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Class of 2002
Ashley Adams Hey class of 2002. This is Ashley Adams. Just saying "hi". Hope everything is going great in college, have a great happy and healthy New Year. I am currently attending Utah Valley State College, in Orem, Utah, but I'm just glad I'm home for the Holidays. Take care guys!!!

Alicia (Amundson) Amundson-Sand Hey kazoos! Neat to see comments from all of you guys... bringing back memories from back in the day :) I have connected with lots of you on facebook already. Send me a request if I haven't so we can keep in touch:

Joey Andreu Well my high school years are all behind me now. I am currently attending El Camino College.

Chelsea Andrews

Renzo Ayala Hello Class of 2002!! I hope life's adventure has treated everyone well. I currently live in Torrance after the Marine Corps. I wish everyone well!

Roubina Baboujian Hey everyone, I graduated from American institute of education with an electrologist (permanent hair removal) license. I am currently working at Image Electrolysis, come check it out, I will give you a complementary consultation. See you

Tristan Bachus living in SF with my fiance. everything is going okay. alright.

Natalie Balin Hi all. I hope everyone is doing well. I am now in my last year at UCSB studying Business Economics with an emphasis in accounting and Communication. I have been extended a job offer to work for an accounting firm when I graduate so I will be heading back to the South Bay in June. In September I will be a real working woman. Crazy!

Sameer Bhavnani HELLO!!!! I have nothing else to say!

Benn Borazzi just discovered this site... havn't been back to south after my graduation in 02. livin comfortable in the OC. friends and member of the bball team email me, i wanna hear from u guys, speciely my cusin farbod. msg to kids in south right now: stay in school, but know u dont have to hold off ur success till after school. if u kno what i mean..................

Brittany (Brown) Brown-Hart Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well...I graduated from Boston University with a B.A. in International Relations, then I got my M.A. in Arabic from The American Univeristy in Cairo, I am currently in Baghdad, Iraq... if any of you are coming to visit this part of the world, hit me up :)

Jennifer (Burns) Johansen Hey everyone! I graduated from BYU with a BS in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology. I've been married for 5 years now. We just had our first child, a boy - Charlie in April 2008. I stay at home with my new bundle of joy. My husband works at Raytheon in Tucson. We make it back to visit at least once a year. Would love to hear from you, look forward to a reunion in the future.

Eric Butler (aKa E-2-Da-B) Whats up Southians. Get off your bum and make something of your life, hippies. If anyone want to chill for a cron session, email me ASAP. BTW, check out the software i wrote, destroying censorship!!! DESTROY!! -- Sites i've done, or contributed: | |

Stephanie Clark Hi!! I hope all is going well for everyone. Thanks to all of you who made living in the C.O.T so memorable. Hopefully we'll run into each other some day. Look me up if you ever stop by San Clemente. Take care.

Gabe Cohen Hey guys! How has everyone been? Im at UCLA now and live in Westwood, Ca. Life is good, e-mail me, i love keeping in touch with old pals and i'd love to hear from you guys. Thanks for the memories love ya xoxo...... ttyl :)

Sabrina De Monte

Heather Despol Hey Class of 02! I just found this website. I hope all is well with you and your enjoying college. I'm down in San Diego and loving it. Email me if your ever going to be down here or just to say hi.

Michael Domingo I think I liked high school better than the navy.... hahah anyways I'm stationed in San Diego if any of my old friends get this hit me up...

Leah "Ria" Dukes

Michael Duran

Elizabeth Edmunds 6 years wow... funny seeing what everyone's up to now. I didn't graduate with you guys, had too much going on to stay till June. Got the diploma anyway and went to college early. I graduated cum laude with a BA in Business Admin back in 05, then had an amazing couple years at Sony Pictures Entertainment, and had a beautiful baby girl in 07. Just left Sony to accept a Vice President position at my dad's company. Living in South Redondo, and loving life. Hope everyone's happy and healthy, and having babies, they're so much fun!

Margaret Eskander wazup everyone in the Junior Class of 2002. will next year is our big year we will be siniors. I cant wait tell next year. We are the best class at SOUTH. Will it is realy nice to go to school with a bunch of fine people like u guys. Next year they better give us class of the year. I dont know if u know this will mr.O'Brian is leaving the school yeah oooooh. REMEMBER THE 02 Kazos are Nummber one. I remember like it was yesterday that we were Freshman now we are almost siniors. Take care class of 0000000000000000002 BUT I STILL cant wait till GRADUATION

Caitlin Farley Hello, I just graduated from FIDM (the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) where I majored in Visual Communications. I am now experimenting with various job opportunities including, PR, set design, store merchandising, and event planning. I just finished working on the star wars exhibition where all of the authentic costumes from all 6 movies are on display. It was amazing. Who would have ever thought of me as such a hard working woman :) I love where I am and love where I am headed. I hope everyone is well and good luck with your futures. God Bless.

Jaclyn Gallegos Living in Thailand. Just got married a week ago to the sexiest Thai man in the world. Pregnant with 1st one. So excited!! We are in a pretty rural area and internet access is rare... but hit me up if you're in Thailand!!

Lauren Glick Hope everyone is having an awesome time in college cause i know i am. I just finished my 2 years at elco and am off to Cal State CHICO!!!

Michael Gonzales Wow. First time I even thought to look on here. Anybody can hit me up...

Delilah (Hulsart) Jurek Hey peoples what is up? I did not graduate I went all 4 years to south and than a month the next year but things went different for me and I never got to get that diploma. I am married with 2 kids, one just starting Kindegarden YEAH. I live in shakopee, yeah email me if ya remember me. :D Delilah

Drue Jackson Hi! I hope everyone is going awesome! I'm great, living life in Hermosa Beach with my dog. Best wishes to everyone!

Kristina Jones HEY EVERYONE!

KImberlee Jones Hey all. I am currently going to school in Denver, CO. at the Bel- Rea Institute for Veterinary Technicians (for those that know me... I know, so shocking that I went for a profession that involves animals lol). I am currently trying to find a hospital in the UK where I can do my internship at. It has to be approved by the school. Not sure what is next after that, I wanted to go to Cal Poly up in SLO to do the pre vet program, but I might just stay in the UK! lol

Arda Karkouzian Hi Everyone! I graduated a year ago from UC Davis and i'm working at a forging company in Paramount. Hope to see you all at the reunion!

Salma Khan Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. It's so nice to hear how everyone is doing...high school feels like it was ages ago. Anyway, I graduated from UCLA last June 04 with an English BA. Now I'm in the other side of LA at USC getting my Education MA and credentials to teach. If you guys are ever in the downtown area, please be sure to get in touch!

Lisa Yunhee Kim hey.... email me!

Tadeusz Kosinski hey whats up all? its Tad. hopefully yall remember me i had a blast in high school when i look back at it and hope to see you all at the 5 or 10 year reunion. which ever comes first. shoot me an email. i love seeing old faces. it brings back good memories. well peace out all hope to hear from ya.

Vicky "Victoria" Lee hi! haha this is coool.. i never visited this before.. anyways email me sometime!

Young Ok Lee

Won Lee no one ever updates this site, i wrote this 11/15/2010 lets see how long it takes (if ever) for it to show

Adam Lunzer hi everyone

Cody Matheson Whats going on everybody??? Its good to see everyone is doing good and making something of their lives! Im not going to bore you with my story. If you want to know, e-mail me. take it easy...

Heather McPeak Hey Everyone! Im back living in California. Right now I just work full-time in Huntington Beach...If you want to know more E-mail me!!! Take Care!!

Roxanne Mendez Howdee folks, Well i am curently at Vanguard University in Newport Beach. Loving college, biology major is hard. But hope everyone is okay. Take care.

Carlene Moody Haha! HI! Hope everyone is doing good! I actually live in Utah and go to school here now. Anyways...bye!:)

Courtney Murphy Hey everybody...It has been forever since I have heard from some of you but glad to see everyone is doing well. I am living in Las Vegas. Got my Bachelors in Marketing from Pepperdine then an MBA. I run a PR firm in Vegas now and am loving it. Let me know if you are ever in Sin City...I would love to catch up.

Hung (Tommy) (Ngo) Johnson Hey folks- Everything is well. Just earned my BArch(itecture) at Cal Poly Pomona. Now residing in Lodon working on a Masters in Architecture at a place called the Architectural Association - and hopefully next year, start my PhD at UCL Bartlett or Princeton. Yes, school is expensive if you're wondering. Take care

Shannon O'Brien Hey Class of 02! It has been so fun to read all of your messages - it's great to hear about where you guys are and what you're up to now. I am just finishing my degree in Human Development here at UCSD. After that I will probably be heading back to LA to go to USC for my Masters in Occupational Therapy. Good luck to you all - hope to talk to you soon.

Christina Park Hello dear class of 2002!! I just got back from studying in New Zealand and currently living in Gardena. Life is Good, God is Good!!! =) miss yall.

Matt Proudfoot

Matt Reams What's up everyone? Thanks to all of you who made my four years at South such an awesome experience. I'm currently attending University of San Diego. I'm going to be in the C.O.T for the summer then going on Semester at Sea in Fall '03. PEACE!


Chris Reilly Hey, just found this site, I graduated film school in August 2005, looking for a job in the industry, hope everyone is doing well.

Ryan Sears Hello there. Made my home in Vegas, I'm married and have two furry little kids Maddy and Tinkerbell. Best wished to you all. To our Fallen Spartans, you will be missed but you made a difference, thank you.

Mat Stanojevic Hey Everyone! We'll I'm still at Harbor but will hopefully be transfering in the near future. If you wanna chill go to and check things out

Christina Stansbury Hey class of 02! I hope everyone is doing well :o) I am currently finishing up my BA in Psychology at Cal. State LB...I will soon be applying for a MA program in Social Work. School, school, and MORE school! :oP Im still a local girl, but hope to change that sometime in the near future. I hope everyone is enjoying life and living it to the fullest ;o) Take care all.

Matt Stephenson Whats up c/o 2002. Just wanting to see whats up with everyone. Hope life is treating you well. Im currently attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo so if you are ever in the area give me a call. I'll be in town this summer. See you around.

Keely Sweeny Graduated from Cal Poly in 2006 with a degree in English, and received Teaching Credential in English in 2007. Currently teaching 8th Grade Language Arts in Paso Robles, CA.

Weston "Mr Fusion" Wong Hey Y'all, all your base now belong to us, the collective. -----End Transmission

Nancy Zhang

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