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From: Bill M ('68) on Mon Aug 22 12:15:29 2005
Chris H, don't embarass our class with your math errors :)

Michele S. probably should know you somehow, I was at Mike & John Mel's house too. Also next door at Gary Hills.
You a Newton Girl?

From: Nancy Nicke (69) on Sun Aug 21 22:44:57 2005
Hi to all, on a cruise to Alaska right now.

We are finally getting the record label together. I am negotiating with Tim Moyer (class of 75 South High) to be one of our Indie Artists. Wow what a great singer he is!!! Seriously

Hi to Marianne M. don't know if you remember me (we grandated so long ago that faces start fading from your mind!)

Note to Chris--still not able to find out how Molly M passed away. Will keep checking.....

Nancy Nickle

From: Betty Campisi (Michael) (1965) on Sun Aug 21 21:45:00 2005
Reunion is Aug. 26-27th. Looking for Steve & Danny Cavillo and their cousin John Curiel. Come to the Reunion! Class of 1962 and 1963 is also welcome to come say Hi. Contact Ross Gardner.
From: D. Michele Scanlon (1970-ROCKS) on Sat Aug 20 21:14:05 2005
Oh Yeah, I used to go to Mike Mel's House there on calle Mayor as a little girl and fly his pigeons with him! lol..
From: D. Michele Scanlon (1970-YEAH!!) on Sat Aug 20 21:12:29 2005
Hello! I really get a kick out of reading all of the messages from the past students from South. : )
From: RDOG (80) on Sat Aug 20 13:05:54 2005
Chris, I think Samantha Crawford Anderson has this South High School confused with the South High School she attended. SCA, this is the alumni site for SOUTH HIGH SCHOOL / CITY OF TORRANCE / COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES / STATE OF CALI-FORNYA (CALIFORNIA.

From: () on Sat Aug 20 12:45:27 2005

From: marianne Mennes (69) on Sat Aug 20 12:26:08 2005
Thats spelled MENNES!
From: Marianne Menes (69) on Sat Aug 20 12:25:20 2005
Any of you 69ers in Texas?
Dallas-Fort Worth?
Beaches SUCK here!

From: Carol Harvey (1974) on Sat Aug 20 02:27:19 2005
sorry about the double message -- didn't think my computer was working...

From: Carol Harvey (1974) on Sat Aug 20 01:38:43 2005
Haven't been on this site for months and at 2:30 am need something to do and see my name! James you can email me at -- wondering why you're looking for me. I live about 15 miles west of Boston, but coming for a visit to so. calif. soon.
From: Carol Harvey (74) on Sat Aug 20 01:33:38 2005
James, I'm about 15 miles west of Boston. You can email me at This is very strange as I haven't been on this site for months, and I just needed something to do at 2:30 am and see my name! Wondering why you're looking for me...
From: Chris Huey (68) on Fri Aug 19 17:22:43 2005
I've been away from South for 45 years but I don't think that South was ever Bulldawgs. Spartans, yes. But not Bulldawgs.
From: Samantha Crawford Anderson (1986) on Thu Aug 18 13:07:38 2005
Is South no longer Bulldawgs?
From: chrisj(68) () on Thu Aug 18 11:10:02 2005
James, she's back east somewhere, though I can't remember where exactly. She has posted in the past on this board though.
From: James Kalinski () on Thu Aug 18 04:19:17 2005
Looking for Carol Harvey
From: Kevin H () on Wed Aug 17 15:32:02 2005
Own house in W. Torrance.
From: Bill M () on Mon Aug 15 10:59:46 2005
Kevin H. Where do you live now?
From: () on Sat Aug 13 10:23:27 2005

From: Bill M () on Fri Aug 12 17:32:25 2005
Sorry Chris.
From: () on Fri Aug 12 08:08:00 2005

From: caroline "cj" lee (1995) on Fri Aug 12 01:46:21 2005
back in california! keep in touch!
From: Chris Huey (68) on Wed Aug 10 17:38:08 2005
Nope. Heard earlier this week that we lost. That was a ton of $$$$ down the drain. Bummer.
From: Bill M (68) on Wed Aug 10 09:17:41 2005
No wonder you left the South Bay.
How is it going Chris? Still fighting that issue?

From: Chris Huey (68) on Tue Aug 9 11:26:22 2005
I think it's a combination of seaweed and powdered resin
From: Bill M (68) on Mon Aug 8 11:54:23 2005
Does anyone know the spice that the Village meats used in their 'Surf Burgers'?
From: Seamus (1989) on Sun Aug 7 18:55:02 2005
Whats up..Life is going goon in massholechesetts miss my friends. I wish i was back in cali. later
From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Sat Aug 6 02:00:21 2005
Jerrie: Yes this place is nice but oh so hot! Looks like we don't live to far from each other. You are probably more out in the country!

Hey you surfer guys: Guess what I might be working with Tim Moyer (class of 75) with our new record label.

I am very excited, he has got such a great voice. Some of you should go to his website and check out where he is playing in Los Angeles and check one of his shows. You're missing some really great music!


From: Jerrie (71) on Fri Aug 5 16:35:39 2005
Nancy...I do know the area. New and very nice! In the hottest place, tho!! I hope you get to the river to cool off now and then, since you are so close! My last name was Morris/ now, Groven. I live between Placerville and Auburn. It IS a little cooler here, but still blazing
From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Thu Aug 4 22:02:31 2005
Hey: Will any of you guys come to a celebration of our record album opening (will be in San Diego most likely or if you have any suggestions for the Bay area let me know my treat for dinner if it is in San Diego!!!).Nancy
From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Thu Aug 4 21:59:11 2005
Jerri: I live in a new development Natomas Park, right off of Del Paso Rd (do you know the area at all?). What is your last name. Aw, you live in the foothill, you get a breeze at times, which can be great!

Bill M must be nice to live near the surf all the time. I do miss the Ocean this time of year, it can be so peaceful in the AM before anyone goes out.

Whn my youngest son was in surf competation in Santa Cruz we would have to drive from Sac to Santa Cruz early Saturday morning. It was nice, but I missed the wather myself.

You must have to make a good deal of money to live near the Ocean down their?!

Well back to work on finances. I miss going down their, I like the little shopping center with Starbucks, flowershop is. Haven't been their sice losing both my parents. Does anyone know a Christ Nickle (class of 71)? Does anyone know where Barbara Maggio went? Lost track of her!


Bye for now----Nancy N

From: Bach is dead () on Thu Aug 4 20:19:11 2005
So is Mozart and Wagner. The three Tenors are alive though!
From: Bill M (68) on Thu Aug 4 19:07:06 2005
Nancy I still leave near the bach.

Gordaon M. What was the season used on the surf burger at the Village Meats.
Haven't heard anything on reunion.

From: Yo Eric Gee Who Me? () on Thu Aug 4 01:09:42 2005
It seems to me that Eric has succeeded in marrying two sluts. If thats the case, why did you spend so much time telling everyone about your rich friend's, private plains and all that bullshit. You should have just told us about your slut wifes. Pole burns and STDs. Dumb ass bitches lining up to do your cloths. They should have they're heads examined instead of spending there time divorcing your sorry ass.
From: Jerrie (71) on Wed Aug 3 08:53:40 2005
Nancy...I live outside of Sac too! What area are you in? Sounds like you are doing well, and happy. Sac is hot and gross this time of year, but, the foothills where I am, are nice and still close to the city. Its good to see that someone else made the move up here! At least MOST of the year Sac Town is a good place to live, I guess.
From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Tue Aug 2 21:42:16 2005
To you Surfers: Do all you guys live near the Ocean? Sounds like it, must be nice!!! It is darn hot in Sacramento.

I do miss Torrance Beach, and Ave A (that is where I use to go).

Do all of you guys still ride skateboards too?

I was in Studio City/Burbank last week catching people's performances (Indie Singer/Songwriters) and hiring an Entertainment Attorney. Did not make it to Torrance or Redondo Beach, though.

Next week I go to a Music Conference in San Diego--least I will be near the Ocean and get to eat at my restaurant.

Hey if any of you go to San Diego I'll hook you up with good food from the restaurant Kafe' Yen that my youngest son and I own.

Do most of you have children? My son's are old!! David-Matthew is almost 35 and my son Jamin is 29! Yea makes me feel old!! But then I am.

Well hope you all are enjoying your nice weather and surf....

Nancy Nickle

From: Gordon (68) on Mon Aug 1 14:08:25 2005
So Alumni, What yearis the next 1968 reunion planned? If I ask now, years ahead, I can probably be there with proper planning. Gordon M
From: Bill M (68) on Fri Jul 29 11:14:52 2005
Kevin..summer buzz remember then well until at some point I finally said no and they went along with it. Do you still go out? Ave. I had the best peack of what there was last Sunday.

Bill A. Yeah the ocean is the calm in my life. I go out on small days just to paddle around..doubt I will ever leave living by the sea. Spent a coouble years at Santa Cruz and still went out in the freezing water. Hope youkeep getting bragging rights. Since he has already published it I can tell you Hazelton, Riveria kid.

From: Bill A (68) on Fri Jul 29 01:46:44 2005
Bill M
Yes it is truly a commitment. We race to win.It's paddle hard or go home. It's work to be the best there is because you find you go up against the best in the world at the ultimate season end races, it's bragging rights, it's the challenge, it's something that hasn't changed in 10 thousand years. It parrallels surfing. Ya gotta do what works for you, so as long as ya stay in the water you know your alive, as long as your doing something that could possibly take you to the other side based on you versus mother ocean you can go to the edge and back, keep coming back though, I'd miss ya. Bob Knopp sure I remember him, slight build , blond hair,TB,,,,when does he come here next???

Kevin H While it is understood that E=MC2 and A2 +B2 = C2 and that
Pi are Round

H = ?

It's 5 o'clock somewhere, where the surfs up..

From: () on Thu Jul 28 21:37:48 2005

From: Kevin (69) on Thu Jul 28 16:09:49 2005
Bill M, I was a gremmie and proud of it. Even had my sister bleach blond streaks through my hair! Thought I was too cool. That lasted about a week til my dad dragged me down for the annual summer "buzz" cut.
From: Bill M (68) on Thu Jul 28 09:04:43 2005
Bill A. Been asked many times to join the Lanakila Canoe Club which I think Kevin H. was as memeber once. But I'm still searching each weekend for that perfect wave....too much commitment for club..but someday I will get to Kona, and you can take me out. Might get Chris Parker to fly over from Maui. Bob Knop's parent-in-laws live on the Big Island and I think he goes and sees them onnce a year. I will see him next week and ask. Do you remember him?
Surf's up dude...someplace

From: Bill A (68) on Wed Jul 27 17:01:25 2005
Cowabunga !!!!!!!!!!!
From: Bill M (68) on Wed Jul 27 14:34:10 2005
Kevin, you forgot to mention all the gremmies at Ave. I. But in my day, the storm drains run off at Torrance and Burnout caused better sand bars than Ave I....but to each their own and surfing anywhere is good.
From: ChrisJ(68) () on Tue Jul 26 23:41:49 2005
Kevin, it was also a short paddle to Haggertys or Rat on those mats!
From: Dylan (96!) on Tue Jul 26 16:41:07 2005
Hey all, how in the world are you doing? Well I just wanted to pass the word to you that I want to be the one in charge of the 10 year reunion. I am the new manager at the Redondo Beach Portofino of the restaurant Breakwater so I have an in on getting a large enough space for our class and dates. I would love for you to send me all your contacts of everyone that you may talk with from our class so email or call me with the information as that would be awesome.

From: Kevin (69) on Tue Jul 26 11:35:14 2005
Bill M, sorry to say, that the only thing
TB had over Ave I was that when the black
ball flag went up, you didn't have far to walk to rent a mat!

From: Daniel Brubaker (2005) on Mon Jul 25 21:18:55 2005
hey guys its me, most of you dont remember me but i am part of y'all forever i just recently got hurt surfing teahpoo will dane reynolds. i can now say that i am a good surfer but for some reason people keep yelling at me when i drop in on them. well i'll never forget our year and boys i'm availible.;)
From: Bill M (68) on Mon Jul 25 14:46:26 2005
Kevin ...Torrance always beat AVe I. ...:) I remember that contest too. Another contest in Hermaosa that Denny Tompkins won a motorcycle but was too you to ride. He is still in the South is Mike Purpus. Off shore this weekend, too bad such a small swell. I went out Sunday anyway just becuase it was there.

Crhis J. Know the area of Newton, and everyone remembers Gail Johnson...though I though Wendy Jensen lived up on Calle Mayor. I just had her brother Kirk move me, should ash him. He said Wendy is in PV doing fine.

From: 1971 REUNION COMMITTEE (1971) on Sun Jul 24 12:05:23 2005
Looking for classmates for 35 year reunion.
From: () on Sat Jul 23 19:13:14 2005

From: Carl (1982) on Fri Jul 22 17:12:55 2005
Insert "wondered" :)

From: Carl (1982) on Fri Jul 22 17:12:14 2005
I always what happened to the embry girls as well. I was good friends with Tina and Nina but lost contact probably 15+ years ago.
From: Jose Robleto (1974) on Fri Jul 22 05:04:14 2005
Looking for Gina, Tina or Nina Embry.

Please, le me know if you hear from the girls.
Thanks Jose

From: ChrisJ68 () on Thu Jul 21 22:57:39 2005
Bill re: famous fight.If it was where the houses ended on Newton, then that would be close to Mikes house in the new section of Newton,(he lived next door to Gail Johnson, who lived next door to Wendy Jensen. CJ
From: ChrisJ68 () on Thu Jul 21 22:52:50 2005
Bill and Kevin; I think the dreaded dredging ? actually started towards the end of 67 (start of our senior year?).I only remember this because I had to do a lot of field work for Buettenbach(sounded like bitsenbah)for our Oceanography class. We had to check the outflow of the pipe for rare specimens of ocean dwellers. I think they finally finished(ruined) the beach in '69.
From: kevin (69) on Thu Jul 21 17:53:38 2005
Bill M, I remember going to see a Contest just N. of the RB Breakwater, circa 1964/65, and watching Weber, Doyle, Takiyama, Nu'uhiwa among others duke it out on 8-10' swell. It was like going to an All Star game and seeing your heros. Nothing beat a Ave I back then, when the Santa Anas were blowing in late summer.
From: Bill M (68) on Thu Jul 21 16:22:39 2005
Kevin H. don't give up the glide. You should see those short boarders move when a 9'4" is heading their way. I ask one if he understood the peak a huh? so I just kept taking off with him until he understood. '69 did ruin it, but it has had it good moments of the years. Barry Buxton and I had a perfect 1 hour session at Torrance on a raining day about 3 years ago. Just him and I out.Perfect peak about 3 house down the cliff...we always see each other on raining days looking for that moment again.These where the nice tubes the allow this green room talk to exist. A good memory for ever.

Thanks for the clarification on Mike...didn't think he was around that long. I really didn't know him that well and now I know why..came in late and I think he is a year ahead of us. His house must be right around wihere the famous Jim Hamilton Lee Ellsworth fight took place. More trivia

From: ChrisJ68 () on Thu Jul 21 14:28:57 2005
Nancy, I now know you lived on Sereno. I was misled when I read Dean Mckinney lived on your street. I remember the McKinney's living on Newton St. I wasn't aware they moved up the hill. I'm no longer confused.Yes, I did go to Newton as did Caren, and youngest sister Cathy(72). I did know Sam Barnes, but don't have a lot of memory regarding him. I will say hi to Caren for you. Bill, Mike didn't go to Newton, his family moved to Torrance in 1965 so Mike started South as a sophmore.
From: Kevin (69) on Thu Jul 21 13:47:53 2005
Hey Nancy, good to hear from you! Yeah, Riviera lifer K thru 8th. Don't hear to much from any alum other than Dave Baxter
and Barry Simon, who were both neighbors on El Chico. Married w/2 boys 12 & 14, own a house in W. Torr. Used to surf off Ave I until the dreaded dredging of '69 ruined the natural sand bar (and surf!) for eternity. That's when "short" boards (ugh) became popular, cause that was the only way you could catch the resulting

From: Bill M (68) on Thu Jul 21 12:07:20 2005
Chris, knew Mike went to South, didn't realize he was a Newton guy too...darn lost memory cells..or jsut black holes.

Nancy, I still see Dean at the beach. I will mentioned you to him. He lives in unit behind Malga Cove Plaza. His wife is the groundskeeping and he is the Service manager at the Bel Aire or Beverly Hills country of those places I can not afford to join.

From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Thu Jul 21 00:25:02 2005
Chris J: I remember your sister Caren; I didn't know her very well. Very nice person! Please say hi to Caren (tell her I was the one that married Sam Barnes-in high school). So did you go to Newton? Sam also went to Newton.

I lived way up the hill. You would need to go up Vista Montana, or go up Calle Mayor and then take all the back roads.

Yes the Willow Tree is large (lots of investors). I lived in it in the early 1970's. I think that there are over 400 units. The Property Managers keep the place up very well.

Thanks for responding....

Nancy N.

From: ChrisJ(68) () on Wed Jul 20 23:49:16 2005
Nancy, my sister graduated in '69. Her name is Caren Johnson. She ended up marrying one of my best friends who lived in the 4th house from Nancy Lee Lane on Newton. He graduated in 67 (Mike Brownlie) also has a sister Karen Brownlie. Did you live on the side of Newton against the hill? The Willow Tree is right next door to South (east side next to the industrial arts shops.
One of the largest apt. buildings in Torrance. The Ross clothing store is on the east side of the building.

From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Wed Jul 20 20:17:23 2005
Well it is great to hear all you "guys' comments. Thanks! There are many sides to my life. Part of it was having a smart business man for my father (he taught me well).

Thanks for the tips on the musicians.

Dean McKinney, ya I remember him. I lived in the first of the new houses on the street (it was a private street) and Dean lived in the last house on the street. We didn't really know each other. We both skateboarded on the street (since it was a private street that means our parents had to pay for the actual street in front of the house so the material that they used was better quality than the reqular streets so it was really fun to skateboard on it). I remember making my own skateboard in 1959 with my old roller skates. Wow the boards today I'd probably fall right on my butt!

What keeps me in Sacramento is my house and lots of animals. I did animal rescue (feral cats) I am a sucker for helping animals in need.

Forming an LLC is better because I don't want a large corporation. I want an Indie Recording Label. The LLC works great for our restaurant in San Diego.

Well got to go for now. Again I appreciate all your comments.

Take care to all.....


From: Bill M (68) on Wed Jul 20 16:29:07 2005
Bill A. Why do you insist on quoting me wrong. It is not politically correct to mention cute butt. Roby still into music, but it is in San Clementee. Try this site for more .

Nancy, didn't Dean McKinney live on your street, at the end that kind of went of what look like a cul-de-sac? Now the Willow Tree apts.Royal Towers doesn't ring a bell, but there are so many. We just sold some rental units in Lomita and are moving up on Calle Mayor. Get to start the fixing up all over again. You are right about high prices, but sounds like you have invested correctly and you should have capital gains..just make sure you sell through the 1031 exchange.
There is no word around anywhere about Molly. Dan Car[penter had sen her a few months before, but had know idea she was in bad health.
South swell is heading for S. Calif so until next time. Bill A. tell the truth. Kevin write a little more, Chris H. hope everything works out and Nancy hope some females log on for you.

From: Chris Huey (68) on Wed Jul 20 14:50:38 2005
Nancy, I play in a "Celtic Folkgrass" band ( and we've just released our second CD. The first CD was self-recorded/self-produced and we can't stand to listen to it anymore. But the second was recorded/produced by Billy Oskay ( His mixing board used to be owned by Jose Feliciano. Wonderful studio overlooking a field of wildflowers and Mt. Hood.

We're not "die hard" musicians in that we all have day jobs to keep the rest of the families happy.

I came from "the other side" when I went to South (meaning I came from Seaside Elem.). Lived over on Reese Rd. Near George Betus, Paul Munson, and Bobbi Gersch, if I recall correctly)

From: Bill A (68) on Wed Jul 20 14:08:20 2005
Nancy,you crack me up in regards to feeling you could never afford a house in So.Torr/ Red. Bch...Sounds like you took the Donald Trump crash course on business and investing. May your apartments go Condo. I think I've made note of it before but I'm clearly impressed by you Nancy. Tell me how is it that you happened to be so well endowed, no pun intended, that you are into as many business ventures that you are have you been working what Bill M. referrs to as that cute litte butt off or did you just manage to inherit well ?

Is there a reason you prefer an LLC over a Corporation?

Regarding musicians,,,,,,,,I don't know if Roby Laporte is a die heart musician but I think he's a die hard musician down in Laguna. He used to play at Torrance Beach and Hermosa Beach and last I looked was playing at the Golden Bear in Huntington and other places...

Regarding Moll.....I never did get much clarity on things other than it was a surprising situation. I have given thought to writing Mac ( dad )or her mom, who always used to bake me good stuff.I never linked up with Meg.I only heard of a couple of people who had seen her some months prior to her passing. I would like to know what actually happened myself.Somehow I feel that it could have only been an illness of somekind; although, I always felt she was very healthy, but I always had a biased opinion in regards to her.

107 in Sacramento,,,my buddy Bill Levitz ( son of Sid Levitz / Levitz Furniture ) is in Suckatomato too and is soon moving to The Big Island to broker real estate. I think you need to move here too. 85 degrees, ocean breeze, the scent of tropical flowers and jasmine, outrageous sunsets, year round water that you can swim in 24/7/365. You always want to go outside.....think of the concept.....Someone has to live in paradise.............. One of my sisters has homes in Grass Valley and Nevada City and I've been there and Sacramento...............WHAT in the world keeps you there????????????????????? We've got a suntan here with your name on it.

From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Tue Jul 19 18:18:26 2005
It is so great to hear about the hang out places from you "guys' class of 68, 69. It makes me really miss Redondo and Torrance Beach. I lived on Via El Sereno and took alot of the same ways to drive home as you have mentioned. But alas, both my parents are gone and the home i grew up in has been sold.

Kevin Hazelton I remember well, didn't you go to Riviera Elementary?

Chris Johnson do you have a sister named Carol? Just wondering I was friends with Carol in my freshman year.

Sounds like alot of you still go to Torrance/Redondo Beach.

I am part owner in some of the apartments down there. Does anybody know the Willow Tree really close to South High? Also Royal Towers in Redondo Beach only a couple of blocks from the beach. There are three more but they are all inland (off of Anza) not near the beach.

I could never afford a home down there they are so expensive. I don't know how some of you do it. You must have great jobs!

Any of you in the music industry. I am working on starting an Indie Record Label. Lots of work because I need to form an LLC.

So I am looking for die heart musicians out there??

Well I am living in Sacramento and it sure gets hot. It was 107 two days ago, you don't really want to go outside in that weather.

Well hello to all. Are there any females from the class of 69 on this site.

Oh just a little info, I have been searching the cause of death of Molly Macleod. I have this Family Tree software and it lets you access lots of stuff ( I have only found Molly's birth records so far) will keep searching, because I need some closure on this.

My best to all....

Nancy Nickle

From: Perrius Maximus (1984) on Tue Jul 19 15:54:00 2005
I like northern nevada too, Bret....the only issue here seems to a be lack of really solid companies that pay well.....or perhaps engineering isn't that big of a field here. Regardless, it's a decent place to live.
From: Carl (1982) on Tue Jul 19 12:14:40 2005

I really enjoy the part of texas that I moved to (Magnolia), which is 40+ miles NW of houston. Living in So Cal all my life, the contrast in climate and way of life is exactly what I needed, so I'm pretty happy.

As for your move, I love that area, my family purchased a house in Truckee when I was about 10 years old, my father worked the casino's in Reno, so we spent a winter up there, which was really cool. Lake Tahoe is one of my favorite places, very happy for you.

From: Tim Moyer (1975) on Mon Jul 18 22:02:17 2005
Will there be a class of '75 30 year reunion? Or is that the '70s picnic?

Just checking
Thank you!

From: () on Mon Jul 18 21:52:43 2005

From: Daniel Flynn (1995) on Mon Jul 18 19:06:01 2005
I am so happy to see that everybody seems to be happy with where they are at in life. I will be honest however, I was nervous as all heck before the reunion started. However, since everybody was nice and open it made it easier. I hope that everybody will get what they want out of life as you all deserve greatness. I am off to Germany for 5 months and will be back to become a middle school computer educator. Good luck to all... Oh if you ever need a home loan ask me (former Loan Officer)
From: Lauren McAlpine (78) on Mon Jul 18 14:14:59 2005
HI 70's gang, and friends of 70's~~ UPDATE on 70's Family Picnic.

It's August 6, 2005 it's the 3rd Annual, at DePortola Park, You know the park on RH Road. Look for signs, and remember it's a POTLUCK!! The time frame is between 10-4.


Lauren McAlpine Cotner

From: ChrisJ (68) () on Mon Jul 18 10:30:43 2005
I'll wait to hear from you there.
From: Bill M (68) on Mon Jul 18 09:55:14 2005
I'll use your email address
From: ChrisJ(68) () on Mon Jul 18 01:08:11 2005
Bill M-- At this point, I'm scheduled to be off the 31st. back on a 48 hr. shift the 1st and 2nd, then off a couple more days. We'll see how the 3rd or 4th works. Send the phone #s for the hotels when you can, Chris
From: Bill M (68) on Mon Jul 18 00:45:54 2005

Don't doubt that your friend believes what he has ...but through all my discussion , Phil never was associated with South Surf Shop...but I have been wrong once or twice before. But I think I know someone who can find the truth.
Do you ever get out in the you still live in the South Bay?

Bill A...sounds like the kid of driving me and my friends did :)

Chris J. Bob Knop is on track for Encitintas 7/31

From: () on Sat Jul 16 15:33:27 2005

From: Bill A (68) on Sat Jul 16 14:13:08 2005
Yo Chris,,,,,thought I'd get to So.Cal already this summer vacation, but have been tied up closing an escrow and then working on one of the new purchases here in Kona and upgrading ( paint, floors,landscaping, new shower doors, etc, )it for rental.Just finished last night or 2 AM this morning. Today is one for floor jack and air impact wrenches to tear out a rear axel on a Mazda that one of my son's seems to have run over a 25 MPH sign with that evidently decided to take serious hold and become a STOP SIGN as it broke off to the ground and the strong 6 inches of steel post actually caught on the wheel itself and while it immediately stopped the vehicle it also has the rear passenger wheel bent back and out at about a 25 degree angle = time to replace right rear spindle axel and ?? else in there is toast. Still have to go to the other side of the island next week to introduce an airless paint sprayer to my beachhouse, then come back to Kona. Unfortunately, I spoke to some one yesterday who said that Staff returns to the high school on July 24th when I thought it was the 27th....So it's back to work and goodby to the summer vacation , in the land of the endless summer, which means Surfburgers are on hold..........No rest for the wicked......Aloha Brah!!!
From: kevin h (69) on Sat Jul 16 14:05:18 2005
Bill M, I know Phil didn't shape, I meant that they carried his signature model, like Weber had the David Nu'uhiwa
"Lightweight Noserider". A friend has one under lock and key in Santa Barbara.

From: Skidmarks R. Brown (69) on Fri Jul 15 17:35:41 2005
Would love to get my hands on a Tommy's chili cheese burger w/extra chili, beans and chili peppers...
From: Terry Skidmore (1965) on Fri Jul 15 17:13:22 2005
Just seeing if there is anyone out there still kicking.
From: DOG () on Fri Jul 15 09:33:35 2005
As soon as he cleans up. Brah!
From: ChrisJ(68) () on Thu Jul 14 20:41:37 2005
The 'Surfburgers' are on the grill Bill, when ya comin to Cal again brah? Aloha------CJ
From: Bret (81) on Wed Jul 13 19:46:59 2005

No i've always been in Northern Nevada. I said I lived in Nevada once and somebody assumed it was Vegas. I like it up here. Cool people beautiful scenery. Schools are good. UNR is a nice University. If you like the outdoors you'll love it. Click on my name to get my e-mail address. Let me know if I can be of any help.

From: Perrius Maximus (1984) on Wed Jul 13 14:05:10 2005

I thought that you were in Las Vegas? I may be moving to Northern Nevada as well. I've been working for a company that makes precision medical instruments in Reno for about two months now. So far I like it and may stay. The Vegas job market stinks right least for engineers.

From: Bill M () on Wed Jul 13 13:51:23 2005
If you are thinking of the old South Bay Surf Shop on Ave. I with their wishbone skeg...Phil didn't shape for them..Don Newcome used to hand out there all the time and act liked he was on the team. Yeah theImperials was on Surfs Up but I don't think it was Mike Blodgett, didn't he do Shindig or something on the Santa Monica Beach...but all my memories cells don't work. Gregg Carroll might remember that better. As I recall they had limited space and all members couldn't be on the show..that, the time committed to the movie and then some kids wanting to go with clubs that had sponsers caused the infighting the finally led to folding of the Imperials. Name from a spray paint can in Gary Hill's garage...

Know do you remember when Surfboards Hawaii open a shop up on PCH and about Ave G??

From: Bill A (68) on Wed Jul 13 13:06:26 2005
Yes, the Windjammer..and yes Catalina brain is tweaking.........the place to grind and sober up after a night of serious partying..............

Kevin H..
Right Lanikila and Nahoa crews I met were all right on...........

Somebody gimmie a Surfbuger!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Kevin H (69) on Wed Jul 13 10:28:42 2005
Bill M, I think the Royals lasted a couple of weeks at most. Remember seeing Imperials on TV - either "Surf City" hosted by Sam Riddle (KHJ DJ) and Kam Nelson, or "Surfs Up" hosted by Mike Blodgett(?).
Chris J, I remember South Bay Surf, I seem to remember Phil Edwards was their board designer.

From: Chris J (68) () on Wed Jul 13 00:26:56 2005
Bill M-- It was Village Meats and Deli, and what I wouldn't give for a 'Surf Burger' today. Anyone remember the 'wishbone' fins at the surf shop across from the Windjammer? South Bay Surfboards? or does memory fail me.
From: Bret (81) on Tue Jul 12 19:40:51 2005
I moved to Northern Nevada. Little town outside of Reno called Fernley. It's as hickish as it sounds. 2 lakes within 30 minutes of the house. Lake Tahoe 1 hour away. How's Texas?

From: Bill M (68) on Tue Jul 12 17:33:04 2005
Remember the Bowl well. Knew you lived closed but not that close. We lived on Vai Sego. You lived up the street and a little past Bob Brookes and all the crazy parties at his house. took your street then up the water ramp to Riveria. Don't remember Royals, a group by El Rancho tried to compete forming The Nigh Riders but they didn't last long. 26 years ain't bad , I hit 35 next month.
From: Kevin H (69) on Tue Jul 12 17:27:18 2005
Bill M, 26 yrs of toil, started in Culver City. Work doing logistics in special program area. Riviera boys...did Sundays at St. Law. We lived on uppper El Chico. Yeah "Surf Burger", I was trying to remember what we called them. I remember the Imperials...we tried to start a club at Riviera called the "Royals" but we just sucked! We did have "the Bowl" tho.
From: Bill M (68) on Tue Jul 12 17:09:18 2005
Kevin Hazelton...working for Raytheon..didn't know that. What do you do there? See your brother does photso for the Breeze. Good old St. Lawrence kids right? Then on to South. I think the place was just called Village Deli or Village Deli & meats something like that. Yes remember their surf burgers well. It's one of those fancy restrauants now. Can't let Gordon M. know that, he and his brother worked the Torrance Snack bar for years.
From: Kevin H (69) on Tue Jul 12 15:43:55 2005
Bill M...Hazelton
Nardone was a wannabe Mafia. I think he and his son did time for tax evasion.
What was the name of the Deli that was in the village, great burgers and garlic bread.

From: Bill M (68) on Tue Jul 12 15:09:30 2005
Chris H,

You show up everywhere. Rumor has it Nardone was finally closed by the IRS...ties to the Mafia...but what did a bunch of kids know.

From: Chris Huey (68) on Tue Jul 12 14:21:01 2005
Make that "Catalina", not Cataline. This darned in-head spell checker is on the fritz
From: Chris Huey (68) on Tue Jul 12 14:19:56 2005
Bill Am,

Cataline runs parallel and one block up from the Esplenade. I don't remember a restaurant there but I remember frequenting Nardone's pizza place (down the block) a whole bunch. Remember Mama Nardone? Big Italian woman with a heart of gold?

From: Bill M (68) on Tue Jul 12 13:28:13 2005
Bill Am.

Windjammer corner or Ave. I and Catalina,

Mark Toler's dad oweed it. Think he was class of 70.

Kevin H. Last name? I'm still at the portion of Hughes that went to Boeing.

But early in the morning after the first go out nothing like walking to Winchells in the village. Sugar rush

From: Kevin H (1969) on Tue Jul 12 13:17:14 2005
Bill A...I paddled for Lanakila Canoe club out of RB Harbor off and on from 1980 to 1990. Did the Queen's race in 1980 &84, and a couple of Catalina crossings as well.They send a team every year along with another club in RB called Nahoa. Also was on escort boat for Mololai/Oahu race in 85, absolutely insane chasing canoes across 40 miles of 10 to 20+ ft swells.
Bill M...know your brother Bruce, see him
on occasion at Raytheon where I work too.I highly recommend getting into paddling. Great workout and fun people to be with. The only drawback for me is finding the time, as it is really a commitment if you want to get into it seriously. Been trying to talk my boys 14 and 12 into it, but soccer and surfing come first.

From: Bill A (68) on Tue Jul 12 13:03:26 2005
Trivia question , since memory is fading . What was the name of the 24 hour resturant , where you could get
" The Early Bird Breakfast - 2 eggs, potatoes, toast and jelly,& coffee " It was at the corner of Avenue I and just east of The Esplanade, I can't think of the other street that goes by there parallel and one up from The Esplanade.

From: Bill M (68) on Mon Jul 11 22:54:44 2005
So you were born under a bad sign too.
From: Bill A (68) on Mon Jul 11 13:20:26 2005
How's that McKaig,,,,just so credit for the fun goes where ever it does...(*_,*)

I'm aware of the Redondo Beach Canoe Club, I've helped them put their canoe in the water at the Annual Queen Liliokalani Race ( 18 mile World Championship Long Distance Race from Hounounou [City of Refuge] to Kona Bay ). I beleive that Keauhou Canoe Club ( my club ) even loaned them one of our Hawaiian Racers ( type of canoe= good one ) about 4 years ago. I was stoked to see them show up in the islands for the race. Didn't personally know anyone in any of their crews but it made no difference , as they were who they were from where they were and that was enough = spirit of aloha, plus the outlook of reciprocity , since we go to the Catalina Race across the channel out of Newport and loaning canoes for races out of ones area is a courtesy that is repaid by being loaned a canoe from that club at some possible future race / date. But it was kewl to see a club from " home " represent at a world class canoe race. For this race crews come from all over the world. France, New Zealand, Korea, England, Japan, Austrailia, Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti, Canada, Germany , every island in Hawaii, and whereever. If your in that race which I do every year since 1996 , your racing with baddest boyz in the world. It's awesome to be on a starting line with 175 - 200 canoes

From: Bill M (68) on Mon Jul 11 09:49:33 2005
Bill A of 68, use your intitial or I will get all the blame for all the fun times you had at South. :):)

You Rancho boys are all the same. Remember John Bomilla, Paul Thompson, Steve Kingsman....and a group of you cruising that corner. Anza and Calle Mayor

Art Johnson of theIndescribably Delicious Band does a Karoke show at the runanway restruant/bar at that corner every Tuesday & Wednesday night.

There is a canoe club running out of Redono Harbor, I'm thinkin of looking into since the surf seems to be constantly lousy in the South Bay.

Hope all is well over there..take care

From: Jerrie (71) on Mon Jul 11 09:35:36 2005
Bill, I wonder how many of us take that same route when we visit home? Its the same one I take, and I lived above PCH and Crenshaw! Sometimes I get jiggy and take PV drive thru Rolling Hills, then down Crenshaw, but you're right. Its ALWAYS coming "home".
From: Bill (68) on Sun Jul 10 23:26:16 2005
Yo, Gordon, tell Bruce that I'm glad to see that as much beer as we used to drink together over the years, while still managing to stay intact that I'm happy to see that he hasn't lost the taste for the suds.....tell Bruce I said " WASUP Brah ??"

AS far as the Harley Hogs, this makes sense, as you always were into the auto shop end of things..... Right on Gordon...

Re: South Bay,Torrance, Redondo Beach,,whenever I fly into LAX and visit my mom on 232nd st. Torr. I drive down PCH then into the Bay and along the water as soon as I can get to it and then cruise it all the way through Manhatten, Hermosa, Redondo's Esplanade and turn left at the entrance to Torrance Beach and up over the hill , down calle mayor across anza and it always gives me that feeling of going home. AS far as it being priced for the " Average Joe's " hmmm never had the feeling that we were the average joe's , I've always had the feeling that I was lucky to grow up when and where I did, with the parents I had. It will always be home...Don't ever sell !!
No matter what..... There's no place like home,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,there's no place like home........... (*_,*)

Bill, what website is being referred to here.

From: Bill M (68) on Sun Jul 10 21:35:08 2005
And the Matthews brother ride again into the sunset. Come on it's not that late one more hour on the mat, I will bring it in on time honest....and Gorden had another addict to the mat rental business.
From: Gordon (68) on Sun Jul 10 20:55:19 2005
The Matthews Brothers are in Northern California. Gordon lives between Paradise and Chico right next to a Salmon Stream and Bruce lives just south of there, in Durham. Hawaii it is not but it's pretty cool. Bruce works for a beer brewery and Gordon has been restoring antique Harleys for the last 12 years. Screw you Jesse James.
From: Carl (1982) on Fri Jul 8 22:03:31 2005

What state did you move to?

From: Gilbert Papilla (2004) on Fri Jul 8 05:55:12 2005
uh.. correction. Kudos to Byron**.
Soooo... do any of the older spartans want to hire a younger spartan for a summer job? E-mail me if y'got the chance!

From: Gilbert Papilla (2004) on Fri Jul 8 05:27:55 2005
I am so excited to hear how my fellow BLUE SMURFS are matriculating through life. One year has gone by and Santa Cruz is treating me well. I hope all is well with new, current, and old Spartans! Have a great summer.

Oh, and thanks so much, Bill M for hosting this awesome site!

From: Kevin Smith (1981) on Thu Jul 7 10:22:10 2005
Bill M - great website - I have a question, though, investors that I've spoken to used to say that Oil and Gold had approximately a 10 to 1 ratio - i.e. when oil was about 30 dollars a barrel, gold would be about 300 per ounce - it appears this is way out of whack now - has there been a long term relationship between those two items? if so, what seems to have knocked it so far out of whack? just curious...
From: Bret (81) on Wed Jul 6 19:22:10 2005
Bill M (68) your right Torrance is great. I consider myself lucky to have grown up there. But It's almost impossible for the average joe to afford. I moved to another state bought a new house and we were able to afford the wife staying home with the kids which is something she really wanted to do. The South Bay is a gem and priced accordingly.
From: Charlene Calac (1996) on Wed Jul 6 00:38:11 2005
Hey guys...
Join Lots of south high alumni!!!

From: ChrisJ (68) () on Tue Jul 5 11:26:22 2005
Greg Carroll, just a note about a business here in Torrance you might find interesting; It is called South Bay Skateboards. Located at 3120 W. 182nd St. (just west of Crenshaw.) They have an assortment of maybe 50 or so old boards. It sure brought back some memories. They have old boards with steel and clay wheels, etc. Some of the old stuff I saw were Hobie, Makaha, Molokai, Sidewalk Surfer, etc. Check it out if you're in the area, it might be interesting in view of the movie you're involved in. Chris J.
From: () on Mon Jul 4 18:53:15 2005

From: Bill M (68) on Mon Jul 4 07:35:01 2005
Gordon M. don't blame all this rambling on me. Eric Thompson, your face looks familar in 68 annual, but I can't remember too much...but it was the 60's . I still go out at Torrance with a group of oldies whenever there is a swell. Haggertys, no...gave that up to the agressive punks years ago.

No one anywhere is talking about what was the cause of Molly's death. Knew her too from Skaterdater Mr. Carroll.

Lou C. When you see Phil Irons, ask him if he remembers his name and what someone thought of him written in ice plant on the TB ramp. Funny story. Jim, artist is much beter than Meyer Baba...hope he has found his happiness.

Everyone talks about glad to be out of LA. Many problems yes...but just flew in from Wyoming Saturday and driving down PCh through Manhattan and Hermosa Beaches, seeing the PV hills, salt in the air and I know this is still my home. Torrance is still a great area to be in.

From: eric thompson (1970) on Sun Jul 3 21:38:24 2005
Are any of my old classmates still surfing the torrance/haggertys area? It was so much fun growing up there in the sixties and seventies.I have been down in encinitas since 72 and still get out at least four or five times a week.
From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Sat Jul 2 14:43:05 2005
Bill: I checked out your website, and the house is beautiful! Guess that is where I would want to stay when I finally get there. Which island is it on?

Sounds like you make great moves financially. Do you own homes in Southern Calif also?

I'll have to check out Trans World Metals also.

Thanks for all this info.....



From: Bill (68) on Sat Jul 2 02:09:18 2005

That is :

Gold, Silver, Platinum,Palladium Bars,Gold & Silver Eagles, and more..

From: Bill (68) on Sat Jul 2 02:07:27 2005
Indie= Independent..........I knew that..
Pad Thai Chicken...oh yeah!
Don't blame you for not wanting to move to the Lost either,,,I'll continue to buy property in SoCal, but only visit the fam there these days.

I've gotta do taxes too, hate doing em even though it's always fun getting checks,,,,,,,

Yeah, check out the site, it'll make ya wanna come to Kona...

for anyone wanting to roll a Keogh, Sep IRA, 401 K, IRA, Roth IRA into something that could be better for the future check out my other site:
and roll something non-productive into
Precious Metals Bullion.
Think of the concept...

From: Nancy Anne Nickle (69) on Fri Jul 1 14:22:25 2005
Bill: Indie Record Label is Independent Record Label. I don't play an instrument not involved in that. I am the business end, promotions, finances, etc.

I also own a restaurant in San Diego (132 steps to the Ocean) it is called Kafe' Yen (Thai Cuisine). My youngest son (Jamin) and I own it together. So I am kind of scared of taking on another venture that would be in LA and I live in Sacramento (and no I am not moving to LA).

So my son each day walks down to the beach on his break at Kafe' Yen (he is a body boarder) he surfed some too. I was the surfer (not too good) in the 60's. Also built my first skate board in 1959. And yes I remember skatedater!

Well got to go work on taxes for Kafe' Yen.

It is nice talking to you. Will check out your website too.


From: Bill (68) on Fri Jul 1 13:40:48 2005
Nancy, clarify " Indie " is it a place or a type of music like Reggi or what.

Regarding timeing , it's like the NIKE thing " Just do it !!! "
There are people that make things happen , there are people that watch things happen, and there are people that just sit there and wonder what the hell just happened. You sound like the 1st type and like an impressive woman at that, congratulations and keep it up there are not enough women in this world with your attributes. Your definitely a keeper. Do you sing/ play an instrument, what kind if so?

Why have you never been to Hawaii???? Perhaps to busy with your endevours.

Check out this website:

This is one of my homes that I have chosen to utilize as a vacation rental, it's right out of Better Homes and Gardens with Killer Panoramic Ocean Views of Kona Bay and Keauhou Bay. Elevation and views much like Palos Verdes BUT it's in paradise and outragous.

I figured someone had to live in paradise Chris '68 and I volunteered.

Gordon , where are you landlocked ? and Why ? Where is Bruce and what is he doing, you also have an older brother don't you.

If everybody had an ocean , across the USA, then everybody'd be Surfin.......Surfin USA....... VS landlocked.....

with aloha,

From: Nancy Nickle (69) on Thu Jun 30 19:25:26 2005
Well I am looking into starting an Indie Record Label, right now.

Having been working with two Indie Singer/Songwriters and we are all just thinking that perhaps it might be the right time to start a label of our own.

So you're in Hawaii? I have never even been there. What a life!!

Nancy N

From: Gordon (68) on Thu Jun 30 09:04:45 2005
Hey Bill, do you need a houseboy over there in the Islands? I'm land locked
From: Bill (68) on Thu Jun 30 00:25:18 2005
Aloha Gregg,
I'm on the Big Island racing outrigger canoes. Yeah Moll was a Doll ! Don't know any particulars; although, I think it was something sudden, but not an accident. Yes, major bummer. What are you up to these days?

McKaig..............wasup Brah!!!!!!!!!!! Long day here in the islands, working on the latest panoramic oceanview purchase to upgrade it for rental, so this icecold Beck's and I are watchin an INCREDIBLE KONA SUNSET sittin here miles from nowhere.

Chris did ya catch the green flash from Maui?
Hey Raymond Padoris is moving over here in a couple of months. His brother Steve 67' and Tim Zamarini 68 and Tim's brother Petey are all in Idaho, watchin potato's grow, and crusin.

Nancy Nickles,,,,,what are you up to??

with aloha,

From: () on Wed Jun 29 22:25:55 2005

From: Gregg Carroll (1970) on Wed Jun 29 16:01:59 2005
Bill A.,
I haven't seen you since the old T.B. days. Hope all is well. Are you living on Maui now? I used to get over pretty regularly and surf Honolua Bay, but haven't made it over for several years. Really sorry to hear about Molly. Molly and I went out a few times at the time we were making the film Skaterdater. You may recall seeing her at the end of the film with Ceila Wislow (sp?). Molly was a really special spirit. On top of being really cute, she was intelligent, witty, compassionate, and fun to be around. Does anyone know the particulars of her passing? What a bummer!

From: Gregg Carroll (1970) on Wed Jun 29 14:32:47 2005
Wow, sounds like you're doing lots of serious sailing. Let's try to get together with Larry Nutrika (Winters) somewhere down in San Juan or San Clemente. Say hi to Phil and Jim when you touch shore in Kaui. Wirick and I are going to try and find Phil at Trestles this Summer when his kids surf at the ASP event there.

From: Jerrie (71) on Wed Jun 29 10:09:01 2005
LOL...Gordon, I have 4. Aren't they more fun than their parents?
From: () on Wed Jun 29 08:06:09 2005

From: Gordon (68) on Tue Jun 28 22:12:38 2005
So, South High Fans, Who has the most Grandkids?
From: Gordon (68 ) on Tue Jun 28 22:10:42 2005
This is really great to have this site and to hear about all these South High People. Bill McKaig, you sound like the ringleader. Keep up the postings, it's great
From: Lou Chappelear (1966) on Tue Jun 28 07:55:28 2005
Bill M.
Will do. Phil has his hands full these days guiding his sons careers (endorsments etc.) along with his wife Danielle. Went to the Surfer Poll awards with him last fall. It was terrific seeing how he keeps kids on track and focased at that level of competition.
Jimmy lives a few blocks away from Phil in Hanalai and is quite the local artist.


From: Barb Shear (1968) on Mon Jun 27 23:13:57 2005
Chris H.
Thank you for passing the "request for missing person's whereabouts" on. I appreciate any effort to locate Sandy Anderson. It's nice to hear from you! Hope all's well in your life.

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