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Class of 2001
Matt Alexander I finally graduated!! I've been out for almost three months and I'm looking for work. If anybody wants to say hi my AIM is hotdogsamurai. Hope you're all doing well

Ghazal Almassi just wanted to say hi to anyone that reads this. hope you all are doing well...i definately miss the good old days.

Kerri Beattie .

Brandon Blakely Just saying whats up I loved my years at South and I had a great time goin to school and seeing you guys daily.

Fred Chang just wanted to say hello to anyone who comes across this site. hope everyone's doing well...

Scott Chantry Hey everyone. I've moved to Utah since graduating and just got married. Feel free to say Hi.

Philip Chung ;)

Nicole (Clickenger) Iacono

Daniel Coates

Alfredo Contreras hi everyone. After high school and El Camino I left to GA to continue my education. then, I had the chance to travel a bit. finally, got to go back to Chile. When I came to the US I was only suppose to come for a 3 month vacation haha is being 16yrs sense i came. now am back in Torrance email me if u like

Cheryl Coulter Hey guys I am glad to hear everyone is doing well. I am taking the long road to graduation, but I am sticking in there, living in Belmont Shores and having a lot of fun. Wish everyone well

Nick Croxton Hows it goin everyone class '01. Im still at CSULB hoping to graduate in 05 sometime. Still hanging out in Torrance. Actually miss goin to south, good times, great times. hit me up if you want to say hi, its cool seeing that everyones doin well. KIT

Joshua Curtis 2001 give me some love!!! Hey gang its me Joshy Josh Curtis, just writing to tell everyone how great the times at South were. I am currently working as a singer at the Mono Wind Indian Casino in Fresno County. Needless to say I am luh-ving life. E-mail me if you want to chat.

Jamie (DeFrance) Knifong

Farah (Ehsan) Amir hey guys how is everyone doing? Well i miss the old school days alot. I got married last year on july 8th 2007 no kids at the moment just enjoying married life. I also graduated with BS in Healthcare Admin from CSULB currently working for as financial Analyst. And will soon be going for MBA probably try UCLA. well if any of guys are bored feel free to contact me. Take care demons. c ya' :)

Stephanie (Eldred) Galiindo

Elizabeth Espinoza Hello everyone~ I'm currently working part time and going to Harbor College full-time. I remember everyone telling me to enjoy my high school years because they are the best memories anyone can have...I realized this, a little too late though. Life out of high school ain't as easy as I had thought, but I luv to be challenged...which is what life after high school has brought to me! ;) Take Care, C/o2001!

A.J. Fresquez Hi. I hope everyone had a Happy New Year!

Erika (Gomez) Abarca My years in highschool were so cool. I had alot of fun because of the peaple and the activities. I want to go back yo yhose fun days.

Chris Gonzalez Sup all.. How is everyone doing?

Elliot Granstrom

Eric Grieco

Stephen Grindle Yo peeps, i seriously stumbled across this site! Shout out to John Wendal. Remember Wendal, when you met my brother in 6th grade and your names rhymed... "John Wendal and Shaun Grindle." Crazy stuff. So yeah class of '01 i just finished my first year of a master's program at a little school called Biola University... i just found out that Blake Naylor goes here too! hope to here from you guys soon. By the way, Matt Huff, if you're around, we gotta catch up man.

Brandon Habermeyer

Quindy (Haight) Sammler What's up South High. After I graduated, I joined the US Coast Guard, and traveled the world. I'm now done serving my country. I have a degree in Freelance Photography and have my own business. I'm married to a Coastie, and have a son named Ryan. I'm not in Torrance anymore, I've been living all around the country due to Coast Guard life; San Diego, Hawaii, San Fransico, Oregon.......

Yoichiro Hayashi Hello South High!!!!!!!!!. I am currently attending San Jose State University (Spartans). Good luck to the class of 2001 !.

Brandon Hayes Hey everyone, hope all is well, its been almost 4 years since we left south, boy does the time fly. I've kept busy with school at cal state Stanislaus in good ole turlock, (central Cali) ill be done in the spring of 06 because of a double major and a minor, but it will all pay off in the end i am also working for bank of america in commercial banking, so if your ever in the area or need any commercial banking services drop me a line, take care and best of luck

Tiffany "Tiff Dogg" Herrera Hi Rebels it's good to know that the Class of 2001 is making South High look good keep up the good work.

Tyler Jones Hey all! South High was a great experience. I'm glad to have met the people i did and shared those 4 short years. I'm currently majoring in English/Linguistics at CSUDominguezHills while earning a little spending money at Trader Joe's next to AMC 20. I spend most my free time surfing or playin volleyball. I wish everyone the best. Drop me a line if ya feel the urge. AIM: emrys blue Oh, and a shout out to Charles Salter and Brandon Blakely wherever they may be. God bless!

Morgan Keach After becoming a born again Christian, I married my wife beautiful Lisa (West 97) and so I am currently serving the lord in Kona. After completing the required courses, my wife and I are planning on spreading the gospel whatever the lord takes us. Hopefully, my fingers are crossed, it's either in Reno (where Eddie Solt lives) or Ocala, Fl (where Grant Turner lives) but not where the Curtis lives (I had WAY TOO MUCH Curtis in the last decade.)

Frank Kim I hope everyone is doing well. Good luck to all!!!

Mei Sheng Lee Hey. i'm currently attending UCI. Infact i'll be done by June 2004. To all those who ever doubted me, I'll bet i had it better than all of you. spent only 3 years at college. Payed cash up front while working as professor's assistant and about to graduate with a doctor's degree :)

Jessica Luna Find me on or myspace- Love to ALL!!

Cindy Magdaleno What's up everyone! Hope life's treating you well. I'm at cal state fullerton studying in business. I'm still touch with my close friends from south. I'm keeping busy training for competitions trying to see if my dream is an olympic one, wondering if I have what it takes to make history. I still look the same, lost some weight, gained an ounce of muscle. Learning Portuguese and waiting to turn 21.

Clinton Maldoon Graduated from Cal Poly SLO June 05 in Mech Engineering, now working at Lockheed Martin in Sunnyvale, looking at Stanford for a master's degree

Theresa McCoy

Jennifer McGuire Hello all! Just wanted to say what's up. I'm in the Marine Corps right now..on my 3rd year, stationed in 29 Palms (out by Indio/Palms Desert).. I have another year left... doing some college as of now but will be relocating for my last year in the corps to Broolkyn, NY and then once I'm out I will go ahead and switch to full time school :) Hope everyone's doing as great as I am :)

Juliann Miller

Kelly Monaghan Actually I never graduated with you guys my Brother Colin did, I just wanted to say Rest In Peace to Philip Chung.

Jennifer Ogawa hi everyone, yea i'm studying to be a teacher at long beach state. i still live in the c.O.t so if you want to say hi dont be shy.

Matt Peterson Hey guys, I've not done too much since I graduated from south- I'm still in school- trying to get my degree in drama. Ill be graduating in 2010 hopefully- drop me a line!

Laurel Plummer

Cory Riggs

Diana Lorena Romo hey guys its me diana hope to see you soon. bye take care

Cara Royds Hello Hello Class of '01...I didn't even know there was an Alumni's so good to see what everyone's up to. Since graduating I have been living abroad mostly in Europe but have also spent a little bit of time in W. Africa. Just graduated from University of Maryland Europe and getting ready to move back stateside...hope to see ya'll when I'm in town this August.

Chris Saldivar Whats up everyone! Man do i miss the old South High days. It seems like just yesterday, but it has already been 3 years. Anyway i am currently at Cal State Long Beach getting a major in Recreation and still live in the COT for life. Peace out!

Marwa Sallam Hey guys! I just wanted to say hi to all the South alumni, class of 01! Right now I'm studying abroad in Egypt but will be returning to Irvine in September. AIM sn: hijabipride01.

Steven Sanchez Class of 2001 I love ya! Hey gang hows it going? I am doing fantastic! I recently got out on parole and am now active in the nation of Islam, as well as the lives of my two young daughters Barbara (4), and Sanchez(2). I love my lil gals to pieces and thank Allah five times a day that I am again in their presence. But if anyone wants to chat... e-mail me, or if you know anyone that needs a good court reporter or any ink work done.. I'm the guy!

Codi Schumaker Hey hope everyone is doing well. I finshed playing and coaching at UNLV and now I live in TEXAS and coach soccer at TCU. If anyone is in the for worth area hit me up....have a great summer or what is left with it...xoxo Codi Schu

Ghobud Seyedin south was great

Karishma Shah Hope all is going well with everyone

Nicole (Smith) Iacono

Edward Solt What’s up fellow demonz! After our ship was thoroughly searched on suspicion of drug smuggling off of the north east coast of Greenland, I found myself in a Canadian jail. I’ll tell ya what, a Canadian jail is the Torrance Marriot compared to T.J.’s faculties. After the charges were dropped because of Captain Doug’s confession (I forgive him), I was finally off the dreaded "Los Bakersfield." To make a story short….moved to Reno on a job tip from Morgan Keach…married his cousin (to the dismay of both our families)… now I currently bartend and MC karaoke at the Golden nugget (come see me Wednesday nights for one dollar hotdogs and beers) and coach AYSO girls soccer. I’ll tell ya what, Morgan’s daughters are definitely keeping the Keach soccer tradition alive.

Jenna Spain Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well! I am currently in my 3rd year at Cal State Long Beach, majoring in psychology. Well C/O 2001...take care! :)

Shawna (Stout) Means hey!! just wanted to stop in and let anyone who cares know how im doing. im now married,well have been for almost 3 years and now have a 6 month old daughter named charlotte. k well good to here all of you are doing good!!! see ya

Allison Surin Hey ya'll whats up? South rocked and so did the peeps.;) Hope u all are doin good and if u member me email me...

Jennifer Tam Hey guys, haven't seen any of you in awhile. I sure do miss the good ole days. I'm currently attending UCD (cow country usa) and majoring in BioSci and Minoring in Comp. Lit. Hope to keep in touch with everyone! IM me sometime sn:brvsgrl31

Blair Tasker Hi everyone! Can you even believe it has almost been 10 years since we walked the hallowed halls of SHS? Has anyone heard anything about a reunion? Let me know. Would love to see you all again!

Eric Teng Hey guys, hope you're all doing great. If any of you guys still remember me you can IM me at SleepAvenger :)

Grant Turner HEY DEMONZ!!!!!! I finally left Vegas with my wife Bridget and my three boys (whom are now in Grade School) and moved to Ocala, Florida. I couldn’t ask for anything better. All three of my kids are honor roll students as well as stars in little league! I work for an advertising agency in Spring Hill, Florida and bartend part time at the West Marion lodge (number 2356). And… wife’s expecting a forth and my fingers are crossed it’s a girl!!! Email me if your in town!!!!!

Whitney Warren Hey 2001 Alumni!! I hope South did well for everyone after graduation! I'm majoring in Advertising and dual min. in Anthropology and Sociology. I'll be graduating in May from Northern Arizona University where it snows and is nothing like Torrance! Best of luck to you all! ~Forever in our Hearts Phillip Chung~

William Webster Just thought I would say hello to everyone that graduated in 2001. After graduation I did a year of college at BYU and then left for Canada for two years as a missionary (I spent the two years between Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and northwestern Ontarion). I returned home in October 2004 and I am currently attending BYU again, with a major in some field of business. Feel free to drop me a line.

John "Wenseydawg" Wendl Rollin right along

Jon Zimmerman Hey guys! South those were good times. Anyway, I'm going to UNL majoring in meteorology and am going into the Air Force when I graduate. I come visit COT every summer/winter so if anybody wants to chill, just holla. peace

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