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Class of 2004
Nicole (COCO) Aupiu DAAAAANNNNG!! i guess it took me forever to find this site, but its okay.. As for me i am doing my thang like always.. currently living in Utah, yes i know coco in Utah hard to believe.. haha.. but its good im just working full time.. no worries coco hasn't popped out no kidz yet.. LOL.. But to all my peoplez wea u at?? I MISS YOU GUYZ.. i prolly heard from most on the famous MySpAcE *LOL*.. but i would love to hear from everyone.. OnE LoVe

Pamela Becerra-Valdivia Hey Everybody!!!, Today (06/16/04) was our Graduation! Congratulation guys, we did it!!!! I hope see all my friends soon. Good Luck!!!!

Misty Bolle Im so happy that I made it to Graduation it was the coolst thing that could happen to anyone.

Zack Drucker Since high school I have graduated from NYU with a finance degree upon graduation I went to work for Goldman Sachs. Made a killing betting against sub-prime mortgage loans. Currently retired and traveling the world. Some of my stops have included Paris, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Monaco, Austria, Switzerland, Serbia, Albania, Greece, Romania, Armenia, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, United Kingdom, Stockholm, Bali, Iran, EEgypt, Kenya, Luanda, South Africa, Madagascar, just o name a few. Currently, I am living in Miami, if your in the area feel free to hit me up. 305- 864-3279

Edward Klein E-MURDA is back fo life.

Tammy Koo CHAUNCEY WASHINGTON got drafted to the Jax Jaguars today in the 7th round!!!!

Akshay Mathew


Gilbert Papilla Meh. So I discovered the site late... bah. Anywho, congrats to C/O '04 (even though we graduated a year ago.) South will never forget our awesome legacy because we ROCKED that school! Feel free to contact me via e-mail and update me about whatever is going on!! I hope everyone is happy and healthy. Northern California is lame. Wish you were here! Keep in touch, write, call, WHATEVER! I'll see you all in about 9 years. Good times. OH - FOUR! From the blue, pacific southlands, Gilbert Papilla

Whitney Rogers love you all

Nick Sanders Congrats to my class. Highschool was a big waste of time all that hard work for nothing because i have just won 77 million dollars from the california lotto thanks a lot though to all the teachers that told me i was going to need an education to make it through life. So message to all you younger kids just mess around in school and buy a lotto ticket when you graduate. Good luck to all

Keri Stewart WOOOOOOOOO! yea i still havn't picked up my deploma....and i still don't know how to spell.... anyways YEA 04!!!!

Steven Sullivan

Troy Tessalone Well, I hope everyone is well. I finished my undergraduate education at USC in May 2008. I am now out in the "real world". Fight on!

Troy Tessalone Hello. I hope everyone is well. I am currently at USC completing my undergraduate education. I am also a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. Fight on!

Gerald (Vontress) Washington Hey I just graduated and im having a blast! so keep up the good work becuase u will need your education in the future!!!!

Jennifer (Walker) Garrett Wow, how did I just find out about this place now?!? So the December after graduation, I joined the Air Force. Now I'm stationed in Idaho (shut up, I know it sucks), married for a little over a year and a half, and I'm the mother of a beautiful little boy, Christopher Thomas Garrett. Hope you guys are making your dreams come true! Can't believe it's already been 3 years since graduation. Damn...

Ryan Weiss

Dustin Whitman my life is great! i live all over Los angeles from soup kitchen to soup kitchen. I enjoy eating out of the trash and sleeping by the freeway. You know America is the only place on the planet wastes about as much food as they eat so i never go hungry! I did alot of drugs in high school and i was a horrible student so... this is what i get. Oh true story: i like to sleep naked so one night Rodrigo woke me up having a seizure so i beat him with my lead pipe butt naked by santa monica blvd. There was blood everywhere it was crazy. I still shave every morning so if you see me you probably will recognize me. Don't talk to me though because i will probably assault or rape you in public, i've never been a shy person. My akin a pretty bad because when i was living in east LA ( i am now bum banned for there ) I used alot of meth. Now that i live on the west side its usually booze and crack cocaine. Anyway i hope to see one of you guys in a suit or something going to your office job so i can fling my excrement at your face. PEACE OUT

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