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Class of 2000
Stephanie Adams hey c/o 2000! hope ya'll doing well. finished up two degrees from CU Boulder and working on my nursing at Regis...hope to be done (FINALLY) in dec. Love Live and Laugh more than is a gift

Angellie Akiyama

Candace Allen Finally graduated and miss all of you!! Find me on myspace!! XOXOXOX

Chris Altilio hey i miss you all.see you soon

Andrea Arceri

Javier Arias

Sadaf Ashraf

David Aupiu What's crackin ya'll. Just wanted to drop a line to all my Fam Bam from South High. I miss you all. I'm glad to see that all is well with everyone, me...Im great. After 2 years at Montana State, I came back and went to Harbor for a year. After a great year over there, I decided to do something that I wanted to do after High School....go on a mission for my church. And here I am, in Chile having a great time. Well, Love you guys and I can't wait to see ya'll at the reunion, or hopefully before ;) Take care and I'll see ya when I see ya...Peace!! GO LAKERS!!!!!!

David Awad Hey how is everyone doing? I would like to catch up with you guys so you can email me at

Danelle Bailey Hey everyone! How are you all? Shoot me an e-mail @ I would Love to hear from you... Where my GIRLS at? ♥ always, Danelle

Greg Bauer Hey, what's up guys? I hope you're all doing well in your post-South years. I'm about to graduate from UCLA with a degree in Anthropology. From there though, who knows.... Good luck in everything!

Erika Bracy I graduated from csu sac up in Suck Town, California (what up Arnold) and then moved to NY to go to NYFA. Now I'm living in NY contracting my creative muscles...I cant believe in only four more years, we'll be seeing each other... Hope everyone's fantastic!

Billy Bratcher

Jeanine Burkhalter Graduated CSULB '05 and working on my credentials and Masters in Special Education. I'm just bartending for now till I start teaching full time. Hope everyone is great! =)

Fernando Carnero wow!! glad to see that everyone seems to be doing very well....ive been traveling all over the world for the last three years blowing all of my money, but hey....IT WAS WORTH IT!! currently planning my last trip to south america in september to argentina and peru....take care and see you guys soon!!....

Joe Celli oldname:Joe Celli Whats up everyone? Hope everybody is doing great. See you all around TORRANCE...

Brenda (Cenatiempo) Cetina Hi Everyone! Long Time no see. Wandered in here and wanted to say whats up. Hope everyone is doing great. I finishised school, finally (Business Management), and met the love of my life. I got Married in October of 2003. No babies yet but hopefully soon. Take care, and hope to see someone around soon. (email:

Grace Choe Hi guys! I can't believe we're three years away from our 10 year reunion! Since HS graduation, I went to USC and graduated in '05 with a journalism (public relations) degree; taught English in Korea for a year and a half; and am currently traveling for a year around the Eastern world--Asia, Africa, Middle East and Europe. Life is good (can't complain when you're a traveling hippie!) and you can either find me on MySpace, Facebook or read about my travels on my blog:

Thomas Collins I was attending UNLV for a semester but had to move home for family crisis. But sould be attending El Co in spring of next year. Good Luck 2000 grads

Robert Cumba

Cody Curran Whats happening everybody? You guys all kick ass!! I mean that.

Jenny Daltorio graduating '09 with my degree in biology from Biola University and going to go on to vet school. not planning on going to the reunion. Most of us have kept in touch so I will keep it short. Hope u all are well :)

Scott Del Pozo Hello, my fellow boon companions! Postliminary High School has been colossal. I've been insufflating copious slats of cannibus.Likewise I,ve recently outset on a transmigration to gun for the enigmatical compound to entity. Additionally, my disposition is to extirpate the mucilage on my hubble-bubble. Godspeed

Mikey Dempster After coaching the Humbodlt County Tigers in the peewee rugby league and attending CSUH, I worked at Lumberjack Chippendales with the late great Ryan Thomas. I guess I can consider these past times as golden years as I am now stuck in matters that I wish not to discuss. On the bright side, I recently preposed to the love of my life, Sharon Baker/Slanskey. I can't wait to coach her two stepsons, Jimmy, and Gabriel in the world of football as well as in life.

Kelsey Durkin Hey guys- graduated from USC this past spring with a degree in Communication and a minor in Advertising. Im working in Gardena w/ about 4 other SC Alums at a start-up company called Classified Buyers - which is similar to eBay in some respects. Good luck to everyone and keep in touch...

Raheel Ehsan Hey

Ashley Falls Never thought I would look back..Hey guys, I'm currently working as a promotions assistant at 102.7 KIIS FM...hope to graduate from CSULB and get a work transfer to a station in Sydney Australia in the next few years..follow your hearts!

Melissa Field Can't believe it's already been so many years...I finished my masters in International Affairs at GWU in 2007 and am living in Israel working for a startup company.

Yvonne Fung Hi Everyone!! Graduated from UC Irvine, currently work at Alpinestars USA with the women's fashion life.

Barry Fuson Whats up! Still workin hard in the south bay!

Erin (Hamasaki) Castro

Matt Hara

Paula (Hare) Simpson Still livin in the South Bay! Married, workin the same old stuff. :)

Sara Harrison Hey everyone. Hope everyone is doing well. It has been a great year except for the fact that we lost a good friend, Ryan Thomas. He will be truely missed. Hope to some of you soon.

Dai Jeff Hashimoto To the class of 2000. Its been 8 years already and things have changed since graduation. I'm now studying english and film. Starting my career in becoming a publisher and a critic. I'm also a receptionist at a hotel, my current job as of now. I hope everybodies doing well. See ya around sometime. One Love One Music... Peace...

Hooman Hassanpour How goes it everyone? Finished CSULB last August and got a job with a real bastard for about two months, after that moron, i got really lucky and found my dream career....I hope the rest of you have had the same success....see you in about five years at the reunion! I do anything with computers by the way so if you need help e-mail me.

Heidi Henson I went to school for a yr in Santa Maria. Then I moved to Sacramento and lived in the mountains, spending my days hiking and kayhaking, exploring and working. Now i live in Georgia and im thinking about going back to school in a yr or so. Hope everyone is doing well write me and say Hi

Al Herrera Hey everyone, hope you guys are doing good, im about to graduate from LMU next week!!! yeah if you see me around the south bay buy my ass a drink!!!!

Paul Hetman

Aany Hooshmand Hey everyone! I attempted the business thing, realized it wasn't for me. I will be going to either CalArts or San Fran Institute of the Arts in the fall. I currently live in irvine, and miss home sooooooooo much!!! Nothing beats High School!

Frank Huang Wassssssssssup, Frankie is in the house! I am currently attending UC DAVIS.....Go Aggie!

Vinnie Imbriale

Hayley (Jeffers) Tumanjan Wow, it really has been 8 years. I can't believe it. I'm currently working in accounting for a hedge fund in Century City, and working on my CPA license. Hope everyone is well.

Denny Jeremic Just want to drop in and say hi

Steven Johnson What’s going' on south? Currently I am working on a double major in Civil Engineering and Mathematics at CSULB. When I'm not in school or hitting the books I am working the bar over at Mac Grill in Torrance or working some sort of finish carpentry job. Looking foward to seeing everyone again in a few years.

Jeanine Tiffany Katayama

Erin Katzelnick-Wise Living in DC!

Ann Kim

David Kim this is swwet~!!! how is everyone doing?

Glen Kim That 10 year reunion's creeping up, ain't it??

Dana Kuwahara Hey Jokers...Well I can't believe it's almost been 4 years since we graduated...I'm at CSU Hayward playing some softball still... Probably graduating next year...Miss you guys

Michelle Lai Going to USC for architecture...taking my time..had a break in a mental institution...traveled europe for a few months...currently working at an architecture firm downtown LA...doing side work as a Landscape Consultant...working on a collaborative installation for Rice University...interior design...continuing working on Greenstop Competition for rest-stop in Tulare in hopes of getting published... any of you needing an architect/landscape architect feel free to contact me...currently residing echo park homZ!

Michelle (Landen) Beltrame Well can't really say I miss high school other than I grew up. I have battled cancer for the second time now and have a year this past march cancer free, I was bald for more than a year but it looked good on me. continued mu education in forensice science which is awsome, had my first child in 02, second in 03, third in 05, yes i'm very busy oh and got married in 04 I just say life has been crazy,the end of june 2010 I am getting out of cali, moving to washington drop me a line at

Jeffrey Larson whats up all miss you guys hope to see all of you soon

Debbie Lee remember me? (probably not :) )

Jon Lopez Hey all, times flyin, looks like we'll be seein eachother again in a few years. Still doin the "part time" Army thing and lovin it (Medic/Nurse), finally getting my BSN at Long Beach State. Take care!

Ben Lunzer Whats up South...hope you all are having fun!

Daisy (Margarita) Abarca I had alot of fun in high school. I had alot of friends and olat of enemies. But i tried to avoid the problems. all the activities were fun. i would go to all the games and enjoy all the school dances. it was sooo much fun. I had bad grades at first but when i really got into it, i had good grades. high school was a great experience for me and i will never 4get when I was in High school, I grew up alot!!!

Mindy Matheson Hey everybody! Well I have been out of El Camino for a couple years, and have been slowly trying to figure out my life at CSULB. I am currently working at Anza Elementary School with Autistic children, and I absolutely LOVE it!!!! Congrats to everyone else who has gratuated. I am very envious! Well good luck to everyone and it will be fun to see you all at the reunion in only 4 more years!! :) Take care

Marilyn Mayeda

Geoffrey McLellan Hello, I am currently in the Air force over at Holloman AFB, N.M. I just wanted to say congrates to my brother Tim for being the Vice President at South High. I also hope everyone else from the class of 2000 persues their career and accomplishes their goals in life.

Anthony Medina

Meghna Mehta I just wanted to say hi to my class of 2000 :) Right now I'm at UC Riverside, studying Business Administration. Good Luck to you all!

Edward Mejia Graduated USC in '04 with a degree in Cinema-Television and Business. Now beginning my long road as a struggling artist in the craft of writing. Good luck to you all! And may we continue to be in each others' fondest memories.

Alison (Mock) Conrad Just found this... guess I'm a little late to the game! Got my BA in Theology in 2004, got married and moved to OC in 2005 and welcomed our daughter in 2007... couldn't be better!

Chris Nelson Hey ! Things are great up here at UCLA. I haven't slept much this quarter though, things have been pretty crazy... and I think I've had like two haircuts since August... but its been fun. Take care everyone!

Cathy Oh This thing is tight! Well I'm about to graduate from UCSD with a B.S. in biology and hoping to go back to South and teach...we'll see...yeah, I honestly cannot believe its been 4 years already. Hope to see you all soon!

Matthew Ouwerkerk Living it up at UCLA.

Patrick Parker Went to LMU on soccer scholarship and graduated in four years with Fine Art/Graphic Design Degree. Check out Patrick Parker Art to see my art site. :)

Jennette Phillips Hi everyone! Finishing el co next year. Been going part time and working @ Century 21 selling and buying homes. Hope to get my Brokers license in june then open my own company....

Andrew Pitman Hey everyone...Graduated from Biola University in May of '04 with a degree in Business Administration. I am currently working for Tecolote Research in Manhattan Beach as a Cost Analyst and I got married in August '04.

Nathan Pottish YO, CLASS OF 00. 4 YEARS OUT ALREADY! Alot has changed, but only for the better. Shout out to Andy Bauman for Winning $40, 000 on a fantastic 40 s lottery ticket last month. Big ups on DJ 1040'S NEW MIXTAPE. In the meantime im stayin in So. Redondo Beach borderlining my AS DEGREE/ Transfer, Bodyboarding and working 3 jobs. This Fall you can catch some of my mixtapes on Limewire's network ie? keyword "road to recovery part 1" and "now Im left Handed" If you dont know what a mixtape is, you probably never will! or you can look it up. I wanna say whats up to all the lady's and good luck to everyone!(you will need it) P.S. Be smart and vote for Kerry

Pradeep Ramachandran hmm... Well, I will be graduating from UC Riverside with a BS in Biochemistry. I am leaving in september to the University of Oxford in England to get my Doctorate degree. Good luck to everyone on your future endeavors.

Josh Rosenfeld Second year at Boalt.

Nicole Ruesch Hope everyone is doing well. I am up in Westwood attending UCLA. Good luck to everyone.

Kitsune Naru Sakki hi Sakaki san

Kurt Schmid

Paul Seo I just wanted to say wassup to everybody I haven't seen around when I went home.

Emily Shin out in Pasadena now...

Karrie Siville Hope everyone is doing good. I now live near Chicago, IL. Married, own a condo, and have a cat.

Janine (Smith) Herbert Welp, just got married, so I'm Janine Herbert now. Graduated from UCLA with a bachelors in Psychology. Still living and working in the SoBay. Still hanging out with the same people from high school. Hit me up on myspace and/or facebook. Much love.

Justin Smith Toured the country as jonjones. Just made a music video in NYC. Have recorded two albums, "Band Not Included" and "Songs From the 2nd Circle". Had several singles on radio. Played on a few TV shows. Living on Esplanade in RB. You can checkout my music at

Janine (Smith) Herbert

Jennifer Snow Hi Everyone! How's it? It's great everyone seems to be doing so well, 2000 is still the best year to graduate, easy to remember, good pin code, ya know?..well, maybe you shouldn't use that one anymore. I'm in my last year of law school, Jan. '09,will start my final semester out in wonderfully unique, freakin-frigid Vermont...Thankfully, this semester I've been lucky enough to have received an internship with a judge in Hawaii! Location, location, location... Well, with two years away until the reunion, I've gotta get crackin on an awesome adventure to create..or, to re-tell, I mean..for the reunion. I broke my Pelvis last winter falling out of the chairlift--(sadly, i really can snowboard), but actually exiting the lift always helps support that claim...I'll work on the story. Take care of each other and yourselves.

Nancy Song hey JokerS!!!!!! man.. it's been 4 years already since we graduated from south high... crazy stuff~

Heather Stanfield

Vincent "visko" Stanojevic hey everyone,,,,, its crazy its been so long already,,, seems like yesterday. i hope life is treating everyone well. hope to see everyone here and there in the so bay sometime!

Lauren Stewart

Matthew Strawn hey whats up i'm back from alaska and now i'm in idaho. I'll be back in the summer. I miss torrance!

Dana Stuntz finally done with el camino and on to bigger and better things, finally got to a four year college, which would be University of Arizona.

Jennifer Sul hello everyone! well, im finishing my fifth year at uci this spring. hopefully i'll be moving to new york city or miami in the fall. ok take care! byebye

David Synn wow i didn't know we have a site. anways im at UC Berkeley finishing up my last year.

Eric Takada US ARMY(MP)hey everybody, hows life? Its been how many years already? Im getting out of the Army while I still can. If I stay in, I might have to go to IRAQ!!! See ya!

Ryan W. Thomas I'm currently attending Point Loma Nazarene University, hope you are all doing well in your endeavors.

Han "Henry" Wang Wandered to this site for some reason. Just saying "Hi" to everyone. Good Luck all!

Louise Wang

Nancy Wei Hey everyone! :)

John Whitehead Wow, I came across South's site by accident, made my way here and was hit by a massive wave of nostalgia... I felt compelled to post, hehe. I hope everyone is doing well. I've been working for about the last year as an onsite PC tech (boo), music is my true passion. Still here in the South Bay , drop me an e-mail sometime.

Steven Wolfram I hope see all you at the football games this year Go south

Zack Wolk doing independant film, :)

Ryan Yamamoto

Jong "John" Yoo found this site recently. 6 years past since high school graduation.. well, I graduated from CSUN (degree in Liberal Studies) going to China for a Mission Trip feel free to email me. visit my site at or

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