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From: Bill A (68) on Mon Apr 3 01:00:24 2006
Flights are usually around $99, but there is a new airline that is advertising for about $50 , which should cause some lower fares.

Nanc, sorry about your friend, check out or have her check out 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide(35% H2O2 ). Cancer cells cannot live when oxiginated = it kills the cancer cells. 4 drops per 11 ounces of water each day for a week for starters and then 3, then 2, then 1...Look it up on the internet , what does she have to lose , I'm doing research on it now and evidently it has the capability of curing diabetes, and cancer and a whole list of medical diseases that the AMA can't cure.It has been known to make someone on breathing aparatus with emphasema to start breathing on their own rather immediately, there is and has been a lot of intreveneous treatments that have actually worked too..sounds like she has everything to gain and nothing to can be shipped everywhere on the US continent, but not to Hawaii, I'm trying to get some here.

From: Brenda Cenatiempo- Cetina (2000) on Sun Apr 2 15:57:00 2006
Hi everyone? Does anyboday know the alma mater? If anmyone can email it to me id greatly appreciate it!!! :):)


From: () on Sun Apr 2 11:49:30 2006

From: Bill M (68) on Sun Apr 2 01:48:41 2006
OK Nancy,I well send out prayers for Shelley Pack. Name is not familar but that doesn't mean anything to me. If you say she could use it, then I will trust you. How's your business going?

Bill H. How have you been? I'm up at Lake Tahoe meeting 4 South High and 1 PVH friends right know. Looks like storms are forecast for the whole week. Hope you gets some good waves. And stop talking to Paige, you have him wearing a hood now too. You are making these guys old before their time. Is Huntington getting 6'ft surf as the news said. Seal Beach breaking too?
Bill A, did Bill T every get a hold of you? Diferent subject, what is the cost for inter-island flight going for now a days. Oahu to Kona. I have a trip coming up in December.

From: Nancy Nickle () on Sat Apr 1 22:19:31 2006
To all the Bill's on this site (because that is who I seem to write to) I don't know if any of you remember Shelley Pack also class of 69. Well she needs all the prayers she can get. Shelley's daughters wedding is May 13th. About the prayer that God will help her live until then to see the wedding. Shelley about two years ago was diagnoised with breast cancer and has done alternative healing. Well just to let you know there is cancer throughout her body and her time with us is very very short. Shelley does not have fear of death and is ready to go home. Making her daughters wedding would be nice.

I am in hopes of going down soon to visit before she is gone. Several years after high school when I separated from my then husband; Shelley and myself and oldest son lived together in Long Beach. Shelley has been special to me since we were both 14 years old.

From: () on Sat Apr 1 12:56:49 2006

From: CLASS OF 71 REUNION (71) on Wed Mar 29 21:54:13 2006
Reunion will be AUgust 5, 2006 at the Redondo Beach Elks Lodge. ALumni from the late 60s and early 70s are invited.Contact committee members at for more info
From: () on Sun Mar 26 16:10:15 2006

From: Ann Kingston Freehill (1968) on Sat Mar 25 22:11:29 2006

I thought I saw a year book photo posted here for my sister Judy Kingston. I am not sure what year it was but I was wondering if there is a place to view the yearbooks.



From: Bill A (68) on Sat Mar 25 17:59:06 2006
Thank you one and all in regards to the condolances. They are really appreciated and certainly heartfelt. Yes , Hootie it's the circle of life, but it's the hard part of the circle. Thanks, Bill's , Nanc, Barb, Chris, and all..She was the coolest.....

Re: times to visit Kona, Nanc, Barb,,,,all years great,,,,re: places to stay,,,,It all depends on what you want , I can give anyone a good deal on either a home or a condo, as I have one of each, both 2 bdrm, with panoramic ocean views.
home is the condo closes escrow on April 3rd and I have to get the A-1 vacation rental site for you to see but it's first class.

I'm in Honolulu at the Waikiki Shereton for the Hawaii State Teachers Association Convention and have to go back in to the convention....
peace out.

From: Bill M (68) on Thu Mar 23 21:41:28 2006
To OH Boy, I still think you are getting all the Bills mixed up...and we must have different systems as my spell checker won't work. But if you think I have put you down, I'm sorry. I do write without thinking most of the time.
Bill H. Glad you are back. Yeah it has gotten active but your dogs I won't need ...really think there are too many people using Bill here but I know your writing and Bill As...anyway since somebody likes to go down memory lane....Bill H remember when the Hollywood Rivera Club existed....I remember the fire that turned it into burnout. Take Oh Boy and peace

From: bh (67) on Wed Mar 22 23:33:47 2006
bill a sorry about your ma I believe she's in a better place, that is my thinking. My Ma's 92 pretty scary. Be strong kona want to borrow my dogs they take care of your light work been gone looks like you started a war. that's one thing I was good at see you in the big salt real soon Hi Nancy later
From: () on Wed Mar 22 17:14:34 2006

From: () on Wed Mar 22 11:06:16 2006

From: Archivist (197) on Wed Mar 22 01:45:42 2006
If RTW is supposed to be an attorney, he'd better do some research in that fundamental resource, the Webster's Dictionary. He seems to have some confusion in his definitions for "Libel" and "Slander".

Remember the defis this way, Libel is Literature (written) while Slander is Speech.

Sheesh, attorneys!

From: ?? () on Tue Mar 21 23:37:21 2006
Though, I wish our President had a better education.
From: ?? () on Tue Mar 21 23:36:02 2006
Besides, perfect grammar and spelling aren't always integral to a good conversation.

From: ?? () on Tue Mar 21 23:31:16 2006
Too bad we don't have grammar check.

You should have written "...when you're tripping..." and "They're just hard to understand at times."

From: Actually It's Oh Boy!! () on Tue Mar 21 20:51:59 2006
Bill M I was responding to your attack on me. "" Just watcg what you write, Oh Brother!!! is always watching and wants it perfect"" And yes Spell Checker does work on this site!! I actually enjoy your posts especially when your Tripping down Memory Lane. There just hard to understand sometimes. And you do put people down at times! Don't whine when it comes your way!

The other Bill (64)... I was responding to Bill M. He knew who I was talking to. Thank you for your service to this country!!

From: () on Tue Mar 21 05:36:17 2006

From: Bill M (68) on Mon Mar 20 21:45:35 2006
Words are probably graduation, more, and watch. Spell checker doesn't work on this site. If all you want to do is cut people down why don't you go to the roundtable side.

From: Bill M (68) on Mon Mar 20 21:40:48 2006
Bill H are you getting into trouble again. Where were you Saturday, TB was good.
From: The other Bill (64) on Mon Mar 20 21:39:25 2006
Its oh boy...the words you are quoting were not my, must be another Bill's. If that other Bill had 2 purple hearts and some kind of special service award would he still be an embarassment? At list give you name if you are going to be putting people down.
From: shannon (1986) on Mon Mar 20 20:08:55 2006
I cannot believe 20 years has passed! It seems like last week that I was sitting in the mall. However, I'm not. I am now living in Maryland with three girls and my husband of seven years. After teaching Elementary School for about ten years, I met a wonderful Marine Officer and moved to the east coast. It is a little too cold and a little too hot, but the seasons are beautiful! If you would like to chat please email me.
From: () on Mon Mar 20 17:49:36 2006

From: Actually It's Oh Boy!!! () on Mon Mar 20 13:32:43 2006
Not perfect Bill. We all misspell. You just embarrass yourself and fellow alumni. What are these words? (grduatio,moer,watcg) On Internet Explorer there is a spell check function in the tool bar. Try it.
From: Yet another Bill H (64) on Sun Mar 19 23:47:04 2006
Then Michele I would suggest you write more. 5 of the 6 Bills are alumni (one went into the service before grduatio) so they do meet the requirement.....Just watcg what you write, Oh Brother!!! is always watching and wants it perfect.
But please write moer, I enjoy all they true stories

From: Hootie () on Sun Mar 19 21:03:03 2006
"We're on a blind date with destiny and it looks like
she's ordered the lobster.

From: () on Sun Mar 19 19:55:01 2006

From: Barb Shear ('68) on Sun Mar 19 19:10:10 2006
Bill A. No,I hadn't heard from you about Hawaii, but that's sure understandable. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss of your Mom. Moms are so hard to lose. You're in my thoughts and prayers.
From: Michele (87) on Sun Mar 19 18:51:34 2006
WOW Finally something worthwhile on the iS an alumni site, not a Bill site
From: Kelly Scott (1980) on Sun Mar 19 13:23:21 2006
A new ABC show called "Sons & Daughters" (Tuesday nights) stars South High's very own Fred Goss, Class of '79. Not only does Fred star, he co-created, co-writes, directs and co-executive produces the show. Tune in and support an alumnus!
From: () on Sun Mar 19 09:44:42 2006

From: () on Sat Mar 18 17:53:21 2006

From: ?? () on Sat Mar 18 16:52:12 2006
To RTW: That was a nice offer to help Ashley.

From: Carl (1982) on Sat Mar 18 12:01:12 2006
Help Wanted:
I'm looking to hire someone in the south bay area full time. Must be able to Drywall (Simple stuff, nothing complicated), have a clean DMV, be able to work some weekends, and be extremely reliable. If anybody is intersted or knows anybody, please call me on my cell 951-719-6849. I will be placing an add in the Breeze next week, thought I would put this up here first.

Carry on :)

From: "Ashley" (92) on Sat Mar 18 11:19:22 2006
RTW - I am sure all the IP addresses are from Tucson. No worries. This is a free board and it is obvious that no one believes nor is humoring this "anonymous" poster. I appreciate your offer to help. Some things are better left to the rope they hang themselves with. The prposecuters have all this information so it is simply a matter of time.

To "SHS GRADUATE" . . this "Anonymous" poster is undoubtably my ex-husband who was arrested for domestic abuse and has no visitation of our daughter unless he has a phyche eval (can't imagine why). Additionally, I had to get out of the house (that I bought) and leave all my personal belongings behind. The thievery is with the one who moved all my things (to include all my son's and daughters baby books, toys, pictures, etc..) to a storage unit in Henderson, NV or burned it. I started from scratch and rebuilt my life better than before, so I have no sour grapes. Some people are better equiped to move on then others. Thus I choose not to pursue slander or contempt charges or any other energy wasting adventure.

To all others....sometimes it is like the bully in school. If you ignore the insults and walk away, they have no power. That's what verbal and physical abse is all about, power and control.... but if they didn't have any to begin with then there is no issue.


From: gr (83) on Sat Mar 18 10:02:51 2006
Ashley, whatever you did to this guy, it looks like the punk deserved every bit of it and then some. YOU GO GIRL!
From: SHS GRADUATE (79) on Sat Mar 18 02:57:51 2006
I come on this website to say hi to old friends and see that someone who is using fictitious names to hide has a severe case of Sour Grapes probably got burned by a chick, can't handle it and probably deserved it! Sounds like the guy is kinda "small" the way he talks.
Probably in some cubby hole waxin his rod giggling as he reads his smut....Hey SHS grads and students! Ignore the kooks and move on...

From: RTW () on Fri Mar 17 10:14:39 2006
Ashley, Please contact me. I will be happy to represent you in a liable suit against all of these "posters" in a slander suit, pro bono. I've already researched the IP addresses and have identities to connected to all posts to launch a suit. Slander is a felony offense. Hope to hear from you soon.
From: () on Fri Mar 17 10:10:58 2006

From: Richard Hoyme jr.(Hootie) (1984) on Thu Mar 16 20:47:45 2006
Mr. Armijo,
"Oh,the wonderous cycles of life,and how they
put everything in different perspectives".My condolences to you and yours.Strength and honor.

From: RJ (85) on Thu Mar 16 18:07:23 2006
"Alumni" is asking "G.R."to identify Him/Herself? Thats funny.
But my Email is listed "Alumni"

From: Alumni (1985) on Thu Mar 16 15:21:31 2006
Can someone please post the names of the deceased from our class of 1985. I missed the reunion and wish to know who (if any) have left us. thanks in advance...

And to "Grim Reaper": It has nothing to do with morbidity; I just would like to have a few moments to reflect on those people who may have passed on that were once in my life.

And, since you (reaper) were in my class - why not identify yourself to me so WE can catch up.

From: Mandy Shroyer (1996) on Thu Mar 16 15:18:11 2006
Okay, I moved sophmore year, but I went to school with a lot of you from the 4th grade until sophmore year. I have been invited to the reunion and will attend!
From: TW () on Thu Mar 16 10:35:16 2006
Will call tonight after a bus meet. Stay tuned. Yep, the nuts a.k.a. wackos are still livin it... haha Still lookin for that plate.
From: MC () on Wed Mar 15 17:45:51 2006
Lost my cell with your # after Mali. Call me... you've got mine. I see the nuts are still at it. haha
From: () on Wed Mar 15 03:49:19 2006

From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Wed Mar 15 03:30:31 2006
Bill A: I just read your email and I am so sorry, it is one so difficlut to lose a parent. Both of mine are gone, and I have the strange I am all alone feeling many times.

Unfortunately, I had the same problem with my parents home. We had 4 days to clean out a house that had been lived in for over 40 years. My garage is still filled with my parents boxes that I haven't opened. We sold there house in a couple of days, and had the work done that had to be done. We did not want the house at all either.

Selling it is probably the best, so you don't have to concern yourself with it.

I am seriously thinking about coming to Hawaii with my partner. After we have our 3 records released from our label. When is a good time to come over (it seems like my parents went in November or December). Where is the best place to stay? I still have never been there. My son and his wife just got back and loved it, but then they work over 60 hours a week. They were much in need of a vacation.

Please keep in touch, do you still have my email?

Please take care...

ALways...Nancy N

From: Asado K. (98) on Tue Mar 14 23:25:41 2006
Hey Georgetta - How's it all going? You probably don't remember me, I only went to south for a semester. I was from Korea. Here now working for Intel. Anyway. Take care.
From: Asado K. (98) on Tue Mar 14 19:52:00 2006
Yo, someone has WAY too much time on their hands. This dude that can't let something go as insignificant as a chick needs to get some cajones and either make good on the threats or.... just get a life and F*** off. You bore me. This is a nostalgia page, not a slander page.
From: RDOG (80) on Tue Mar 14 11:24:14 2006
OOPS! Wrong board! Sorry for the Double-Tap
From: RDOG (80) on Tue Mar 14 11:21:09 2006
Eric, your last post was probably one of your best. I know some teachers who sure would agree.
From: RDOG (80) on Tue Mar 14 11:21:08 2006
Eric, your last post was probably one of your best. I know some teachers who sure would agree.
From: TFD () on Tue Mar 14 11:11:09 2006
Bon-Fires are not legal at Torrance area beaches.
From: () on Tue Mar 14 01:22:51 2006

From: Monica (Cilva) Root (81) on Mon Mar 13 22:28:04 2006
Hey class of 81, this is our 25th hs reunion. I am willing as is Cheryl Gros to spearhead something for this summer. It doesn't have to be a big deal, but what if we organize a park w/family or rent a banquet room for those who would like to reconnect at a local resuarant? We can do a big shindig at our 30th, but let's not let this one pass us bye. You can reach me at my phone or e-mail (noted above) phone 805-735-0022. I live north of Santa Barbara about 45 miles, but would be more than willing to get something going. I need to keep in mind that I have a son heading off to college at the end of summer, so, end of July or beginning of August would look great. What about a bonfire at Torrance beach? Suggestions, comments... Time is awastin', keep in touch and let me know if anyone is interested.

Much love
Monica (Cilva) Root

On a personal note... Christopher is turning 25!!! in two weeks!! can you believe it?!!!

From: () on Mon Mar 13 14:56:21 2006

From: Bill M () on Mon Mar 13 09:57:26 2006
Bill A. So Sorry. Didn't catch it in the Breeze who I would have attended. You have my e-mail if you want to talk, I will give my phone if you have time. Stay strong,,,3 years for me with my mom and it still hurts.

BH miss you. Went out at A

From: ChrisJ68 () on Sun Mar 12 12:14:38 2006
Bill A(68) Bill, I'm so sorry to hear of your mothers passing. My condolences to the family. Having been through this last year, I know the pain it causes...I'll keep you and the family in my thoughts and prayers...Contact me at Torrance Fire Station #1, I'll be here until Monday morning @ 0800 if you want to talk. Chris
From: Josephus (1975) on Sun Mar 12 01:51:28 2006

Am I glad I grew up in the 70's.

From: Bill A (68) on Sun Mar 12 00:40:44 2006
Aloha ya'll !!

Hey Nanc, thanks for asking , I'm doing fine, and I am in Torrance right now. My mother passed away last saturday moring, while I was with her at Little Company of Mary Hospital...the service was the cost of her loss, it would appear that I unfortunatly have another property one that I never wanted to own regardless of the fact that it has no mortgage. For anyone to own something this way sucks.. Thanks for your compliment, I try to maintian as much strength as possible. It helped somewhat today.

Yo. McKaig , bh.....maybe we can hook up and slam a brewski at Hennesy's , if it's still there . that is the name of the place in the village or is it. Don't know when I will head back to the islands,,,maybe wednesday...

Barb Shear ,,,did I ever respond to you on Hawaii??

with aloha to one and all....

From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Fri Mar 10 00:48:32 2006
Hello to all been gone for it seem a long time. i did make it down to Southern Cal but stayed in the Sherman Oaks/Burbank area. Have to make plans next time to specifically visit with some of you. Without plans and phone numbers/addresses of where to meet it won't work.

I am deep in the tax *** youck. Not orginized for this year. I have my part of our restaurant, the record label and personal. My tax man said I want it all in my office by March 15th. All I can say is God I need your help!

How are the waves at TB? And Bill how is Hawaii? Have you come to Calif lately? You have so many properties I don't know how you do it! You look strong in your Pix. The years have suitted you well!

Well better get back to taxes. Hope Tb has great waves!

Nancy N

From: SHS grad! () on Thu Mar 9 22:53:14 2006
In reference to the absurdity below it seems that someone really enjoys slandering a graduate of this school and who has absolutely nothing to do with SHS. Why don't you change your name to Sour Grapes, take skulls advice about the doll and continue to do what your name suggests you do every night. And dude, get a life. Damn!
From: skull (60S) on Thu Mar 9 20:58:09 2006
how in the hell could all you people be taken by one girl.what do you people use for a brain.after the first 30 cent taco you should of figure she was on the take.thaT IS ENOUGH MOVE ON ITS OLD NEWS BUY A BLOW UP DOLL.
From: Ft. Fagg BJ ((Homo Town)) on Thu Mar 9 07:12:00 2006
Word on the street is I like hummers from trannies!
From: jb (65) on Wed Mar 8 12:36:33 2006
Bill, are you "amused", "amazed" or amuzed? Just onedering...
From: Oh Boy () on Wed Mar 8 11:42:26 2006
It's actually hard to understand what your saying. You say some pretty interesting things sometime. We all make spelling mistakes. Your not even trying. If you don't like what I type take your own advice and move on!
From: TW (19-ancient) on Wed Mar 8 10:24:07 2006
Heeeeeeeere's your sign.
From: Bill M (68) on Tue Mar 7 22:38:38 2006
To bj (65) and Oh boy, there is a difference between spelling and typing well, but bj has all the answers in his ball of smoke. Oh brother, if it bothers you so much why do you comment on it. Move on to the intelligent group you hang out with. It amuzes me to try to understand the joy you get by pointing out someone else' mistakes.
From: REUNION COMMITEE '71 () on Tue Mar 7 20:53:44 2006
From: bj (65) on Mon Mar 6 12:36:14 2006
B's:Guess this proves that heroin does make you delusional and a bad speller. Why do you think they call it dope?
From: bh (67) on Sun Mar 5 22:48:11 2006
bm you are a legend they just do not no it.i use to paddle out with a full wet suit in the summer the kids would paddle over thinking we will take over this old kook spot they did not stay long they found out fast who was the wilbur still riding 50 years the wetsuit holds my body together like a ace bandage many many waves i am proud of bm they dont no that bm stands for when your out in the water your can be deadly as a bm black mamba in the big salt backtoworkthatstinks
From: () on Sun Mar 5 05:42:52 2006

From: A friend of the devil is a friend of mine (67) on Sun Mar 5 00:52:25 2006
If I get home before day light, I just might get some sleep tonight.
From: the devil s friend (68) on Sat Mar 4 21:22:40 2006
who cares how you type who cares how smart you are .who cares who many degree you have.who cares how much money you have.who care how many times you been married who cares how many friends you have none of that bulldodo matters if you can not wake up in the mornning and say i feel good i helped someone because in the end if you did not do good to something someone everything will come tumbling down i no the devil was my freind when i was a younger buck yes i made a turn around
From: () on Sat Mar 4 15:40:34 2006

From: Oh Boy!!! () on Sat Mar 4 14:28:07 2006
Bill M, please get somebody to type for you.
From: Bill M (68) on Fri Mar 3 21:23:02 2006
bh , see how famous I;m getting othrs are writting for me. I have your phone number some where...will call you next week. You right about this place losing it's appear plain communication. Thought thats syh Byron started the Roundtable..
From: old man (67) on Thu Mar 2 20:39:30 2006
listen to a dog once in a while you have to take them to petco for dinner
From: JAM () on Thu Mar 2 13:37:27 2006
Grow Up
From: () on Thu Mar 2 01:38:30 2006

From: Asado K. (98) on Wed Mar 1 23:45:11 2006
to "observing" - Dude. I think you are right on this one. This Jack who couldn't be from south is using our message board for a personal vendeta. When did guys get so uptight about loosing a chick. So she dumped him. I mean when I was slammed back by this chick, I was like, whatever ho... move on. There are plenty of cows to herd. I say let's get back to why we are all here. Catching up on old times at south. Hey... did you ever get into Hennesey's down in the village? (not talking about the lunch crowd). Had a bro break a nose ice skating once. Fresh. AK out.
From: observing (1998) on Wed Mar 1 22:10:43 2006
Jack- This chick must have dumped your sorry ass hard. Get over it dude. Quit whining cause nobody's impressed with your sour grapes.
From: bhancient2 () on Wed Mar 1 18:51:15 2006
kilburn said he was going to spanked bh and tb we just lauhghed sent us home tha was about it for school for tb bh your still alive'.there was some good waves today
From: RB (1969) on Tue Feb 28 21:30:54 2006
I remember Kilburn. A little "Lou Costello" looking guy with a chip on his shoulders. Right?
From: () on Tue Feb 28 11:06:11 2006

From: TW (19-ancient) on Tue Feb 28 05:24:02 2006
Before Benson at South, there was Kilburn at Walteria. Damn I'm old!
From: Barb Shear (1968) on Tue Feb 28 00:02:11 2006
BillA. I'm planning a 7 day cruise around the islands in November. Plan on getting some scuba diving in. Would you be amenable to suggestions as to sightseeing? What's the possibility of getting together? This will be my first time to Hawaii and would love some tips/pointers on places of interest! Thanks in advance, Bobbi (Mr. Allison's english class)
From: JimH ((1970)) on Mon Feb 27 10:02:15 2006
Hi back at 'cha bm, but jh is somebody else... not me. Peace all.
From: bh (67) on Sun Feb 26 22:04:37 2006
bm your welcome anytime just tell me when i will call the gate to get you a pass.jim we are all a little slow in some way.everybody good at something even a lowlife like me .bm talking d bombeck just got back from his house in kona he bought the house i wanted but i hurt my knee had to change my plans he said the surf was good you surfed with him a few times i think he is clasS of 70 72 SHS LATER 173RDABNBRDE39THSCOUTDOG6768VNUSA1
From: Bill M (68) on Sun Feb 26 20:46:29 2006
BH saw the sanm smallness you did as those bikes went flying by.
Wouls love to get to you place in the mountains..but will have to be towards end of summer ...we will talk.
Nice to see jh has a first name. Hello Jim

From: ?? () on Sun Feb 26 20:26:06 2006
Yeah, what kind of 60's insider politics is this?
From: () on Sun Feb 26 18:40:08 2006

From: JimH (1970) on Sun Feb 26 14:42:50 2006
??, I'm beginning to think I'm a little slow. Hard to follow some of this.
From: ?? () on Sun Feb 26 02:35:05 2006
Are you characters for real, or are you all drunk?
From: YOUR BUD (69) on Sun Feb 26 00:42:14 2006
From: bh () on Sun Feb 26 00:12:55 2006
bm no waves how is your yang yang is it ready for the big salt.i came on this web to talk to old friends new freinds pos people not neg people i talked to mike wright i think he rides a 6 8 not bad for a old fart that what i use to ride back before time just begin trex time have to turn on soupy .go use my house there is snow now 26501 deertrail 3hrsfromtorr you have my number it called share later
From: () on Sat Feb 25 20:53:48 2006

From: Bill M () on Sat Feb 25 18:49:55 2006
OH BH ...JH knows about you, he just doesn't know that it was you that did so he could still be the %&*&(*&*(
From: () on Sat Feb 25 18:18:45 2006

From: baggins () on Sat Feb 25 16:21:58 2006
ha ha somebody to tell me to focus i been focus many years now burrhead you always wanted something better young lady you were good people i had no regrets long time ago that was many wives ago
From: BH (67) on Sat Feb 25 16:06:19 2006
BM WHAT THAT All about it not to bad being a lowlife living in long as i have my surfboard and a stinkey wetsuit i am happy with i am thinking of going back to viet nam i remember some.. good looking beaches that i never forgot wife is checking on it.jh the gooks only shot in leg the first time maybe they will do it right the second time then you will be happy with one less lowlife you do not no me 173rd abn 39th scout dog nam67 68 i will never forget.later
From: Bill M () on Sat Feb 25 11:26:09 2006
JH. Did respond, but I guess it didn't get through the watch dog. But I was answering to many, don't think it was my response to you that got me removed. Anyway when you said we were stuck in 68 and some of the other comment you have made, I thought maybe you were from there and stuck there sometimes to. No bad intent from my side...more like just be curious. Didn't mean to stat any bad feelings..sorry if you took it that way.
From: bh () on Fri Feb 24 23:15:35 2006
take care, beware and watch your back love and kisses from the lowlife later
P.S. From all the Bill's... your like a flea on a dog.

From: BSTD (2006) on Fri Feb 24 19:52:39 2006
Would you like to help the 2006 Graduates by donating to their Grad Night Party Fund. Checks payable to 'South High Grad Night 2006' or gift certificates and mail to PO Box 1192, Torrance, CA 90505. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! KEEP US OUT OF TROUBLE!
From: RW ~ Roadkill (76~sorta) on Fri Feb 24 11:27:54 2006
Would anyone be in touch with Terry Conway (Shaw)

That which does not kill you;
Makes you stronger......or Really sick.

From: jh (19whatever) on Fri Feb 24 09:42:34 2006
You obviously didn't read the rules above. Please keep messages free of profanity. Shame on you Smutmouth!
From: () on Fri Feb 24 09:38:46 2006

From: jh (19 you know when) on Fri Feb 24 09:38:31 2006
Read your yearbook smutmouth. You obviously didn't read the rules... Please keep messages free of profanity.
From: jh () on Fri Feb 24 08:54:14 2006
Read the yearbook smutmouth
From: Barry Mahawginya (69) on Fri Feb 24 00:52:52 2006
Hey, what does jh stand for? "jizz" on "hand"? jizz head? jerk head?
From: () on Thu Feb 23 10:11:20 2006

From: CLASS OF 71 REUNION COMMITTEE (71) on Wed Feb 22 20:40:08 2006
The date for our 35th Reunion has been changed to AAUGUST 5, 2006 still at the Redondo Beach Elks Lodge....Please forward contact information asap so we can mail you details
From: jh () on Wed Feb 22 14:53:24 2006
bh... you crack me up with your dillusional crap... haha... keep your moronic stuff coming... it makes me laugh... better than soupy sales... on a purely lowlife level, of course.
From: jh () on Wed Feb 22 14:50:45 2006
look in the mirror dumbass
From: KIGTHJGR (2010) on Wed Feb 22 12:39:56 2006
Whats up fools?
From: jh () on Wed Feb 22 09:08:33 2006
Bill M, back your remark up and praytell, explain why you say that I too am still stuck in '68

RichH, I'll throw in a twenty towards that dictionary for BillM. Awwww, what the heck, I'll throw in a hundred to cover some grammar lessons as well.

From: RichH (1969) on Tue Feb 21 08:58:34 2006
Could we all just please take up a collection to buy Bill M a dictionary?
From: Bill M () on Mon Feb 20 23:27:21 2006
yes gr I'm still a dredge fom tb, meBT to finish last statement,from the sound of you wusdon I glad I wasn't the Bill you know...and JH appears to be stuck in 68 too. If I'm the bullshitter than I guess you had your reasons for alling m that. The best part of all the putdowns was when you through inmhy grandmother just to Prove how supplier you are/ Maybe someonewill sharge iiiiiiii
From: Bll M () on Mon Feb 20 23:05:59 2006
To bad you didn't know all of us Bills.

But at least I knew what year/grade I was born in GR. I just plainj feel sorry for you. If you are till judging us by what happended in 68, I suggest you go reunion in August....fron the sound y

From: RichH (1921) on Mon Feb 20 21:52:12 2006
I only knew one Bill and he was the king of bull$hitters. He wouldm't know a wave if it hit his Grandma. Pure fiction. What a joke.
From: GR (1969) on Mon Feb 20 21:44:47 2006
I agree JH. I knew the Bills back then and they were loosers... probably still are today. The dredges of TB... we should all be ashamed to say that they were a part of South. Retire Bills... you suck.
From: jh (19 you know when) on Mon Feb 20 21:40:33 2006
They don't reconnect because they're all scammers and BS'ers. They live in the past because somehow, in the back of their feeble 1968 minds, it's better than than the pitiful existance of today that they're willing to acknowlege. Get a life BILLS and face the fact that you were loosers then and you still are today. Now go to work and quit trying to relive some fantasy existance that we all laughed at you about. Sheesh... get a life freaks!
From: () on Mon Feb 20 21:32:33 2006

From: reunion committee (1971) on Mon Feb 20 16:57:02 2006
Hey all of you BILLS out there, why don't you re-connect in person and join us for our reunion at the Redondo beach Elks Lodge in August. You can see the ocean from the banquet room!!! Pass the word
From: () on Sun Feb 19 00:45:24 2006

From: BH (67) on Sat Feb 18 18:21:04 2006
From: mchugh (75) on Sat Feb 18 12:40:24 2006
m.mchugh what happen to pippy
From: MC (19whatever) on Sat Feb 18 00:23:59 2006
Girl, you were right about it. What a freak, haha. See you in Malibu on the 18th!
From: () on Fri Feb 17 17:08:23 2006

From: bh (67) on Thu Feb 16 22:06:12 2006
From: REUNION COMMITTEE 1971 (1971) on Thu Feb 16 19:56:22 2006
Whoops the date is Saturday the 26, not the 25th.
From: REUNION COMMITTE CLASS OF 1971 (71) on Thu Feb 16 19:41:06 2006
The tentative date for our 35 year class reunion is Saturday August 25 at the Redondo Beach Elks Lodge. Thats only 6 mths away, start helping to spread the word and send us contact info!! Members from the classes of the late 60's and early 70s are welcome and encouraged to come! It will be a fun casual evening!
From: MC (19whatever) on Thu Feb 16 12:22:31 2006
bh, focus. It was against all odds back then. Guess they were right. Whoa. Anyway, Walteria still rules.
From: bh (67) on Wed Feb 15 22:32:32 2006
From: MC (19whatever) on Wed Feb 15 18:32:04 2006
bh, are you the same bh that I knew way back when? The youngest of 7?
From: Bill M (68) on Wed Feb 15 17:33:44 2006
Bill H.

doctor extended the rest time one more week. Then I can do anything the leg will allow me to hearing a storm is coming for weekend. Maybe glassy tubes breaking off a sand bar for and hout through pouring rain. You willl have to get verification from Barry B...that paradise does raise it's head every once an a while.

nancy A. Thought you where coming into town...or did we just scare you away?

Bill A. Even if you are in a hurry, I could drive out your way for a quick hello...time just keep marching along.

From: Ric Hill (1976) on Wed Feb 15 14:53:34 2006
RATfinks from RAT beach are the RAT-est. Stay RATical! RAT on! peace and love, Ricky Rat
From: Roadkill (76~sorta) on Wed Feb 15 11:03:29 2006
qsl - it works.

That which does not kill you;
Makes you stronger....or Really sick.

From: qsl (1234) on Tue Feb 14 19:42:40 2006
From: nobody (I have class!) on Tue Feb 14 17:50:57 2006
God rest his soul.
Here's my strategy on the Cold War: We win, they lose."
- Ronald Reagan
"The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help."
- Ronald Reagan
"The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant: It's just that they know so much that isn't so."
- Ronald Reagan
"Of the four wars in my lifetime none came about because the U.S. was too strong."
- Ronald Reagan
"I have wondered at times about what the Ten Commandment's would have looked like if Moses had run them through the U.S. Congress."
- Ronald Reagan
"The taxpayer: That's someone who works for the federal government but doesn't have to take the civil service examination."
- Ronald Reagan
"Government is like a baby: An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other."
- Ronald Reagan
"If we ever forget that we're one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under."
- Ronald Reagan
"The nearest thing to eternal life we will ever see on this earth is a government program."
- Ronald Reagan
"I've laid down the law, though, to everyone from now on about anything that happens: no matter what time it is, wake me, even if it's in the middle of a Cabinet meeting."
- Ronald Reagan
"It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first."
- Ronald Reagan
"Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it."
- Ronald Reagan
"Politics is not a bad profession. If you succeed there are many rewards, if you disgrace yourself you can always write a book."
- Ronald Reagan
"No arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women.
- Ronald Reagan

From: Perrius Maximus (1984) on Tue Feb 14 09:41:40 2006
What if they are an Ed "Big Daddy" Roth RATFINK?
From: bh (67) on Mon Feb 13 21:56:41 2006
life is good good good but some people are never happy and some people never change they were raTFINKS IN HIGHSCHOOL AND THEIR STILL RATFINKS YOU CAN'T TAKE RAT OUT OF RATFINKS BM BE GOOD LATER
From: () on Mon Feb 13 16:36:42 2006

From: Bill M (68) on Mon Feb 13 14:14:30 2006
Bill A. I just think Paul had a mis reading of what Chris j sent out. Paul does respect the service men and woman and allthey have given...just isn't very supportive of some of the gov't decision..but definetly a left sided thinker.
Hope all is well.

From: Bill A (68) on Mon Feb 13 00:09:08 2006
Roadkill,,, your welcome. Call Pam , tell her I said so,,,,agian she knows " EVERYONE " . So this is a case of not what you know , but WHO you know.

peace out

From: Bill A (68) on Mon Feb 13 00:05:27 2006
Most interesting Mr. McKaig on the Yock , Yuck, Yockey. Last I looked he had is chiffon pink panties all in a twist from something logical and real that Chris Johnson had to say in respectful admiration of our boys who serve, he and Hynes, who appeared equally out there in Far,,,far...extreme Far left Field and almost off the left end of the spectrum in cry baby,weennie, baby boom naieve land that it was rather sickening, he's transformed into one of these people that loves to flaunt freedom and how it allows them to be a total weak suck living in the comforts of what was paid for lock stock and barrell with someone elses Blood, while at the same time spitting on that person or persons or entitiy that made the supreme sacrifice for him to lay back, piss and moan about everything and proceed to get fat after others fought and died for that are the things that built and kept this country great. and will continue to do so for years.......Yes it's a free country and Yock is free to be in it, but it stays free by the efforts of those he has no respect for at all. Please correct me if I missed who he is and says he is , but that's how I see it, and I call em like I see em.

I have to admit though that Calif is on my agenda as I need to bring one of the properties there back in order after evicting the tenents from paint inside, doors, carpeting, tile, landscapeing, pool / jacuzzi servicing , fencing, blinds and I think that oughta cover it,,,maybe look around to buy something time about 2 weeks to 3, but will have major concentration on renovation of Norco 4 bdrm / 2 ba horse property home = about $10 - 15 K and back to the islands.

Just had home inspection done on new golf course ocean view 2 /2 condo here today..hopefully it will close escrow before April 1
Samo ,,,,,,,,samo

From: () on Sun Feb 12 21:15:49 2006

From: Bill M (68) on Sat Feb 11 15:02:18 2006
Bill A, that crazy Paul Y is coming to Torrance this June. Going to see a lot of memories, I haven't been in Torance with him sense 71..if you are town stop by is leftnes is all bs to coverup how he leans towards the right.
From: Roadkill (76~sorta) on Sat Feb 11 10:57:50 2006
I went to a fallen comrade ceremony, powerful but sad that a young kid was in the coffin as it went by, this time their was only one (still to many) the last one had 18 in the procession. It's really something to see all the boys and girls lined up on most of Disney to pay there last respects to a fallen comrade, and everyone is their, the branch of service does not matter, I was standing next to a Marine and Army guys and both came to attention and saluted as the coffin came by. All the nut balls (insert my favorite euphonium's here) protesting about the war should see this. I think all Americans should, some kid gave all for the rest. That deserves respect and admiration, at least it does for me.
Sorry about the double post, Afghan E-mail is not the best, nor second. Better than smoke signals I guess.

From: Roadkill (76~sorta) on Sat Feb 11 10:50:37 2006
Bill; thanks for the info. There used to be a nut ball in the water tower that used to sing happy birthday and the Oscar Meyer song, made my grand mother laugh, miss the old days. I have not seen the ocean in over 5 months, I miss the water.

"What does not kill you; makes you stronger.......or really sick.

From: Roadkill (76~sorta) on Sat Feb 11 10:50:29 2006
Bill; thanks for the info. There used to be a nut ball in the water tower that used to sing happy birthday and the Oscar Meyer song, made my grand mother laugh, miss the old days. I have not seen the ocean in over 5 months, I miss the water.

"What does not kill you; makes you stronger.......or really sick.

From: doug dinnel (1966) on Thu Feb 9 20:09:14 2006
hi class of 66. noticed that susy deturk lived in bend, or. i moved from bend in 2002, to florida. wanted to be near my son's and grandson's. use to run into dave &steve kuchenbecker at moffett field where i was stationed while in the navy. mary anne and i are divorced. we see each other when she come's to visit the kid's. hav'nt herd from any of the old class mate's hope everyone is doing well.
From: Bill A (68) on Thu Feb 9 01:04:25 2006
We're Blood Brothers............

From having been in the mud, n the blood, n the beer.............

HOOO rahhhhhhhhh

From: Bill M (68) on Tue Feb 7 17:28:00 2006
Being a Spartan is like being from TB. It's in your blood.
From: Ashley (92) on Tue Feb 7 00:21:38 2006
To James (89): Thanks sweetie. I replied to your email. If you want details about this lunatic, I will email you more details later. This message board should be to reminisce about South and all it's glory (at least in our minds). I find it odd that I don't post nor visit this site but once or twice a year to find slander from someone whom I do not speak to nor wish to. Oh well... .some say we all need to move on and get out of high school but hte reality is that there are others that can't let go of ANYTHING and therefore are the ones who should seek help. Glad you are back safe from the desert. Say hello to the wife and kids.
From: Ashley () on Mon Feb 6 18:24:03 2006
P.S. The Order of Protection is still in effect. Don't attempt to write me or contact me in anyway or I will have Arpaio on your a$$. Thank you. Have a nice day... and as the muslims say, go to the hell.
From: ashes (92) on Mon Feb 6 18:20:41 2006
Just a side note. Domestic Violence is a pretty word for assult and battery. More women and children are killed anually by a domestic partner (husband, spouse or otherwise) than in "random acts of violence". Please support and donate to The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence ( Do not let another scam artist like OJ go free.
From: Ashley Towry (92) on Mon Feb 6 18:09:13 2006
I want everyone to know this man (parasite) posting messages to and about me is mentally ill and a dager to anyone he comes in contact with. He is not a US citizen, nor is he a legal resident but the INS refuses to deport him. Check it out. Bryan David Bennetts, Durban, South Africa, DOB 4/17/1965. This person is truly scum as he abuses women and children (he neglected and put his own child in harms way). I am safe but to all abused women... there is help and hope. God Bless.
From: Jim (89) on Sun Feb 5 17:39:24 2006
Your message is offensive. You are scum! (REF:From: _____ Licker (92) on Thu Feb 2 19:46:43 2006
Ashley Towry loves the _________)

From: bh (67) on Sat Feb 4 22:33:23 2006
From: () on Sat Feb 4 22:12:40 2006

From: Deb (77) on Sat Feb 4 09:13:41 2006
The Richard Andrew Experiment. They are at the link I gave below and also at an indie artist website, indiehaven, I think. Here is the link again you can also hear them there. No I do not work with them. They are friends, Richard Andrew is a great friend to our family.
From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Sat Feb 4 02:48:01 2006
Hey Deb: what is the name of the Christian Indie group? Do you work with them?
I am paying bills and packing to go to the Music and Film Convention in LA tomorrow. There is always too mch to do before you go out of town; isn't there?

Got to go...

From: Bill A (68) on Sat Feb 4 02:13:31 2006
Thanks for the kind thoughts and words older sister was there for a week, my kid sister is there now, she's up and around and pretty tough, I've got quite a phone bill, she's actually talkin about coming out here again, she spent a few weeks at the vacation house in Nov.and wants to return, I might be out that way at the end of May, maybe sooner though and we could hook up...
From: Chrisj68 () on Sat Feb 4 01:03:14 2006
BillM, Hermosa was supposed to be good day before yesterday at 2nd; one of the guys here went out...Another week huh...take it easy buddy...Check the other site for a BillA glad to hear your mom is doing well, when ya coming to see her brah??? Delton Kerns....There is a Rizzo (could be a brother) that works for the Torrance Police Dept.
From: Bill M (68) on Fri Feb 3 22:50:22 2006
Bill A. Glad to hear that your mom did so well. As we get older every operation, heck any cut finger takes so long too heal and could always lead to another illness, Hope this is the end of the numerous trips to the doctor for her. You take care of yourself too. Any chance you might do a weekend deepdive into Calif to do a quick visit of her? Would be great to see you.

Bill H. Doc wants me to stay off the leg one more week. Looked at the small, fogged covered, on -show breeze of something that might me called a wave not more 5 minutes ago. Loooks like I won't be missing anything. You take care of yourself too, not enough of the good old guys around who understand the kama of sharing a wave.

From: Bill (68) on Fri Feb 3 21:00:31 2006
Roadkill,,Yes I was at Terminal Illness, but I ran the Gate Operation. Everything that entered or left the facility as in bound / out bound / empty. Was right at the water but didn't see it much.
Jack Bergstrom's wife Pam works at Long Beach C-20 and has for years, she knows everyone, as I did then and she stayed and still works in the Harbor..(562) 496-4911.
If you are heading to the Big Island, get to me through this site, I have a vacation home here and just opened escrow on a golf course condo overlooking the ocean......


From: delton kerns (leuzinger 63) on Fri Feb 3 18:04:05 2006
I went ot Anza elementary in the middle 50's and had some friends that went to south high,class of 63. Jimmy Crippen, Paul Hickerson or Diane Rizzo. If you know of any of them please let me know. Thanks Dell
From: GonzaloBlanco (1986) on Fri Feb 3 17:34:49 2006
See all my old girlfriends and see what thet look like to day me and my wife are happy foryears and have 2 big kids 1s 17 and 16 when I saw my wife I was in love with her I did not have time to say goodby to my ex I forget about her
From: Roadkill (76 ~ sorta) on Fri Feb 3 13:49:49 2006
Bill, your job at Matson; would it happend to be at terminal Island. If it was and you worked at the water tower, my boat was across the channel. I was one of the nuts who used to water ski in the channel. Did you ever see a small white boat that looked like a shoe going about 60mph. It was 7 feet long; well that was me.

Know anybody at Matson now, I have been trying to get a job on the docks for over ten years.

I have never been to the big island; hope to take my wife someday.

From: RJ () on Fri Feb 3 13:46:45 2006
Square root of 144..Seattle Seahawks!!
From: Deb (77) on Fri Feb 3 00:27:14 2006
I know this isn't the place so everyone pretend they didn't see this here and forgive me. Here goes anyway :)

Nancy.... Check out this Indy artist:

They are an awesome Christian rock band. They will be preforming Saturday night at a new Chrsitian night club in Rancho Cucamonga. There is possibly a record producer going to check them out that night. They are going to make it big some day, I just know it. They already are very popular in the local Christian music scene. They have been #1 for weeks on

The Richard Andrew Experiment
February, 4 2006 at Club AP2G
8403 N. Haven Ave., Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

From: Bill (68) on Thu Feb 2 01:41:21 2006
Yo ,Nancy
Hawaii is still in paradise mode, samo.sameo
my offer accepted this AM , on 2/2 furnished turnkey condo on Kona Country Club overlooking 9th hole w/ panoramic ocean view of Keauhou Bay = overflow vacation rental, my mom's operation a success / she's home, one of my sisters is there and she's up and around. what a trouper!! Looking at entering William Howard Taft Law School for Juris Doctor Degree, ............
just another day in paradise

I used to be in charge of All Reefers, for Matson, NYK, SHOWA, Polynesian Lines
talk about " Reefer Madness " . Thermo- King where ya been, 30 day 24 hour circular temperature monitor charts = get the ship in , get the reefers off 1st, get em plugged in right away, get em monitored, keep em monitored= eliminate spoilage = eliminate litigation / claims / loss and don't forget to tectoral the lettuce , get em empty, get em caliberated, get em back onboard as empties and the beat goes on........what did I do with my reefer??

laters ya'll

From: Kathy Ernst (75) on Thu Feb 2 01:35:50 2006
Joint class reunion '75/'76. Anyone interested contact
From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Wed Feb 1 21:20:16 2006
Wow alot happening on this site. Have been to busy with this record label to check in. More contract negeotations, which I have finally gotten better at. We are bringing on board another hip hop group from the East Coast, music is more R&B feel. Also a group from NC (two women with great voices) feminist women. I flew to Georgia and drove all the way to California to bring one artist to Sacramento to live. She is an artist in the development stages that I can work with directly ( for at least the next year with her songs and stage presence). This one is fun with a great sense of humor.

There is hope of major distribution and overseas in Japan and Germany. Keeping my fingers crossed on this one (we were almost with major distribution then it flaked).

So where was Brokeback Mountain really filmed? Haven't seen it yet, but it is sure the talk.

Sounds like everyone is doing ok??
Would any of you be going to the Reunion mentioned? Who do we give our info to?

Well back on the road Saturday. Convention in Los Angeles called the Do It Yourself Convention for Film and Music. Lots of great speakers there and tons of recording groups that you get to hear and talk to one on one.

My best to all, Bill how is Hawaii? My friend that owns her own record label is there now with her boyfriend and my son and his wife leave on 2/13 to go.

Someday I am coming on over for a rest and to vacation.

From: Roadkill (76~sorta) on Tue Jan 31 15:58:36 2006
Bill; hello. I am not in the military, I woork for everybodys most fav company - KBR. I work as a reefer mechanic and welder. The group I work with keeps the food cold for the boys and girls in the military. Its not just a job its an ADVENTURE, besides I am to old and beat up to be running around with kids. To many miss haps with fast cars, boats, motorcycles. I sound like a box of Rice-Krispies when I get up in the morning.
From: me () on Tue Jan 31 15:55:33 2006
Your'e way busted Morgan, Bareback Mountain was indeed filmed in the Great White North.
From: BOBW (62) on Tue Jan 31 15:13:27 2006
From: Bill (68) on Mon Jan 30 23:01:31 2006
What branch of the service are you in, what is your rank?

From: Bill M (68) on Sun Jan 29 21:30:02 2006
Bearnie, get a rope on your kid:)
From: Morgan Keach (2001) on Sun Jan 29 20:54:46 2006
Hey you all!! My career is begining to take off! I recently finished working on the film Brokeback Mountian. You can see me by the pool table in the pool scenes! At the same time, I was forced to leave good old New York and live in Wyoming, which I still have not came back from. Yes, I did leave a family behind because my wife believes certain accusations of me being promiscuous on set (B.S.).....but I do pay child support w/ the recent wealth I'm making!!!
From: reunion committee 71 (1971) on Sun Jan 29 11:44:51 2006

From: Roadkill (76-sorta) on Sun Jan 29 11:15:33 2006
Bill I am in Afghanistan, Bagram Air Field. On a map its the arm pit of the world.

Fun place, the place could look like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting, until you notice the barb wire, little red signes with MINES on them. Oh yes also the bombed out buildings, burned russian tanks, trucks and people getting wasted with full auto AK's; other than that its not a bad place. :-)

From: Bill (68) on Sun Jan 29 03:31:35 2006
Where are you Roadkill?????????
From: () on Sat Jan 28 14:43:47 2006

From: Roadkill ~Robin Wright (76-sorta) on Sat Jan 28 14:31:52 2006
Sorry very rude of me; and top of the morning to you sir.
Is any one in contact with Terry Conway (Shaw, I think now) from Arnold Elementary School?

From: Roadkill (76-sorta) on Sat Jan 28 14:08:32 2006
Well it's the middle of the night here, snowing,raining, mud sticking to my bootslike velco with land mines floating to the surface and going off. Yup I'm in paradise. But I'm healthy and prosperous and coming home for R&R (15 days) so my spirits are looking up. I get to be with my wife of 20 years; a tall blond...YahOOOOOOOOOOO.
From: Bill A (68) on Sat Jan 28 13:36:49 2006
Well it's another weekend moring in paradise, so to everyone I say..................

I hope all is well, everyone is healthy, prosperous, of great spirits, and that this next glorious day in the rest of your lives is just pretty god damn wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: nicholas sawers (1974) on Fri Jan 27 18:04:04 2006
is everybody happy
From: Perrius Maximus (1984) on Fri Jan 27 15:47:29 2006
Someone is obviously a Depeche Mode fan....
From: Me (2006) on Fri Jan 27 14:31:07 2006
I'm going to take my time
I have all the time in the world
To make you mine
It is written in the stars above
The gods decree
You'll be right here by my side
Right next to me
You can run but you cannot hide

Don't say you want me
Don't say you need me
Don't say you love me
It's understood
Don't say you're happy
Out there without me
I know you can't be
'cause it's no good

I'll be fine
I'll be waiting patiently
Till you see the signs
And come running to my open arms
When will you realize
Do we have to wait till our worlds collide
Open up your eyes
You can't turn back the tide

Don't say you want me
Don't say you need me
Don't say you love me
It's understood
Don't say you're happy
Out there without me
I know you can't be
'cause it's no good

I'm going to take my time
I have all the time in the world
To make you mine
It is written in the stars above

Don't say you want me
Don't say you need me
Don't say you love me
It's understood
Don't say you're happy
Out there without me
I know you can't be
'cause it's no good

From: () on Fri Jan 27 06:18:13 2006

From: 1971 reunion committee (71) on Thu Jan 26 21:28:21 2006
We're planning our 35th reunion and extending an invitiation to ALL Spartans from the late 60s and early 70s,(all alumni are welcome)It will be a fun-filled, casual evening in the So Bay, in late summer 06. Come reunite with old classmates, share memories and cocktails! Our Committee has planned all of our reunions since the 10 year, and we put on a good party!!!Don't be left out!!Forward your contact info and we will send you details! PASS THE WORD

From: Lauren (1978) on Tue Jan 24 19:29:39 2006
HEY ALUMNI, THE BOOKS ARE OUT SOON. I finally heard from the gal running the thing, she is sending out soon. Oh well, 2 years later... just bring back the memories! Plan for 30 year soon!

From: Bill M () on Tue Jan 24 11:02:08 2006
OK Debra, now that the pieces are falling together. Hopefully Rich, will listen to you. He once wrote 'it won;t work" No matter what faith you are even the non-believers realize that everything is achievable if you take the time, the steps, the up and the downs to get there. I think he well need your shoulder for a little while.

Bill H. One more week and it's back to the ocean. Watch out

From: Perrius Maximus (1984) on Tue Jan 24 08:51:23 2006
RW, I don't know the particulars of your situation, but I had to go through hell to get someone to work with me...and like I cost me dearly. It was worth the effort, though. Hang in there. Do not stop trying find a way out. Don't lose your faith. Pray.

God Bless

From: RW (81) on Tue Jan 24 00:04:26 2006
PM tried that, it won't help.
From: Bill W (AA) on Mon Jan 23 18:08:56 2006
God, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
This works if you work it!

From: Deb (77) on Mon Jan 23 15:25:47 2006
You assume correctly Bill :)

He's on the right track, thats for sure....

From: Bill M (68) on Mon Jan 23 14:27:44 2006
Deb..I assume your brother is RW. Slow but steady guidance will get him were he should be.

Bill H. Yhye pulled the wool over your eyes again. I never wore glases in High School...and a Guru is one who surf for fame. Like you I surf because of the satisfaction. But you still hve 2 more week until the doctor will let me try again. Remember fracture my leg skateboarding at Christmas time..maybe it is time that I grow up

From: Deb (77) on Mon Jan 23 12:50:16 2006
My dear brother.... It warms my heart to hear you have gotten back to God. PM said; "I am a believer in the idea that there is method and reason in most things of this nature, and most often these things happen because you are not following a path that the Lord wants you to follow." Thats absolutley correct.

You are doing things right now by giving it all to God. One of the hardest things to do is to; Let Go and Let God. I still tend to worry about certain things even though I know God is handling. We are only human and not perfect. There is only one who is perfect and all we can do is strive to be as perfect as He is.

From: Perrius Maximus (1984) on Mon Jan 23 08:30:03 2006 you have any home equity options? I had 400K in equity in my home prior to my layoff...largely due to the explosions in home values that happened in Las Vegas last year. I staved off total ruin only by accessing a portion of that cash and using it to flush my debt. Attempting to score a refi and access that money can be a daunting task when you're in trouble, but you CAN find a lender to do it if you look hard, and if you have the equity. You wont get it from a mainstream financial istitution. The people I went to let me have it coming and going. They knew what they were doing, and it cost me dearly, but I salvaged the situation. They sent the checks to my accounts. They dictated all terms. I managed to save my arse, though, and I still have my credit, and my equity...just not as much.

From: Pissed (does it matter) on Sun Jan 22 23:22:46 2006
You know what totally blows? It’s when others involve themselves in your life with the intent to cause harm. I know what you did dick head, don’t try and hide it. Do not mistake humility for weakness. There will be a day of reckoning!
From: bh (67) on Sun Jan 22 22:45:27 2006
bm itchy called me from his job what a good man he said when you were in high school you had thick glasses and a bow tie that's why it took mike wrigth such a long time for him to explain who you were thats ok i was hoodlum the big saLT MONDAY I HOPE I CAN STILL HANG. I AM SURE YOU WILL LET ME HAVE FEW AFTER ALL YOUR THE GURU OUT THERE LATER BILL NO CALL I'M LOOKING FOR A STUCCO AND BLOCK WALL GUY SO I CAN FINISH MY COMPOUND. LET ME KNOW!!!

From: allison elliott (choir varsity) on Sun Jan 22 15:42:27 2006
hi my names is allison elliott i shiop
school new high school juoric we love here in my friends at luach at luach
withn my new kinds in cllas you are cool

From: Bill M (68) on Sun Jan 22 11:28:42 2006
Nancy N.

Asked Dean M if he remembered you. Told me to ask if you were the one at the top of the hill with the swimming pool? We all have memory lapse.


From: Bill M (68) on Sun Jan 22 11:28:38 2006
Nancy N.

Asked Dean M if he remembered you. Told me to ask if you were the one at the top of the hill with the swimming pool? We all have memory lapse.


From: Rebecca () on Sun Jan 22 00:23:17 2006
I am looking for anyonw who knew of "CYNTHINA MARIE MORELLO" she is my neice. And we just found out yesterday 1/20/05 that she passed away in May of 05. If anyonw knows her PLEASE contact me. I would like to have a picture of her. My family and I have not seen her in at lkeast 15+ years. Thank You all so much and hope to hear from someone.
From: Eric G. ('79) on Sat Jan 21 16:36:29 2006
Dang RW, I'm really feeling bad for you. I already committed to letting this girl rent a couple of rooms in my house for cheap and she's already given her 30 day notice two weeks ago. You sound like you could have used some relief and I'm thinking since I'm not too far from where you live that I could have helped you out for awhile. If for some reason things don't work out and you're still in needing maybe I could help out for awhile.

RW, have you ever tried contacting some of the head hunter job shops. I find the best way to get hired into a company is through the back door and not through the firewall department that is called Human Resources. H.R. seems to only accept PhD’s from MIT or Caltech when all they need is a guy with a high school diploma and a few years of work experience in that field. The head hunters have a direct line to the hiring managers in the dept you want to get into, therefore bypassing the firewall dept that is H.R.. I was hired instantly into Fluor Daniel's engineering dept when the manager got my resume directly from a friend who worked there. After a year I quit for another job and came back a year later. A head hunter got my resume to the manager of the advanced technology nuclear engineering dept. I got hired back instantly. Both times I worked there I had friends with much better education and job backgrounds than I do ask me to drop off their resumes at the H.R. dept. One of these friends even has a PHD in nuclear science and the others had at least a BSME from top notch universities such as UC Irvine which borders the company. H.R. never gave them the time of the day. After working 3 years the nuclear engineering dept the project I was working on was put on hold for 7 years because of political and scientific road blocks. Eighty percent of the dept personnel were put on temporary leave of absences. My reviews as a lead engineer were all outstanding. On my exit interview the H.R. lady told me she didn't like my resume and wouldn't have hired me because I've had too many jobs. She would have hired some unmotivated idiot who has spent twenty years bending sheet metal because he has such a stable work history. I always got bored after a few years and wanted to learn something new so I moved from one tech company to another and learned a large variety of engineering applications which is why the technology managers hire me instantly. The trick is to get your resume past the firewall H.R. dept. at first and straight through to the hiring manager. Then he or she can take your resume to the H.R. dept. and tell them to hire you. Good Luck Bro and keep us posted.

From: RW (81) on Sat Jan 21 01:00:53 2006
Bill, I needed the e-mail adress because my post would not go thru at first. Once I broke it up, it was fine. Suffice to say I will send you an e-mail later and tell how things went.

PM, congrats on the new job. I hope all works out for you on the wrong coast. coming up over the ocean, too bizzar for me.

So you guys know, I am alot further along in the begging and grovaling dept then you think. I've cried on so many shoulders I'm out of shoulders to cry on. My note holders both feel bad for me but they aren't willing to do much for me unless I go to a credit counsler or file BK. I guess they don't believe me unless I'm willing to put my credit score at risk. I got news for them, it's already at risk. I think I will take the BK step next week. Wow even just saying it sucks. Hey Perry got any extra room in the new house?

From: Perrius Maximus (1984) on Fri Jan 20 14:15:14 2006
Hang in there, RW. 2004 and 2005 visited what I can only define as a fiscal humbling upon my doorstep. There were a great many other trials and tribulations during this period, but my faith remained constant through it all.

I am a believer in the idea that there is method and reason in most things of this nature, and most often these things happen because you are not following a path that the Lord wants you to follow.

Like you, I faced complete financial ruin at the end of last year. All the praying finally paid off however, because 2006 started off with a bang. A new england firm found my resume online, and largely through casual disregard I threw out some rather rediculous demands as regards salary, reloc package and sign on bonus. To my great surprise, they agreed.

I am now residing in a beach community, two blocks from the surf, and living what amounts to a completely different way of life...and one that I never in my wildest dreams would have believed possible. Your attitude is perfect. Keep your mind open to new possibilities and paths. Dig your heels in and hang on. It will turn around.

Now if I could only get used to the sun coming up over the just seems wrong, hehehehe.

From: Bill M (68) on Fri Jan 20 13:55:38 2006
Don't know why you need my email address, but I trust you so here it is.

Each of us has our own way of dealing with God/higher power or whatever we each have. Use the method you have recently found and don't worry. I don't judge people on their believes...but realize that sometimes even God wants you to take some responsibility. Call whoever holds the note on your house. Maybe you will have to swallow a little pride, but explain to them your situation and ask will they be willing to work with you. Of course you don't want to lose your house, but also remember the note holder really doesn't want to have a piece of property that they foreclosed on. That is their last desire. See if they will work with you. There are too many options to explain here, but they can come up with some program that will satisfy both of you. You keep the house, they get their money. Yeah, it can be scary...but baby steps to correct the situation is better then no steps at all.

Best of luck

From: RW (81) on Fri Jan 20 00:12:56 2006
So what can I sum up from all of this: well I’m not in control God is, trust in God, keep God first in everything, serve others as God would have you serve them, it doesn’t pay to get angry about your situation, look too family, not away from family, Love God with all your heart and Love your neighbor as yourself and you will be much happier, learn to forgive and the stress from not forgiving will go away, never take for granted what you have because tomorrow you could have nothing, be thankful for the small gifts in life sometimes they are the biggest gifts of all, and there still are kind people in this world. Oh and losing everything is not so bad if you gain the greatest gift of all GOD!

I still get scared ever now and then and I really don’t want to lose my house. I guess it’s the not knowing that gets me? I know, I know after saying all of that I go and blow it on a couple of silly comments. I never said I was perfect, besides it gives me another opportunity to pray.

From: RW (81) on Fri Jan 20 00:11:49 2006
Yes I’m talking about GOD! It’s funny I’ve always thought of myself as a Christian. I used to be very involved with a church in South Torrance until one day my wife, kids and I left that church for reasons I won’t discuss. We went from church to church never quite staying at one very long; it seems we always had a reason to move on. Suffice to say with everything that has happened and that is happening God has been our refuge.

I have rededicated my life to God, and do my best put him first in everything. My desire is to change myself in order to serve him and some day when I die I want people to remember me as a person of integrity, one who served others by serving God. Also my youngest daughter Alicia was recently baptized, my oldest Melissa still struggles with a few things but she’s strong & has a kind heart and my wife is going back to church and has just started a new Job. Her current story is even a bigger blessing; the job is commission based no salary and the fact that she is able to go back to work is gift that only God could give. If you recall Lisa has been on disability for the past three years or so? She had a head on car accident which resulted in spine surgery and a long recovery period. It seemed as if she would never get better, and to some extent she’s not. However God has recently given us another blessing and is helping her get through this so she can get back to work. Today was her first full day!

I’m telling you Bill God is the answer. I don’t know where you stand on this but for me it’s a miracle I thought we had lost. Financially were taking baby steps, we still can’t make ends meet but God recently blessed me with full time employment again. I started on January 3rd and only make about a 1/3 of what I previously made. But I give glory to God for getting me this job, I have an income again and that’s better than not having an income. Last year in 2005 I made very little because I was laid off in January and what unemployment I received didn’t amount to much at all.

From: RW (81) on Fri Jan 20 00:10:42 2006
Bill I hope this makes sense and explains things a little better. It’s long so bear with me.

Bill thanks again for your kind offer regarding the Trans Siberian Orchestra. I just wanted to let you know that it wasn’t pride that kept me from accepting your offer. I know this may sound strange but had I accepted your offer my family would have learned nothing.

Were still in a big mess, I wasn’t able to pay my second in December and I just missed my very first payment on my first. Other bills are behind also and even though it’s one of the scariest things I’ve ever gone through the results are amazing. Basically were going to lose everything and I have no clue right now what I’m going to do. And yes there are a few people out there that think this is funny, there probably saying what an idiot he deserves what he gets. Good for them, they can say what they want. I got the best gift of all from this and my wife & kids, well lets just say they are on there way to get it as well if they haven’t gotten it already.

From: RW (81) on Fri Jan 20 00:08:45 2006
Bill M i need your e-mail address
From: bh (67) on Wed Jan 18 23:17:33 2006
bm joni i had to clear my name and prove i did not missed my child support payment some women in NY said i was the father of her kids (one kid named Angel - I would never call my kid Angel and the other one Tony) it did not matter that i've never been to NY it did not matter that i had the doc clip me 10 years aGO AND BEEN MARRIERD 29 YEARS ALL THAT MATTERED IS SOMEONE ON WELFARE GOT MY SS NUMBER ACCORDING TO THE COURT I WAS A DEAD BEAT DAD THIS HAPPEN TO ME TWICE. NOW I'M AFRAID TO GO TO MY OWN MAIL BOX. EVEN THE GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA WAS AFTER ME TO PAY FOR MEDICAL FOR HER KIDS. NEXT TIME I'LL JUST SAY THEIR BM'S KIDS. LATER
From: Hootie(Richard Hoyme jr.) (1984) on Wed Jan 18 13:47:29 2006
"Reds buy alot of records"
"Good luck,arrive safe".

From: Quote Of The Day (76-80) on Wed Jan 18 10:59:40 2006
should read, "back you"
From: Quote Of The Day (76-80) on Wed Jan 18 10:57:54 2006
In reference to ALAN POSTER having his stolen 1968 Corvette returned to him after 37 years, he makes the Quote Of The Day.

"If you got all the things backyou lost, imagine how many socks we'd have."

Ref: Daily Breeze 01-18-06

From: Bill M () on Tue Jan 17 00:30:44 2006
Bill H. 12/27 fracture my lower leg skateboarding. Thought I just sprained a muscle but finally went to docs last week. wants be to take it easy for a t least 2 more weeks. Said it's healing nicely. Said Surfing is fine, sell the skateboards....guess he never had the devil chance him as he rode down a hill. I shall return. Leg feels good must of the time, but all I've seen lately is stormy swells that would kill me to paddle out. Age sucks.
From: Joni (1980) on Mon Jan 16 00:13:06 2006
I wanted to share something with ALL of you, but in order to save time and energy, please go to
and read the January 14th entry.

From: bill (67) on Sun Jan 15 23:51:20 2006
surfer girl drive safe toss some cold water on the driver. crashed way way down in mexico partner fell asleep lucky i woke up he was sleeping on my shoulder car was spinning hit kalumetor sign new car totaled saVED THE SURFBOARDS HITCH HIKED BACK. LATER BM WHERE ARE YOU
From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Sun Jan 15 22:18:09 2006
Wow driving through all these states there has been a bad drought, everything is dead (grass, trees) we have drvien from Georgia to Amarillo, TX. I can't wait until we get out of these "red" states to the "blue" states. The South is so not California!!!

We hope to be home by Wednesday night, there are heavy winds to drive through each day.

No Surfing Here!!!!


From: Melissa Ray (09) on Wed Jan 11 13:05:09 2006
hey Jeff
From: ga (82) on Wed Jan 11 07:25:18 2006
I can't believe what I'm hearing!
From: () on Tue Jan 10 13:16:33 2006

From: BOBW (62) on Tue Jan 10 08:35:25 2006
From: bh (67) on Mon Jan 9 23:03:22 2006
going tues working too much like to give it up but the job is to good i think i might of forgot how to do it that's how you start thinking when you been out of the big salt may have to bring out the big stick .naNCY LAST TIME I WAs in georgia i was getting ready for war 1967 it sure was pretty State be careful surfergirl later
From: Bill M (68) on Mon Jan 9 11:29:06 2006
Yes it has been some wicked swells and plenty of riptides. Broken neck by Topez and a drowning in Manhattan. Drive safely.

Bill H. Been out lately? Seen the large drop down right offshore...maybe it will make some sand bars for this summer. We seem to keep missing each other. But everyone keeps moving looking for the best spot. Tricky times right now.

From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Sat Jan 7 22:52:16 2006
Hello to all: Have survied the holidays and am off to fly to Georgia on Wednesday. Driving with a friend cross country helping her move to Sacramento. I figured we are driving through 6 states. This will be interesting.

Hope all the "surfer dudes" are doing well. When I was in San Diego at Christmas the waves were totally high, too scarey for me.

Take care-

Nancy Nickle

From: Grim Reaper (85) on Fri Jan 6 18:55:23 2006
That's kinda morbid isn't it??
From: Alumni (1985) on Fri Jan 6 18:33:34 2006
Can someone please post the names of the deceased from our class of 1985. I missed the reunion and wish to know who (if any) have left us. thanks in advance...
From: bh (67) on Wed Jan 4 22:52:26 2006
bm your a good grump no matter what we are riding or how crowded we still catch our waves. *** i am going to be 58 real real soon. the lord gifted me an mc grump viet nam been over a long time ago but sometimes i can still smell it. that is weird i still think about it every day i learned to live with it. it waS ROUGH FOR A WHILE. MY WIFE IS LIVING WITH A NUT. IT'S A GOOD NUT, NOT A PHONEY. ALL THOSE MOM AND DAD'S WHO HAve kids fighting for us tell them thanks. their my hero's now and take care of them when they come back caUSE THEY WILL BE A CHAnged person inside. take care later bm my new knee did not affect my surfing. i'm teaching young punk's how to do my job mc grump go stay at my house later
From: bh (67) on Wed Jan 4 22:52:16 2006
bm your a good grump no matter what we are riding or how crowded we still catch our waves. *** i am going to be 58 real real soon. the lord gifted me an mc grump viet nam been over a long time ago but sometimes i can still smell it. that is weird i still think about it every day i learned to live with it. it waS ROUGH FOR A WHILE. MY WIFE IS LIVING WITH A NUT. IT'S A GOOD NUT, NOT A PHONEY. ALL THOSE MOM AND DAD'S WHO HAve kids fighting for us tell them thanks. their my hero's now and take care of them when they come back caUSE THEY WILL BE A CHAnged person inside. take care later bm my new knee did not affect my surfing. i'm teaching young punk's how to do my job mc grump go stay at my house later
From: C heryl Drohan (1981) on Wed Jan 4 12:01:33 2006
Thanks Mon, love you too! Tell Christopher congratulations. He will love the Phillipines. Let me know where he is stationed because we have a dear friend who lives in Binan Province....Happy New Year too! Okay, folks, lets get this 25th reunion going......Monica?
From: Bill M (68) on Wed Jan 4 10:54:15 2006
Bill A. Had a e-mail from Bob K . sounded like he did talk with you, but you weren't going to be able to meet up..too Bad.

Large surf here too, but you know what 10 foot shorebreak is like..wish I was in paradise with the point breaks.

From: () on Wed Jan 4 06:47:27 2006

From: Monica (Cilva) Root (81) on Mon Jan 2 18:12:06 2006
Just a quick note, Christopher (now 25 in March!) made it safely home from Iraq after a 13 1/2 mo deployment all over the country. He will be deployed again at the end of the month to somewhere in the Phillipeans. He is doing well, is a sargeant up for E6 (staff sarg) and due to go to the boards for that soon.
I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season and wish you all a very Happy New Year!!

P.S. Cheryl, belated 42 birthday, girl...Love you!

From: Cheryl Gros Drohan (1981) on Mon Jan 2 14:28:16 2006
Happy New Year Class of '81. Any news regarding a 25th reunion? Would love to help.
From: Bill A (68) on Sun Jan 1 14:20:48 2006
Yo, Bill
I just realized that Bob called me and I don't have the phone # he's at in Waikaloa, he was gonna call me when he headed into Kona, so we could connect.
So I can't pass a message to him, except via email and it sounds like you did that already.....
20 foot surf here yesterday boyz

From: Bill M (68) on Sun Jan 1 13:46:21 2006
Bill H, if it wasn't for people like you, I guess we couldn't be sitting here free and complaining about the surf. Now it's too big.

But thanks for you sacrifices I know you weren’t in a pleasant war and I’m sure plenty of “decent’ Americans gave you shi# just for being in the service.

Times were tough but we have made it this long and I don’t think either of us is going anywhere too soon. We are too grumpy.

Happy New Years my dear friend

Bill A..tell Bob K. to respond to the email I sent to him today. I know he won’t be back until Friday but we have a trip we are attempting to but together…you too have a Great New Year. Hope you find your soul mate this year....being alone we all talk about being great but I know it isn’t.


From: shannon (83) on Sat Dec 31 21:25:09 2005
Be safe cousin!
happy new year

From: Robin Wright (76) on Sat Dec 31 18:38:37 2005
Wanted to say Merry Christmas and happy new year from Afghanistan, such a fun place. Any one remember the nut ball with the blades. :-)
AKA ~ Roadkill

From: () on Sat Dec 31 16:24:15 2005

From: Bill M (68) on Sat Dec 31 02:24:49 2005
Last message was fofBill A relating to Bob K
From: Bill M (68) on Fri Dec 30 11:51:57 2005
Bil H. Tell that Bob K he is ruining my New Years as I have to stay on line to get us a surf camp spot for next July. What friemd so for friends.

I blame the cove on you becuase if you didn't make it look so easy with your gracful carving, must peopel would stay at the top of the hill. But onece the see you getting another way of the decade, they atart suiting up. Me..My knee is still giving me some problems. Getting better but never fast enough for us old farts.

From: Bill A (68) on Thu Dec 29 22:11:54 2005
YO Bill M.
Got a call from Bob Knop yesterday. as he's on island. We're gonna hook up in the next couple of days and catch up on things..thanks for giving him my email address.


From: bh (67) on Thu Dec 29 21:56:02 2005
eric i surfed trestles when the marines impounded my car we stayed out about 4 hours they just waited for us to come in arrested us tried to scare us but i was a cocky punk i think that happened 3 times. she must be your best friend first it takes a longtime to really know somebody 29 years poor pv girl put up with my crap i'm still learning stuff about her and it's visa versa you never stop learning. your kids are the only thing that count. you will be fine what the hell are you talking about who is blaming you for the cove i have been surrounded by logs and i still get my waves. your my witness you and itchy paige i don't play long board shortboard i don't give a rats ass what your riding of all people you no better than that. i'll ride long board i'll ride short board, i'll ride porpoise i'll ride a seAL I RIDE WHAT EVER IT TAKES BM STOP BY MY HOUSE AND I'LL SAW THAT BOARD IN HALF SO I CAN PUT ONE ON EACH FOOT SO I CAN WALK ON WATER; I HAVE A LONG BOARD HANGING IN MY LIVING ROOM WINDOW ITS NOT TIME YET.

From: Bill M (68) on Thu Dec 29 14:12:47 2005
Don't blame the cove on me. As Long as a person understand the peak rules ,then I will let them surf all hey want. We just have to learn to share what little resources we have. And I hate that stupid statement about long boarders get all the waves...well we might be able to catch them easier,but when I'm riding one in and a short boarders chatchers a spot more in the peak, I will bow out of that wave for, he earned it.
From: () on Thu Dec 29 07:57:30 2005

From: Eric G. ('79) on Thu Dec 29 02:19:49 2005
BH, I've been seeing a girl from South who graduated the same year as me. Whenever she showed up at a high school party I would pray I'ld get to party with her all night. She divorced a couple of years ago and has been living in South O.C. since the late 80's. We're just friends at this point. I'm just enjoying someone I can relate to that loves the same music and has some things in common with me. Ever since my early twenties every girlfriend I've had got younger and younger. My ex wife was twelve years younger and we really couldn't relate to each other. It's so cool to be spending time 26 years later with a girl from your high school years that was only a fantasy to you back then. She is a really cool girl. I'm taking it slow to get to know her. I really want to build a foundation and be realistic with our compatability. We may just end up friends or maybe more. It's excited to be alive again and have hopes and dreams. On the other hand it's hard to coordinate free time to get together. Now I'm being more assertive and it's working. Now we're getting together more than just talking about it. Bh, I wasn't bragging about the surf I was just trying to point out that I haven't gotten too much excercise the past few years and don't get out surfing too often but with waves like Trestles it's so easy to surf and therefore easy to make the most out of every session. Like I said I wouldn't even ride a beach break these days. I'd get bummed at the short rides. There's always a reef break to ride. On the other hand I would be overwhelmed with emotions paddling out at Burnout, Hags or the Cove just because it's been so long but the memories would be wonderful. It is a beautiful area. My dad lives in Rolling Hills Estates so I get up there now and then. I always take the Vincent Thomas bridge and then the coast route through San Pedro and P.V. Estates. My best buddy has built a lot of the mansions up in P.V. Estates and built and lived in 3 of his own mansions right at Lunada Bay. He used to surf the point all the time. The kids called him the home owner. He was good friends with Joe Bark who shaped alot of boards for him up there. I've surfed all over from P.V. to San Pedro but never the point at Lunada. I've ridden there on jet skiis though.
From: bh (67) on Wed Dec 28 22:01:08 2005
i have heard those surf stories for 48 years they get old just ride and be about dana point or lunada bay before the dominator 15 ft 7 6 no cord wiped out left my bing on the rocks i thought i was a deadman from santa cruz island to way below the mex border i almost drowned i have used my 9 lives many times the fear got to me after 57 years i have nothing to prove any more been in the washing machine too many times no more. 29 yeaRS MARRIED NO KIDS IT AINT EASY SOMETIMES IT TAKES PEOPLE A LONG TIME TO FIND THEIR BEST FRIEND I WAS JUST LUCKY ALOT OF UNKNOWN FACES AT THE COVE I THINK THEIR INLANDER OR DESERT SURFER THAT OK MC GRUMP .ERIC THERES A LOT GOOD WOMEN OUT THERE YOU MUST HAVE THAT COMPANIONSHIP HE IS LUCKLY HE DID NOT MEET ME SINCE VIET NAM I DON'T GO NO WHERE WITHOUT MY PISTOLA EXCEPT IN THE WATER I LEARN NEVER LET YOUR GUARD DOWN LATER
From: Eric G. ('79) on Wed Dec 28 15:31:25 2005
RDOG, I'm listening to what you have to say and I am still formulating how I will be protecting myself. I'm not really worried about this guy trying that again. My gut feeling is he doesn't want to go down that road and neither does my ex. Things have really settled down since that incident. On the other hand a tape recorder sounds like a wonderful idea. I refused to live in fear and this crap is chickenshit compared to what a lot of people have faced. This guy is not involved with the echange anymore which makes things easier. When my ex tries to talk about anything other than the kids I excuse myself from the conversation. I learned afew things from that experience.

I went surfing at San Onofre Churches on Monday and Tuesday but now I've got all my kids for the next 4 days. The surf was 8 to 12 foot faces, perfect and easy. 2 to 3 hundred yard rides and a completely mellow crowd. I'm still totally sick but had no problem paddling or surfing because the waves were peaking at the top of the point and breaking straight down the point. It was't top to bottom or breaking hard. You could easily take of in the lip and make the drop. There was plenty of room on the face to get around all the sections. Not crowded at all, just perfect. My buddy has about 25 boards to choose from and I picked a perfect board for the day. It was a board he had made for a surf trip he took to Indonessia two years ago. About 8'6" rounded pintail tri-fin with a lot of volume. My new rip curl ultimate suit was warm but so stretchy there was no resistance. I like living by such a good wave because it's so easy to surf. If you haven't been out in a while you can get out there and still easily ride great waves.

From: Bill A (68) on Wed Dec 28 14:23:15 2005
Do do do doooo

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination.

And Now:
You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's the signpost up ahead - your next stop, the Twilight Zone!

Gotta admit McKaig that's a great story, just thought I'd bring a little Rod Serling into it to make it a little more realistic.

From: Bill M (68) on Wed Dec 28 13:05:53 2005
Gets confusing here. Married in 72, she left me and my wild ways when she found out she could not save me. Later on I got married to another girl, was married for over 20 years...e kids..but didn't feel right, Long story short. Found my first Ex in New ZeaLand brought her back here and have been happy with here the lat 4 years. Story for twilight Zone right.

Went out at the cove. So crowded should have followed by first felling of just turning around and going home.
Haven't seen you truck at TB in a while. Paige is in Hawaii until the 29.

From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Wed Dec 28 00:07:12 2005
Wow this legal stuff with Eric, it takes me back to my divorce. Ugly, so ulgy. Only my husband at the time was a cop, and he stold my kids. It took mega years but we are friends now and he is on wife #5! Yes he wins for the most ex wives at South High (he was in the same graduating class as me).

It is wonderful once the kids are grown and they can't be used in the situation. Children are smart and when they are older they will go with the parent that they have the most love and respect for, if there is a big difference in the parents.

Eric listen to what these guys are saying, so after the court is all over you are not standing all alone wondering what the hell happened here. You have to be strong, pull it together, and stay the hell away from your EX and her boyfriend.

Unfortunately, your EX in someone who will always be in your life (from the kids) but the boyfriend sounds like he isn't permanent.

Maybe think different that you are doing this for your kids, and actually you are. Think about the future with your children.....Nancy

From: bh (67) on Tue Dec 27 21:27:02 2005
bm how long have you been married how many kids job etc feel me in
From: bh (67) on Tue Dec 27 21:02:06 2005
you just be yourself gramps there is nothing wrong with grankids but you must follow your dreams see the world life is way to short.your family will be there when you get back take your family to the mountians deertrail bm.i would like to drive from walteria to mex.belise.hond'gut.el sal cr pan so amer give truck away fly back i did it once with little money and a bike i would like do it with money i loved veracruz mex no gringo there
From: () on Tue Dec 27 19:20:33 2005

From: RDOG (80) on Tue Dec 27 14:31:49 2005
Eric, I had to make my last post into 3 sections as it was so long it refused to post as one. Read from the bottom post up.
From: RDOG (80) on Tue Dec 27 14:29:39 2005
You stated in your post , dated DEC 25 2005 18:04, "My attorney believes in getting along and doesn't believe I should pursue this as long as this guy stays away." Just how do you suppose your attorney is going to keep him away from you and "get along"? What a bunch of "feel good" BULL DEFICATION! That is what a restraining order is for. No, a piece of paper is not going to stop an attack if he wants to attack you, but it will have the ability to enforce appropriate laws if he violates the order of a judge, provided your facts support the claim.

Eric, you are walking on railroad tracks. There is a train coming and you don't see it. There are people out here that are trying to get your attention and get you to step off of the tracks and avoid becoming an unrecognizable piece of meat strung out for miles and you're not listening or paying attention to them. For God's sake, Eric, GET OFF OF THE TRACKS and save yourself.

Just my opinion, that's all.

From: RDOG (80) on Tue Dec 27 14:28:16 2005
Was the Police or Sheriff's Department so busy that it took an hour or more to respond? Did the officer respond to you or the other guy first? Was the officer predisposed to believing the other guy's account of the events and not yours? Was the event a Battery as defined in PC 242, A willful and unlawful use of force upon the person of another (in this case, you) or was it a Mutual fight, as defined in PC 415(1) the actual fight and/or(3) words used to provoke an immediate violent reaction?

How the Police respond is dictated by the immediate urgency of the event. If the fight or event is over and the involved parties are separated, the urgency of the response is downgraded as a report call and takes a back seat to more urgent calls. Who the officer talks to first is not relevant in that the officer needs to talk to someone first. The officer needs to hear both sides of the story before making the determination what, if any charges to include in the report. The crime was a Misdemeanor, not committed in the officer’s presence. Therefore, you and he were both asked if you were willing to sign against the other participant. By signing, you are essentially filing the report against each other. The officer includes the contents of the statements made by both parties involved and then forwards the report to the City Attorney or the District Attorney for processing. They then decide if there is sufficient evidence to support the charges of Battery or Disturbing the Peace (fight) or outright drop the charges completely. Another choice could have included signing citizens arrest statements and the two of you could have both been given citations with a court date or outright been taken to jail for the night.

You need to remember, who do you have as an actual witness to the event? Keep in mind that your children can not testify in these cases. The other guy has your ex for a witness. And we already know what side she is going to take. This is why I repeat, a digital recording of the events and associated comments during the event would have been great evidence. A video coupled with the voice recording, even better. I was not the officer who took the report, nor was I there. But going strictly on the accounts you posted and not talking to the other side, I have the following opinion. Your question, "What are you going to do?" supports the mutual fight aspect in that it is a challenge that can provoke an immediate violent reaction. As opposed to saying nothing at all, turning away from him or otherwise going back into your house, causing him to pursue you inside and then he hits you, which would support the claim of battery. Note, I am not saying that you are not allowed to defend yourself once he hits you. You make it clear to him to get out of your house. Then you articulate to the officer that you were in fear of your personal safety inside of your own home. This, after you beat the crap out of him.

From: RDOG (80) on Tue Dec 27 14:26:24 2005
Eric, I am just trying to give you what I wished people would have given me when I was faced with a similar situation. The advice, that can only come from personal experience. Had I known what was going to happen; had I seen the signs that proceeded the events; had people "in the know" (including what I believed to be close friends) told me what they knew, instead of watching the events play out like they were watching a movie; had someone with personal experience told me what could happen if I did not protect myself; the end result would have been much different. I would have acted sooner and done all of the things I told you to do and maybe more, instead of relying on my reputation alone. I would have put a swift and decisive STOP to the events. There are people that know exactly the events that I am talking about. But I am not going to aire the "dirty laundry" as it were. The point is, I know what I am talking about. And that's all that matters. You can choose to listen to what others and I am trying to tell you...........or not, and take your chances. You stand to lose everything, including your dignity, reputation and your kids.

From: Bil M (68) on Mon Dec 26 13:43:23 2005
Bill H surf hags are not to old. Just to many people in the family that I need to see. Should have been like you no kids...but I do enjoy the grand kids

Eric G. Nothing really to say but I'm sorry that you have to be going through this.

From: Eric G. ('79) on Sun Dec 25 21:54:03 2005
RDOG, let me see the police report first. I had my ex in-laws from my first marriage come by and they sat there and witnessed what I said to this police officer. It was a woman police officer and my ex and her boyfriend got their call in to her before I did. She took my report first (so she said) but it took her an awefully long time to get to my house. Well over an hour. The dispatcher said it was a very busy night. I didn't like the officer's attitude toward me because she was prejudging what happened instead of recording what I was saying. Like I said I was extremely tired and she wasn't hearing what I was descibing happened. It's hard for her to understand my comments to this guy without me going into past history but the police officer wanted to control my response. She was drawing the conclusion that it was a mutual fight because I said, "what are you going to do?" when he got in my face. That's my typical response to this guy. I'm not going to hit the guy first so I've always thrown it back in his court with that comment. I made this officer aware that if the police report is embellished or distorted from the account I gave to her then I would ask the D.A. to hear witness from my ex-inlaws about what I told the officer had happened. Then the officer said, "I only write down what you tell me". I thought to myself B.S. you had drawn your own conclusion from the start which I know is not what happened. The police should take down the report and not try to play judge and jury. RDOG, my attorney is pretty good. He may be thinking I don't have a lot of cash so he's staying within my budget. You know money talks and $#!^ walks. In reality if I had to I could come up with the money. He's not one to waste time in court time or money. He likes to get down to business and get the divorce finalized.
From: bh (67) on Sun Dec 25 21:16:31 2005
11pm night surf haggs are you to old
From: RDOG (80) on Sun Dec 25 20:42:22 2005
Eric, come on now. What did I say? You hired an attorney to look out for your best intrests. By all accounts, the way you describe him, you may want to re-state your position with him before he costs you more than you will have time to ever get back. If he is not going to protect you, you need to fire him and find someone that will. Sounds to me that your ex is doing exactly what I told you she would do. She may disgust you but she is playing you and you don't even see it. My freind, if you don't mind being used as "pothole filler" or center punched by a Mack Truck, stay your coarse. It will be worse than taking a cranial hit from your surfboard and getting pounded into the rocks on the ocean floor. You got lucky so far. What's going to happen with your case (Assault/Battery) depends on the DA's office. It's reported and documented. The DA has the option of filing and pursuing any of the charges or dropping it. You need to have evrything documented. Comments, actions, gestures.......EVERYTHING! The likelyhood of getting a restraining order that prohibits the new guy from being around your kids is slim to none. But you should be doing everything to protect yourself. I meant it. A digital voice recorder is the minimum you should have. You can download every contact onto your computer and burn it to a disk. Provided you're not doing or saying anything that can burn you, there is no problem. You do not have to advise her she is being recorded as there is no expectation of privacy on your porch. Like I said, it has NOTHING to do with "forgiveness" and EVERYTHING to do with "trust." SHE HAS PROVEN THAT SHE IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED. If you give in now, you may lose everything.
From: Eric G. ('79) on Sun Dec 25 18:04:42 2005
RDOG, Chrisj68, Carl and everyone else, I'm not sure what I'm going to do. My ex is completely kissing up to me even trying to use sex appeal which is such a joke because I'm so disgusted with her. I now care about her as much as I do about a trash can. I'm acting very kind in the best interest of the kids. She asks if the boyfriend can come when she plans on bringing him. He doesn't get out of the car. The court order is for curb side pickup and drop off which is what I thought she was fine with. I was waiting outside the court room but my dad and sister were inside the courtroom while the agreements were being made. My attorney just came out to ask me periodically what would be acceptable to me. After court the next day my ex called and ask me if we could please not do curbside pickup. Against the advice of my father and sister and I'm sure my attorney I agreed but I said this guy is not to be any where near me and the exchange would be only between her and I. She could be trying to set me up but it seems that they want to bury the hatchet. The problem is that they are on the defensive now but if I let it go then my leverage diminishes. My attorney believes in getting along and doesn't believe I should pursue this as long as this guy stays away. My concern is if in the future I could be sued by this guy if I don't prosecute while I have the oppurtunity and get down on court documents who the real victim was. I used to egg the guy on a bit but in this instance I didn't at all. I think it was building with him and unlike me he didn't realize the reprecussions of hitting a guy first. But, I myself didn't realize that I'd have to have some hard evidence that he hit me first. The good thing but bad thing for me is that my reflexes were faster than his and he didn't land any of his punches. I showed no sign of injury and therefore It doesn't look like I was fighting for my life or to avoid serious injury. The only visual signs I showed was a ripped shirt with his blood on it and a little blood on my knuckle. In reality he was overpowering me and if I didn't do something drastic I would have lost the fight. I've got ten days off to think about this. I haven't gotten a copy of the police report yet but I will this week. As far as the assault and battery charges we both signed when giving our account to the police I don't know where that's going. I'll be looking into it. I had a very nice Christmas eve and Christmas morning with all my boys and now I'm going to finally try to catch some much needed rest and try to hit the surf tomorrow. It will be either Churches, Upper Trestles or Cottons. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!!!
From: Bill A (68) on Sun Dec 25 15:34:02 2005
Yule Tide Greetings to One and All.

May you all have great health, monsterous prosperity,large quantities of happiness, the kewlest presents, the best times with your loved ones, smiles of bilblical proportion, and a frothing glass of what ever is your favotite raised in a toast to another Happy Holiday.........
Surf em if ya got em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: bh (67) on Sun Dec 25 15:03:58 2005
merry xmas keep pumping
From: bh (67) on Sun Dec 25 15:03:55 2005
merry xmas keep pumping
From: Bill M (68) on Sun Dec 25 10:52:47 2005
Since this time of year is suppose to be relaxing and we run around with our keds cut off...mayber we should just hit TB on The 28. Go out good or bad, enough each other company and then you can head south to your ranch. Have not heard back from Bill T. yet. That could change the whole picture...but I think local would be the best for Spattan Power
From: Bill M (68) on Sun Dec 25 10:49:15 2005
RW...saw your picture, doesn't ring a bell. The offer is stil out there..don't let pride deprive your family of a tradition. If you can get them to understand watching a dvd is a great way to spend family qaulity time..more power to you. Hope it all works out.


From: Bill M (68) on Sun Dec 25 10:47:42 2005
Eric G. If yo live don south you may still get some of the swell. In the South Bay it has dramactically gone done in size.
From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Sat Dec 24 21:52:55 2005
Bill A: I am going to Secretary of State next week and get a copy of Dwayne's Articles of Incorporation to make sure his Dwayne Omarr Ministries show tax exempt. Then will call the IRS. I checked his Ministry out on Secretary of State's online service and he did incorporate in 2003. I want to see those documents that he filed. I want to read his filing first. Then I will have more info for IRS. In emails that Dwayne sends to my attorney he calls me dumb and stupid. Like to see who has the last laught. I would like it to be me. I will never get back my $17,500.00 but to me if I can stop this guy from doing this to others I will be stastified.

All take care here, it is good to know people on this site. I feel more kinship then I did in high school, but then we were all incredibly young--right!


From: bh (67) on Sat Dec 24 19:39:49 2005
grab your mother kiss your father hug your kids love your pets itch your dog back, love your neigbor, call somebody you love give give give smile be happy for some its not easy but these things i tell you what to do will make you a better person, better father ,mother brother, sister, uncle, aunt, grampa grama if its only for one day show some love because we all need it life on this earth is so so short merry xmas Nancy... be happy. Bill don't forget to pet that turtle in Kona. Later
From: Diane (71) on Sat Dec 24 18:50:33 2005
should have used spell check, sorry about the typos!!!
From: Diane (1971 REUNION) on Sat Dec 24 18:48:07 2005
Hi Spartans
We are finalizing the details for our 35 yr reunion. We'd love to have classes from the late 60's and early 70's join us too! It will be a local, causual evening. Keep watching the website for updates/details!! We need contact info for our amumni...Happy New Year to All..Class is still '71

From: Carl (1982) on Sat Dec 24 11:38:13 2005

I will be happy to donate in the future. Can you send an e-mail to and my wife will get all the contact information for your church.

Merry Christmas.

From: Deb (77) on Sat Dec 24 11:21:27 2005
Wow, I wish my brother (RW) had a Hummer. I've always wanted to ride in one. Bro, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Have faith,put it all in God's hands and all will be OK. I love you!

Merry Christmas to all the South Alumni. I have been so busy... For 10 years my Church has put on a free Christmas dinner for the homeless, needy and shut-ins. We give them a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings and the children get toys, on Christmas day. Dontations were slow coming in this year and even Toys for Tots didn't get as many as last year. I can't even begin to explain what a feeling it is to be there feeding the homeless and passing out toys to children who would otherwise not get anything. It's an awesome feeling...

Anyone knowing someone who is in need or homless in the high desert, let them know they can get a free hot meal tomorrow at 9875 7th Street in Hesperia. It's not our church location but one where we have held it every year. This is our first year having to pay for use of the building whereas the original owners sold it so now the new owners are charging us to use the facility. Bummer, but God will provide.

I have bakes over 50 pumpkin pies in 2 days for tomorrow, whew, and I hate pumpkin pie. Tonight we smoke about 40 Turkeys then in the morning it's all the other fixins. Hopefully I get to pass out toys like I did last year, it was a lot of fun. Anyone wanna come help out? :)

From: Chrisj68 () on Sat Dec 24 11:20:48 2005
Eric, you do need to file on this TODAY, you and your children are the most important things in your life. If this happened once, what will prevent it from happening again in the future??? RW....I pray that you and your family have the best possible Holiday season...Keep your family close..I sincerely hope things turn around for you in the new year...God Bless Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you Spartans out there... Bill M. email me re: the surf or not... Chris
From: Carl (1982) on Sat Dec 24 09:52:03 2005

The guy assaulted you in your own home in front of your children and your at a crossroads on deciding what to do?

File the restraining order against him as well as keeping him away from your children.

Merry Christmas all :)

From: RDOG (80) on Sat Dec 24 03:52:51 2005
From: RDOG (80) on Fri Dec 23 23:36:53 2005
Eric, DO NOT PUT OFF GETTING A RESTRAINING ORDER! IT IS TO PROTECT YOU MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE, BUT ALSO YOUR KIDS! They don't need to see supposedly grown adults act so "high school" and infantile. There is a chance they may not grant the final order, but then you'll never know unless you file for the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO). It has nothing to do with "forgiveness." This has everything to do with protecting yourself and what's yours. Make it clear you do not want him in the area when you and your ex drop or pick up the kids. They are trying to bate you and make it so you will never see your kids again. If you wait or just blow it off thinking it will resolve itself, you risk losing your integrity and may even go to jail if they can convince someone that they, and not you, are the victims of the assault/battery. You may even want to stipulate to have the drop off / pick up spot at a local Police or Sheriff's station. (Not in the parking lot, IN THE LOBBY!) You may also want to invest in a small digital recorder that fits into your shirt pocket to catch the entire conversation during the exchange of custody. If you choose to have the drop off spot at your front door, I would invest in a couple of digital video cameras and recorder to capture the events. One on the porch and one in your entry way inside of the house. NOTHING SAYS IT BETTER THAN KODAK! The Bible says you must forgive all men (and women). It doesn't say you are required to trust them. And clearly, they have shown they are NOT to be trusted. I don't know why, but people in this "Politically Correct Society" we have created get the two, forgiveness and trust, mixed up and try to make you believe it's one and the same. This is a load of BULL DEFICATION!!!! DO NOT WAIT!!!! Take a stand and protect yourself! IT IS THAT SERIOUS!

Bill A, I never thought of THE IRS that way. It speaks volumes.

From: Bill A (68) on Fri Dec 23 21:14:30 2005
Jingle Bells,,,,,,,,,,,,,Jingle Bells,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Jingle all the way.........................OOOOooooooo What fun it is to ride, in a one horse open WAVE.....................

What da ya's got promise???

Oh yea,,,,, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ONE AND ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!
OR MELE KALIKIMAKA like they say here in the islands........

From: bh (67) on Fri Dec 23 20:59:17 2005
bm and the gang i have been off the line work work work.i will help any of you with anything as long as truthful and honest. you can not make it alone i can read most people by looking at you and talking to you. i did not wake up yesterday helping people is one kind of satisfaction this little guy takes. no crap from nobody i paid my dues made my own way you let people shove you then they will always shove you. count your friends on one hand and slowly add friends on the other hand. i know that the five friends on my one hand no matter where they are at they would be there for me. that's what it mean by friends. i learned over the years too many friends makes for too many disapointments. yes bm its up in the mountians about 16 miles from tehachapi called bear valley springs. its peaceful and privaTE TAKE YOU FAMILY THERE BM DONT BE A PUNK USE IT THAT'S WHY I BOUGHT IT JUST TELL ME WHEN YOUR GOING THERE, I'LL CALL THE GATE SO YOU CAN GET PASS BETTER HURRY SNOW IS COMIMG. NANCY BE HAPPY IM HERE AND SO IS GRUMPY BM I KNOW WHERE PAIGE IS IT WAS ON CNN ALL SURFERS IN HAWAII HAVE THE ITCHES TO GO USE THE HOUSE HO HO HO PV COVE BIG BIG 4 PADDLE OUT 2 MADE IT OUT THE KID LOOKED AT ME AND SAID I AM SURE GLAD YOU MADE IT OUT 3 GOOD WAVES I MEAN GOOD WAVES THEN I WIPED OUT THE CORD RIPPED MY TAIL BLOCK OFF THOSE LEGENGS JUST WATCHED THAT WAS MY LAST BIG DAY I STILL SEE THAT KID AT TORR BEACH 3 YEARS AGO
From: Bill A (68) on Fri Dec 23 17:50:02 2005
Sure call and ask which department deals with tax evasion.
A ministry or church is supposed to be a :
501 3 C Corporation if it is to have tax exempt status like a foundation or other churches, and it must not make any profit , BUT the money MUST go towards charitable endevours and NOT for personal gain and NOT for personal withdrawls.
IF the $$$ was taken out and went to him of for uses that benefited him then he crossed the line and is
" Co-mingling Funds " and there for the 501 3 C Corpoaration MUST 1099 him for the funds to show the $$ to be income to him...

The IRS ( keep in mind if you put the two words together it spells
" THEIRS " ) likes to chase down tax evaders. Make sure you mention that he seemed to be rather bragging about how much money he makes and that he never pays any taxes. Then say, " You know I thought all Americans paid taxes and that you just don't understand how in the world he can get away with saying he will never pay any taxes to this government. Then ask if there is a way that they can audit his tax returns , and additionally is there a reward in the event he is a tax evader.

From: Eric G. ('79) on Fri Dec 23 14:21:33 2005
RW, all logic says I should put a restraining order on the guy because my ex is so low she'll take any opportunity to leverage the kids away from me. Therefore, I should take action while I have the opportunity. I'm such a naturally forgiving person and my ex and I have a divorce settlement agreed upon and to let this incident throw all that out the window is something to be contemplated on. The problem is that I should know better than to trust her. Peace is a better solution for my children. Will I have more peace with a restraining order on him but a pissed off ex or will I have more peace if I bury the hatchet and work on avoiding conflict. I believe nice guys lose in the short term but win in the long term. This guy handed me the golden ticket to wack him one for my boys and I have the feeling he'd rather not go down that road again. As for my ex the less I see of her the happier I am. Can you believe that psyco tried to get me to take her back after she lost in court this week. I think her bipolar medicine has caused her to go off her rocker.

Has any of you gone surfing in this current big swell? I hope it last until Monday when I can get out. I have a brand new ultimate Rip Curl wetsuit I haven't gotten to use yet. Both time I went to use it the surf was too small.

From: Lou Chappelear (1966) on Fri Dec 23 11:16:52 2005
The very merriest Christmas to all of you and yours. Onward and upward in '06.
From: RW (1981) on Fri Dec 23 04:15:57 2005
Bill M.; I graduated in 81. You can look me up in the directory apparently I own a Hummer? Anyway thank you, I appreciate the gesture but I couldn’t accept such a gift. We have all the CD’s and the DVD which is very close to the show. The DVD will give us some needed family time together. Thanks again!

RDog; I will e-mail you soon.

Eric; wow that sucks! I’m glad you are ok and I will pray for you and your kids. You should get a restraining order against that guy.

Shady Character; can’t sell what I don’t own. You must have me confused with the person that changed what I originally wrote on my directory info. I don’t own a Hummer. However I’m sure I will be selling off a bunch of stuff soon so keep your eyes pealed for some good deals.

Nancy are from the Hill or a Hillside person? Anyway I would like to thank you as well for your gracious offer. Eric’s right it’s really about family right now, not having an income sucks but losing your family over the stress and the issues a situation like this can cause is worse. While thinking about God this evening it came to me. My home is where ever my family is not where I live. I believe God wants me to concentrate on my wife & kids and not worry so much on the rest. It’s not an easy thing to do, believe me. You worry about food, fuel for the cars, bills, health insurance, etc. anyway your offer of help is appreciated. Hey did you go to South all for years? Maybe you know my brother Bob; he graduated in 65 I believe.

From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Fri Dec 23 02:52:48 2005
Wow there is so much in these emails not sure what to say, RW I would love to help this is like a family to me on this site. My email is (my email is not private).

Eric: I went to hell with my ex-husband (also from South High) years ago. He stole my sons and it was ungly for awhile. Won't go into it, but it was very ugly!

Bill A: The bank account that Dwayne started with our money (he was stupid enough to give me a copy of the statement). He opened the account Dwayne Omarr Ministries. Then he used all the money and none for for a ministry, I have all the transactions nothing was for his ministry.

So do I just call the IRS to report him. Also Dwayne left his bank account # on the statement.

Please eveyone be safe over the holidays. Glad none of you are here to surf! The waves are 20 feet and some have gone over the end of the Pier.

Blessings to all...Nancy Nickle

From: Bill A (68) on Fri Dec 23 01:33:07 2005
Nanc, One other thing that you might want to look at as far as an avenue with this guy is to contact
The IRS. And work towards having him Audited from the stance of money he is scamming and most likely not reporting. You could also say to them " you know I think I recall him saying something about never paying taxes on all the money he makes, and since he apparently stole yours the likelyhood of him reporting the money is slim to none....So he could be just what the IRS is looking for and you might just be able to earn a reward. At least you could provide him with some new friends to try and scam, the kind that chews up and spits out tax evaders.......

merely a thought for you to contemplate, think of the concept!!!

From: shady character () on Fri Dec 23 00:32:55 2005
RW sell the Hummer
From: Eric G. ('79) on Thu Dec 22 21:26:49 2005
May God watch over you and your family this Christmas RW. I pray the holidays will bring some cheer. It's not really about money if you think about it. It's about family and Jesus. I had a close call this week and almost lost two of my 3 boys to a psyco soon to be ex-wife. She cheated on me last summer while I was working my ass off supporting my family. I gave her the boot when I found out. She then moved in with her affair. Monday of last week she and her new live in fiance came to my house to pick up our two boys we share joint custody of together. Her fiance who is a few inches taller and about 70 lbs heavier than I am attacked me at the front door of my house. I was standing in the door way and over a minor disagreement with my ex the guy gets right in my face. I said, "what are going do?" and then he grabbed me and swung at me. I ducked, grabbed a hold of him, pivoted around threw him off of me. Then he's inside my house and we're throwing punches at each other. I had gotten called into work the day before and ended up working all night and then I had to take care of my sick kids all day so I hadn't slept in 35 hours. We start to wrestle and I can feel him starting to overpower me so I decide I'm not going to let him take me down. Then he started backing me toward the Christmas tree and into a corner still swinging. I stumbled back a little and picked up a 3 foot tall vase. I held it behind my back holding him off with my other arm. I waited for him to swing at me again, I dodged his punch and then with a full-on 180 degree wrap around swing I unloaded the vase right over his head. All this went down right in front of my 3 young boys. I followed the guy out with his head bleeding. I don't think he even landed a punch except he slightly glazed my left ear. I had one shot and I landed it. I called the police and reported the incident as an assault and battery. When the police spoke to him and my ex they said I swung first so they reported the same against me. Then last weekend my ex refused to let me have my two boys. I get them every weekend for three days she gets them every week for 4 days. Then my ex filed an exparte domestic violence charge which if granted would keep me away from my two boys that I've devote 120 percent of myself to. I went to court on Tuesday of this week and the domestic violence motion was denied and the motion to make our joint child custody agreement from mediation a stamped order of the court was approved. Therefore, she can no longer withhold the children from me. I can legally have the police get my kids from her now!!! I almost had a very sad Christmas. The good thing is that while she kept the kids from me last weekend I spent the whole weekend buying presents for them and wrapping them so I'm all done with shopping and wrapping. The end. I'm late, gotta run. Merry Christmas to all Spartans and my God take care of all of us during the holidays. Drive safely please!!
From: RDOG (80) on Thu Dec 22 11:47:47 2005
RW, Sorry to hear things are not right. Prayers are deffinately with you and your family. E-mail me off of the board.
From: Bill M (68) on Thu Dec 22 09:50:54 2005
RW who are you. Don't want to what happen to you as that is your personal family issue.

Christmas is all about tradition, if I you want to take your family I will buy the tickets. This sis suppose to be the season of Joy..we have enough problems the rest of the year.

Email me..its' listed on this message.

From: RW (81) on Thu Dec 22 01:55:20 2005
TSO rocks! Going to see them at Christmas time had become a family tradition for us up until this year. We made it our family gift to each other; sadly we didn’t have the money this year and had to break our tradition. We were all disappointed but the wife and kids understood.

Hey I don’t really like airing my personal laundry but I’m how you say broke, busted, no money, no gotta, scraping the bottom, you get the picture. I know why I’m here, I know what got us to this point, no lectures are needed. I just some prayers! This little mess has really put a strain on the family and I really would like some peace & Love to come back into our house this Christmas. Man the wife’s going to kill me for this.

God Bless and merry Christmas to all fellow Spartans!

From: Bill M (68) on Thu Dec 22 00:42:23 2005
If you get into Torrance, let me know. Patti and I would enjoy the company. Me especially, a Spartan who surfed and Patti as she is starting to understand this mid life thing where I am reaching out. Wish I could say yes to San Diego, but the week goes by so fast and Patti's daughter from New Zealand will be staying with us.

Stand your ground and don't let Dywayne ruin your life. You have work too hard to get where you are at and you can not let this jerk take it all away it his greed. Bill A ( haven't asked but know) and I completely support you. If times get tough...bill H is the guy you need to see.,..he brings truth and justice to those that deserve it. You have more friends than you know don't be afraid to ask.
Bill H speak up, the young lady is looking for some support. I hope I don't have to get Paige on you again just to get an answer out of you...besides he is going to Oahu 12/22 through 12/29

From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Thu Dec 22 00:26:31 2005
TSO--Trans Siberian Orch! I love there music. Bought both there Christmas CD's a couple of years ago. The power of there music is incredible. I have missed them each December when they come to Sacramento. The CD's are truly a treat to but. Nothing tradition about there music. But you are overwhelmed it is so good. i have seen them on TV and there light shows are incredible. Check them out in the internet, and you can hear some of what we are talking about.

Bill A I have a phone appointment with a litigator after the first of the year. I blocked my email so that I can hear no more from Dwayne's rudeness. That guy can ruin your day with insults and calling me stupid. Let's see who is left standing after all the truth is put out there. I have documents to back up all I have said and done. When I finally got his paperwork he was playing with the bad boys the "payola scam guys". That are all being call to testify and face long jail time.

Leaving for San Diego tomorrow until the 26th, at least I will be away from the rain and cold.

Time to rest, see the restaurant I own with my son (and have some of it's excellent Thai food). If anyof you ever head to San Diego send me and email and I send you a gift certifcate to take your parter,wife, friend for a great meal!

Well Merry Christmas and thanks for all your support guys, which you really have been. Your wives, partners are lucky to have you in there lives! Nancy Nickle

From: Bill M (68) on Wed Dec 21 09:03:52 2005
Bill H. Deertrail must be your mountain address. What is the City.

You live on Cricklewood in Walteria right?

From: bh (67bb) on Tue Dec 20 23:24:58 2005
where were you all june 68 'my mom and dad brought my surf board to hawaii so i could surf no big deal right .was on a week vacation thats when i knew i was fanatic i could remember walking through the jungle in Viet Nam thinking if there were any waves at torr beach bm my house is at 26561 Deertrail.... when are you going? you too Nancy. Merry Christmas!!!!
From: BOBW (62) on Tue Dec 20 19:43:01 2005
From: Bill M (68) on Tue Dec 20 19:02:32 2005

And that is why we still surf. nice story.

Bill A. The Bank and the Blue Law..too many stories about that place.

Nancy N. Relax enjoy the holidays then go after that guys a##. Bill A. probably can give you some good advice. Call when you are in town. Patti wonders who all these crazy people from South is I talk to...she is from west.

From: RJ (85) on Tue Dec 20 16:23:26 2005
Chipmunks Roasting On an Open Fire

(Parody of The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire) by Nat King Cole)

Chipmunks roasting on an open fire
Hot sauce dripping from their toes
(“Oh! That tickles!”)
Yuletide squirrels fresh filleted by the choir
They poked hot skewers through their nose
(“Ow! Wrong end, ya cowboy!”)

Everybody knows some pepper and a garlic clove
Help to make them seasoned right
Tiny rats with a crisp golden coat
Will really hit the spot tonight

And now when Santa sees his tray
(“Ho ho ho ho ho ho”)
There’ll be some homemade chipmunk jerky for his sleigh
(“Mmmm…Hey, look at that!”)
And every hungry child is gonna spy
To see if chipmunks really sing when they fry

And so I’m brushing on some honey glaze
To keep them crisp and juicy too
Let’s hope they get served many times many ways
Tasty Chipmunks, good food

“On that… Mr. Cole?”
“Yes, sir. Mr. Seville?”
“Would you mind handing me the barbeque sauce? I am starved!”
”Oh! No problem Dave. Hey listen, you best be havin’ two of those drumsticks, ‘cause they’re oh-so tiny and there ain’t much meat upon ‘em”
“What about animal rights, Dave?”
“Put a sock in it Melvin”
“You know, for years people said you over-rated hamsters were my meal ticket. Now I guess you could just say you’re my meal!”
“That’s a good one, Dave…I always knew you was the funny one in the group!”
“Damn straight!”

And so I'm offering some recipes
From chipmunk pie to chipmunk stew
I’m not really sad that it ended this way
Furry chipmunks screw you

“Did you hear that Melvin? Melvin? Melvin? Mellllviiiiin?"
“Why, I’m sorry Dave, did you want Melvin? There’s plenty of Thagadore left though…”

Merry Christmas....

Hey BobW in Spokane,have you been up Seattle way and heard Bob Rivers Twisted Tunes?

From: Perrius Maximus (1984) on Tue Dec 20 00:01:40 2005
BOBW, try Gary Hoey's "Ho Ho Hoey". It rocks.

I was at Disneyland for christmas last year (I tried something different for once). They kept playing this pseudo-surf, california style, instrumental christmas guitar music...sounded like a cross between the Ventures and Joe Satriani. I don't know who it was, but it was some of the coolest christmas music ive ever heard.

From: Eric G. ('79) on Mon Dec 19 22:11:37 2005
Bill M., gotta love P.V. cove. I surfed the cove a bunch of times during those El Nino storms of '82. The waves were so huge that when you paddled over them you felt like a fly on a horses' butt. One day I was the last guy out of the water at the cove as the sun went down leaving a brilliant colorful sunset. I caught a nice good sized wave from middles and rode it deep into boneyards where it was getting dark. I kicked out at the end of the ride and sat on my board to take it all in. Just then the cutest little sea otter poked his head up almost within arms reach and looked at me. It was as if he was asking, "Do you want to play with me?" Totally surreal.
From: Bill A (68) on Mon Dec 19 22:09:56 2005
I remember seeing Alice Cooper at The Bank and the place was elbow to elbow packed and they threw about a half dozen live chickens into the seriously stoned crowd......the result was chaos, but they put on a radical show
From: () on Mon Dec 19 22:09:23 2005

From: () on Mon Dec 19 22:08:49 2005

From: () on Mon Dec 19 21:56:07 2005

From: Eric G. ('79) on Mon Dec 19 21:53:34 2005
BOBW, that sounds like a show to see! I love Alice Coopers music.
From: BOBW (62) on Mon Dec 19 19:17:08 2005

From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Mon Dec 19 15:30:49 2005
Thanks to all for the information. I had forgotten to contact the Attorney Generals office (they are right were I live).

This guy Dwayne that I have been doing business with is probably a con with a record. He really worked me in the beginning. This guy has made me sick from stress. I do have an Entertainment Attorney (Lee) who has been dealing with this from day one.

Will tell you how it all turns out.....Nancy

From: Bill M (68) on Mon Dec 19 13:43:54 2005
Well Merry Christmas to you too Eric G. Thanks for the suggestion on the Eagles..I got the DVD of the Cream and love every minute of it..maybe i will check out the Eagles too, but you can never leave...We do get south sometimes and understand the joy of the Trestle ,pipes, old mans versus the beach break in the South Bay. But every once in a while a great day appears so the magic of this place keeps drawing us back. Remember we do have the cove, so it is not all walled and kiss the sand surf we see. Something big is suppose to be heading our way Wednesday.
Hope you enjoy your holiday.

From: Eric G. ('79) on Mon Dec 19 12:10:01 2005
Guys, I love Torrance Beach and grew up surfing there. I've lived by Trestles where I surf for almost twenty years. I haven't surfed a beach break in twenty years either. I was young and agile with no body fat and could jump up like lightning. I've got to hand it to you older guys for being quick enough to surf the close-out surf at Burnout. About 6 months ago either Surfer or Surfing mag did an article about surfing in L.A. from Torrance to Venice and the lead photo spread was of a nice Burnout wave pitching out with Hermosa and Manhattan in the background. I wanted to say Merry Christmas to all and I've got a suggestion for a Christmas present. I just bought the Eagles Farewell I Tour live from Melbourne DVD recorded in 2005 which I watched last nice and it was sheer performance perfection. Perfect 5 part harmonies with perfect synergy and then the clown of a character Joe Walsh who seems to have fried his brain like Ozzy Osborne but is still a musical genius whose guitar playing is as sharpe as ever. Three hours of their best collective music without a mistake. For us old farts we've got to be proud of these guys. They also talked about the day of 9/11 when they were geeting ready to start recording a new album and then the terrorist struck the Trade Center Towers and how the Eagles responded.
From: Deb (77) on Mon Dec 19 09:08:50 2005
Merry CHRISTmas Everyone!
From: () on Mon Dec 19 04:05:44 2005

From: Bill A (68) on Sun Dec 18 06:28:59 2005
Bill's correct, I would think that your agreements had already been reviewed by an attorney, But, it sounds like what you are dealing with is:
" An advanced fee artist "
Contact the Attorney Generals Office and file a complaint with them, ask them if you should file a compliant with the police department, and ask the Attorney General Office to advise if they know this person or if they will file a complaint against this person on behalf of the State of Calif VS Joe *** the Ragman ( or what ever his name is ) based on him being an advance fee artist. Make certain that you define him as such. Again your own pre-paid legal ; which you can sign up for or your own attorney should be able to advise you if this is a Small Claims issue or a Civil " tort " to be addressed in Superior Court. The dollar amount will determine this, depending on if the dollar amount exceeds the scope of Small Claims ( which is I think or last looked around $1500.00 )

Sue the Bastard.
This is why from my world I have always been a firm participent in the realm of Money, Guns, and Lawyers. Not necessarily in that order. Or more aptly put as the power of persuasion, it's amazing what a couple of pounds of persuasion can do . Perhaps that's why they say that MR. Colt, and Mssrs. Smith and Wesson tamed the west...

My sun glasses are Smith and Wesson safety shades, even that makes people do a double take when they look and read " Smith and Wesson " in white letters. (*_,*)

Your guy is a grinch or a scrooge to take your money at Christmas and burn you. Hopefully the lawyer you find is part Pirranah and half Great White Shark
and a hearty appetite.

Oh THE Weather outside is Frightning , and the fire is so delightful............let it snow , let it snow............let it snow...

From: Bill M (68) on Sat Dec 17 20:13:36 2005
Bill H. I know you don't mean that. Merry Christmas to you anyway.Grumpy old men was a good flick anyway.
From: bh (67) on Sat Dec 17 18:56:09 2005
working very grumpy may it be flat till my job is finish merry xmas
From: Bill M (68) on Sat Dec 17 12:53:26 2005
Nancy N.

Hope it all works out for you. I've heard numerous stories of how the music industries screws the artist. Even the Beatles had signed some of their rights away. If you are talking serious money I would think about getting an attorney...who knows what Dwayne will do against you. If you have a contract, then a a lawyer should be able to determine breech or not...just try to protect yourself from getting sued. You maybe 'right' but it could cost time and money to prove it in court. Yeah really bad time of the year for this to happen to you.
Sill leiving in Torrance and going past South keeps the memories always fresh in my mind. I even have grabbed a skateboard a couble of times in the past year and visited South and Riveria..still young at heart.Take care and you are in my prayers.

Bill H. Where were you this morning? Cold and small but that never stopped you before...mountains or work?

From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Fri Dec 16 23:42:16 2005
Yes I did go to Riviera K-8th grade.

I did love the days of Murphy, fun and easy! For sure.

Talking to you guys help life when it is stressful like now with some work stuff. It seems I might have been scamed by a man in the music industry that I paid as a consultant. This man made these promises to me, and says he will make it happen. But the key thing is I owe him his final payment before he can prove it. I am not paying, because I believe he has breached our contract. He keeps giving me these excuses, and I think he is full of BS. This guy (Dwayne) is the biggest name dropper I have ever met. To top that off when I ask him questions about things he get verbally abusive with me!

This Monday is it, he has to prove it or no funds. I can't pay for nothing, and it is alot of money to me.

So guys keep me in your prayers, ok?

Trying to pay bills, and wrap gifts. Kinda of takes the fun out of the gifts by paying bills (for the business).

So thanks for being my sounding board. I hope to see some of you the next time I come down your way. It has been alot of years since we all left South High, feels like a life time doesn't it?

Nancy N

From: Bill A (68) on Fri Dec 16 02:51:31 2005
Nanc, It was " Murph " and how could I forget.
Cowabunga man!!!!

From: Bill M (68) on Thu Dec 15 20:56:47 2005
I did meet Rick in 69 up at Boulder Creek, outside of Santa Cruz. Really was a strange environment…. all these people where there living off of him and his fame. Think he couldn't say no...But a friend I new got invited over for a party around Thanksgiving and dragged me along. He was quit a withdrawn man at that time, was drawing but practically ignoring everything going on around him.

Nancy N. You must have gone to Riveria too. Or did you move after High School started.

Bill H. Where are you. Just cause it's flat right now you and write.

From: Kevin H (69) on Thu Dec 15 17:21:18 2005
Bill M Last I checked, there are now 3 ramps, all
dumping out at TB. How's that for progress! Yea, Murph, artist Rick Griffin went on to become one of the most prolific psychedellic poster artist of our time.
Nancy, Yep Riviera (home of "THE BOWL") K-8

From: Bill M (68) on Thu Dec 15 09:11:53 2005
Bill H I understood your message, about the old legends and greed in their attempt to stay #1...but I also experience too much aggression from some of the kids...but the beach belongs to all of us.

Nancy N. Cold yes, but the hardest part is when you come out and try to get out of the wetsuit with cold hands and feets. Now Bill H wears gloves and botties..sissy from Walteria. Yes still use the ramp...what is Torrance Beach with out the ramp????

How can anyone from that decade forget Murph the Surf.

From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Thu Dec 15 02:55:14 2005
Hi all isn't it freezing even with your wetsuits on in the water?

Wish I would have known you all when I was surfing (64-69). I think it would have been more fun. Do you still go down the ramp at Torrance Beach?

I sure miss those summers, when life was lots easier and not the aches and pains on the body.

You all must be in pretty good shape to surf like you do!

Kevin H. you must have surfed right in the same area I did and didn't even know it. You did go to Riviera to didn't you?

In my travels to the record seminars I meet the man that did The Endless Summer picture. Then there was a commerative one for the 40th anniversary collection 1964. I bought # 99 out of 2000. The artist was a pretty neat old man and done lots of work over the years.

Do any of you remember Murphy the surfer cartoon? Yes from the 60's.

Well just checking in, stay warm....Nancy Nickle

From: bh (67) on Wed Dec 14 21:27:34 2005
bm i never had trouble with any kids out there most of them no rules and are respectful most of trouble comes from people that are my age kevin h thats where the problem starts, its not our turf its your son matts turf your turf everybody's beach i been out there year after year again i never had trouble with the kids. their good i don't think bm understood what i meant oh well i like seeing father and sons or dauthers out there in the line up its about having fun. ok guys have to sharpen my fins for the weekend
From: () on Wed Dec 14 12:56:18 2005

From: jennifer () on Tue Dec 13 11:30:51 2005
Hello every one i still want to know if any body knows anything abouth sheab williams thanks luv jen

From: Bill A (68) on Tue Dec 13 03:00:14 2005
It's the Hody Ho HO of Christmas............Let it Snow,,let it snow, LET IT SNOWWWWWW !!!!
From: Bill M (68) on Mon Dec 12 23:36:31 2005
Kevin H. I agree that it is good for your son to learn to love the sea. What we old farts like Bill H and I are against is the way the schools think they can come to a beach, put up flags and just take it over. But it is good for the kids so I think we just like to complain. Some of the ones with big egos need to repect the rights of the others out there and I don't think they are learning that concept. No one owns a wave, you wait and it comes...don't paddle over in front and get it... My daughter had Paul Koltko's mom as a teacher at Hickory.

Hope you and your family have a great holiday.

From: Kevin H (69) on Mon Dec 12 14:47:34 2005
BM Been a while since I logged on here...RE: HS surf contest at TB. My son Matt is on West Hi surf team (bodyboard). Sorry they invaded your turf, but it was the 1 of 2 Sat meets (1st was at HB pier); the rest were held on weekdays. Anyways, I'm proud that he loves to surf and respects the ocean.
Nancy, I can remember going out surfing with Dave Smith and Paul Kolteko (sp?) in the dead of winter (64/65) at Burnout. Totally blownout/closed out storm swells. No wet suits, just didn't know any better back then.

From: bh (67) on Sun Dec 11 22:18:12 2005
itchy paige and grumpy mcnut just remember xmas shopping has always been easy for me my life $$$$$$$ no kids so all you mom and pops take care of those kids and those who don't have it aLL MY RESPECT GOES TO YOU, MOM & POPS USE THAT HOUSE AFTER THE FIRST OF YEAR IT'S PRIVATE AND PEACEFUL BUT COLD. I WORKED TILL SEVEN GOING TO GIVE ITCHEY PAIGE A CALL RIGHT NOW BEFORE HE GOES TO SLEEP 815PM.
From: Bill H (68) on Sun Dec 11 14:44:03 2005
Bill H. will call another time. Have to go Xmas shopping...yes last minute again. Anyway, today's surf report from TB.. head high walls that slammed you, spent must of the time kissing the sand and watching the sunrise from the bottom of sea...but the group was out and the crowds weren't there so just enjoy being there. Seals came in today. Kept going south, we ended up at Rat Point...long walk back for a group of old men. Paige was there and said you are always grumpy. I defended you. Said you were OK when you slept. Will keep you number and call you sometime during the week, there has to be a free minute somewhere.
Take care

From: bh (67) on Sun Dec 11 13:11:42 2005
bm You have it all wrong, Walteria is the 54th State. I had to go to work, call me on my cell phone 490-6270. Later.
From: Bill M (68) on Sun Dec 11 08:32:19 2005
Bill H. You have been in Walteria too long...and still think it is separate from Torrance....many moons ago I too thought it was separate, but no, the legal borders of Torrance include that area...thats why you went to South and not Narbonne. Agree with on the legends subject and too true about the school crowds...but I can still find peace out there so I shall go. Leaving now.

Have a good day

From: grumpy (67) on Sat Dec 10 20:34:25 2005
From: Bill M (68) on Sat Dec 10 18:20:53 2005
Bill A. Very nice thank you.

Bill H. You are grumpy with your short board anyway....went out this morning..small and then some high school contest started up so I headed down the cliffs...wasn't very good but you understand the need to get out. None of the group ..I was alone with the sea gulls but what a view of the whole bay.

Nancy Nickle yes I still live in Torrance my last name is McKaig. I'm unlisted so if you want to contact let me now and we can talk off this site. But Bill H. also lives in Torrance so you just might make that gumpy old man jealous.

From: Bill A (68) on Fri Dec 9 23:23:41 2005
What May I Give?

What may I give you for Christmas?

What shall you have this year?

A beacon of hope to enfold you,

A word from the heart to cheer?

All this would I willingly give you:

The sunlight through green leafy trees;

The stars in their courses and moonlight,

And always, awareness of these.

I wish you the fun of a new friend,

The joy of a pleasure shared;

I wish for you true understanding,

And laughter, with nothing spared.

A child's little hand in your large one,

And firelight ever aglow;

For tenderness holding you lightly

And encircling all you may know.

The enriching discovery of kindness,

A winged and wonderful thing,

The depth of its meaning and music...

All this would I reverently bring.

May the road ever rise up to meet you,

May the wind give you nothing to fear;

May the sun shine warmly upon you...

May these be your gifts this year.

with warmest aloha
It's the Hody Ho Ho of Christmas.........

From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Fri Dec 9 21:53:44 2005
Bill M: Do you live in Torrance? I do come down to Sherman Oaks, Burbank. If you are in the Torrance area I can look you up. What is your last name?
From: bh (67) on Fri Dec 9 21:18:38 2005
bm look what kids are riding fishes i have been riding 7ft 4 fish since the days of marco polo. i think i slid one under the bed of cleopatra hiding it so mark anthony would not steal i never admit to being kind old man until you see me climbing down that hill at torrance beach with something 9ft and bigger then i will be a grumpy old man who will try to run over anything then i quit. Later
From: Bill M (68) on Fri Dec 9 14:01:34 2005
Nancy N. I don't have a wetsuit from that period...did have a farmer john but sure I sold it for some eveil thing back then. I'm not know as kind...pain in the a## more like it, but you have it. And you do it with class tht others can't touch. Wish I had meet you in high school.

Bill H. You are a kind old man. I need to make time...we need to be feeling the motion of the ocean together again.

Bob W. Those names don't ring a bell with me, but I never paid any attention to what my older sister did. Hug.
If you were TB in 62 you must know Jack Paulsrud.

Bill A. Hello..just for the no reason but the understanding of what is going on.

From: top fly security (1962) on Fri Dec 9 11:45:22 2005
top fly bitch
From: sheab's other dad (2005) on Fri Dec 9 11:44:37 2005
yeah fo real leave my son alone damn

From: Sheab Williams (1967) on Fri Dec 9 11:42:06 2005
this is the ghost of sheabs dad leave my son alone hoe's

From: GEORGE W. BUSH (2007) on Fri Dec 9 11:36:50 2005
Hello I am your president and I order you people to stop this messaging before I shoot your guys homies or Ill hire the east side to get you guys and tear you up
From: BOBW (62) on Fri Dec 9 08:43:06 2005
From: BOBW (62) on Fri Dec 9 07:30:56 2005
From: bh (67) on Thu Dec 8 22:37:00 2005
i forgot bill a kona kid u always have something nice to say thanks neat ' website pet a moray for me
From: bh (67) on Thu Dec 8 22:30:45 2005
bob don't have to ask skip can never forget that name stieifel.nancy it's not body no more it's the heart or soul we must take care of each other its not $$$ that make you happy its seeing others you know happy. you have to get rid of the riff raft around us there in water on the street there when ever you turn your back there go nothing nice to say. if somebody did good be happy for them share again take of each other .bm hey surf gramps i have a house in bear valley springs about 3hrs from here 3bd 2 baths take your family there enjoy it that's why i bought it. if you don't use it your a punk take supplies because your 6000ft its private and not to far away i used to go surfing and chop some wood and back to walteria to catch some more waves .nancy u too and the kona kid too 310 2578437 u need pass to get behind the gates bob w thats where skip and collen live.they bought it after visiting me they like's peaceful. bring dogs if you have them.nancy i never had wetsuit when i was in school cold cold but i was young young young now iam old old old but now iam warm warm warm
From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Thu Dec 8 18:18:58 2005
Bill M : That is so true the soul is the first thing that touches me in a human being. Thanks for the kindness.

Regrading Hawaii. It is my son Jamin and his wife that are going. I have still never been to Hawaii. Perhaps next year. My son lived with his Aunt on Hawaii for a while, she was just to rude to him. Jamin loves to surf but between our restaurant that he manages and the Record label I started plus he takes music classes from Berklee School in Boston on-line well, I don't think his feet have touch the water in months. Very Sad--his restuarnt is 131 steps to the beach (Pacific Beach--in San Diego). It is so wonderful to hear about all of you still surfing, it brings so many great memories back to me. Did any of you have a wetsuit from the middle 60's?

From: Bill M (68) on Thu Dec 8 18:12:05 2005
Bob it is warm compared to were you are but as time marches on it feels cold out in the water. And we used to not even have a farmer john. Will try the cam. thanks for the route.

Did you know my sister Sharron mckaig or husband Bob Parke both 63?

From: BOBW (62) on Thu Dec 8 06:51:21 2005
From: Bill M (68) on Thu Dec 8 06:28:45 2005
Bill A. I been on Lanai on a package tour. 2 ? fancy resort. Isn't that where Bill Gates rented every room so no one else could be on the island duirng his wedding.

Hope you Holidays are happy. Both Bob Knop (mainland) and Chris Parker (on Maui) will be on your Kona coming up. I will mentioned you live there if Ihaven't l ready.

Nancy A......the mirror lies, go ask's the soul that we see ask Bill H

Bill H...yes the car thermo stated 49 degrees when I went by...but I know it won't keep you away as you are as stock with the motion of the ocean as I am. I have to work some this weekend, but I will try the dawn patrol, I still haven't gone to. booties.

From: Bill A (68) on Thu Dec 8 01:58:56 2005
Ho Ho HO HO Ho !!!!!

not to be confused with :
I LOVE YA'LL..............

A bit of island cheer ...

Bill McKaig is correct , I'm on the Big Island of " HAWAII " and on the west coast of it. It's the " WEST " West Coast. No need to feel weird about not knowing the difference, lots of folks aren't certain what's what or where's where in the islands.
Honolulu is on Oahu, Lihuie, Poipu, Hanalei, Princeville are on Kauai, Lahaina, Hana are on Maui, donkeys and no stop signs are on Molokaii, Lanai is a privat island, Kona, Hilo, Kealakekua are on Hawaii.
What island or city are you going to in February? Where ever your going you need to come to the Big Island too, you might not want to leave or I might not want to let you go. Don't know if you ever checked out my vacation home on my website, but the accomodations are most excellent:
The gallery has abuot 20 photos of the home, it overlooks Keauhou Bay and Kona Bay with incredible panoramic sunset views.
Amyway would love to see ya.

Hoody Ho Hooooooo

From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Wed Dec 7 22:49:09 2005
Hey BH: The picture in 69 was great. Boy have the years been hard on this body! Nancy
From: bh (67) on Wed Dec 7 21:08:04 2005
torr stunk burn out soso cold cold cold my bones are so old my metal knee and the pin in my ankle need a shot of warm wd40 iam not complaining cause the main man gifted me in many ways.gifted you too bm .hohoho and merry xmas.ineed 90 degree water.
From: Bill M (68) on Wed Dec 7 10:38:02 2005
Mr. Benson...what a memory.

Bill H. If I still had that Hynson Model board I would be the quiver is down to a Jacobs, a Robert August and a MacTavish.

Clark foam closing will be interesting.

Saw the avenues around 6...good enough for you to go out. Of I had read this earlier would have gone by TB first.
Take care old friend.

From: bh (67) on Tue Dec 6 23:24:10 2005
bm mike wright was his name in high school he is like my brother he was in the unit in nam just a different year watch his kids learn to surf i love the big island you can get lost there i checked bill a web sight pretty neat i remember you mr. mc do i have last name right.if i remember your surfboard you had in high school mike said it's the same one you had when you were a fresh men that's what he told me just ten minutes ago he also said he turned me into benson and kick me out of the dance.surfing wed early later surfer. nancy picture in 69 is what all surfer girls look like today i think she was ahead of her time
From: Bill M (68) on Tue Dec 6 18:56:40 2005

I case Bill A doesn't come here soon. He is on the Big Island known as Hawaii. He is on the Kona,dry, side very nice island most tourist skip it and go to Oahu or Maui. If you want his e-mail address let me know.
Hope all is well with you

From: () on Tue Dec 6 18:31:08 2005

From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Tue Dec 6 16:55:09 2005
Bill A: Feeling stupid, but which island of Hawaii do you live on? My son and daughter-in-law are going over in February, and I thought that they could meet you. Jamin is a surfer too and lived in Hawaii in High School.

Hope that all is going good! Nancy N

From: Bill M (68) on Tue Dec 6 08:52:07 2005
Bill H are the good guy.

But the days of hitch hiking are another story aren't they.

From: bh (67 ) on Mon Dec 5 21:04:45 2005
bm that was his wife talking to him on the phone he knew who you are and said you were a good guy. did work the day i talked to paige. bernard drives down to baha all time 12 t0 15 hour drive great surf. but they camp, not for me must have a nice warm hotel room . thats about the only of part mex i have not been.last attempt driver fell asleep we crashed hitched hitched back car was destroyed sld the car to a farmer later
From: John Crowley (1975 ) on Mon Dec 5 00:54:46 2005
Looking for George Goddard and Steve Betker, both Class of '76.
From: Bill H (68) on Mon Dec 5 00:30:02 2005
If it is him, his wife had a brother, Jerry Johnson...there were about 5 Jerry Johnsons at South. This one drove and old track and got one of the first Bing, David Nuuhiwa, nose riders. Good guy, but hven't seen him since 1980.How did you talk to Paige today. Thought you work. I saw him out at TB, but I went down to about C.
Fins are sharp, if the shorty wouldn't paddle over next to you and then claim the peak....wouldn't have to go after them.

From: bh (67) on Sun Dec 4 21:54:20 2005
bm could be his wife 67 the right year has two sons. never really talk about his x too much his son's are good kids he brought them up by himself one really rips rick p. and i told him have to invest in a house he listens .some times it takes a second time around to get it right surfed a lot times in the 90s with him and his kids one thing he learned from me is once we touch the big salt your the enemy same goes for U. sharpen your fins and let there be WAR. Talked to PAIGE today. Later
From: BM 68 (68) on Sun Dec 4 12:18:36 2005
Bill H. Was at TB yesterday and was as Bernard said. Wasn't many out so didn't have to use the 9'6" as a weapon. Is this the same Bernard that once was married to Chris Johnson??? I think he would be '67?
Today smaller...50 degree air, offshre breeze but much smaller and more walls. The wonders on nature.
Well teach your children well, and maybe we will meet next weekend...but leading up to Xmas is a busy time. I do have the week off after Xmas so we might meet up again. It's getting lonely out there

From: bh (67) on Sat Dec 3 21:56:21 2005
bm bernard said it was bumpy he went out at mannh said he should of went to torr. i work sat and sun training kids to drive my type of crane this is supposed to be the last one, i hope so good kids but i am tired of baby sitting. take care, beware, run over as many as you can don't hurt them too bad just enough to keep them out of the water 4 or 5 months
From: Bill M (68) on Sat Dec 3 01:45:06 2005
Bill H

Looked at TB this evenng..small but the storm may briong more than pollution. Hope to see you Sat or Sun. After today at work your vacation sounds better and better.

From: zorro (92) on Fri Dec 2 20:06:27 2005
your not getting my money .people do not want to hear that crap go take of your two kids that should make you happy usmc
From: Bill M (68) on Fri Dec 2 10:06:30 2005
Bill H. Thought you were suggesting to move to Nig. A trip is something different. We can talk between sets. Looks like that storm is coming...maybe a north swell will hit.
Other Bill knows Jack Bergstrom, or I just can't picture him. My lost I guess.
Keep your parrot, I don't need it or want it Heard some of your stories of Viet Nam..some stupid person giving orders you didn't ask for...sorry for you...luckily I avoided the draft.
Keep doing the research we will talk.

From: bh (67) on Thu Dec 1 23:13:59 2005
bm ba its not a pipe dream its a plane ticket its not like were moving there its a little fun time as far as being a third world country thats ok just have to be careful its probably more dangerous south central, east la rampart mexico we all been there that is the most corrupt place and that's our neighor. My wife and i have been all over mexico. places where no tourist are. coba, veracruz places where no gringo goes. the people were great. places where they hardly have anything but would give half of what they have. you find that when you stay away from the tourist spots, the same goes for nicaragua, just go on the river cruise, see the jungle, ride some waves, do a little snorkeling, maybe a little fishing. going there is a one time thing. where there is poverty there always a chance of revolution. once they kicked us out there is a better place to go now before before the cane or the wheel chair comes for us. never go any where unless i research for a long time. i would not take my wife if i thought it was dangerous everybody needs a little adventure lets go.i surfed many days with jack porky bergstrom I DO NOT GO SECOND CLASS. I DID MY CAMPING IN VIET NAM NOW THAT I AM IN MY FIFTYS, have good job, good wife, good dogs, aND ONE BAD PARROT I LIKE PEOPLE TO WAIT ON ME LATER
From: uthiu5thj4ututjfutffhtugyh7654jvghynvuy (iuqr3hntu254cin2u5hvchn) on Thu Dec 1 20:29:47 2005
rghinwuenryhrvwy`th jergyihuiybervegrvtuthgvneuhty
From: Bill M (68) on Thu Dec 1 11:19:31 2005
Bill H. Yeah should have left it in high school. That's why I wlways leave my name when I state something.

Nigacara is just a piep dream for me. I have too many responsibilities to family, friends etc. to just pack up and leave...but then again who knows.

Bill A You are a straight up guy in my book. John Jensen didn't know either. Tim Z and Jon Marks are the only two pwople I remember from living up on the hill. Used to seem so far away. Now Robbie and his house in the garage is something I remember....and Mindy, how could anyone forget her. Knew her from Newton through South.

Your Cabby Lee (rip.. is Cabby no longer with us? Didn't know.


PS 2nd. street is where those who couldn't surf went

From: Bill A (68) on Thu Dec 1 02:52:58 2005
Aloha, ya'll.
The only direct recent emails that I've gotten were from Nancy and Bill M and they were cordial as always, as were the replys.

Good to hear from you Chris, hope your holidays are wonderful

Bill M ....sorry in regards to answering your question. it wasn't John Jenkins it was John Jensen, he always hung on the hill with us at the Padoris's, hung with Cabby Lee ( rip , Tim Zamparini, Bob Hass,Roby LaPorte, Kevin Thill,Larry Broberg,Jack Bergstrom,n saturday, viewing friday, torrance. Don't really know exactly when he hooked up with us all he new Mindy Albright,Ken Clark, Mike Burch, Robbie Hockderfer, maybe he was a link up from 2nd Street in Hermosa via Marie, any way he was a life long friend and a good person, he left a son, a daughter, wife ( Marie, maiden name = ??? from SHS ) , fam, and friends
he was whittleing on something the night before TG-Day , in another room from Marie for about 45 min. and when she went in he was down and cyanotic, she called 911 but there was no revival.Crazy but he'd survived about 8 serious car crashes and other outrageous accidents, broke just about everything in one's body that one could break and always walked away.. which goes to show that life is very fragile...
be certain to ensure that the ones you love know very well that you love them...

brah it doesn't matter at this point if you stayed in school, you graduated from the school of life, and show more class than some who did graduate,,,,,I commend you, you're also correct about counting your friends on your hand, at this point in life if you can count one handfull you are a most lucky man, and it would only be a handfull of those you know who actually did grow up....
Oh, yea,,,,so lemme see here we take about $1000.00 each and live like royalty in Nicaragua for about 6 months.........hmmmm Or we could take $180.00 and hang for the month...
Only have one question,,,
Who's gonna be running the Country there in 6 months???????? The guys in the White Hats or the bad guys.It's always good to know these things when hanging out in 3rd world countries....

peace out

From: bh (67) on Wed Nov 30 23:13:29 2005
talking about people behind their back i thought we left that back in high school but seeing i did not stay in school long maybe i am wrong bm ba and nancy some people never grow up that's one thing i learned to count your friend's on one hand and i learned that my wife is my best friend we are one so why don't we all pack our bags and spend a month in Nicaragua where labor is $.70 per hour. We can live like a king/queen. Later!!!
From: ChrisJ68 () on Wed Nov 30 00:27:11 2005
Both Bills; Either JAM couldn't find those things BA told him to look for, or maybe he e-mailed Bill directly (one can only hope)
From: Bill M () on Tue Nov 29 09:01:32 2005
Well JAM, nothing to say
From: bh (67) on Tue Nov 29 00:09:28 2005
5 4 3 wetsuit its always like hawaii warm warm bm .to many broken bones i have to be wrap tight that wetsuit is like one big rubber ace bandage ba nice websight 10pm dinner time wk late.
From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Mon Nov 28 23:55:17 2005
This is addressed to Just a Messenger (70): You have come onto this site and stirred up so much stuff and hidden in doing it. Why don't you contact Bill A on his personl email and speak with him alone. Tell Bill who you are and where your knowledge comes from.

Speaking of Molly the way you have with such rudeness is cruel, and not called for on a public stie for others to read.

This is a place for friends and people that care about one another and to share things that are happening in ones life.

I only knew Molly from 1955 to 1969, and she always made the best in everything. I always beleived that she could do anything that she put her heart into. As an adult I saw her at our 89 reunion and she was the first person I talked to--just as bubbly as ever.

So please clear things up with Bill A, and use kindness, OK?

From: Bill A (68) on Mon Nov 28 21:59:02 2005
As I tire of your crap, which is taking place quickly JAM. Let me give you a
little " Brief " of how my conversation with Mac ( her dad ) would go..

I think I'd start out something like this...
Hey Mac,,,with all due respect and condolances in regards to Moll, there appears to be this juvinile idiot with a serious case of cranial rectal inversion on SHS website that is making negative references to Molly her reputation, character,finances,marriage(s), demise, and purporting to be a
" Messenger " for her or some other idiot perhaps even her ex. What is there under California Law would easily fall into Tort Law under the catagories of : liable, slander, defamation of character, and would also appear to be to the point of perhaps needing a cease and desist order by the County of Los Angeles, Superior Court,a a sanctioning of the idiots ISP internet account by virture of breech of use agreements and a formal complaint with it's internet provider and a Civil Lawsuit for the mental anguish caused by " just a messenger " and John Does 1-500 to your family and the memory of your daughter. I would be willing to offer my legal expertise, and that of my law firm(s) to pursue these Torts and put an end to the rumor mill and or purportion of being anyone's " messenger ". The results should prove to be effective and timely, much like stepping on a bug , in order to eliminate it being a pest.
I will additionally be happy to provide transcripts of SHS website message board, demonstrating violation of internet agreements of any use for illegal purposes and to define the ISP internet user masquerading as
" just a messenger "

What do you think JAM??

From: Bill A (68) on Mon Nov 28 21:52:01 2005
Look JAM, I didn't rip into Nancy, I merely asked Nancy to contact me , as I did you regarding Molly. It was that simple, she didn't take it as a rip, she took it as the intelligent and caring adult that she is, AND she emailed me. She shared her information.

My interest,,,,,,, Molly was my girlfriend for several years, she was my best friend for that time, she was my friend afterwards. She has many other real friends here. I look after my friends and their reputations when it appears that someone is coming along to spread unsubstantiated rumors.
You don't need to make an ass out of your self telling Bill M to shut up over something in relationship to me, and it is apparent that you don't have the sense to shut up yourself when it is said to you in several ways that are not so direct....
Regarding an inquisition there hasn't been one, I merely asked you to back up the drivil that you are spewing out there on this site about Molly.

Frankly, I don't think it's an inquisition to ask,,, just who the hell you are !!!!!! Perhaps , you do but I'll see if I can guide you through it,,,,,, OK,,,," just a messenger " reach down between your legs...........IS THERE ANYTHING THERE???? Because for you that's what it apparently takes to state WHO you are. I know it's gonna be tough for you but see if you have what it takes.
The other things shouldn't be so hard, to demonstrate your " Reliabilty " and they weren't an inquisition either. You made statements about Molly's reputation, finances, marriage(s),demise,and purport to be delivering a message.When you get asked to back up your bullshit, you turn into a sniveling, spineless jellyfish and start snapping at Bill M for him to " shut up " or saying " why not rip into her and find out her sources " referring to Nancy , who outclasses you a Billion to one.
Then you come up with this crap about contacting Moll's folks, which is always an option, but I have a lot more respect for them than that, unless some little dickhead like you really pisses me off,

From: Bill A (68) on Mon Nov 28 21:00:05 2005
Obviously, a can of whoop ass needs to be opened up here to clear up a mind that is seemingly packed to the gills with JAM.

I'll go get one.... (*_,*)

From: Bill M (68) on Mon Nov 28 15:39:52 2005

By the way, Bill A did rip into N. Nickles but she sent him an e-mail.

From: Bill M (68) on Mon Nov 28 15:37:22 2005

By the way, Bill A did rip into N. Nickels but she sent him a email to back it up

From: JAM (70) on Mon Nov 28 14:26:22 2005
Bill M, Why don't you shut up and let BillA speak for himself, he's the one who started this inquisition. Look at the previous message for N Nickles dated 11/12 about Molly...why not rip into her and find out her sources


From: Bill M (68) on Mon Nov 28 13:51:01 2005
Just a messanger..grow up. All he asked is how reliable your information was.
One doesn't go e-mailing parents and sister just because you say so. If it is so easy to do, email Bill A and tell him who you are and how the facts stack up

From: just a messanger (70) on Mon Nov 28 11:51:14 2005
Bill seem to have access to your own "reliable source" (Molly's sister and parents), so why not ask them? If you were any type of friend you would have the answers to your inane questions. Don't question my credibility with your own stupidity, now we all know what the "A" stands for in your name.
From: Billl a (68) on Mon Nov 28 09:27:56 2005
Is this site still working? Haven't seen mail updated for a while
From: Bill M (68) on Mon Nov 28 09:23:53 2005
OK Bill A, who is John Jenkins

Bill H. From 2 foot to double overhead what a swing ...that water starting to get cold again.

From: () on Mon Nov 28 08:35:10 2005

From: Bill A (68) on Sun Nov 27 14:42:21 2005
Hiya Nancy , thanks for asking,, I actully am dealing with the flu right now , since thanksgiving day. Great fun.
Most of my houses are long term rentals, but
is strictly a vacation rental home. That is the website there is a gallery with about 20 photos of the home, it has a panoramic view of Kona Bay and Keauhou Bay, much like Palos Verdes homes have the gorgeous ocean views.,,,,,

gotta make time for all the good things in life..

Hey I don't know if John went to South, I know he married Marie ? , who did but he always hung with us, on the hill and otherwise . Anyway John Jensen passed away the night before Thanksgiving. He was sitting whittleing something and evidently fell over from a heart attack or a this week

laters ya'll,,,,,check out the site Nancy

From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Sun Nov 27 02:52:06 2005
Hi Bill A (68): How you doing? So what project are you working on right now? Are are your properties rentals for people on vacation or do you have regular tenants? With all the work you do how do you have time to surf?

I am working right now on figuring out paperwork to join a Music Publishing Company. Lots of paperwork.

Spent Thanksgiving in Carmel--nice town to many people!

Nancy N

From: () on Fri Nov 25 09:05:03 2005

From: j bill (1970) on Thu Nov 24 18:21:55 2005
Preston Hamlin ,
thank you the company Name ,
I was ten years after you at S.h.S.

From: herrera (67) on Thu Nov 24 13:21:15 2005
bm have a nice thanks. give thanks to those kids that are fighting for all of us this is the greatest country
From: herrera (67) on Thu Nov 24 13:21:12 2005
bm have a nice thanks. give thanks to those kids that are fighting for all of us this is the greatest country
From: herrera (67) on Thu Nov 24 13:21:06 2005
bm have a nice thanks. give thanks to those kids that are fighting for all of us this is the greatest country
From: South High Grad(78) (79) on Wed Nov 23 20:09:54 2005
South High Grad(79) you are dumber than a post. Stick to making baloney sandwiches for the inmates and quit posting your naive crap. Ashley rocked my world last night!! Come find me Moron!!
From: Suzann (Carll) Kelly (1982) on Wed Nov 23 15:09:52 2005
Just wanted to update my email address. Been married for 21 years and have two kids. Lived in Germany, Washington and Vegas but am now in Northern NV. Hopefully no more moves, unless it's back to Torrance for Vince's. Yummy.
From: () on Wed Nov 23 07:25:30 2005

From: bh (67bm) on Tue Nov 22 21:49:03 2005
From: Bill (68) on Tue Nov 22 21:45:17 2005
Yo, " Just a messenger "
#1 Who exactly are YOU ??

#2 Who exactly is your " Reliable Source "

#3 What exactly makes this source
" reliable "

#4 You say " last marriage " like there were 30, what exactly do you mean?

#5 What reliability is there that this individual knew anything about her finaces??

#6 What credible indication is there at all that any of this had anything to do with her reputation, as in what is there that an "ex " could do or say that had any bearing on her reputation??????????

Keep in mind that I have capability of going directly to her parents and her sister on this and what you are inferring , so be certain , be clear , and be true, OR beware.
my email is

step forward and be understood if you will.

From: sum1 (2009) on Mon Nov 21 22:50:31 2005
From: spelling police (66) on Mon Nov 21 12:56:07 2005
Tara, r U really being BOARED as in piggy style, or just BOARD..I mean BORED.
From: Bill M (68) on Mon Nov 21 12:49:46 2005

Rick went to Newton for only 2 years and we were in Mrs. Stopper's 2nd. grade class. Didn't see him again until 94.
Boneyards was kinda/sort of breaking but at least 5 guys on a wave. Not my idea of surfing. Went home bummed

From: TARA ROBERSON (2005-2009) on Mon Nov 21 12:27:39 2005
From: JENNIFER RENEAU () on Mon Nov 21 12:26:31 2005
From: JENNIFER RENEAU () on Mon Nov 21 12:26:29 2005
From: JENNIFER RENEAU (2005-2009) on Mon Nov 21 12:23:32 2005
R U GUYS READY FOR FORMAL?I KNOW I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: just a messanger (70) on Mon Nov 21 10:28:09 2005
I'm sorry to say that it's true about Molly. I heard from a reliable source that she was in a severe state of depression that was a result of her last marriage. Apparently, this person stole or lost all her finances through bad investments, not only driving her to financial dispare, but ruining her reputation as well.
From: bh (67DOGS RULE) on Sun Nov 20 23:11:28 2005
From: bh (67) on Sat Nov 19 13:08:38 2005
bm no waves today i am going through the shakes like a little baby. be off till tues been training kids to drive this crane i am driving, this will be the eighth one. let's go to nicaragua i'll take care of the 4 wheel drive and hotel we can live like kings my wife will keep an eye on us she always been my ace
From: unbelieveble () on Sat Nov 19 04:30:07 2005
S.H.G. Now you Libs will go after people posting on a "Free" web site board because somebody's feelings got hurt or were offended???
From: Bill A (68) on Sat Nov 19 00:38:06 2005
Nancy............what credence is there in what you heard about Moll
email me if you would.


From: bh (67) on Sat Nov 19 00:36:49 2005
bm i think your right about rick its epoxy or hollywood riveria virus
i am like you give me a piece of foam and glass and a little salt water and I'm happy. lets go to nicaragua before the rest of my hair falls out good night you old fart ps dylan has always been the man my wife did not know who he was she born in 57 wow she was 11 when was in viet nam

From: South High grad. (78) on Fri Nov 18 20:29:48 2005
After reading a few past messages you would think that someone who graduated over 10 years ago would have more class and intelligence then to add to someone's misery (posted Nov. 15) if in fact the misery is true. Which I find hard to believe! Also, defamation lawsuits have strict fines with jail time attached. There is a new system which involves tracking the area where mails are sent without mail addresses (my current job in criminal justice). Basically, it's like finding a criminal like a needle in a haystack anywhere. This system is used to find the culprits and bring them to justice. So think twice before hitting the send button or you could use common sense and try to keep the site clean!
From: () on Fri Nov 18 14:39:02 2005

From: Bill M (68) on Fri Nov 18 10:56:12 2005
Nancy N. First time I heard that angle about Molly, but it was stange how nothing was ever said. For a while the nelson twin brothers played under the name Nelson. haven't heard much lately. But I'm still into The Rolling Stones and me the best music came out in late 60 early 70.

Slick rick..tell us how great you are before you are kicking people off the South Site, which I think only Buron can do.

Bill H. Same thing happens to me when I get by Paige too. I balme in on his epoxy surfboard.

Beth M. Where have you gone my fair hair one?

From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Fri Nov 18 02:01:54 2005
Wow some of this language belongs elsewhere that's for sure. Yuck! I guess Ashley is not a feminist! Actually are you a really person that went to SHS??

I got back today from the Billboards TV & Movie Music Conference. Lots of info and met lots of helpful people. Lots of TV and Movie Directors too. I just want to get some of of artists music into Soundtracks or commercials.

On my flight home this guy was mentioning the band he was in. Guess what he was one of Ricky Nelson's twin sons Matthew. Yes I am dating myself, but I did watch Ozzzie and Harriott with Ricky Nelson on it.

Didn't even get a chance to go near the Ocean. I have to go to our resturant in San Diego to see the Ocean (we counted once 131 steps to the beach from Kafe' Yen).

Well back to work....hope you all have been good! Nancy Nickle

PS. I did hear from a friend that was on this list about Molly Macleod--I guess she was a very sad person-didn't know that she ended her own life --there must have been alot no one knew.

From: BH (67) on Wed Nov 16 22:33:50 2005
From: skull (66) on Wed Nov 16 22:16:01 2005
ashley i do not give rats ass what you did a lot of people have aids its people thaT LEAVE MESSAGES LIKE the one i just read their the ones that are really the sicko cause i used to be the devil's right hand man. ashley if your reAL, BELIEVE ME I AM RIGHT MOST PEOPLE COULD NOT HOLD MY JOCK STRAP WHEN I WAs a young or now that i am an old fart. if your real and need help 4906270
From: John fredericks (1965) on Wed Nov 16 21:13:27 2005
and James, that would make you what? Well, I think that speaks for itself.
From: Bill M (68) on Wed Nov 16 10:54:17 2005
Don't believe there was a Bill z in 69. someone wants in but I don't think we should aloow it.
Nancy, you would be surprise at what some people remember even if they acted like they din't know you back. The worst I could get was .. uuooo she add cooties

From: South High Shcool (most) on Wed Nov 16 01:43:40 2005
I may have failed you. Your ethics and politeness are worse than your spelling and grammer.
From: Dr. Phil McCracken (69) on Wed Nov 16 01:13:52 2005
It's not nice to prick on people! Excuse me..I mean pick on people!
From: Bill A (68) on Wed Nov 16 01:11:46 2005
Ashley, I sense not only some anger issues towards people in general and most certainly your mother, not to mention a little bit of a problem with self esteem. If these things are indeed a reality, as opposed to a ploy to just blow the minds of we alumni, I truly recommed that you seek professional help to work through these issues. I do appreciate the articulation skills that you have demonstrated though, they are vivid. I mean I can actually visualize the cum stan on a motel sheet. It's astounding what powerful command of the English language you weild. Peace out

Nancy,,,,,,,any time, darlin.

Bill M.
No Ray yet, 6 mos from what he says.

From: Bill Z (69) on Tue Nov 15 20:03:04 2005
Hey Ashley, do you or your Mother want to go out? You gals are my type??

From: nancy Nickle (69) on Mon Nov 14 20:05:38 2005
Bill A I won't be in town then I am leaving this Thursday (11/17) to go back to Sacramento. Only In Los Angeles a couple of days, how about another time.

Bill M. Dean Mckinney and I weren't friends in School. He was in the popular crowd. I was more of a loner, and hung around with different friends --like Nancy Albright, Janice Whalen, Shelley Pack, Barbara Maggio. Those we my friends then.

Well gots lots to do before I go to the Billboard Convention tomorrow.

Take care all-

Nancy Nickle

From: bh (67) on Sun Nov 13 21:41:00 2005
bm working on my house i mean the money pit i know you rode some good ones my south surf team jacket is getting pretty ragged but still i wear it. I got it off a kid about 10 years ago maybe go monday about 8am the surf classes have to get out and go to school keep pumping
From: Bill M (68) on Sun Nov 13 20:48:10 2005
Bill H

Didn't see you Sat or Sunday. I was there. Fast walls today...but missed you.

Notabill...whatever, it really doesn't matter anymore.

Chris H. I ran x-country with you and Gardner our sophmore year. I remember one hot indian summer day I went to the beach instead of running and Coach Scully and the group showd up. Hated all the practice and I wasn't that good so 1 year was enough. Lenny Jay runs a book store up in Frisco area..

Nancy N. Dean didn't show up either dayso I couldn't pester him about knowing you. Mark Hebson and Jim Stadeler ar still around and come to this site every 6 months or so.

Bill A. ray P oer there yet?

From: Bill A (68) on Sun Nov 13 01:13:35 2005
what are the references to Coach Scully about, is something happening in relationship to him ?????

Tell Soloman " wasup " for me, if you see him again.

Nancy,,,,,I want to get together with you for drinks, so after next week , say the following Sunday, meet me at The Kona Inn for dinner and drinks, my treat....

bh---I thank you and everyone who has served. Ya'll have my utmost respect, and I commend the duty and honor that walked hand in hand with that service; which was well done. Sempre Fi

I have made a point while traveling in the last few years of stopping to shake the hands of those in uniform to " Thank them for Serving ! " and to express some heartfelt American Pride in what they are doing.

too hip gotta go>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

From: Bret (81) on Sun Nov 13 01:07:23 2005
Nothing like a double post. I didn't think the first one went thru.( One too many Beers) Notice the different punctuation and the motorcycle quote on the second???
From: Bret (81) on Sun Nov 13 01:02:53 2005
Notabill, Yeah I remember the "PIT" Lotta motorcycles back then. I was actually 3rd string on the Cross Country team. I did it to impress CHICKS! Nothing like a Cross Country Stud!!
From: Bret (81) on Sun Nov 13 00:59:05 2005
"Notabill", yeah I remember the "PIT" I was actually 3rd string on the Cross country team. I was on it to impress CHICKS! Nothing like a Cross country Stud!!
From: () on Sat Nov 12 21:42:09 2005

From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Sat Nov 12 04:15:14 2005
Getting ready to head to Los Angeles on Sunday for the Billboard Tv & Movie Music Conference next week. If anyone wants to give me a call and get together for a drink my cell is 916 501-9558, and my email is I finally finished my compilation CD and it took hrs. Trying to figure the best songs from 4 different artists.

My brother was on the cross country team (I use to hear him talking to my Mom about all the running he was class of 71--really vey quite guy). Chris turned out to be an artist, fits his personality. The cross country team use to run right by our house. The bridle path was basically in our front yard.

Well it would be nice to hear from some of you when I am in Los Angeles.

Take Care...Nancy
PS Not related to the music teacher with the last name of Barnes that was my married name).

From: () on Sat Nov 12 03:25:24 2005

From: bh (67) on Fri Nov 11 22:54:51 2005
From: Chrisj68 () on Fri Nov 11 22:08:02 2005
BillA or(Mr. Armijo), sounds as if you took a vacation to paradise....oops, you live in paradise. You'll be busy. When you coming to the mainland? Lets get together with BillM for breakfast or ? when you do come. Chris H, he was pissed our senior year cause he was losing so many x-country stars such as yourself, and several track guys went to play soccer. He was generally kinda grumpy anyway. I saw Coach Soloman a year or 2 ago, he looked great, living by 'rocketship park'. He still remembers names pretty well. CJ
From: Chris Huey (68) on Fri Nov 11 18:16:00 2005
Ahhh, so there are even MORE of Scully's victims here. Yeah, we did the horse trails. And I remember a trip or two to Marineland the long way around.

I remember him being p*ssed that I dropped X-country in my senior year. Track was enough for me. I did run track at Camino for two years, though. Tore my heel up real good doing the triple-jump.

From: NotABill (whatsit2ya) on Fri Nov 11 11:09:20 2005
BM, My comment was directed to bh or skull not all of the "Bill's" on the board. Not that you guys need any help, but what ever.

Hey Brett, Remember the "PIT" below the cliff on Hawthorne Blvd? Or Skully pretending his truck was out of gas and having the X-country team push his truck up the last 50 yards of Vista Montana only to start the engine and drive away when we got to the top of the hill. Nightnares then, but really funny now to look back on.

From: Band Twinkie () on Fri Nov 11 10:47:37 2005
Circa 1980/81. We played Maxwell"s Silver Hammer. A bit of a dark song, for junior high kids. But I liked Mrs. Barnes quirkiness.
From: Bill M (68) on Fri Nov 11 10:23:02 2005
Band Twinkie, don't know what year you were at Newton, but Mr. Simon was the music teacher when I went.

Chris H. I ran one year x-country and track with you and Jeff and then I decided that I would rather go to the beach after school than run

Skull it wan't you I was referring to it was that is hiding.

From: () on Fri Nov 11 03:54:28 2005

From: Bill A (68) on Fri Nov 11 01:47:18 2005
Bill M.
Thanks on Kurz, re: Bob Knop, sure I remember him, we used to hang from time to time. Tell him to give me a call when he hit's Kona, hopefully I'll be here instead of there, but you never know....
OK Nancy , you know who do call when your headed this way....

chrisj 68 wasup?

this week ends a 9 day vacation,,, deep sea fishing on a killer 48 foot power boat, I guess they don't call it fishing for's when you don't catch a fish you just been fishing,,,,Hapuna Beach for kickin back. a Luau tonight in Kona Bay with fire dancer...tomorrow to the volcano and waterfalls......... I decided to go to Hawaii for my days's summer here..

aloha ya'll

From: chrisj68 () on Fri Nov 11 01:09:37 2005
Hey ChrisH, why did we subject ourselves to that torture? I'm thinking I should know Bill H, I'll have to check the annual. BillH, were you in track or any sports? Thought maybe cause you knew Scully. To ALL the Veterans out there, have a great veterans day...time to remember all who have served and pay our respects to those who didn't come home! Chris
From: Band Twinkie () on Fri Nov 11 00:14:45 2005
HEY NANCY N, my band teacher at Newton was Bernice Barnes, any relation?? I liked her and hope she is doing well.
From: herrera thats my name i do not hide from nobody (67) on Thu Nov 10 21:17:55 2005
From: Bret (81) on Thu Nov 10 20:34:09 2005
Your bringing back nightmares UHHH I mean memories Chris: ) Did you run the horse trail in PV as well? Or the Turkey Trot around Thanksgiving all the way to Marineland? Was Scully coach in 68?
From: Chris Huey (68) on Thu Nov 10 17:48:10 2005
Used to run Vista Montana during cross country. That was one b*tch of a hill. That and the sand hills down at Torrance Beach. And running from TB to the pier and back in knee deep water.

Tell me again why I ran X-country?

From: Bill M (68) on Thu Nov 10 16:43:25 2005
Bill H. Got your message clearly.
NotaBill is too dump to get it and hides behind his clever little nicknames and thinks he is putting you down. But the joke is on him...
Nancy N. Best of luck with the CD.

From: () on Thu Nov 10 05:07:49 2005

From: nancy Nickle (69) on Wed Nov 9 22:18:31 2005
Hey, why don't some of you go to and join? It is a great place--just go and check it out!
From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Wed Nov 9 22:16:42 2005
I tried skateboarding down Vista Montana a couple of times when I was young (and didn't think about dieing). I made it pretty far but had to zig zag back and forth you pick up too much speed. Steve Smith (class of 69) I think made it all the way down the hill skateboarding. It was a *** of a hill to walk up though!

Sam Barnes I think graduated from Newton class of 64 --he was not into skateboarding and surfing at all!

I am working on making a compilation CD right now to take to Billboard when I go next week. This is lots of work making the copies. I am putting a couple of songs from each of our artists on a CD to hand out trying to find an "in" with music production for TV and films.

Thats about all right now...


From: bh (67 68) on Wed Nov 9 22:06:46 2005
THAT EXPLAINS NOTHING TRY HELPING PEOPLE 67 68 dumb standing in the jungle *** i am still here bm take care
From: NotABill (whatsit2ya) on Tue Nov 8 21:48:33 2005
DUMB@$$, AKA bh orskull (67 or 68), THAT EXPLAINS A LOT!
From: bh orskull (66 or 67) on Tue Nov 8 21:23:00 2005
From: Bill M (68) on Tue Nov 8 08:59:10 2005
Vista Montana was made for skate boarding. I went to Newton class of 64. Don't remember a Sam Barnes though.

Saw Dean out at Torrance this past Sunday. i will have to ask if he remembers you.

From: Bill M (68) on Tue Nov 8 08:59:10 2005
Vista Montana was made for skate boarding. I went to Newton class of 64. Don't remember a Sam Barnes though.

Saw Dean out at Torrance this past Sunday. i will have to ask if he remembers you.

From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Mon Nov 7 23:35:44 2005
Ok, I already know who Bill A is (Mr. Hawaii) what a life. Bet you work hard though on reworking the houses you buy. I know where to go for a rental in Hawaii.

The Willow tree was a swamp area I use to go all the way from our first house (on Vista Montana (the top of the hill) when I was young and catch alot of tree frogs and bring them home. My brother and I made a little raft to go in the water out of parts we found in that swamp area (our parents would have died to know what we were doing!!!).

I am working hard on this record label we have Tim Moyer on our roster (calss of 75 SHS). Tim is a great singer/songwriter. I beleive that he started today in the studio recording a new CD. You guys that haven't heard him, check out his webiste site and go see him when he plays in Long Beach. If you know of places in Torrance to play let me know. We also have a great hip hop group called Deep Fried Funk Brothers (they are recording in an Oakland Studio right now). Then we have this really great and beautiful Indie Singer/Songwriter named Jamie Green ( she is recording her third album called Silver. Lastly I found this group from the UK called Beneva (hope after the first of the year they can come from the UK and perform in California). We have hired a consultant to try and obtain major distribution (from a Major label) we should know soon--please keep your fingures crossed. We pretty much will record all types of music with the exception of classical (which I know nothing about).

The next time I come to Torrance will give a heads up before. No more surfing for me--I have some major health problems!

Any of you that went to Newton Elementary remember Sam Barnes also class of 69 at SHS? Exhusband! we are still friends--I was marriage #1 and he is one marriage #5!!!
When I was in high school I lived on Via El Sereno same street Dean McKinney lived on.

My best to all, and thanks for keeping in touch...Nancy

From: Bill M (68) on Mon Nov 7 18:11:08 2005
Bill A. nothing on Kurz. Bobby Knop is coming to Kona at Christmas time. He used to live there...his wife's parents still do and they go every Xmas. Don't know if you remember him.

Billy H. have been trying for the last 3 far a couple of phone calls but wrong person. Attempts have quieted the kona.

Billy H. Another guys showed up at Torrance. Lived in Walteria, near the Zaks..but went to PV high in 68. He lived in PV, then his dad took over running Torrance Airport so they had to live in Torrance Will have to get his name....

From: () on Mon Nov 7 03:35:22 2005

From: Bill A (68) on Mon Nov 7 00:15:17 2005
YO Bill M
havn't heard about Bill Thompson since high school don't know what happened to him ..
hey what about Dan Kurz any word??

Hey NANCY wasup??

Yeah Billy, KOna is pretty kewl, blue, aqua waters n what can I say IT'S STILL SUMMER !!!!

AND yes turtles = honu = sacred

*** HOWDY>>>>>>>>>>>>................

From: herrera (66 67 who cares) on Sun Nov 6 21:50:37 2005
billm had to work sat and sun no waves.billa touch me a turtle in kona i love that place the walteria thing is just talk billm you can find him just do it. it's not good to let it eat at you kona rules good waves too just have to look i think i spent more time in 8th grade than high school

From: Bill M (68) on Sun Nov 6 14:18:14 2005
Bill A, Billy H didn't make it out this weekend. I guess Friday and then headed for the hills complaining about some parrot that was given to him..Have you herd anything about Bill Thompson? We were best friends at Newton, had a falling out in high school and we were both too stubborned to talk to each other again.
From: () on Sun Nov 6 13:57:55 2005

From: Bill A (68) on Sun Nov 6 07:10:05 2005
Aloha Ya'll..............

Just stopped in to wish everyone good cheer, more smiles, and God Speed in making more and more of these Good Ol Days.

Don't forget to give those you love a big hug while you tell em you love them.

Yo, Nancy in order to eliminate your possible confusion, I'm me in Kona experiencing the endless summer, Bill M is probably out at Torrance Beach and he's him, and Billy Herrerra is probably out at Torrance Beach too, and also cheering on Walteria Boyz.


From: Bill M (68) on Sat Nov 5 15:03:12 2005
Went this morning. Swell still in. Missed you. Most said today a little better than yesterday

Did you know Monk? Jack Lawson '64. He is back in the area and surfing still. Had brother Joel class of I think '66. He started at Hags in '59...said he went out last winter and the kids said it is just for locals...what a joke. But many of the old timers were should have been there. And no I will not get an epoxy board.

Bill H all of South was a swanp back in the 50's They had todrain it and bring in all that sand. Some of the houses east of South still have settling problems. Rode a wooden pallet through that area amny of times. Take care until we met again

From: skull (67 66) on Fri Nov 4 15:28:31 2005
bm there are waves today so you will get some on sat nancy there's nothing wrong with northern calif i am just an addict to the salt water got the best job in the world and i hate it i respect you people who raised kids i could not do it i used hitch hike right by so high with my surf board i think the willow TREE WAS A SWAMP THEN
From: skull (67 66) on Fri Nov 4 15:28:30 2005
bm there are waves today so you will get some on sat nancy there's nothing wrong with northern calif i am just an addict to the salt water got the best job in the world and i hate it i respect you people who raised kids i could not do it i used hitch hike right by so high with my surf board i think the willow TREE WAS A SWAMP THEN
From: Deb (77) on Fri Nov 4 10:22:26 2005
oops, that would be; INDIE. I am not fully awake yet...
From: Deb (77) on Fri Nov 4 10:21:40 2005
Nancy... Would you be interested in Christian Insie Artisits?
From: Bill M (68) on Thu Nov 3 23:30:13 2005
Skull no use getting you down of the mountain. it is still flat.

Nancy..I didn't go to Parkway. Was a block efore dividing line. so I went to Newton. Yes live near the beach, but have gone through 4 houses to get there again. It's a small one, but nice view of the coast.

The areas you talk about have there good spots and bad spots just like anyplace. Your room mate should be able to guide you. It is better than staying in a motel so much.

You from Rivieria? what street. I grew upon Via Sego but know many who went to Riveria. In fact my olders sister went there since Newton wasn't built. I was the first kindergarten class at newton.

Bill A lives on the Big Island in Hawaii. Some other Bills go by spelling monkey trying to impress their skills on us..but it's only a game. Hope you label does well. If you were 69, that's my brother Bruce McKaig's class.

From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Thu Nov 3 23:18:09 2005
Bill M: Did you go to Parkway? I have lived in Sacramento for the last 25 years. I do own a small part of the Willow Tree near SHS (among other apartments). I am so confused with Bill's do you still live in the Torrance area? I don't know how any of you afford it (the houses are so expensive). I bought the one I own now in 2001 at $388,000 and it is now valued at $695,000. So the house I own now I could not afford today!

I come down to Burbank, Studio City, North Hollywood to meet with my recording artists (sometimes go to their recording). Does anybody drive up that way or is it like another world to you? I am renting a room from another woman that owns a record label in Sherman Oaks. Nice house with pool and jacuzzi. It beats several nights in a hotel at the prices that they are--yikes!

Going to Billboard Tv and Movie Music Conference Nov 15TH and 16TH. It is a way to hook up with people that want music for TV and Movie. It is good networking (to find contacts that can help you).

Well have went on enough. Is there anybody from Riviera Elementary School on here?

Nancy Nickle

From: bh (67) on Thu Nov 3 22:04:34 2005
bm its a lake cause i took a week off to surf thats what happens. now when its time to go back to work there will be waves. my wife and i are sitting in a hotel a couple blocks from the beach, house being fumigated two dogs and loud mouth bird. lets go to my house in the mountians pick me up i can't see at night old age. you i'll sleep4906270
From: Bill M (68) on Thu Nov 3 18:21:32 2005
Bill H.

What is going on. Why is it Torrance Lake?

From: () on Thu Nov 3 00:03:36 2005

From: Grant Turner (01) on Tue Nov 1 22:54:15 2005
Hey Wendl, haven't seen you since ya last visited me in Vegas. I hope the F.L.A. is treating you right. Anyway, moving to Daytona Beach. Lost your number (lost my phone during one of my crazy nights...ya know) so email me. I am taking over my Uncle's go-kart track--so if anyone from the C.O.T is in the area email me for some free runs..I'm otta herrrreee!
From: skull (67) on Tue Nov 1 21:23:23 2005
billm yes iknow who you are had duplex at torr and crenshaw dumped it same thing i would like to do with this loud mouth parrot 2578437
From: Bill M (68) on Tue Nov 1 15:31:53 2005
Where is spell check? meant Catalina. And Bill H. beware of the newton, Parkway, nd Riveria group...we remember you for too long.


From: Bill M (68) on Tue Nov 1 15:29:40 2005
Skull..I know where Cricklewood is..for some reason thought you once said you lived elsewhere in Torrance. Saw it Monday night. Flat as Csatalina,doubt I will get up at 4 for that stuff. Remember you need some distance to gluide a 9'6". Have you figured out who I am yet. Used to have pewter Yukon..downsized to a Envoy.

Nancy..the M is for McKaig. Live on Calle Mayor near Via El Chico..yes near the beach. Where are you now. Remember once reading you owned one of those condos just east of South..but seem to remember you don't live there.
You are right..too many Bills ..especially that one who thinks Walteria rules.

From: skull (67) on Mon Oct 31 22:00:19 2005
billm i live on cricklewood across the st from torr airport back yard is walteria school ill catch waves tues morn looked at it at 4pm to low tide
From: gusto (2000) on Mon Oct 31 21:50:13 2005
walteria still RULES!
From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Mon Oct 31 18:08:05 2005
Hi Bill M: I was pretty much a loner, but hung out with kids from Ave A (Redondo High School Kids and kids that lived on in the Redondo Beach Manhattan Beach area). There were only a couple of female surfers that I knew Barbara from SHS and Donna (from Redondo). Too many Bill's in here! Bill M what is your last name? Where do you live now? Most likey near the Ocean, right? Nancy
From: Bill M (68) on Mon Oct 31 14:00:30 2005
Skull or Bill H....nvewver have to sanke you. You always say go anyway. had some fun this last Sunday. Missed seeing you out there. Nancy Nickle. Her picture looks familiar but I didn't know her in high school. Says she surfed back then, don't remember many girls surfing, but trust that if she said she did she did..she just wanted in the Torrance Beach crowd I was in. 10Am and I saw it was still off shore and feeling a little warm...hope you are in the water somewhere. Take care until we are in the water at the same time together. Think you said you lived over by Torrance Blvd. & Crenshaw. Funny how we are both still inTorrance but never see each other accept at the beach.
From: Danny (2009) on Mon Oct 31 11:43:15 2005
Leave my friend sheab alone
From: Danny (2009) on Mon Oct 31 11:43:13 2005
Leave my friend sheab alone
From: Me () on Mon Oct 31 11:16:03 2005
From: skull (67?) on Sun Oct 30 20:51:54 2005
billm you can snake me any time i don't let that stuff bother me any more. it use to bother me on big days haggs and lunada bay when pros came out and they would say my wave my wave we use to box them in terry betts and i now their late fifty early sixty and don't even surf. i just stay to myself. i just listen to them tell their lies about how they surfed this beach. i don't remember them. i've been out since 7 8 9 years old that's what my ma said. she is 92. who is nancy? i didn't spend more than 5 minutes in school. later
From: sucky me wevels all day (1968) on Sat Oct 29 17:39:59 2005
im very sorry here that kevin thill died i hope it wasnt my homies from the east side i think iknow who shot him it was abraham lincoln aka sucky me wevels all day
From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Sat Oct 29 02:30:53 2005
Thanks Bill M, I thought you might have meant Kevin Hazelton (69). Now that we are all getting older, we are going to start losing former classmates and friends. I never thought that I would live this long, and have kids so old, but I'm still hanging in there. Between my son and I we are running two business (after retiring from the State of Calif after almost 20 years). I think I still have some life in me to keep going.

Hey Marianne M. what are you up to how are you doing? Where do you live? It has certainly been alot of years!

From: () on Fri Oct 28 13:29:33 2005

From: Bill M (68) on Thu Oct 27 12:34:19 2005
Nancy, Kevin Thill class of 68 passed away 10/3/05.
From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Thu Oct 27 01:23:43 2005
Have been away traveling for the record label. I come back to catch up on things what is this mention about Kevin? Is this Kevin H? Has something happened????Nancy Nickle
From: Gull A. Bull () on Wed Oct 26 22:31:41 2005
yeah, OK!
From: ChrisH ('58) on Tue Oct 25 12:30:21 2005
The hurricane blew away his caps lock key and now it's stuck like that. We need to take a collection to buy him a new keyboard. Send $100 each to me and I'll see that he gets a good one.
From: Carl (1982) on Tue Oct 25 11:50:45 2005
Whats with all the typing in CAPS???
From: John Wendl (2001) on Mon Oct 24 20:35:25 2005
From: Bill M (68) on Mon Oct 24 17:54:35 2005
Names not familar to me. I wasn't a Wateria kid, I went to Newton. Lived up Calle Mayor. I knew The DeCaro boys and then hung out with some of the hillside kids. Not much time in Walteria.
From: BOBW (62) on Mon Oct 24 17:49:14 2005
From: Bill M (68) on Mon Oct 24 11:42:29 2005
I'm still in the area. A & W long gone.
Ocaen just above the park..plenty of rebuilds to get another mansion in.

Did dou now Sharron mcKaig, or Bob Parke 63? My sister and her husand. Some reason the last name Warren stick into my mind for you.
Skull you know I never snake you...too much respect for what you went through.

From: Carla G (1975/Narbonne High) on Mon Oct 24 01:06:37 2005
I am looking for a Gary Dudley, I believe he graduated in 1978 or 79 can anyone help me locate him??
From: BOBW (62) on Sun Oct 23 23:02:24 2005
From: skull (?) on Sun Oct 23 10:43:51 2005
BobW Who are you? Did you go to South?
From: BOBW (62) on Sun Oct 23 07:18:33 2005
From: skull (?) on Sat Oct 22 22:58:24 2005
Take care of yourself, Bill M., and the rest of you kooks!!! Understand?
From: Bill M (68) on Sat Oct 22 21:45:34 2005
is skull, the rat all nicknames for Billy Herrera?
From: Carl (1982) on Sat Oct 22 20:50:08 2005
Chris I talked to right before I moved to Texas, which was about three months ago, so if you like to get ahold of him, thats not difficult. As for the Pit, used to go there everyday after school with Todd Klempan, at least it seemed like everyday :)

We built forts, caught lizards, and went around the side where the big tree was that had the chain and tire that hung off the edge, like anybody sane would ever ride that thing!

From: skull (?) on Sat Oct 22 18:17:50 2005
i was the rat. you did not lose your mom she is in better place like my dad and one of brothers i learned about death a long time ago when i was just kid in the jungle. been a loner since then. 39th scout dog 173rd abn. later
From: Bill A (68) on Sat Oct 22 15:58:08 2005
Hootie, You have my sincere condolances and it seems you and your family have suffered greatly. I really liked your mom,so I am deeply sorry for your loss. Remember the good times, and the things she instilled in you and while time will heal the pain of losing her, her ways and the person she shaped you to be along with her thoughts and words will live with you forever. She always made me welcome and she always made me smile...

Skull , who are you, I remember the rat>>

From: sckull (67(?)) on Sat Oct 22 14:12:41 2005
Of course I remember Polywog, go-carts, the rodeo at the airport, rock fights at the pit. I wasn't a good kid growing up. We used to bomb the cops at Walteria Park and hide. They never found us. While you guys were in school I was surfing and my Mom never knew it (since the 7th grade).
The principal at Walteria School said he was going to spank us and we just laughed at him. I wasn't a good kid but I'm good now. So who ever I did bad to, I was just a kid and it took a long time to grow up.
P.S. I gave Jack Bergstrom my rat, Pico.

From: Hootie(Richard Hoyme jr.) (84) on Sat Oct 22 08:11:05 2005
Very kind in asking,Bill.Unfortunately we lost five family members in the last three years.J.P. is still in Lomita and still,well......, J.P.Kelly left for Florida,i'm
in Texas and Tracy is still at Ralphs on "The Hill".Last i'd seen Pam ,Jack,Chris and Lisa was at my Moms services in'03.They have always been kind to us,and I get a X-mas card or postcard from Hawaii when they're on vacation and vise/versa.If you talk to the"Berzerkstroms" tell them "somebody in Texas loves ' ya".
Much Appreciation

From: Bill A (68) on Sat Oct 22 05:00:42 2005
Right on Hootie, bells rang. How;s everyone in your fam? Yes, I remember.

Bill M. you evidently are making note of the respectfullness that Hootie displays. Or is it the excellent memory that has been demonstrated , by virture of not only knowing my last name but spelling it correctly...

Hootie , when was the last time you saw Lisa and Chris, she's married with kids, what about Chris? And yes you would know that the Nomad was a
" fixture " rather than a mode of transportation.


From: Hootie(Richard Hoyme jr.) (84) on Sat Oct 22 03:42:13 2005
Anybody remember Polywog Paradise,rock fights at the "Pit",or the go-cart track on PCH?How about the anual Rodeo held on PCH by the airport?
From: Carl (1982) on Fri Oct 21 23:40:22 2005
Lived right up the street from the Zaks, least I think I did. Pretty sure they built a house that looks more like a hotel there now.
From: () on Fri Oct 21 22:55:17 2005

From: () on Fri Oct 21 22:55:15 2005

From: Bill M (68) on Fri Oct 21 21:50:59 2005
Bill A

I love that Mr. Armijo.

From: Bill M (68) on Fri Oct 21 15:55:47 2005
You were the one into cars....I had VW must not forget the Zaks, Pepe and the whole club from Walteria. Johnny Johnson roade that Scrambler 305 like a crazy man.
From: Bill M (68) on Fri Oct 21 15:50:40 2005
Billy H. when you remember who I am, we hve been out at Torrance on some large days 2 or 3 years ago. Been a ousy couple of years though. I'm the dark old man that you keep calling the younster...
From: Carl (1982) on Fri Oct 21 15:30:51 2005
Course I know JP. I used to see him everyday growing up. Last time I saw him was at his house in Lomita on Pennsylvania. I lived on Neece street and hung out at Wateria park alot growing up. JP was a regular fixture there, played alot of Ping Pong with him. Hope he is doing well.

From: Hootie(Richard Hoyme jr.) (1984) on Fri Oct 21 12:07:52 2005
Mr. Armijo,
Jack Bergstrom and Paul Hughs (next -door neighbor),taught me how to surf at age 5 and up.
I grew up across the street at 24228 Park st.My mom was Pat Wood dad was Paul Wood.My older brother is J.P.Sisters are Tracey and Kelley Hoyme/Harrold.Ring a bell?

From: bh (67) on Fri Oct 21 11:12:12 2005
reyes in arizona skip brother jack porky berstrom was a good surfer many big day at the cove with him disappeared during viet nam war still have dogs not kids owe my life to dogs
scout dog handler 68

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