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Class of 1962
Marcie (Benckert) Pettigrew Hello class of '62! I am looking forward to our reunion this September. It seems so impossible that 40 years has passed since our graduation! How can that possibly be? I certainly don't feel that old! I'm still living in the south bay, I have a 24 year old son who will be going to graduate school at UCLA this fall and I am still working full time. I keep busy dancing West Coast Swing and Hustle, snow ski racing and tournament water skiing. I'm looking forward to seeing my former classmates at the reunion.

Frances (Bowes) Ramage

Dan Bruiger anyone know the whereabouts of Larry Gunther (class of 62)?

Betsy (Chappelear) Tryon

Linda (Helton) Pace Married in 1963 to Larry Pace,class of 1960. Lived in Mission Viejo until 1984, then moved to Hot Springs, Ar. We have two daughters, one who lives here in Arkansas, and one who lives in Las Vegas. Two Grandsons who are 14 and 19. We are both retired now and love to travel. 10-18-07

Glenn Jonas I live in Tucson and have been since coming here in 1966 to attend the University of Arizona. I'm a registered architect, and have just recently begun a new job as the head of the architectural department for a national firm. I'm single, no children, and happy.

Donald Lee If I just hadn't skipped so many classes?? I lived in the south bay area until 1982, then moved to Yorba Linda. No college, worked in the printing and advertising industries. I built up a printing company (Full Court Press, Anaheim)that I sold in 1993, retired and then said good bye to Kalifornia. Now live near Prescott, AZ. I spend my time traveling to pointing dog field trials all over the country. Visit for my current status. Married 37 years, no kids, 2 beautiful grand daughters. Would love to hear from any of my classmates.

Shelley (Lessin) Stockwell

Bill Martin left calif in 1970 after finishing tour in the Army and a couple of years on the LAPD. living in Idaho and still working in my own business. anyone ever see Karl Spiegal or Louie Oberest

Betsy (Mewborn) Cowan Are you ready for the 40th reunion? We need to get started with plans for next summer. If you know graduates' addresses and/or email please let me know. Don't know if anyone else is in charge, if so, contact me. I have been living and teaching special education in beautiful Lake Arrowhead for the past 10 years. Love the clean air, love the snow. Still singing in a local community chorus and have produced my own CD with the title "Betsy Presents Country Love". Ya gotta hear it. Part therapy, part catharsis, part inspiration. Love to hear from you.

Doug Millar Hello! I am living in Long Beach and doing University teaching. Got my EdD at age 60. Never too late. email me at Married,4kids,3 grandkids.

Merlene (Miller) Jenkins Hello to my classmates of 1962, I hope there is a reunion this year so I can see some old friends I would really like to find Bonnie Baldwin, I lost track of her when she moved to texas. I have 3 kids 2 girls and a boy and ONE grandson who is now 11. I live near Knotts Berry Farm, And have a second home in Victorville Ca. Best to all. Merlene Miller-Jenkins

Tom Monaghan We were the first class to go to, the then new, South High for all four years. Going through all the growing pains of the new school with no grass, cafeteria, gym, confused faculty and student body most of the time trying to get the new school organized and up and running. By 1962 however, things were running pretty smoothly. Our Graduation was held at El Camino College because we didn't have a football stadium that could handle that many people and besides, there weren't any lights at the existing field yet. What great times we had though, as you can read about if you log onto the site. This site has been a wonderful way to catch up with some old friends and memories. As for me, after staying close to home and raising two children, I moved to San Diego in '80 to get into the Yacht Brokerage business. Recently, the business has taken me a little north to Newport Beach where I live aboard my boat and manage a Yacht Brokerage office located on the Boardwalk on Lido Isle. I know, it's a tough job, but.............. The best part is that I now have four grandbabies that live within 15 minutes of me and I'm loving every minute of my life with them. Being a "Bampa", as they call me, is the best thing that's ever happened to me in my wildest dreams.

Mike Moor Just wanted to say "howdy" to fellow SHS grads of 62. I look forward to hearing from any of you. Take care and have a great 2004.

Granville Pool Granville Pool I worked in Yosemite in 1965 and met my wife there. We moved to Eureka in 1966 and got married that year. I attended Humboldt State and UCSB. I worked in environmental planning for a while, then became an appraiser, then a right-of-way agent. Last year, I changed carriers again (was getting bored) and am now in facilities management for Mendocino County. We moved to Ukiah in 1979 and it has been a great place to live and raise a family! We have a 30-year-old daughter in San Diego and a 24-year-old son near us. We have a 2 1/2-year-old grandson and another grandkidlet on the way (as of October 2001). We plan to attend the Class-of-'62 40-year reunion, if there is one.

Michelle (Schonert) Gruver

Leeanne Smith Cottriel Any 1958 graduates from Seaside Elementary, please contact me or Fred Ward at

Mac Timm After bouncing around in college for awhile I married Julie Moye (class of '64), we just celebrated our 35 wedding anniversary. We have 3 grandchildren and are ready for more. We are now living in Laguna Niguel.

Richard Vogl

Eugene J. Walls I hope it is not too late, but I would like information on a 40 year reunion for the class of 1962. I didn't graduate from South High because my parents moved in my senior year, but all the people I grew up with went and graduated from there. I would have graduated in 1962. I have given you my wife's EMail address for you to contact me. Thank you, Gene Walls

Bob Warren Retired communications field engineer from North West Pipeline - live in Liberty Lake, WA for the last 16 years (between Spokane and Coeur De Lene Idaho. Been married for 31 years and have one daughter. Still play hockey and ski at least twice a week during season, took 9000 mile motorcycle trip with wife all last summer across us and had a reunion with two of my friends from the 173d Airborne. After going thru jump school and spending a year and half in the far east with them and it only seemed like yesterday. Drop me a line. BobW

Cassandra "Sandi" (Young) Johnsen

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