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Class of 1988
Sheila (Aberhamson) Johansen

Anissa (Ainsworth) Varnell This is so much fun to see everyone on this web site. I actually ended up moving away prior to graduation from SHS but spent a few years there and made some wonderful friends. I am now living in Washington - hoping to make it back to California some day. Was married. No children. I am a Technical Recruiter/Consultant. Please email me. I would love to hear from you.

Christine (Allabaugh) Bauguess Just an update. Still here in Tulsa, Ryan is in college and Christopher has another two years of high school. Glad to have so many of you on Face Book!! Currently working for a cosmetic surgeon and enjoying my life.

Jonathan Allan

Eric Anderson I'm stoked Loren Griffing brought this site to my attention, it's really cool. Currently living in Long Beach with my wife Rose and two year old son Jimmy. We are in the process of building our home and shop up in Apple Valley, should be moving there by spring. After South I got into woodworking for a living and when that slowed down I became a Deputy Sheriff for L.A. County. Got retired on an injury in 04 and got back to woodwork. Life is definately good. or 2006-01-13

Janice (Aughenbaugh) Sage I'm living the good life in South Dakota of all places. After graduating from the University of Arizona, I married my husband in 1995. We have 3 daughters who bring focus and meaning to every day. I've worked in banking almost consistently since '92. Currently I work for Wells Fargo student loans. I have to say that I don't miss CA at all. Life in the midwest is great. Looking forward to seeing some of you at our 20 yr reunion!

Laura (Backus) Gendron Hi Everyone! I was searching for reunion information and found this great site. I am now living in Clovis, CA with my husband Marc. I have 4 year old twins (Curtis and Carlee) and a 3 year old boy (Cole). I keep myself busy with my toddlers and owning my own business (Petite Fleur Designs children's accessories). I can't wait to see all of you at the reunion. Drop me a line. I would love to hear from you.

Craig Bartholio Great to see everyone at the 20 year reunion and the family day on Sunday.

Rhondda Begley I live in San Diego with my 3 year old son,Jackson Roy. Own a boutique- "mimi & red" in North Park and teach at FIDM. I missed the 10 year but think I'll go to the 20-can't believe that's soon...

Yvette (Bemis) Koleber Miss all the fun we all had in school. Email me some time to just talk about old times. I have three Daughters. Nicole7, Chelsea6, Chloe3.

David Beyer After graduationg from South I spent a short time at El Camino but, found it wasnt much for me. Later in 1996 I recived a BASEET from ITT. While in School I met my wonderfull wife and step son and 1997 was married. In 1998 we had our first child together who is now almost 4. I am now a Network Systems Engineer for a major electronics company in El Segundo and living in Placentia, CA with my family. My family and job is pretty much my life. I have remained friends with all the people I hung out with in School and still see them on occasion today. Thats it for me.

Mark Bird

Jennifer (Bostwick) Hoff It is great to read about every one's interesting life paths. Plenty of surprising turns right? After South I got a degree in Geology at UC Berkeley and then moved back to SoCal to pursue a PhD at UCLA. Last time I saw all of you at the reunion I had left my Antarctic meteorites behind for a glorious career in mothering. We've been happily married for 13 years now. My husband Chris and I have 3 delightful daughters (so of course I'm a Girl Scout leader). Allie, Chloe and Olivia are 11, 7 and 3.5. We went East 2 years ago and are now settled in a small suburb of Boston, MA. I look forward to hearing from old friends and seeing you at the reunion!

Jason Butcher Just stumbled upon this site and loved seeing and reading about my old classmates! I am currently married and have a beautiful 2 year old girl. I work as a Physical Education Teacher at Hermosa Valley School in Hermosa Beach. Drop me a line anytime!

Thomas Byrne Still living and working in Huntington Beach. Went to and graduated from the California Institue of the Arts (88-92), worked in and out of Hollywood until 2001 when I decided to go into business for myself. I own and operate a painting contracting company. Have been engaged to Mary since 2003, the wedding bells still a while from now. Playing as much golf as is humanly possible while I give ice hockey a rest. Yes, I've been playing ice hockey; go Kings go!!! Best wishes to all, John Bedford and Mike Rimmey rest in peace.

Hugo O. Castillo I'm from Peru, have many fun memories from high school, moved to Richmond Va. in 1991, still here but visit LA once o twice a year, my sisters still there. I have 3 beautiful daughters (Tiffany,Jessica and Lauren), I'm a senior G.M. for Boddie-Noell, enterprises Inc. just trying to be there for kids and enjoying life every single day. I just hope to reconnect with some of you guys. Still asking myself, did 20 years just pass me by?.

Bella Charurat Sorta stumbled on to this web page by accident. I am glad that everyone seems to be doing very well. I no longer live in the south bay area. I graduated with a BS degree in biochemistry (yes biochemistry... Mr. Hondrick!!! and still I am c o n f u s e d!) from University of Washington and worked a few years as a research assistant in the Gottstein Cancer Institute in Seattle. After deciding that life in research was not for me, I went back to school and got my PharmD degree from The Ohio State University. Now I work in a nonprofit hospital in Raleigh, NC. So far I love my life. Sometimes I still reminisce about my past experiences at South High. Couldn't make it to the last high school reunion, but will try to attend the next one. Those who remember me-- please write! I would love to hear from you all!

Thomas Chen I actually left south after a couple of years, but I grew up in the district, so hopefully somebody remembers me. After highschool I attended 2 years at El Camino (A.A.), then unto UC Davis (B.A.), Trinity International University (M.A.) then finally Rosemead School of Psychology (M.A. & Psy. D.). Currently I'm working as a Clinical Psychologist in private practice near Beverly Hills. Beem happily married for 6 years, no kids (thank God!). Living by the beach, generally enjoying life. Not bad for someone who almost flunked out of high school =)

David Chun

Sandi (Ciampa) Rusconi I enjoying living in Boulder, Colorado where I attended graduate school and later met my husband (Andre). We had a baby boy (Matthew) in November '05 and at that time I went to a part-time schedule with my employer, GlaxoSmithKline. Hope everyone is doing great-would love to hear from old friends!

Victoria (Clark) Hansch Hello all ! I am living in North Hollywood, and work as a mental health nurse, in L.A. and the O.C. - recently divorced and single again - no children - but life is good, and I'm enjoying the ride. What's going on with you?

Colinda (Cole) Cole-French Hi everyone! I graduated from UCSC and worked with college students through InterVarsity until 2003 first in the Bay Area and from 1997 in Boston . My husband Will and I met at college and got married in 1997 (right before moving to Boston). We have 3 children William (6), Timothy (4) and Catherine (1). Since 2004 we've lived in Vietnam teaching English (me) and training English teachers (Will). It's an adventure!

Robert (Jay) Coleman Married to my beautiful wife Karla and now have 5 children in Northern CA. Currently living in Napa,CA and work for an oil refinery (Valero) in Benicia,CA. Hope all is going well for everyone!!

Brooke Cook Hello everyone, I was so excited to see many of my old friends here with actual email addresses that I could get access to. It's also great to hear that everyone is doing well. I live up near San Francisco with my husband and My 8year old son. I'm still studying acting stuff and have been dabbling in getting my voice over demo done someday. Hey, if anyone knows what Jennifer Sanchez is up to, let me know. Maybe I'll see you all at the 20th reunion. Good wishes to everyone. Brooke

Jim Coyle

Michele (Dahl) Hill

Bonnie (Denn) Orona Well its nice to see everyone on this board. I am really happy. I am raising two beautiful children and am happily married to a wonderful man. Check out my new board or myspace on My Space.

Kim (DeVoll) Pandolfo

Audra (Donahue) Gendron

Kim (Dyer) Meyers Living in Portland, OR with one husband (Phil), two kids (Zoe and Sally) and two cats. I have a BS in Zoology from NAU and a M Arch from University of Houston. Now I'm working for a large firm in Portland. Drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you.

Deanne (Farris) Barsi It was great to see all of you at the 20 yr reunion. I'm looking forward to the next one! Since the reunion, we bought our first home and relocated out to Corona. We love it out here and really enjoy being homeowners. Our kids our now 8 and 4 and growing up way too fast. This year Alan and I will be celebrating 20 years together and 14 yrs of marriage. I'd love to hear from you, you can always find me on Facebook!

Bridget Fitzpatrick After many years abroad and out-of-state, I live in Hermosa Beach! Post Bishop Montgomery HS and University of Michigan I worked as a television publicist for several years but I took a break about 6 years ago and haven't gone back. I've had jobs as an ESL teacher in Italy, a waitress in Ireland, and I even sold bake potatoes in Tasmania! Ending last season, I was the corporate flight attendant for the Texas Rangers, Houston Rockets and Dallas Stars. I spent nearly two years on the road with Michael Young, Yao Ming, Mike Modano and friends! For about a year I've been living locally and working at a company near LAX that moves rock bands around the world. I'm just now finishing The Police World Tour. I'm the still-single-but-happy-to-be-an-Auntie to my brother Tom's two kids (and the one on the way). My Mom and my Dad live in the same house in Walteria on Park St. and they are doing fantastic! I travel. A few years ago I went around the world for six months by myself (Hawaii, Australia, Thailand, Europe and home.) I've also traveled fairly recently, and for the first time, to India, Dubai and Amsterdam.

Cynthia (Forsythe) Duran I'm living in the Denver area with my husband and three kids.

Diane (Foster) Megerdichian Married since August 2006, hubby's name is Shant and we have two daughters, Emma 6 and Laura 7 months old. Still work for the City of Torrance (10 years)as a Business Manager, basically I perform construction administration work. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion and catching up.

Tara (Gasteiger) Matheson Hi everyone! It's so great to hear how wonderful everyone is doing. I live in Ventura, California with my husband of 6 years and my sons Cooper, 3 and Finnley 1. I went to UCR for my BA in Sociology and teaching Credential and taught middle school for 7 years then MA in Counseling from Loyola Marymount and have been a School Counselor for 6 years. I work 1 day a week and get to be home with my boys the rest of the time. I definetly miss living in the south bay but I feel fortunate to still live by the beach just a little north. I would love to hear from anyone on how life is treating you.

Jason Gateas Hello all, Take care. See you again in 2018, at the 30th Reunion Event. Jason, January 2nd 2009

George Giourof Hello fellow Spartans of 88'' Time flies as were coming up on 20 years !! ( that just sounds wrong !! ) life is great..I married a wonderful lady named Olja and have two fantastic children ( Nina 12, & Marko 4 ) I live in Torrance and have my business in Torrance as well ( so no 405 traffic ) LIFE IS GREAT AND SEE YA ALL SOON !!!

Cathy (Gordon) Santome hi! seems like a long time since high school! i guess it has been.. i have been working as a 2nd grade teacher for the past 8 years, and i love it (most of the time)! i married jose santome from class of 86' and have been happily married now for 7 years. i am now a one year cancer survivor. i am so thankful for my wonderful family and friends that me helped through. it was great to see this site and thanks byon for maintaining it! take care everyone, cathy gordon santome

Julie (Gossett) Vicuna

Loren Griffing After graduating South and spending about 5 years at El Camino and working in local bike shops, I realized I wasn't destined to work for someone else. I opened my own mail order bike business about 5 years ago, and can be found in my warehouse off Crenshaw just about all hours of the day and night working away (the joys of self employement!). When I do sneak out, you can often find me at - of all places - South (!) helping "Coach" Tokuda cheer on his runners.

Steve Hancock Good times at South High! I wonder if I was as crazy as some of the kids that work for me now? It seems like soo long ago. Great job, happily married, and three wonderfull daughters. What more could a man ask for! Take care.

David A Hanken I'm now a West Coast transplant living in the Washington D.C. area (College Park - Go Terps!) after being a part of the Lomita crowd for many years. I work for the USDA, protecting your environment and farms from foreign invasive species. My two cats (who would have guessed cats!) and three king snakes all get along famously except when I'm out river canoeing or hiking the Shenandoah's.

Kelly (Hansen) Kerschner

Amanda (Hanson) Mangels Wasn't able to make it to the reunion since I traveled there in April of last year for a family emergency. Anyhow, I am working part time in the middle school in my town, working with 7th-8th graders. I like it pretty well. Still busy being a mom and a chauffeur. My kids are in 4th and 1st and still married to my Kansas sweetie going on 12 yrs.

Dylan Harwood Hello everyone! I currently live in Torrance with my wife and two kids (3 yo and 1 yo). After South, I attended UCSD, then LMU, and then U of Miami for my doctorate. I currently work as a neuropsychologist, specializing in late-life memory disorders (e.g., Alzheimer's, stroke). When I'm not sleeping or chasing my kids, I split time between my office in Beverly Hills, UCLA, and some nursing homes in the South Bay. I still surf from time to time, though I'm thinking of having my wife update her CPR training:).

Cameron Hedges Been a while, so I thought I'd leave a little update. My wife and I are now living in Santa Clarita. We are expecting our first child in December (a girl). I am associate pastor at Grace Chapel in Inglewood and work in missions. Have traveled to Turkey several times, Cuba, and Mexico. Not teaching anymore, self-employed, but still involved in education at my church. E-me any time.

Beth Hellyer Hi everyone! I currently live in Acton and teach science for the Palmdale School District. I am a commercial glider pilot and flight instructor, but haven't done much flying lately. I have partnerships in throughobred racehorses and own three quarter horses as well. I compete in barrel racing, gymkhana, trail, and team penning. I also belong to Backcountry Horsemen of California and pack during the summer. My brother, Paul, also graduated from SHS and is now a lawyer.

Karen Henricksen I can't believe it has been half of a lifetime since we graduated from South! After graduating from business school at U.C. Berkeley, I lived in San Francisco for 8 years working as a forensic accountant and playing as a singer/songwriter/ guitarist on the side. I moved to Lake Tahoe as a PSIA ski instructor in 2000 and relocated to NYC in 2001 to assist with 9/11 recovery work. After 5 years in the Big Apple, I recently relocated to Westport, CT where I am the managing principal of the Connecticut office of a national CPA firm (I still dabble in music on the side). In summary, life is good! Glad to see there are so many happy Spartans out there!

Tracy (Hirth) Highwart Hello all! I've been living and working in Huntington Beach for 14 years. Married for 15 years, and have two kids. Life is great...

Ken Hite


Kristin Johnson

Tamera (Jolley) Catto Hello! I am so excited to find this site! I can't wait to see you all at the 20 year reunion. I've been married for 17 years, and have 4 children ages 8-15. I enjoy being a full time mom. I met my husband at B.Y.U., and after graduation moved to Santa Rosa, CA briefly. We moved from there to Las Vegas (for 9 years), then sold our house at the top of the market, and moved to North Ogden, UT where we are now. Does anyone know anything about Julie Kim, Kathy Sharp, or Leslie Smith?

David Scott Kasperik So many familiar names here, it brings back the memories. I'm living just outside of Sacramento with my wife, Kristy, of 14 years. No kids, two cats, two dogs. Current practicing as a CPA with a medium-sized local Sacramento firm, though as I type this, I'm actually in Anaheim doing a financial statement audit. Let me know what you're up to.

Kevin Kennedy First of all, this message is not about me. Instead it is about another classmate you may (or may not) have known. Kevin Michael Kennedy (class of 1988) passed away on May 23, 2005 at the age of 35. He fought against a rare and aggressive form of cancer for more than 10 years before he finally succumb to it. Kevin had been my friend for 35 or those 35 years he had been on this planet. He never became an engineer, teacher, businessman or doctor....then again, that doesn't matter. He remained a loyal and good friend till the end. Many of you will state the successes you've had in life. That's fine, as far as I'm concern. I too have had some success. Then again, I'm not done with life, yet. But, to remain alive, healthy and surrounded by friend who respect you and support you through tough times and good is success in itself. The one thing I ask from all is to remain humble and meek. In the end, all the material success will not matter. It's our circle of friends and family that will. As for you, Kevin, I'll miss you always. It's not easy saying good-bye to a spiritual brother, as well as a life-long friend. - Dean Traylor

Jacqui (Kerby) Nelson This is a wongerful site so nice to see the happy faces. Peace to all.

Atinun Ketulaka What up!

Chris Kim hey. thought i'd leave my mark here. was never much of a talker (to those of you who remember me). missed a few of you! contact me when you come across this. my website: and

Phil Kim

Matthew Kolstad

Henrietta Kopecky Hey Class of 88! I can't even believe it has been 20 years since we all graduated high school! It's even crazier that the reunion is in like weeks! Hope you are all coming! Should be fun and any excuse to see friends from long ago. OK, so that does make it seem like a long time. Well, lets all get together and party like it was 1988! See you on the Queen Mary!

Tom Kragh After H.S., I met my wife Patty at UCI, graduated together, and bounced between Orange & LA county for a while. After working in Aerospace for 5 years (now THERE'S a growth industry for ya!), I quit my job, we packed our bags, and now live in Ann Arbor, MI, where I'm working on a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at the University of Michigan (go Blue!). It's a scary thought to consider that a C+/B- student like myself could possibly end up as a university professor warping the minds of our nation's youth. Any kids? - no kids (yet), but we have 14lb cat. What do I miss from high school? My hair. What do I regret the most? Not ditching class more - I was 18 my senior year and could write my own excuse notes! Duh-Oh!

Rob Kunesh

Janel Lardizabal I am living in Seattle with my husband and three children (five-year-old son, two-year-old daughter, and newborn baby boy). I am a full-time mom (minivan, Little League, carpools, playdates, yoga, the works).

Jeffrey Leyman Hello everyone.Wow, the years have passed.I really enjoy the memories. After graduation, I became an exotic dancer.My specialty is pleasing the ladies..Oh and I'm good at it! I am anxious to hear from anyone who remembers me, especially the females.Thank you so much and I adore' everyone.

Todd Mace

Aaron Mason Class of '88 still rules the world! Living in Studio City and working for NBC/Universal Studios. I've been writing, and am currently working on an animation project. It's great to see so many faces. I still find it hard to believe graduation was 16 years ago.

Brian McGovney Hi there. Up-to-date info on me can be found at

Elizabeth (Medina) Marquart

Nicole (Morita) Kashiwai Just an update... Still living in the OC (Fountain Valley) and working as a Project Manager in pharmaceutical research. We have two girls now--Casey (almost 5) and Alexa (Alex, 1 1/2). Looking forward to seeing everyone next year! We are officially OLD! Glad to read about everyone enjoying life!

Tadashi Murayama I guess for those how remember me and wonder what happened to me after high school, here it is. I went to UCSD and got a BS and an MS in Mechanical Engineering. Worked in industry for a few years got bored and decided to get another MS. This time in Aerospace Engineering at UC Irvine. I am working now as a research scientist/engineer in Japan in the automotive industry. I live in Nagoya. If you're ever in Japan, drop me a line.

Michelle Murphy

Dana (Nolan) Flaherty Just an update... I just had son #2, Alexander Nolan Flaherty, in September of 2007. We have fourteen (yes, fourteen!) years in between our two boys. Life has become an interesting study in trying to juggle newborn needs within a busy teenager's social schedule! We're still in San Diego, and really looking forward to the upcoming reunion. Many thanks to Mark Hook and cohorts for stepping in and getting the ball rolling in a huge way... I can't wait to see you all!

Phil Pandolfo

Julie Piper So bummed I missed the 20th. Hope to see you all at the next one. I have a BEAUTIFUL little girl she is almost four. Her name is Brett Cassidy (after the Grateful Dead song) Piper. She's the joy of my world! Along with my nephew (Jean's son) Zach. He's my buddy! Lived in Maui for 5 years. Went to South America and voleteered at a Christian orphanige in Ghana Africa. Hope you all are happy. Best wishes. Enjoy life &...God Bless!

Jennifer (Provence) Martin

Jeanine (Pullium) McKeand Wow! This site is crazy! So many names that bring back memories. Currently, I live outside of Richmond, VA with my husband and one 4 year old son. All is well and life is good. Just livin' the dream the dream. (get it?)

Leslie Ramsay

Nicole (Reardon) Van Patten The reunion was a pretty raucous affair, it was great to see everyone there! I'm currently working at the Sweet Factory corporate offices in Anaheim as their receptionist, so discount candy for anyone! LOL Feel free to email me anytime, y'all

Jeb Reeve life is good I could write a book on the journey I have been on and might someday but for now I will keep spending as much time as I can with my family

Brad Renoult I have been married for 14 years now, live in North Tustin(the OC) and have 4 beautiful daughters. Cameron-8, McKenna-6, Reagan-4 and Tyler-2. Don't worry I am saving for the weddings already. It is nice to see familiar faces on this site. I hope to see more of you listed on this site in the future.

Elisa (Rothhaar) Ostrom Would love to hear from friends at South. E-Mail anytime!!!!!!!!!!

Rob "Robbie" Russell WOW! It is cool to read all the updates.. I have been married to my beautiful and amazing wife Jennifer (RUHS) for 12 years, we have adopted 2 boys, Elijah 6 and Isaac 3 and in the process of adopting our 3rd. Jesus and my Family are all I need!! We live in Lomita, I am on the board at Lomita Little League, play golf, regularly. I am a certified Procurement Manager for the largest Kitchen Cabinet shop in California. Can't wait to see what the Lord has for us next.

William "Skee" Saacke I went to UC Irvine, where I was on the Crew team and a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity. I then went to law school at Southwestern University School of Law, where I was selected to be on Law Review (top 10% of my class). I have been practicing law since 1995 and am licensed in California and Nevada. I have worked for two major law firms in the Los Angeles area and been a Staff Attorney to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Federated States of Micronesia. I am currently a trial lawyer with the Law Offices of McNulty & Saacke in Los Alamitos, CA. I specialize in serious personal injury, real estate and securities fraud litigation. I have three beautiful children, Madison (born 1996), Melinda (born 1997), and Jalen (born 2001), and coach them in youth sports. Reach out anytime; I'd love to catch up.

Sean Sasahara WOW... we are getting old!! SHS were some of my best years, BUT isn't it great being a grown-up. After SHS I went to USC, eventually graduated and got a job working for Jeopardy! and Wheel Of Fortune. I still live walking distance from South and have all the same friends. A couple of years ago I got married to a young Carioca and my son ETHAN just turned 1 on June 6th. If you ever need to find me, drop me an e-mail or cruise over to Gymboree on Saturdays...

Naomi (Sato) Thomas Hi everyone. Great to hear how you are all doing. I'm living in Orange County after going to UCSD and living on the east coast for a few years. I'm busy, busy, busy, working at my own company, but I guess not busy enough to surf the web! Hope you are all doing well.

Suzanne (Sawyer) Levenson Updated...Still living in Redondo Beach, still married to Barry, the best husband a gal could ever want. I am now working on getting my Private Investigator's license after a long, sinful and profitable career in advertising. I also made a website... -- click on Webmistress for my page!

Aimee (Sawyer) Hancock Steve and I will be celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary this year, who would have thought... Still living in Washington with our 3 daughters, Lizzy 15, Amanda 12 and Mollee 11.

Natalia Schroeder Hi guys! Wishing you a very happy holiday and joyous New Year! My husband Daniel and I are having a big party on December 27, 2009 from 5pm until 2 a.m. Come join us! I've sent a lot of info about it through facebook. My daughter Heather and I are performing in "The Christmas Carol" at the Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro. We open December 22, Tuesday and perform until January 3, 2010. My biggest news is that I earned tenure at the college, so now I am a full professor. Things are great! Wish you all well. :)

Jason Segal Hello ... I left in 9th grade but went , to walteria and newton with you all.. I have been cooking since i was 17.I am an executive chef in Vegas..

Kim (Skaife) Kilbane Terrific web site! I live in Ohio where I have 3 kids, Ashley (15), Tyler (13) and John (10). I’ve been married for 13 years and work full time in the brokerage industry. My kids and I spend just about every summer weekend camping and fishing, and I’ve developed a love for gardening and cooking. If my kids grow up anything like me, they’ll be big and tall, so they need their green beans!! Between work, soccer, basketball, and (of course) the laundry – is there time for anything else? Email me if you’re ever in Cleveland. Miss you guys (and the beach). – Love Kim Alternate email:

Stephanie Slaton New updates for 2006! I have been a hotel trainer for the last 6 years and was recently laid off, which is the biggest blessing I could ask for. I now have a hospitality consulting business and love being "bossy." : ) I have also owned my own business offering affordable legal services and identity theft protection for the last 2 years. Too busy to get married, so still single! My son, Colin will be 13 this year - almost the same age I was when I started at SHS!!!! Yikes! Please, please email me!!

Brett Slotsve What's up? I'm still living in the area. I got married a couple of years ago and just had my first child. It's a BOY! Named Brandon. E-mail me sometime.

Dan Spahr Well it is 2006 and I finally got married. Life has been treating me very well I must say. I married a girl from Ohio, Bobbi, and we have combined my kid, the dog, with her 3 kids. So far it has been great, and the kids are so much fun. I missed out on the diaper days, but soon I will get to experience it. Our oldest is a Spartan now herself and the boys will be there next year and the following year. I still live in Lomita, and work as a Project Design Engineer at Panasonic. Who knew, jock to Engineer? I am coaching football also at Rolling Hills Prep and loving it, but it does make for long days. So look for me around with the kids and sports I get to see alot of people who I knew at South. Hope this finds you all doing well also.

Doug Sunstedt

Lisa (Sweitz) Maldonado It's pretty trippy to see everyone's pictures and life stories. I didn't actually graduate from South but I'm sure some of you may have remembered me from Seaside, Calle Mayor and one year of South High. I left and moved to Riverside in 1985. I now live in the bay area with my Husband Joseph and one daughter Averie age 10 and life is pretty good.

Hirotoshi "Hiro" Takeda Hey y'all. After SHS, I went on to live in Irvine, Atlanta, Dallas, and Paris. 2009 has been crazy as it looks like I'm spending 1/3 of my time in Dallas, 1/3 in Atlanta, and 1/3 in Paris. I did finish my studies at UCI (ZOT), GaTech (Go Jackets), and SMU (Go Ponies). I am now back in acadamia after years in the IT consulting and semiconductor manufacturing fields (I know, it's boring). I am still working on my PhD at Georgia State University in Computer Information Systems and the University of Paris Dauphine in Management. Drop me a line if you're in DFW/ATL somewhere. (updated 9/13/09)

Deanna (Tittle) Sears Hey everyone! I was only with you at SHS for our junior & senior years, but have fond memories just the same! I live in Redondo Beach with my husband of 11 years & our two boys ages 5 & 2. I used to work at Little Company of Mary Hospital as an RN in Labor & Delivery until I decided to stay home with the wee ones. Hope to catch up at the 20 year reunion!

Frank Tryon

Deanna (Tuder) Grieco I just came across this website. I'm married with 3 children. I'm a stay at home mom right now. I wish I could make the reunion, maybe next time. Drop me a line if you want to talk.

Tina Van Waardenburg Wow 20 years, I just cant beleive it. Well, I live in San Francisco now, have been up here for just under 5 years and work for Macy's Union Square. I work a bunch, single and enjoying this life up here. I look forward to seeing you all this August!

Steve VanDyke Great to see everyone! I have been living in Nashville, TN for 8 years. (notice any southern accent?) My beautiful wife Tiffany and I will celebrate our 15 year anniversary this month, and we have a 9 year old girl, Leigha, and a 4 year old boy, Kevin. By the end of the year, our family will be moving to a country in South Asia (can't say exactly where for security reasons) to work for the IMB. Visit their web site here. We will be there for 2-3 years sharing God's word with people who have never heard of Him. (No, we're not mormon!) We are very excited to start this adventure. Hope to hear from some of you.

Michele (Vranesh) Polana Are we considered old yet??? Well, here's my long life to date...After getting my undergrad at SDSU and subsequent teaching credential at CSUDH, and after teaching at Redondo Union, and after Grad School at USC, and after 4 years in public accounting at KPMG, and after 3 years in corporate finance, I find myself at home raising our daughter Payton (DOB 9/8/04). A far cry from traveling to Tokyo, Dublin, PR, etc. for business, but rewarding all the same. I am living in Mission Viejo with my husband of 4+ years, our daughter Payton and our two boxers, Tyson and Sasha (my fur children). One additional item of note, I underwent open-heart surgery on Oct. 29th, 2002 to correct a problem I'd had since birth, but never knew about. And just think, all those roller coaster rides, and I survived unscathed!

Joe Vrbas Yep, the crazy guitar dude! The OG BL'er! LOL Been playing music. Numerous bands and sessions. The 90's were fun. Splitting my time between my studio and Animation Licensing these days. Never married. No kids. Live in SFV. See site.

Scott Williams An update... still living in Torrance with my wife, Missy. I've just started my own construction company, Scott Williams Framing (catchy name, huh?).

Julie Zantke I am living and working in Hamburg, Germany where I have been for 7 years now. Just bought a house last year which I am enjoying with my german husband and two kids.

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