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From: Carl (1982) on Fri Oct 21 10:36:50 2005
Hootie probably friends with Lisa or Chris I imagine. Think Lisa (pretty sure that was her name) was class of 84. Funny you bring up that car that lived in their driveway all those years! Brought back some memorys.

From: Bill A (68) on Fri Oct 21 02:45:03 2005
oh, Yeah Louie Reyes indeed..
Lllooo Rideerrrrssss ride a little HIGHherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....da na na !!!
Louie was always kewl,,,,how is he now adays........

Your right Hootie...Jack had no voice for a long time it was the Marlboro's and the booze per Pam , who I spoke to last week. Who are you from 84 to know Pma and Jack ???????????? And your righ about the Nomad, but Ilve been in it running,,,,,what did he ever do with it??? and yes who are you , you know them, do I know you???????????

From: Hootie (84) on Thu Oct 20 21:46:03 2005
jack and pam Bergstrom live in Long Beach,minus
the never running Nomad that sat in the driveway on Park street,Jack just got done with his second cycle with chemo and doing o.k.

From: BillM (68) on Thu Oct 20 18:19:30 2005
Bob W..I was meaning DeCaro, Nick and Frank
From: Bill M (68) on Thu Oct 20 18:18:53 2005
Bob W Cricklewood..isn't that the street the DeCros lived on?

Bill had to be cool to exisit in Walteria..that's why I made friend with the Louie Reyes and his group. Allowed safe passage.

From: Lynn Johnston (1960) on Thu Oct 20 16:15:20 2005
My E-Mail has changed on all of the message boards it is wronge it is any one fron the 1960's please e-mail me
From: () on Thu Oct 20 14:14:46 2005

From: () on Thu Oct 20 14:14:44 2005

From: BOBW (62) on Thu Oct 20 12:40:44 2005
From: Bill (68) on Thu Oct 20 12:02:11 2005
Oh, yeah, that's right, another Bill I knew he had something good going for him besides being kewl enough to be living in Walteria with Jack Bergstrom and the boyz.Jack now lives in Long Beach.
From: Bill M (68) on Thu Oct 20 11:19:03 2005
Bill A...Herrera is another Bill..boes by Billy.

Billy h Yeah now I remember you did have a black truck. Just remember for years the Red Bronco (?) with your dog in it waiting for you when the lot was free. Haven't seen you out in a while though. Off course longboard is the only way to go. I've told you that for years. Old men and short boards don't mix. By the way, Walteria never ruled anything

From: Bill A (68) on Wed Oct 19 23:40:54 2005
Nyechan, did you get my email on how to go to South?????????????????????
From: Bill A (68) on Wed Oct 19 23:40:13 2005
Herrera, we used to cruise over to your place with Jack Bergstrom in his 55 Nomad
what's your 1st name?

From: bh (67) on Wed Oct 19 20:47:27 2005
black truck knees are shot feel best when out in water on land they don't work have not been on computer long time might have to switch to a long board to compete.
From: Bill M (68) on Wed Oct 19 16:26:57 2005 better not be Billy. Haven't seen your red truck at TB in a while, how are the knees. I'm the other old guy from South out there.
From: herrera (1967) on Wed Oct 19 12:01:53 2005
the boys from walteria ruled torrance beach and we still do at 57 years old
From: Herrera (1967) on Wed Oct 19 11:22:14 2005
KEEP SURFING!!! Went surfing and then never finished school went to Viet Nam.
Keep pumping!

From: Nyechan Yoayat (I don't attend that school but, will like to.) on Tue Oct 18 18:09:35 2005
Hi, I don't attend your school yet but, I have a few questions for any of you who maybe able to help me. My questions are 1. Can I transfer from a different school to your's the second semester of the year? 2. Will you previde a bus for me to attend school everyday without me paying? 3. I want to go to that school becaause at my school I don't tend to go to school because I don't have very many friends at that school so will it be ok for me to transfer to South High? Get to me as soon as you get this message the sooner I know that earlier I will register at your school. Thanks for your time Nyechan Yoayat.
From: Stephen Cannady (1970) on Tue Oct 18 11:43:27 2005
Hey to the Class of '70! Anybody still around feel free to email me at Still see John Cash, and spoke to Bob Hamer and Kim Elsey recently. Yo to the old Calle Mayor Gang. The secret ingredient of the Surf Burgers was Liquid Smoke.
From: Ian Keach (2003) on Tue Oct 18 01:54:36 2005
Tell that Curtis he ain't the Joshiest Josh in town! He's still bitter about the money he owes me since, my favorite team, the White Sox's beat his lame Angels. I also found Jazmine first and he can't seem to get over it! I'm the one who introduced those two love birds! She really knew how to work it Curty, Huh, Huh? Oh, and one more thing, tell Chucky he still owes me one more kickboxing lesson!
From: Bill m (68) on Mon Oct 17 10:21:54 2005
Kevin needed a rest. I hope he finds happiness with the other Spartans who have left.
From: Preston Hamlin (1960) on Sun Oct 16 19:28:01 2005
Thanks Bob but they want you to buy a new one.
From: ChrisJ(68) () on Sun Oct 16 15:26:33 2005
Bill A and Bill M, thanks for the info on Kevin; wish I'd been aware of the service. He and Lee might be able to get together. Rest in Peace old friends! Chris
From: Bill A (68) on Sun Oct 16 14:48:17 2005
Aloha, Nancy,thanks for your inquiry. I'm doing great, have been upgrading a tri-plex that I just bought here in Kona, granite counters, polished brass kit / bath fixtures, faucets, beveled glass entry door, etc and looking to aquire a vacation rental on the beach or across the street from,,,.As far as school on the real work end , I just had a week off school for 1st quarter/ 2nd quarter break...........= snorkleing , golf, bbq's,veging ,etc....How are YOU??? And exactly how many cats do you have??????
Obviously, this is related to Catz Go Round, not to be confused with Pi are Round.
What is

Preston Hamlin, the company that most high schools, inclusive of ours right now, here in Hawaii is Joston's. Their web site is

I am rather certain that South High used them when I graduated and currently uses them. They also provide the caps and gowns...........good luck, you should be able to contact them, advise them of our school name / address and either obtain a replacement ring for 1960, I've thuoght about it over time as mine was stolen in a burglery in 1978. Mine had a rather large oval emerald stone in a gold mounting SHS, I don't know what they look like now..

Bill M.
yeah, catch me on my yahoo email address re: Kevin, services were yesterday at 11: 00 AM at Green Hills.

To everyone kewl,live each day very well..........


From: Bill M () on Sun Oct 16 11:18:47 2005
BillA. I will e-mail direct about Kevin
From: BOB WARREN (62) on Sun Oct 16 08:40:27 2005

From: Sweetums (1981) on Sun Oct 16 08:20:17 2005
Happy Birthday Miss Piggy, class of 1982, where ever you are. Sweetums still loves you!
From: Preston Hamlin (1960) on Sat Oct 15 12:25:16 2005
There is/was a company, maybe the original, where you could buy your lost class ring. Can anyone help me out?
From: Marianne Mennes (69) on Sat Oct 15 11:19:11 2005
Ya Elain and I e-mail. Want me to give her your address?

From: Marianne Mennes (69) on Sat Oct 15 11:17:58 2005
Jerry 71,
Ya My mom tells me all the hill top stuff. Guess your Mom and her are of the few still left. I hear alot of "Oh, Dear all my friends are gone". I love my quality of life here and The cowboys in tight Wranglers-Ya baby! Love my job and the people here are like when we grew up "real neighborly" all the kids in the neighborhood know where my dog belongs and I know where all the Kids belong. And get this- now I'm the ol' lady yelling at them to watch for cars. I look in the mirror and see my mom. I would like to say minus some of the bad stuff. We all are where we came from. How life treating you?

From: marianne Mennes (69) on Sat Oct 15 10:58:27 2005
I remember you. Sounds like you are doing great. I tried to mail you direct but guess it didn't work. Try e-mailing me direct.

From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Sat Oct 15 01:03:55 2005
Have been gone from this site awhile. Lots of interesting conversation! How is Bill in Hawaii doing?

The record label that I was planning to start is up and running. Tim Moyer that is also a SH graduate is one of our recording artists! We just signed a contract with Tim tonight.

Lots of work but lots of fun because I love music. Label is call Catz Go Round Records.

Hey are any of you on


Nancy Nickle

From: Abraham Lincoln (1819) on Fri Oct 14 11:31:07 2005
hello im dead and looking for sheab williams to kill him ok
From: Bill (68) on Fri Oct 14 01:07:01 2005
Ok Ya'll,
Another one of us has gone to the light......

Kevin Thill was found after having crossed over to the other side, by his mother , at her home on what Vista Largo after she came home from having been away to an Opthomologist conference. Evidently , he had been there for two days according to the information I had received. This info was per Kevin's step sister , who is married to Raymond Padoris's brother in law. Raymond just left Kona after having been here in Hawaii for 2 weeks.....and received a call this moring, where as he told me while he was bringing me back my extra set of golf clubs, so he could fly back to Calif......

R.I.P. Kevin ( Raspy )

From: george washington (1818) on Tue Oct 11 22:44:18 2005
wuz ^ gagsters email me back home dogs for i get one of my east side krip homies on you guys im from there to. just yesterday i shot christifor columbus
From: john f kennedy (2009) on Tue Oct 11 22:39:03 2005
i know sheab hes on the streets right now selling stuff
From: () on Tue Oct 11 22:00:04 2005

From: TimL (69) on Tue Oct 11 18:21:45 2005
If anyone is interested I'm going to be at the Wilshire Theater on Oct 30th with a VERY unusual band from China Called the "12 Girls Band" email me for info and possible Tix, and passes
From: jennifer (2005) on Mon Oct 10 12:43:12 2005
hey does anybody know sheab williams if so email me and tell me things that u know about him.
From: Eddie vela (1971) on Mon Oct 10 12:42:40 2005
hi were do we go for reunion
From: Eddie Vela (2009) on Mon Oct 10 12:41:24 2005
steelers rule
From: Eddie Vela (2009) on Mon Oct 10 12:40:25 2005
From: () on Sat Oct 8 21:49:24 2005

From: Andrew Saldivar (2005) on Thu Oct 6 20:14:45 2005
hey everyone, hope all yo are having fun in college. dont ever forget about the good old at South High!!!
From: () on Wed Oct 5 22:54:02 2005

From: () on Tue Oct 4 00:26:19 2005

From: Josh Curtis (2001) on Mon Oct 3 23:12:37 2005
Hey, Ian I owe him nothing of the sort but maybe some honesty! We've never been to Bangkok. The most foreign place I've been with him is the PV mall! Anyway, right now I am finishing my last year at El Camino. I'm sure ya guys have heard about all the semi-truthfull rumors. Yes, I've been arrest twice for "having too much of a good time", as my step father Chuck Norris says. Well, life goes on. Soon enough though, I'll be marrying my girlfriend of 2 years, Jazmine. Yea, she's hot, 'cause ya know the Curtis knows how to work it.
From: ChrisJ68 () on Sat Oct 1 23:31:29 2005
Yves Pennec, I worked with Al Knappenberger for many years on the Torrance Fire Dept. He and Joann moved to northern Calif. several years ago. Al(Knappy)Knappenberger passed away about 4 or 5 years ago. At this time, I don't know what happened to Deralen or her sister. I may be able to find out more, given some time. Chris Johnson (68)
From: () on Sat Oct 1 18:40:14 2005

From: That means your a Fag. Stop it () on Sat Oct 1 18:32:55 2005
From: sean (07) on Fri Sep 30 13:43:00 2005
I like guys

From: broncos (07) on Fri Sep 30 13:41:44 2005
broncos rule

From: cdsf (ffsd) on Fri Sep 30 13:38:50 2005
From: pittbull (00) on Fri Sep 30 13:35:16 2005
hurricanes are cool

From: Buster Anis (0) on Thu Sep 29 20:38:31 2005
Sounds pretty fishy....
From: Yves Pennec (1982) on Wed Sep 28 15:20:27 2005
I am French, in 1971, I travelled all around with a French friend, hitch hiking.
We spent 4 days in LA hosts of family whose name was Knappenberger, they had a young daughter called Deralyn.
I found that a Deralyn Knappenberger has attended your school. Date, place and name seem to fit my souvenirs. I am now a father of 3 and planning a family trip in California in the spring of 2006.
The hospitality of the K. family is still a warm and vivid memory to me.

Could you help me get in touch with Deralyn if she agrees to it. I would greatly appreciate.


From: Ian Keach (2003) on Wed Sep 28 12:32:54 2005
Wow, these last couple of years after high school have been up and down! How can I explain seeing the sunrise in Paris or the sunsent in Bangkok! Anyway, my traveling is over. After an altercation in Peru, I had to leave my life of fixing surfboards, and my girlfriend Lupe and her three children I adopted as my own, Ramon, Sanchez, and Octavio. But things are a bit better now, as I live in a condo on the Beach at Port Hueneme with Eddie Solt and Robert "Worm" Sunjara. Currently, I bartend every other night at "The Shores" in Oxnard Shores off of Harbor Drive and Wooley. If your ever in the neighborhood stop by! One more thing, tell Josh Curtis he owes my for bailing him out of that Bangkok parlor of some sort.
From: joe (s) on Tue Sep 27 11:48:51 2005
die you earthlings
From: Tessa Garcia (1979) on Mon Sep 26 15:49:26 2005
Don't go to Beautiful Moments Photography in the Del Amo Fashion Center, they are rip-off artists, the main studio which is advertised as a building with a suite # in Downey is actually someone's home who doesn't speak English. They cannot produce the photographs they advertise in their brochures, it's been almost 8 weeks and I just got back my terrible quality photograph with my 3 kids on it which costs $159.00 which I could of done better in my Garage. CAUTION: Please stay away from this place unless you have money to burn. Tessa (9/26/05)
From: () on Sat Sep 24 20:28:28 2005

From: Kristyn (1984) on Sat Sep 24 11:50:41 2005
Hey Kyle!!! I think you forgot someone in your list of fam members who attended South High..... Yep! That;s allright though it just goes to show where your priorities are that's all! I love you anyway, Varsity Brat!!
From: Stanton (1997) on Sat Sep 24 01:55:29 2005
I live in a cardboard box. i just installed DSL in it! im special! if you'd like to hear more you can email me...
From: () on Thu Sep 22 08:46:13 2005

From: Diane (1971) on Wed Sep 21 22:14:57 2005
Looking for classmates for upcoming reunion...Please email updated information!
Class is still '71

From: 1985 Alumni (1985) on Mon Sep 19 15:23:32 2005
I was unable to make it to the Class of 1985 Reunion and was wondering who was among us had passed on so I may send condolences. Can someone please post the names here. Thank you very much in advance.
From: Bill M (68) on Mon Sep 19 09:57:09 2005
Bill A. There actually is a Bill M listed in the directory for 78.....but I'm with you with there is nothing to hide at this stage of live..But I would not but it beyond your reach to write in another voice attempting some more high school annexs..Who me? Yes you.

But if there is a Bill M from 78 who is writing on this board, your right we should end all mysteries and get ourselves out into the light. We should keep this site for the hellos, what you have been doing and if we have any true disagreements off to the roundtable. Can't remember everything I've written, and with all the different names/titles here don't know who I have really written too, but bad spelling and all I truly come in peace. And if Beth wants to write, more power to her. Anyone can just ignore here if they donít like it.
About a year ago there was a group of kids (by age to me) who kept writing under different alias so you never knew who you were really writing to.

From: BLOWFISH (O) on Mon Sep 19 08:42:03 2005
From: HOOTIE (1984) on Mon Sep 19 00:03:24 2005
And i'm in San Antonio.
Land and cattle at your disposal.
Gimme a Holler.

From: Carl (1982) on Sun Sep 18 19:20:51 2005
Yea, I'll help. Heck, I'm right outside Houston :)
From: Jerrie (71) on Sun Sep 18 16:52:30 2005
Kera....Please put the word out of anything you might need to people here. Someone MIGHT listen and be able to help. It couldn't hurt. I have a friend who lost everything, and from just putting a few words out into cyberspace, was able to recieve some really good help. I hope you are safe and have everything you need, but if not, let people know and miracles can happen. Good luck.
From: Carl (1982) on Sat Sep 17 15:38:51 2005
Good to know your OK Kera :)

Where are you staying now?

From: kera moseley (1982) on Sat Sep 17 14:40:55 2005
This is Kera, who lives (should I say lived) in New Orleans when the hurricane hit. Thanks to all the folks who both tracked and tried to track me down to make sure me and my family were ok.
From: Bill (68) on Sat Sep 17 00:17:54 2005
YO Bill M.
no worries the truth set us free a long time ago, I see what you mean about wanna be cooks stiring.

BM rest assured Bill M graduated and is true alumni, you may have or may not have , no big deal, like McKaig says who cares......although, I don't think there was a Bill Maurer in 68 to my knowledge. and there is no set for anyone to be behind , let alone me.
be kewl, ya'll
peace out....

From: () on Fri Sep 16 17:34:26 2005

From: Bill M (68) on Fri Sep 16 16:28:10 2005
Not much of a mystery... are you Bill Maurer? Soccer, oh no my oldest son 36 years old still plays on a Sunday league up at Nissen field. Why didn't you just say you were another Bill? Yes I graduated; they didn't have a required spelling test. My mug was actually there but got removed years ago. Now poor Beth thinks we are just a bunch of old losers...but we aren't ....are we?

Bill A I think you are behind this whole set uo:)

From: BM (78) on Fri Sep 16 10:55:03 2005
Bill M, let's end the mystery see a picture
of your mug in the directory. Speaking of
which, your name is conspicuously not listed with your class of 68...uh, you did graduate, right?

From: Bill M (68) on Fri Sep 16 10:35:21 2005
Bill A...nothing unsool between us. Someone is attemting to stir the pot but didn't like get hot. Think this has nothing to do with spelling or counting..but who and I know the truth.
From: Bill Armijo (68) on Fri Sep 16 02:31:18 2005
Yo, McKaig, wasup?
Those were my words, brah.
And ....You know I went to South !! But aside from us, what other Bill's '68 are there??? Was there another one, or is my ability to count only rivaled by your ability to spell?

Jessica 87,,,,breathe in ,,,,,,,,,,,,,breathe out,,,,,,,,,,,breathe in..............breathe out........ I do agree with you though .......what would you like to discuss?

From: jessica 87 () on Thu Sep 15 20:38:25 2005
they have

From: jessica87 (87) on Thu Sep 15 20:38:03 2005
Those of you complaining about the discussions about home values, Texas vs California,etc, have taken up more space discussing how unimportant and inapproriate it was than the original emails!! GET OVER IT ALREADY they they!
From: Bill McKaig (68) on Thu Sep 15 12:40:04 2005
How many Bills for 68 went to South? Getting so I don't even know which ones I wrote? Yes..yes... the misspelled ones, that's me completely.. but I can't take credit for all these words of advice.
From: Ben D. Wayover (69) on Thu Sep 15 09:17:36 2005
Trying to get in touch with some long old chaps from Doug's Paddleboard...
From: Bill (68) on Thu Sep 15 02:55:37 2005
Homes,,,,money,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,both relative things and relatively unimportant or overshadowed in comparison to health, family, good friends / fun and a sense of humor. IF your home goes up in value fine, if your apartments go condo, also well,don't hit to hard on the spirits,help others if you can, and keep things straight with the Big Guy in the sky, do your best and live each precious day like it's the last one ,and tell the ones you love that you do love to be a good human is what it's all about unless someone started making hearses with trailers or luggage racks while I was asleep,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,everything else is about as meaningless as these phantom posters with their useless drivil.........
with aloha

From: Bill M learns To Spell!! () on Wed Sep 14 20:21:08 2005
It's spelled congratulations Bill! Come on buddy!!
From: Bill M (68) on Wed Sep 14 19:41:31 2005
To Bill M learns to spell. Congratuations on winning the election.
From: Jerrie (71) on Wed Sep 14 09:53:48 2005
Beth...see ya on the Roundtable ;) Don't pay any attention to the "no-name-posters" they suck. (don't fall into the "trap"). You'll learn who they are. I like that you are posting! Keep it up, we need more people here willing to express their views in a "nice" way. Doesn't have to be TOO nice. LOL, but decent, is better.

MOST of the people here are pretty cool. Spelling monkey needs to go away. Who cares?
BillM is awesome.
Chris friend, you rock.

From: richard reid (68) on Wed Sep 14 01:29:01 2005
let patti a huntington that i would like to talk to her. same phone # .
From: "mind droppings" (1985) on Wed Sep 14 00:55:28 2005
The artist formerly known as Beth Maki.

I wasn't going to write again, but I sense someone needs to express their views. So let's take it to the round table! (as you suggested) Whoever you are, there is no need to pollute this page with needless insults. But I would be very interested in why I make you want to puke. Who are you? I mean , why do you post your headings under obnoxios titles? If you are so sure about your point of view, be proud, don't hide. But what is your point of view anyway?

I still think baby boomers were luckier than most,(especially those from communities like the south bay). But I agree, generalizations are very dangeorous. Still, you have to admit...pop music is the soundtrack to a generation. 60's bubblegum was very bright, happy, major keys, representing a generation who embraced their world. Now we have minor chords, and lyrics about disappearing.

Fond farewell! See you on the round table, as suggested by whoever that was, bet it's an 80's kid, we are SNOTTY!

From: Bill M learns To Spell!! () on Tue Sep 13 20:20:34 2005
Oh hush Bill. Who's spelling for you these days? Normally it's barely readable. Funny you want Beth to write but on the Roundtable you were trying to get people to stop writing opinions you didn't agree with.
From: () on Tue Sep 13 15:14:39 2005

From: Chsir Huey (68) on Tue Sep 13 11:53:48 2005
Beth, I also agree with Bill. Write on. I can see where you're coming from. But generalizations don't accurately reflect reality. I'm not rich (monetarily) but I have much to be thankful for. My family, my friends, my music, and the time to enjoy them all while I'm here. Someday I have to give it all back but it's a wonderful gift while I'm here.
From: Bill M (68) on Mon Sep 12 18:12:39 2005
Beth, Let them puke ..I enjoyed your comments. Richard doesn't think that the climate, which has help the Calif. housing price creep, has anything to do with quality life.
From: Hootie (1984) on Mon Sep 12 03:33:30 2005
What is it with this California-centric attitude regarding real estate? Isn't quality of life the larger issue?
From: Carl (1982) on Sat Sep 10 21:20:34 2005
Yea, but who would want to live in So Cal? Having lived there for 40 years, I can't for the life of me think of any good reason to live there anymore less of course it was to brush up on my spanish, which having owned/operated a Car Wash in Torrance for 6 years, I'm pretty sure I don't need a refresher course :)

From: Beth Maki (1985) on Sat Sep 10 14:02:33 2005
With apologies, you are probably right. Shouldn't have let go this far.


From: kathy b (85) on Sat Sep 10 12:51:02 2005
Carl, Alot of us world rather live in a smaller/older house in So Cal that a mansion in Texas..If you are fortunate to own property in the So Bay, you can pretty much buy thinking baby boomers
From: The world according to Beth Maki () on Sat Sep 10 12:22:58 2005
I think i'm going to puke! Shouldn't you be posting your brain droppings on the Roundtable rather than polluting this board?
From: Beth Maki (1985) on Sat Sep 10 11:50:24 2005
Sigh....this property investment frenzy is part of what's furthering the gap between the haves and the have nots.
From: Carl (1982) on Fri Sep 9 21:48:08 2005
Meter readers can still own homes in just about every rural area of the USA. 100K still buys a wonderful home all over the country, and at 5.50% interest and 3% down, you own a home with a 5-600 mortgage payment.

I recently purchased two homes in Magnolia, Texas. Brand new builder homes, both are 2300 SF, 4BDR, 2/5 baths on 1/2 acre. The first one is already rented at $1590, my payment is $611, my Property taxes are another $200/month.

Don't admire the boomers, the are all old farts! ;)

From: Eric Hillendahl (1973) on Fri Sep 9 11:51:47 2005
Hi to all. Would love to hear from anyone in the classes of the early 70s who remembers me.

I am still shocked, 2 years after the fact, that Bill Curtis (1973) died of a heart attack in 2003. Bill, Richard Stuelpnagel, and I used to hang out, ride bikes, go to the beach, etc. during the 60s. I lost track of Bill (after high school), and the next thing i knew, he was gone. What a great guy he was. Best wishes to his wife Kathy, and his kids.

I remember Riviera Elementary, Rocket Ship park, Rat Beach, Hide-and-Go-Seek on Via Del Valle, listening to music at Ernie Zampas's house. My mom allowed me to have a girl-boy party back in 7th grade. We all danced, and played spin-the-bottle, etc. I told this to my daughter (now in 7th grade) and her look of "yuk" was hillarious. Funny how times change.

Anyone know what happened to Mr. Ritchie, the advisor for the Sword & Shield, South High's newspaper. Laurie Archer and I were co-editors in chief in 1973. Mr. Ritchie was a great guy.

Thanks again to Byon, for all his hard work in maintaining this website.

Best wishes to all. TGIF (Thank God its Friday).

From: Beth Maki (1985) on Fri Sep 9 00:05:10 2005
Well, again, I suffer from boomer envy, I am a boomer wannabe. I always admired the depth of thought of the 60's kids. Something my genreation(generally)lacked. It's just discouraging to me that retirement age homeowners are thrilled about property appreciation. Safe to bet that they wouldn't want the prices to return to the level where a meter reader could own a house. And did baby boomers have to compete with mass immigration into the USA?

Generation X, a curious term, something to ponder. I remember the dotcom explosion, and it generated a lot of jobs, but they disappeard after a few years, and now it's time to retrain again. Mortuary jobs will not be sent overseas.

I still believe that the boomers were the yuppeis of the 80's. Isner was born in 1942, and Trump in 1946. Not all baby boomers are sociopaths like these two, but anyone who owns stock probably approves of and appreciates their contribution to society.

All in all, I would like to see the return of a larger middle class, and one that is not so concerned with acquiring benal consumer products. If not for myself, for the generations of the future. People behave better when they aren't poor, or obscenely rich.

Well, this discussion board is better suited for fond memories of the hoola hoop and partying with the beach boys. But I beg of boomers everywhere, release you inner hippie! Turn in your SUV's for hybrids, rediscover the joys of the compost heap.

From: Bill M (68) on Thu Sep 8 10:20:59 2005
The housing crisis is not the result of the baby boomer generation. Many might be profit from it, but the reason for the high cost is the result of too many factors to discuss here...too many people moved into the USA, too many people want to be in the good climate of South. Calif. and too many Gen-X have .com money to blow up the prices.
But if you really look at what the kids from the 60's did..I think we have attempted to make this a better place.

From: Beth Maki (1985) on Thu Sep 8 02:38:09 2005
Blame? Not my intention. I think that graduating classes from 1965 to 1975, (generally) had opportunities for higher education that previous generations did not enjoy. Viet Nam protests were completely reasonable, why would anyone want to give up college for a questionable war?
Unlikely that the generation of 85 will solve the ills of the world. Growing up in the Raygun 80's did not infuse a sense of caring.
Back to my point. In the South Bay, I see many of my parent's neighbors selling their overpriced homes and retiring early. Can't blame them. BUTT...

From: Bill M (68) on Wed Sep 7 20:44:58 2005
This can't be Jerrie that I was knew is it?

Do you think, that the cause for so much fetal alochol syndromes is because we are so happy falling into the establishment after Peter, Paul and Mary...or was it the nightmare of the possibilities of going to Viet Nam.
Maybe the generation of '85 will solve all the ills of the world..suchas letting your kids use playstation too much. But what the heck, we were blamed for people' park, getting Nixon thrown out of the whithouse, stopping the draft why should we get blamed for everything else. If you couldn't understand it Beth, I'm not taking the balme, you could have help corrected too.

From: Christie Edman (82) on Wed Sep 7 11:04:57 2005
I just read some info on the Internet regarding Kera and her family. They live in the flood area and nobody has heard from her according to this source as of 9/3.
From: Christie Edman (82) on Wed Sep 7 10:59:44 2005
Has anyone heard from Kera Moseley? Last I remember (as of 7/02) she was living in New Orleans.
From: Jerrie (71) on Wed Sep 7 10:02:17 2005
BillM.....I agree completely! There are a lot of us out here that aren't part of Beth's pre-concieved ideas....I DO understand the generalities, tho. WE know there are more good things than bad, if you look, but you have to want to, and you have to KNOW that you don't KNOW it all. ;)
From: Bill M (68) on Wed Sep 7 09:12:14 2005
I believe that you are taking the worst out of my generation and thinking we all fit into this preconceivd mode you have.Yes the mmiddle class did grow doing this period,but if you think everyone from the 60's is excited about how things are going then you should think again. I blame the abuses of Trump and Isner on the greed of the yuppies which came after us.

From: Beth Maki (1985) on Wed Sep 7 00:36:21 2005
Well, I feel that post WWII babies enjoyed a dristribution of wealth that has yet to be matched, a florishing middle class. I think it peaked in the 50's and 60's and has been declining ever since. The class divide is widening, yet the baby boomers still hold onto the wealth of those strong economic years. It wasn't so hard to slip into the ESTABLISHMENT after Peter Paul and Mary lost their appeal. Now we have Michael Isner and Donald Trump(baby boomers) relandscaping the buisness world. Benefits are now considered charity, instead of incentive to stay at a job.
Playstations have made my fetal alcohol syndrome generation even more retarded. And my pet name for the SUV is satan's unholy vehicle.
I would like to believe that each generation learns and grows in a positive way from the previous. But I am not seeing much evidence of that.

From: Chris Huey (68) on Tue Sep 6 11:36:10 2005
I think that each succeeding generation is the most fortunate group. You get to take advantage of the successes and mistakes of all prior generations, all on the way of making your own successes and mistakes.

So, you can thank us (or cuss at us ;-) for giving you things like Playstations, SUVs, open heart surgery, solar exploration, but you and your generation will go far beyond that.

From: Bill M (68) on Tue Sep 6 11:15:03 2005
J. look who is interested
From: Jerrie (71) on Sun Sep 4 09:40:52 2005
From: Beth Maki (1985) on Sun Sep 4 03:06:18 2005
I think that American children of the WWII generation are the most fortunate group of people to exist in the history of the world.
From: Jerrie (71) on Sat Sep 3 08:34:41 2005
Bill...Boomers, (duh!) WHY wouldn't she be?? you KNOW we got it goin' on...;)
From: Bill M () on Thu Sep 1 15:10:14 2005
Beth, Envy of What?
From: Chris Huey (68) on Thu Sep 1 14:21:14 2005
It's not all it's cracked up to be. Work for what you want but enjoy what you have. Life is too short as it is.
From: Beth Maki (1985) on Thu Sep 1 02:20:18 2005
Yes, I do suffer from Boomer envy.
From: Chris Huey (68) on Wed Aug 31 19:36:35 2005
1. Old age comes at a bad time.
2. You don't stop laughing because you grow old; You grow old because you stopped laughing.
3. The older I get, the better I was.
4. The older you get, the tougher it is to lose weight because by then, your body and your fat are really good friends.
5. This getting old, is getting old.
6. You know you are getting old when everything either dries up or leaks.
7. I know what Victoria's Secret is: nobody older than 30 can fit into their stuff.
8. The older we get, the fewer things seem worth waiting in line for.
9. I'm in a class by myself. Everyone else graduated.
10. By the time I have money to burn, my fire will be out!

From: RJ (85) on Wed Aug 31 19:12:36 2005
1. Three things happen when you get old. First your memory goes, then... um... um...
2. I am not young enough to know everything.
3. Age is a very high price to pay for maturity.
4. The idea is to die young as late as possible.
5. You're never too old to learn something stupid.
6. I stayed in a really old hotel last night. They sent me a wake-up letter.
7. Good judgment comes from bad experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.
8. Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.
9. Age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill.
10. Try to do things in chronological order. It's less confusing that way.
11. If I had my whole life to live over again, I don't think I'd have the strength.
12. Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it.
13. Wisdom comes with age. Death comes with age. Therefore, wisdom is dangerous.
14. If history is doomed to repeat itself, bring on the beheadings!

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From: RJ (85) on Wed Aug 31 19:06:50 2005
Age and History

1. Three things happen when you get old. First your memory goes, then... um... um...
2. I am not young enough to know everything.
3. Age is a very high price to pay for maturity.
4. The idea is to die young as late as possible.
5. You're never too old to learn something stupid.
6. I stayed in a really old hotel last night. They sent me a wake-up letter.
7. Good judgment comes from bad experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.
8. Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.
9. Age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill.
10. Try to do things in chronological order. It's less confusing that way.
11. If I had my whole life to live over again, I don't think I'd have the strength.
12. Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it.
13. Wisdom comes with age. Death comes with age. Therefore, wisdom is dangerous.
14. If history is doomed to repeat itself, bring on the beheading

From: Chris Huey (68) on Wed Aug 31 17:11:42 2005
Yeah. But as long as they think we have it made they'll stay pissed at us.

Overinflated property = overinflated mortgage payment.
Early retirement = Fixed income
Fat pension = Fat chance.

At this point, memory lane is all we have. Or should I say "had"? I can't remember where it is anymore

From: Bill M (68) on Wed Aug 31 16:16:41 2005
Sounds nice. Too bad so many of us are still working.
From: Chris Huey (68) on Wed Aug 31 12:46:41 2005
Do I detect just a hint of jealousy there, Beth?
From: Beth Maki (1985) on Wed Aug 31 01:09:25 2005
I see a lot of BABY BOOMERS here, I guess with your overinflated property, early retirement, and fat pensions, you have a lot of time on your hands to TRIP down memory lane.
From: ChrisJ68 () on Tue Aug 30 15:44:44 2005
Jerrie, Obviously if ya couldn't see the races you went on a moonless night.
From: Chris Huey (68) on Tue Aug 30 13:28:34 2005
Dang, is that what it was? But my sister was out on a date that night. So was my cousin. Oh, wait, they're the same person. Did I mention that you got a purty mouth?
From: Chris H (68) on Tue Aug 30 12:10:39 2005

But you weren't suppose to go with your boy friends.

From: Jerrie (71) on Tue Aug 30 02:08:51 2005
Chris...... So, you were there too!!Yeah...I went to the submarine races and NOTHING!!! Just layed around on the sand....waiting....Thought there might be a grunion run too, but nope.....just hanging around, on the sand, with a blanket and bottle of wine....waiting....;)
From: Why????? () on Mon Aug 29 20:23:00 2005
Are CRABS allowed to go?
From: Tim Moyer (75) on Mon Aug 29 16:36:06 2005
I am opening for Poco at The Coach House Sep. 25th! If anyone wants discount tickets, let me know.
From: Chris Huey () on Mon Aug 29 13:52:48 2005
Submarine races? Boy, that was a complete waste of time. It was too dark to even see them.
From: 0 () on Mon Aug 29 06:19:59 2005
From: () on Sun Aug 28 20:27:50 2005

From: D. Michele scanlon (1970) on Sat Aug 27 22:58:35 2005
*CRABS* I mean! sorry! : ) Wanna go and watch the Submarine races anyone??!!!
From: D. Michele Scanlon (1970) on Sat Aug 27 22:57:09 2005
OMG .. come on Spartans! Kwell lotion is for body lice commonly know as Kwell lotion! Sheeshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh LOL
From: cyril thomas (1999) on Sat Aug 27 21:13:17 2005
From: RDOG (80) on Sat Aug 27 00:09:11 2005
Is Harry Crabtree related to Carol Crabtree in the 22600 block of Anza Ave?
From: ChrisJ(68) () on Fri Aug 26 12:24:35 2005
Bill M, I'm hoping that the 'plan' goes as I hope it will, otherwise I'll probably die here. LOL.............CJ
From: Bill M (68) on Fri Aug 26 09:56:47 2005
Why do you fall for the title?

C.J. Good luck on your 3-5 year plan. I had that 3-5 years ago too...something isn't right here.

From: Why () on Fri Aug 26 05:13:25 2005
DR. KWELL... We here do not care that you are a doctor...You are just one of us Grads who made a choice to do something for a living that you "might" enjoy. So cut the Dr. Crap
From: Why???? () on Fri Aug 26 05:08:43 2005
Why do people feel the need to put TITLES in front of their names when they are taling to their Peers?
From: Dr. Kwell (69) on Thu Aug 25 22:33:34 2005
Looking for a Harry Crabtree. I'm itching to get in touch with him.
From: ChrisJ(68) () on Thu Aug 25 17:42:06 2005
Hi Marianne, how is everything in your life these days?? Have you heard anything from Nikki? How's the rest of the family? I'm still here at TFD, hope to retire in 3-5yrs. CJ
From: Jerrie (71) on Thu Aug 25 01:52:21 2005
Marianne Mennes!!!!Hi Girl!! Jerrie (Morris)here......Its been a while! Good to see you here. Have you talked to Elaine recently?
I BET the beaches in Texas suck! Come on back to Ca! or visit...maybe better ;) I saw your Mom at my Moms BD last march. She is the sweetest! How come our Mom's got so nice now, when they were so heinous when we were kids? my kids say the same things...hope all is well with you.

From: Bill M (68) on Tue Aug 23 15:23:39 2005
Michele, your directory picture here doesn't ring a bell, but that was 2 years after I left.
From: Bill M () on Tue Aug 23 15:21:13 2005
Knew Bunnie McAnally and Cathy Crew..wasn't there a David Moody at the bottom and on Greenmeadows Bill,Janice and Mike Thompson and Shadycroft.. Steve Trudahl all I need to do is find my annuals...mvoing right now and identify you.
From: D. Michele scanlon (1970) on Tue Aug 23 14:04:32 2005
Hi chris ..Nope, no relation! Dont have any brothers... : )
From: Chris Huey (68) on Tue Aug 23 13:52:27 2005
We had a Mike Scanlon in the '68 class. No relation then?
From: D. Michele Scanlon (1970) on Tue Aug 23 12:57:06 2005
Hey Bill, I grew up on Susana Avenue off Calle Mayor. Billie and Bunnie McAnally , Landers, Crews, just a few to mention!
From: Bill McKaig (68) on Tue Aug 23 12:37:42 2005
OK Michele, Debbie Scanlon..what street did you grow up on? Still trying to fit you into the picture.
From: D. Michele Scanlon (1970-is there any OTHER!!???) on Mon Aug 22 23:35:07 2005
Yes hi BIll M. I am Debbie Scanlon . chose to use my Middle name these days! Had sisters Denise (1967) and Lanie (1974
From: Chris Huey (68) on Mon Aug 22 13:44:39 2005
Silly me. I forgot to specify that this was 45 years, base 8. Yeah, that's it.

Yes, I do own a calculator. I've forgotten where it is now but I DO have one ;-)

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