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Class of 1998
Heather Ackert Hope everyone is doing well. I graduated from CSULB this past May with a degree in Computer Science and I am now adjusting to the life of full time work. I am still living in Torrance for now. I am getting married May 1, 2004 to the most wonderful guy and we will live in his house in Santa Monica.

Hakam Al-Samarrai hey everybody, I ran into this site a while back and don't know why I didn't leave a post ... so here's my update, graduated with a Neuroscience degree from UCLA in '03, worked for a couple of years in LA, including with an internet company (go!) which I'm still working with, but now I've moved out to Boston for dental school, should be done in '09. If you're ever out in the Boston area, drop me a line, or just shoot me an email to catch up, I usually drop in to Torrance during the usual holidays too. Not much longer till we reunite anyways.

Kemi Ando Ok, so I've been looking for Ricky Monson for a few years now (slender blonde hair, blue eyes, went to Arnold and Calle Mayor), for no particular reason except that he was cool. He left South our freshman year, does anyone remember him, or have a forwarding address to him?

Jenny Atkinson can't believe it's been almost 10 years.

Laura (Bardales) Buford Hi! I graduated from UCSB, was a personal trainer for a couple years, traveled some, got married summer '05, and am now a 1st grade teacher. I live in orange county but work in torrance. We're planning to start our family soon this year.

Christine Barkley Wow, time fly's huh? ( Thanks for telling me about this page Gina) Anwyay, hope everyone is doing well. I graduated last May from the University of Arizona and Iím back in Torrance doing social work at Olive Crest. I was just nominated by my Peace Corps recruiter for a mission that leaves in September. If you want to catch up on old times youíd better contact me soon!

Brandon Batungbacal hey there i never grad from that school but attended for two years. if you know me you can email me. but if not no matters cause in in iraq!!!

Dianna (Bonham) Andersen Hi there! Much has happened in the last 9 years. I am married to Todd Andersen, the man who won my heart. We have 3 little boys, ages 6, 5, and 1 and a dog and a cat. Hope to see you all this summer!

Georgetta (Bracy) Marbach Hey all. After my four years playing vball and getting a biology degree in TN, I was back at South coaching for a while. Now I am in nursing school and married to my match. Currently we are living in Long Beach. Hope all is well.

Kenda Burke Hello. I am in Oakland and am a chiropractor and doula. I went to UC Santa Cruz for undergraduate and Life West for chiropractic school. Take care.

Hayley (Burman) Edick Hey everyone! I am finishing my final darn GE class to obtain my BA from California State University Long Beach. My major is a strange one i have to always explain. It is Family And Consumer Sciences, with my concentration in Early Child Development. As you may find by my last name, I am now married to a wonderful man, and we are living in Washington state. Please feel free to contact me, I love to talk to old friends!

April (Bustos) Gonzalez Hey Everyone! Hope everyone is doing well. I graduated from CSUDH in May of 2003 with a BA in Psychology and Communications. I currently work for Corporate Offices for First Federal Bank of California as a Training Specialist II in Santa Monica (soon to move to our new headquarters in Culver City). Earlier this year I bought a home in Downey with my fiance. We will be married in July 08'. I have just taken a leave of absence from CSULA in which I was pursuing a teaching credential and should be returning shortly. I am hoping to have my own classroom of little guys in the 08-09 school year. Again, hope everyone is doing well and I hope to hear from you!

Vanessa Carnovale

Diana Chao 10 years! WOW!!

Jeff Chao Heya! Wandered into this site for the second time in 4 years. Graduated from SD, did Corp Finance in SF for a couple years and just moved back to Torrance to pursue un-corporate life. I throw parties now!

Harvey Chen Hi everyone! can't believe it's been 7 years since we graduated. Glad to hear that everyone is doing well in life. I graduated from Berkeley in 2002 with a major in molecular cell biology and now at USC for dental school. Alright, take cares everyone! ps- if anyone knows Mr. Ward's email, please update me!!!

Eric Cho Hey everyone I ran across this site just surfing the web...good to see everyone is doing big things in their lives. I've just finished a masters program at UCI after graduating from UCSD and working in the Video Game Industry for 2 years. I now work for Kasier as Business Analyst and moonlight as a night club promoter/event manager so if you are in Long Beach, San Diego, OC, Hollywood and need a place to celebrate a birthday, party it up with coworkers, or just get out of the house...please feel free to email me!

Erin Connors Decided to update this...I'm working for the government and am out in San Diego through June 06 - then back to DC for however long. I'd love to catch up, email me anytime!

Sean Costigan heya!! thought i'd leave my mark here. contact me anytime.

Ashley Coulter

Janoshka Creager Whats up everyone? I'm back in Torrance for the time being. I just returned from being on the road tour managing a band for the past year. Free travel is nice...I graduated from USC with a film degree right before that...i'll be chillin' for the next couple of months before I'm out travelin' the world be good to hear from anyone, so email me...i'm still hangin' with the old crew...are we supposed to have a reunion sometime soon?

Andrea (Cummings) Phelps Hi everyone. Well, I'm getting married July '07, I'm currently attending law school and getting my certificate in intellectual property law. I graduated from CSUF with a double major in English and Radio, Tv, and Film. Hope everyone is doing well.

Morgan Darling Heya everyone. I didn't graduate with you guys (graduated from West) but good to read about everyone. Living/Working in Stockton, CA. About to close on a house.

Michelle Dever Hello! Things are better after a rough start to college. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor in Oct 98, and had brain surgery to remove the tumor. During physical therapy, I had to relearn how to walk. I still get around with a cane, but am doing much better. In June of 04, I graduated Fresno City College. I look forward to the reunion in 4 years. If you remember me, send me an e-mail. God Bless!!!

Lisa (Donatz) Pittman Hi everyone! I can't believe it's been 6 years! I'm getting married in October '04 and I live in Venice with my fiance Monte. We're doing a lot of traveling this summer, so between that and planning a wedding I've got my hands full. Sounds like everybody is doing great! See you in 4 years!

Aimee Duncan Hello! I can't wait to see all of you in another five years at our reunion. I hope everyone is well. E-mail me if you'd like to catch up ...

Scott Dygert I've had my hands full. I have a 3 almost 4 year old little girl. I live by my self in Los Angeles. And I am goin to the Art Institute for my BS in editing. You can see one of my video projects at See you latter.

Erin Fisher Wow, we are getting old! :) I have been working my butt off since I was 13 and have worked in many fields since then. Im currently working in an office in Culver City and I am part owner of a retail store in Lomita called FRINGE. (corner of Lomita and Narbonne) Its going good, fun! Im still in school and just decided to change my major to child development because I realized that working with children is the most rewarding job you could have. I am also the President of the ECC Rotaract Club (an organization focusing on community and International service). I have had some wonderful moments and have been trying to travel a lot. I still talk to a few people from South but those of you I never see i hope you are well and that every day is better than the last. Cheers! Ciao* - Erin

Marissa Gavin Beau has a good point. I'm glad to see everyone is doing well. I'm sure I'll see most of you soon.

Beau Gebel Why do we need a reunion when we could just go to Hennesey's? Glad to hear people are doing well!

Amanda (Gibson) Nuno Hey everyone! I'm not going to the reunion so I thought I would update my posting. Going on 3 years of marriage and have 2 kids. My son is a little over 2 1/2 and my daughter is 9 months. Hope all is well with everyone and have fun at the reunion!

Lesa Glick Been living in San Francisco. Still working for...umm....well, it doesn't really matter. I still work. Send a note if you're in's always nice to see old familiar faces.

Josh Goswami Hi Everyone. Glad to find out that there is a way to connect with old friends. I miss my days at south high.


Justin Heckman

Grady Heiberg

Shauna Holman Maybe I'll see you @ the reunion... if I'm invited. I didnt graduate south high, but I was there until Dec of my senior year and I've been at Cleveland State University for three years now and I'd love to see Cooper and the gang...I wish I've kept better contact but it's been rough...things are looking up now, but I know I have many apologies to face...e-mail at

Stephanie Hwang Nothing exciting going on with me. . .I finished undergrad at UCLA in 2002 and just suffered through my first year (out of 3) of law school at UCLA this past year. Hope everyone is doing well. :)

Alex Inigo Wow, pretty cool thing the Spartans got here! Anyways, glad to know everyone's doing great. Graduated from UCSB in 2006, Arts - working as a web programmer and entrepreneur in Westlake Village. Lookin' forward to hear from some of you folks!

Kristen Isaacson Hi All! It's weird to hear that everyone has grown up! I am working at a financial institution doing events planning for our marketing department. I am in the middle of planning my wedding that will happen in the fall 2006. I would love to hear from you guys! Take Care!

Chris Ives Hello everyone, hope all is well, e-mail me if you want to catch up! Chris

Si-man (James) Kim

Jennifer (Johnson) Simkins Hey everyone! Let's see...I graduated from CSULB with my BA in Communication Studies, I'm working in Advertising for the corporate headquarters of a cosmetic company, and I got married in September! I hope everyone is doing well - take care and God bless :)

Greg Johnson What's up all you old faces? So wierd everyone's so "grown up" now. I graduated UCLA in '04 with a BA in English Lit. Now i'm a designer for Pandemic Studios in Westwood (I make videogames!) but i still live in Torrance. Been married for 5 years (no not to Donya) but it's ending on mutual terms (no kids thank god). I'd love to catch up with old friends, enemies, whoever so drop me a line :) That is, if anyone even remebers who I am, hehe.

Matt Jones Wow, i had know idea about this site. Glad to hear everyone is growing up nicely. I graduated from Arizona in 2002, went to europe for 6 months and ended up back in Tucson opening restaurants for a local capitalist. Let me know if you need a job.

Fatema Khairzada Awesome , more people are posting here it's nice to read about everyone,and how good you all are doing. Well Im almost done with my BS and im working in Santa Monica for the Information Technology department of First Federal Bank.(yes im a computer geek) so if you guys still check out the promenade you might see me there i work right on 4th and wilshire. take care see you at the reunion.

Kristen (Kiley) Zaragoza

Kristen (Kiley) Zaragoza Our little girl Annabelle was born 2-6-07.

Min Kim Hello people, wow, four years have passed since i grudated. i miss south, go spartans!

Christine Miye Kim

Albert Ko what this... i remeber you guys. i guess i still had some spartan fever to leave a message on this alumni board.

Joe Koo Graduated from the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) and now working in i-banking in New York. I miss in-n-out! Let me know if you are in town. (AIM: Kujo111)

Christian Koschil

Kevin Lai Ah, these were the good old days, when rent was free, time was plentiful, and you can study an hour per day and call it a job well done. And then came Berkeley. (Class of '02) I majored in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and barely survived on Snickers bars, Top Ramen, and little things call "naps" that come only once in a while. And now the 40 hour week commences at Northrop Grumman... The cycle continues.

Chester Lane hey dudes and dudettes!! wow! it's been a long time since last seen you all since '98... now I live in ohio since 2006. I know I will be 30 this year!! what's up! my peeps.... chester lane

Daniel Lay Hey there. Well, I'm not going to the reunion but here's that "10 year summary": I did my time at El Camino and transfered to UC San Diego. I majored in Vis Arts and CS and started working for a music tv network by Gene Simmons. Then I went to Sony Pictures Imageworks to work on visual effects for films like Open Season, Monster House, and I Am Legend. Right now I'm working in Glendale at Dreamworks Animation as a Technical Director in Character Effects. In between all that I have been traveling to Burma, New Zealand, and Mexico. "This country's hard on people, you can't stop what's coming, it ain't all waiting on you. That's vanity."

Rock Lee Hello Everyone, Hope that everyone is doing great. Hope to bump into you guys one day. BYE

Jason Lee This is cool.. It's been 11 yrs since high school grad.. well i am now working at cisco systems as a systems engineer, living in city of fullerton with 2 beautiful kids and a wife.

Alycia Lewis This website is awesome! I'm living in Santa Barbara and working at the University but I still make it down to Torrance every so often. I'd love to hear from you all

Doris Li Hi Everyone! I'm still in Philly. Its fun...but its COLD in the winter. I miss the CA sunshine but I'm moving back in a year so I can bear one more winter. Dunno if I want to be and ER doc or a Surgeon...someone decide for me!! That has been my latest obsession. anyway, email me!!

Frank Lin New Discovery~ Awesome~

Tom Lusk See ya at the 10 year

Cory MacArthur Hi everyone. I hope every doing well. I got married 2 years 5 months ago. I moved from Calforina to South Carolina. Stay for year and now living Minnesota. I work at Circuit City has warehouse manager. email if like to catch up

Tanya Maglinti Hi Everyone. I ran across this website 5 years after we graduated. I can't believe how fast these 5 years have gone. I've been working at the same company since we graduated. I live with my boyfriend in Carson now. I kinda actually miss Torrance. Drop me an e-mail if you remember me.

Heidi Marshall

Kristin Meise I am now living in New York City teaching first grade. I miss the warm weather in California, but find NYC very entertaining. I'd love to hear from friends that I've lost touch with over the years, so if you read this, please email me.

Arthur Mendez Wow this is a great page! I am still near Torrance working for the Federal Govt. Hope everyone is doing great...hit me up !

Brad Miller Living in Solana Beach, CA and engaged to a beautiful woman. Saving the rest of the b.s. for the 10 year; see you soon.


Peter Moon hello everyone! just ran into this cool site. Glad everyone is doing well...i graduated from UCSB and am currently working for an accounting firm, Ernst & Young. take care everyone!

Michael Mueller Hello everyone, I am still in the Coast Guard and am stationed in Corpus Christi TX as a pollution investigator. I have been married for two years and have a beautiful little girl named madison who will be 2 in October.

Jesse Nishinaga I wrote way too much last time. Less is more...simplify...yes. So anyway, I really hope everyone is doing well back in the COT (City of Torrance). Since graduating from Berkeley, I have moved out to beautiful San Francisco and spend my days working at GAP, Inc. as a T-shirt and jeans wearing business man. If any of you are in my area and need a place to crash, just remember that my house is your house (up to 5 days max). I do not approve of free-loading. Cheers!!!

Candice Norby

Christina Oh hello.

Tracy (Olson) Higgins Hi Everyone, I live in Arizona where I am going to school and working. I just got married and I have two dogs (Kasey and Gus). E-mail me if you want to catch up. Bye!!!!!

Obaid Omid Just another 3 more years for the re-union. Hope to see you all there. Peace out!

Sara Ornelas Wow!! Everyone seems to be doing so well. Congrats to all. I still can't believe its been 8 years (where did the time go?) Hope to see everyone in 2 years! Take care...

Dave Pacinas susan cole... hi,I know you probably don't rember me.I lent borrow a book for your trip when you were a sophmore...If it you please reply. Thank you.

Joshua Pooley Hey everyone! Wow.. what a whirlwind of a decade. Where to start.. I graduated Harvard Law with a minor in Japanese Studies and am now practicing Civil law in the wonderfully bustling city of Nagoya. I have a wonderful Japanese wife named Komiko (Koko for short) and tho her womb is barren we have adopted 2 wonderful Chinese daughters who are just the light of our life. Anyhoo.. hope everyone is doing great back in the states and from Koko and I Sayonara!

Rozlyn Ramirez It's great to know that everyone is doing so well after all these years. I am back in Torrance and I have a three year old son named Devin. Take care!!!

Daniel Reffner what's up everyone, wow it has been 7 years already, I got married 6 years ago to Priscilla Umana and we have a 4 year old girl named Audrey they are both awesome,see you around

Gina Ricci Just wanted to congratulate everyone on their wonderful accomplishments. I hope all is well with you guys. I recently moved to Boston,MA (yup...way colder than Torrance) after returning from my 6 month stay with my family in Guatemala. I graduated from Berkeley last December in Bioengineering.

Tanya Riley Hey all! I wish I would've been able to make it to the reunion. I'm currently in school up here in Idaho pursuing my PharmD. I have a 7 year old and am divorced but it wasn't all that bad. Just got married too young! I love Idaho it's a beautiful state. Feel free to shot me an email

Kyle Robertson Happy new year. I am sick right now but other than that everything is going well. I have been working as a physical therapist ever since I graduated from Sonoma State University last year. My office is on Western Ave. down near the Terraces in San Pedro. Hope that you are all feelling better than I am. Have a good one.

Mario Rodriguez

Kim Ronan Hi! It's great to read what's going on with everyone. We sound so grown up talking about our careers, marriages, children, etc. No big changes for me...I graduated from UCLA in 2003 and have been working in the Psychology Department @ UCLA for the past year while I'm preparing for grad school. I had to move back home, so yes, I'm still in Torrance. I can't wait to see everyone at a reunion (if not sooner)!

Uriah Rosenzweig what up f'ing class of 98?! best class EVER! im glad to see everybody is doing well. as for me,i currently live in LONG BEACH.after changing majors 3 times ive decided to mentor at-risk youth.ive been through alot the last few years but its been an experience. through it all i was blessed with the best gift of all.....HAILEY ARIANA ROSENZWEIG was born on oct.19,2001.....she is my world....hit me up on myspace at .....or email

Lindsey (Sabo) Cope Living in Denver and loving life!

Kira Sakamoto Wow look at this wonderful green message board! I finished up @ UCLA and now I'm going to pharmacy school in SF. This summer I'm hanging out in wonderful Torrance where the sun shines and there's every restaurant you could hope for. Hope everyone is doing well. Go yellow jackets.

JT Schugt wow it has been 5 years already and i work at harley davidson in harbor city a been hangging out with cory nick name c train and kenny lanning and i work in maintaince worker

Michael Schwenke

Crystal Scott If anyone would like to get in touch with me my e-mail address is I hope that everyone is well. I can't believe that it's nearly our 10 year reunion.

Jennifer (Shaul) Romine hey everyone - what a trip to hear what people are doing these for me i am a stay at home mom - did get an AA degree........i just got married and i have a 1 year old and a 7 week old and love them to death....i currently live in goergia which sucks ass, but am getting ready to move to virginia beach........i am glad that i have gotten to see another part of the country, but i miss home in the south bay.......i'll get back there one day.......can't wait to see everyone at the reunion!!!!!!!

Katie (Shuman) Slotsve Hello everyone. I can't believe it has been five years already. I got married a couple years ago, and we just had our first child in june of 2003. A beautiful boy named Brandon. We are currently living in Lomita. I hope to see everyone at our reunion.

Christy Singer Hey everyone! It is so great to have a website to keep in touch with everyone. I graduated from CSULB with a BS in Accounting. I am now working full time and plan to get my CPA license. I hope everyone is doing well! Email me.

Megan Sribour

Maheen (Syed) Azmat Hello Class of 98 ! It's great to go through this website it brings back so many memories. Since the last time I logged in a lot has changed for me. I graduated from the University of Redlands with a BS in Information Systems, work for The Aerospace Corporation for the past 7 years, married the love of my life, and have a baby boy. I am also currently working on being certified as a Event/Wedding Consultant so contact me via email if you need my assistance ! Take care Maheen

Kristen Taylor

Trisha (Toba) Tamashiro aloha!

Priscilla (Umana) Reffner Hi everyone from class of 98. I'm still here in the local area with my husband, I have been married for 6 years now. We have a little girl she is the best thing ever shes 4 years old. I Wish you all best.

Sonia Villarreal WOW!!!! I cant believe it will be 10 years next june. Living in Florida now. Email me if you wanna catch up!! Go C/O 98!!!!

Megan Waybright Whatís up all? Itís great to hear that you are all doing so fabulous!!! I just graduated from Humboldt with my BA in social work and I am currently looking for a job anywhere but LA. I have had the most incredible year which includes interning at a refugee camp in Norway. Drop me a line, who knows where my next misadventure will take me. Guam?

Carolyn Whaley Hey all, I'm currently in my senior year in Secondary English Education at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. I will get my degree and license in Fall 2002. I'm also in my last year of the Purdue "All-American" Marching Band (we marched the Rose Bowl/Parade in Jan '01, maybe you saw me!) Hope all is going well with all of you!

Matt Wirth Hey everyone, long time no see for most of ya. I'm currently at Cal State Long Beach and still playing tuba, just slightly better. I also recently finished a student film (Spring 2002) and will be making another one within the next year or so. Anyway, if you want more info on my stunning life post-South, my web page is Laters!

Karl Woehrstein

Alison (Wood) Keith Hello Everyone, I graduated from the University of Arizona in 2002. I am currently working as a personal shopper at Barney's of New York in Beverley Hills, I am also working part time for an image consulting firm in LA. I got married in September of 2003, my husband Steve and I are living in South Torrance. I'd love to hear from you.

Brian Yang wow...more then 4 years since i left south, now i graduated from ucsd...i wonder how many people i can still recognize or could recognixe me=/

Tim (Yi) Lee Hey everyone... i miss the old days at South High... I graduated from UC-Irvine, and i am attending Talbot, school of theology. Its a seminary... hope to see you guys around.

Yash Zaker

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