I met my husband here in 2002. We've been married for almost 3 years now and have a 10 month old son, Porter. I am mostly being Mom, but also have an up and coming (hopefully) floral design company. I make it home every once in awhile, but not as much as we would like! I hope you all- you too, Jay!! will be at the reunion- it would be great to see you.

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Ara Messerlian
I gradutated from USC in 2000 with a BS in Business Administration and currently live in Redondo Beach. I work at Loyola Marymount University and am attending Long Beach State getting a Masters in Sports Management while pursuing a career to be an Athletic Director at a university. I have a girlfriend but am no where near marriage. Drop me a line and let's hang out and catch up.

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Jillian (Miller) Wade
It's been a while and time to update. I am still living in Brisbane AU and now have 1.5 kids. My daughter, Lilly is gorgeous and turning 3 soon and I have a little boy who is due any day now. I hope everyone is doing well.

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Mihail "Mike" Nica
Hey everyone. Wassup. Not much going on here. Getting ready to graduate UCSB after five years. I am double majoring in Physiology and Global Studies. Initially, I thought I was going to apply to med school but I guess the drive isn't really there anymore. Consequently I am utterly clueless as to what I want to do with my future. Nice to see everyone posting, but I definitely wish more people wrote here. Peace to Kasey Weirich and congrats on getting married. Haven't seen you in a while. Remember Caingcoy, Edgar and the rest going to the beach? Haven't seen you in a while. Have you talked to Nish anytime relatively recently? Well, peace out and anyone who feels like it, please feel free to drop me an e-mail.

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Andrew Nishimoto
Hey people, I thout mabe I would drop a few lines. I'm doing fine still in Torrance been working hard as a plumber after working for a concrete company, and before that I was waiting tables it Mimi's Cafe. And I just started to go back to school at LA Harbor. I would like to hear from anyone who would like to catch up. You all take care.

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Ayako Nishioka
Hello. After graduating from college, started working as software technical support engineer. Well, I'm still in Japan, with no plan to go back to the States so far... I'd love to hear from you all, so feel free to drop me a line. Hope all of you the best.

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Antoinette (Parker) Parker~Johnson
Hello everyone. I just thought that I would leave a message on here even though I didn't graduate w/ the class of 96 @ S.H. Just figured maybe I would bump into some old friends. If you remember me & want 2 get in touch my email address is My IM for yahoo is cali_style124. I can also be reached on & If you have AOL my AIM is laydee124. I think I gave all my connections. Hope 2 hear from you guys.

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Andrea Patton


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Forest (Rankin) Carlisle
After nagging from enough of you (Jodi & Melinda) I am finally posting to the directory. I graduated from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA in 2000 with a BS in Psychology and minor in Computer Science. I have been working as a Software Engineer in SB since I graduated. I am getting married to a Fashion Photographer from Santa Cruz Oct. 17th 2004. Raya and I will continue to live and work in beautiful Santa Barbara.

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Mindy (Richardson) Goorchenko
Hi, everyone! All is quite well for us...I feel very thankful and blessed for so many reasons. We moved to Alaska a year ago and just purchased a townhouse in Eagle River, a very charming town of 20,000, about 10 miles out of Anchorage. My kiddoes are Noah (8), Wolfgang (4), and twins Psalm and Zoya (almost 3) and they are precious blessings. I thought we were "done" but my husband Alex and I have been pondering that conclusion and thinking there's always room for more love. :) Lots of wide open spaces out here, chilly winter weather right now (10 degrees), and many bald eagles outside our upstairs windows. I work as a childbirth educator and nutritional counselor at a birth center and am apprenticing to be a midwife by Feb 2008.

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Steven Rise
Hey everyone! Got bored and found this page.Still in the US Army since I graduated from South High.Spent 10 years stationed in Europe and now stationed in Texas.I have 10 more years till I retire and then moving on to my next career as an Occupational Therapist. I have been happily married for the last 12 years and have 2 wonderful kids and losing a bit of my sanity every year because of them. Hit me up on facebook or email me if you want to say hi

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Sierra Salas
Hi all!! I didn't know that this directory existed until Charlene told me about it. I am so glad that she did! I live in Redondo Beach w/ my fiance ... I work in advertising /promotions in Los Angeles and love it! NO kids yet (I can't believe that so many of you have children .. it is GREAT to hear, but also makes me feel old!!) my fiance will be graduating from medical school in 2007 (YES... me who hated school, except the social aspects of it is marrying a doctor!!) our HOPE is to be able to stay in the area after he graduates, as we both LOVE the area. It is GREAT to hear that everyone is doing so well and that everyone's dreams have come true!

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Emil Salonga
Hello all! After graduating from SHS, I did a brief stint in the military. I decided that military life wasn't for me so I got out and got a degree in Computer Science. I am now in my 4th year working for the VA HealthCare System as IT Specialist. I married in 2003 and have a 10-month old boy. Can anybody email me the site or the details for our reunion? I got the invite but I lost it somehow. Thanks!

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Nick Schultz
i've been periodically checking this site out for a coupla years, and since today's such a slow day at work, i thought i'd finally contribute. i went to el camino for a coupla years, transferred to UCLA and graduated with a BA in english in 2000. after college, i got a job as an editorial assistant with some obscure computer magazines. after a couple of years, i moved on to the job i'm at now: i'm the managing editor for a motorcycle magazine called Hot Bike, in anaheim (where i also live). all i can say is that it's steady work. my true passion is continuing to play in baseball and basketball leagues year-round (NAU, if any of yall JA's out there still play too). a lot of yall have some incredible post-south-high stories. i wish i could say the same... i'm just wasting away here in a cubicle farm, staring out my window at the Hooters restaurant in the parking lot. holla!

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Mandy Shroyer
Hey guys, I moved sophmore year, but I was with a lot of you from the 4th grade until then. Just curious how everyone is doing.

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Asami Tachikawa
Hi everyone! Looks like everyone is doing well! Well as for me, I went back to Tokyo right after South and got a BA in Sociology at Rikkyo University, took a year off and now I'm back in Pasadena studying Architecture/Design. As much as I've matured, I still feel like highschool was only a few years ago!

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Terence Tam
Hi everyone! After a rocky start in college I finally graduated the Univ. of Washington @ Seattle with a Chemistry degree. Did everything during my college years from fixin' computers in the local medical center's autopsy room to volunteering to teach low income high school kids robotics during the summer. I'm now working at a small technology startup in Redmond, Washington (home to Micro$oft) as a project manager and a product design engineer. I'd love to catch up with everyone at the 10 year reunion and see how everyone's doing! -=- Terence

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Scott Tanaka
Amazing what you find when you're bored and on the internet, isn't it? Well, here are bullet points of my life since SHS * Wasted 4 years of my life at CSULB before dropping out. Learned more about myself than anything else * Worked at a Verizon Wireless store where I developed a "Dr. House" way of dealing with people. * Got my AS from ITT Tech * Got married(?!) to the most patient woman on Earth. She teaches 5/6th grade. Talk about opposites attract! * Bought a house in Corona. Now I'm one of "them". * Overcame testicular cancer. Fellas, check your boys regularly!! Or better, have your wife/girlfriend/other do it. So now I'm working as the IT Support director at a document imaging company (Spectrum Information Services) in Santa Ana with a killer commute and a bit of time on my hands so I've taken up photography as a hobby. Still skiing when I have the money and we try to travel as much as we can afford. Shoot me an email, it'd be fun to connect again and create new contacts!

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Vincent Tang

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Kevin Trapp
Let's see here. I graduated from UC San Diego in 2000 and I have been working as an Environmental Consultant for the last four years. My office is in Long Beach, but I travel all over for work. I've managed to successfully avoid marriage so far and I don't have any kids (that I know about). I'm still in touch with a lot of SHS grads to this day...too many to name. Hope everyone is doing well, send me an email if you want to catch up.

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Kristy (Venasky) Ormond

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Denise Ventura
Hope everyone is doing well.

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Jodi (Weideman) Sexton
Just thought it was time to update my entry! Well, 2008 is upon us, which means we'll be turning (although some have already!) the BIG 30!!! Wow!!! Dave and I are still in Indiana with our two kids. Joey is almost 6, and Genevieve is nearly 4! How time flies!!! My sister moved here about 18 months ago, so it's awesome having her nearby! Dave switched jobs, which allowed me to finally leave the bartending shifts behind, and be home full time with my kids. I am still in touch with a ton of people from South, and it was so great getting Christmas pictures from several of you! :) No plans as of right now to visit Torrance, but hopefully it will be soon; I'm in dire need of some La Capilla and to watch my brother surf! :) Take Care Everyone!!!

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Kasey Weirich
My sister e-mailed the link to our SHS page and told me I need to update it, so here we go: Divorced after nearly 9 years of marriage. Got a gorgeous 3 year old girl (Kaitee Starr) out of the deal. Now playin' da' scene in Hawaii so if you're ever out this way hit me up. Am the Information Officer at a local credit union, livin' da' life rollin' caddy's on dubs but stayin' clean from tha' other stuff we used to!!! Peace to all my peeps in da' south bay...stay up!

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Vicki (White) Grebe
Hey everyone! I can't believe it is almost our 10 year reunion. I am married and have two kids. A 7 year old boy named Thomas (Tom) and a 6 year old girl named Kathryn (Kat). I live in Utah, in a city that is nicknamed "happy valley". Very diffferent from Torrance, but you get used to it. The cold was the hardest thing to get used to. I have been married for almost 7 years, our anniversary is in January. I am a manager at Wells Fargo and my wonderful husband gets to stay home with the kids. Well that's all the news from me. See you all this summer.

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Kristin (White) Andre
Hello - Just thought I would update this...My husband and I have a beautiful baby girl named Elyse Claire. She was born 12/12/06 and is such an amazing little girl. We have truly been blessed with a little angel!! I'm still performing and currently working with a company called Anti-Gravity. Recently we have been touring cities in Florida and the Mid-West. The company is very kid friendly and Elyse comes on tour with my husband and I. We train at a facility in Orlando, FL and already have our little girl on the trampoline. She loves watching people bounce aroung and fly in the air. Hope everyone is doing well. I would love to hear from you, so email me if you get a chance!! Take Care!

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Jessica Williams
hello~ almost time for our 10 year reunion!! agghhhh!!! I hope to see everyone there. my aim is rjesslikethat@aol, write me so we can catch up on old times.

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Keri (Wilson) Muniozguren
Hi all.. It's time for an update...On January 12, 2006 at 4:45pm my husband, Nick, and I were blessed with a baby girl. Her name is Kennadi (Pronounced Kennedy) Nickole. She was 7lbs 15oz and 19 1/4 inches long. She is amazing, and I couldn't love being a mom any more. It is so rewarding. I can't believe it's already 2006. Just 10 years ago we were all going our seperate ways and starting college.. where does the time go? Well I hope that the year 2006 fulfills all your dreams and may God bless you all with Health and Happiness this upcoming year!

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Tony Wolfinger
Hey everyone! How's it going? After 2 years of el camino baseball, the San Diego Padres picked me in the 2nd round to be a pitcher in their franchise. I'm currently in AAA with the Las Vegas Starz, they just concluded our season due to the tragic terrorism in our beautiful nation. I have a 4 year old son from a previous marriage and a gorgeous 2 year old daugter i adopted from an orphanage in Las Vegas--as you can see i haven't changed that much!!!! I'm happily engaged to a fantastic woman whom i met in mexico during a 3 game exhibition series. The date is set for 10/15/01-i hope all of you from class of 96 can make it-out!

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Melinda (Wood) Hurley
Time for an update...Shawn and I bought a home in Torrance early this year. We are having fun as home owners, but even more fun as parents. Our son, Liam, was born at the end of May and he is such a joy! I'm now working as an event producer for Critic's Choice Catering and Events in Redondo Beach part time so I can be the "mom" that Liam needs. I really enjoy reading about all of your lives and successes. Please keep this site updated.

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Grace Wu
Has everyone had a kid already?!?! I still feel like one so its amazing to realize how much more grown up everyone else's lives are! After 4yrs at UCLA with a History and Asian American Studies degrees I went up to NorCal for a cushy corporate job. After 3 years of that I felt like a sell out and did a 180 on the career path and went back to school. I've been practicing as a veterinary technician since and its much more rewarding even if it doesn't fill the piggy bank. Most recently in the fall of 2007 I moved from NorCal back to SoCal and have been thinking how nice it'd be to go back to just might happen. If I run into you and I stare please let me know who you are, I'll be too stunned to remember names!

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Nicole Zellner
hi guys! i am so extremely happy to hear that everyone is doing well, and have happy and healthy families of their own. as for me, no kids, and no husband just yet. after graduating from usc in '01, i started working in accounting at various production companies in hollywood. i'm just enjoying each moment that passes and i try to spend as much time as i can with all my shs friends. see you all next yr...i can't wait!

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