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Class of 2005
Lyla Azzam I would like to have a picture of me when I was at South high school.

Ricky Benedict Hello everyone. I hope everyone is doing alright. Just living the life, you know. I'm currently at the art institute of california: los angeles, and ill be getting my ba in film fall 2008! how is everyone?! don't hesitate to contact me!! weeee!

Rita Boreczky

Jennifer Carr

Danielle Domizio

Erika Esquivel wah0ooo we hit 5yrs!!!!! this year i attended my lil sisters grad at south and i got a bunch of flash backs of our grad day... hope everyone is doin good :) member u can always drop by my lil Mexican Riviera 2 say hi (:

Juliet Fiege

Bryce Fisher

Chiquita Glass Hey all! Mal convinced me to do this. I used to be shy in high school and never really did anything of importance or of any significance to anybody there but I would love to hear from old classmates. So far I have been a model, a mother, college student, writer and hair braider. I am not quite out of my shell yet but I will in due time. Wassup, SHS 2005?!?!

Michael Gobble hope everyone is doing well that graduated with me if anyone wants to just try getting a group together to catch up on old times hit me up

Megan Hair

Kevin Johnson

Nicholas Lee

Misty (McClannahan) Thiele South High School Rocked it changed my life and prepaired me for my life to come. Thanks to all the teachers that I had for pushing me to be my best.

Heather Meier Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well. What has everyone been up to? Anyways I'll talk to you guys later!

Elizabeth O'Driscoll WOW it has been a while!!! I hope everyone is doing well! I am living in San Francisco right now, actually moving back to Torrance in a month! I miss everyone soooooo much :)

Andrea Reilly

Andrew Saldivar well, i guess im the first to write on this page. i guess i was bored so i was just looking at south web page and i found this. yeah so i miss high school, class of '05 was the best. no one will ever be able to beat our lip sync, NO ONE!!!! well congrats to everyone, and i hope that everyone is having a blast in college, cause my college experience is not that great. oo well, love all you.

Karishma Shah Hope all is going well with everyone

Justin (Shanahan) Santos Sup ma brothas and Sista..... although i failed to graduate in 05... due to laziness i finally got my diploma this year woo hoo ya'll well regonize me in the sooner.. i'm gonna become a famous remixer and muscian.. woo hoooo

Tracy Stanfield

Patricia Helena Szopinski

Samantha (Telles (Ragnao)) Cervantes Wow Alumni huh? Thats a crazy kind of makes me feel old, and I know I'm not. I hope all is well with my fellow Alumni!!

Felipe Torres i was bored and i had nothing better to do so i wrote in here!

Daniel Umana Hi

Cristina Vicari

Stephanie Wilson It's odd to think we're alumni. Hope everyone is having fun doing whatever it is you're doing on whatever path life is taking you right now.

Bryce Yockey Been quite a while. I just realized this would be five years. It feels like the time goes by so fast. I joke with kids still in school that I'm an old man now. I hope to see some of you guys again, it'll be fun to catch up.

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