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Class of 1976
Randal Avey

Susan (Bailey) Martin I'm still living in Torrance, 3 kids; 2 have graduated from South, one is at Walteria. I have a step-son at South right now. I'm no longer married, but happy and enjoying my career in Real Estate.

Charles "Corky" Beck Charles Died 2007 around christmas Wife and 2 kids

Donna (Bernstein) Cessor Still at home in Torrance with my husband and two sons, currently attending North High and Magruder Middle School. Being a freelance bookkeeper and PTSA president help occupy my time.

Kimberly Bishop Hi, To all my south high friends. Would love to hear from you. Kim

Robert Bouvier living in huntington beach for the last 30 years. Have a small business doing product testing for aerospace. Saw a few names and faces I remember. Married 25 years, two kids

Randall Boyce Hi, this is Randall's sister, Holly. I wanted to tell all those who knew Randall that he passed away in 2006 at the age of 48. After South, he attended Loyola Marymount where he received his B.S. in Engineering. He worked at Hughes Aircraft for several years before joining the Air Force Reserves. He married and was stationed in Japan where his daughter, Mariah was born. Years later, he divorced and moved back to South Bay, and retired from the Air Force. He married his second wife, Sharon in 1999 and they lived in Lawndale. He was playing volleyball on March 20, 2006, when he collapsed due to a deep vein thrombosis and died. He was a wonderful brother and loyal and compassionate friend. We miss him greatly.

Rob Bozin I live in Carson City, Nevada with my wife Tricia of 15 years and a teanage son and daughter. I'm a systems engineer for a computer manufacturer but my life revolves around my kids. Drop me a message, it would be great to hear from any of my high school friends.

Philip Brown Where else could you go that is better than the south bay. visit 28 years in business, 25 years married to my best friend, 22 year old daughter, 12 years in the same house, 5 years at the same church (coast christian fellowship) 6 months two new cats. loving life, priceless

Diane (Bruchs) Glancz

Linda Callison-Haas I am married and living in Virginia, with my year old son and husband. I have returned to school to work on my BSN. Linda

Gail (Campbell) Lemberger Living in Camarillo, CA since 1986. Married 28 years, one 24 yr old son. Currently not working just enjoying life.

Linda (Carll) Freeman I am so happy to find this site! I recognize quite a few of you. I've been living in NY for the last 25 yrs. Divorced for 10 yrs. with 2 kids..11 and 21. I miss Calif. SO much. Would love to hear from anyone that remembers me.

Lisa (Carlyle) Greene

Pierre Chalande Hi Everyone! Nice to see many of you on this site. Can't believe it's been almost 30 years. I'm married, with 3 kids, two boys and a girl, ages 3 to 11. For many years lived in El Segundo and Thousand Oaks. In 2002 we moved to Monument, Co. about 40 miles south of Denver. My wife and I run a home internet business on Ebay. Love the mountains, however miss the beach and So.Cal. Hope life is treating you well, drop me a line, would love to hear from old friends.

Laura (Chavez) Livingston seems as if everyone left the area asap! hope all are well and happy. i still live at the beach, thought many times of leaving, but the ocean pulls me back. a big 30th reunion would be a blast. can we all get together and do it?

Janet (Cleveland) Geuy Married, live in Denver Colorado. Do not miss California at all, it's like Heaven here! All Calle Mayor 1972 alumni, contact Deb (Eakin) Osborne for details of the upcoming Calle Mayor Class of 72 reunion!!

Shelly Cohen Hi to all who remember me.So fun to read about all the Alum's and a little sad hearing about the one's who have passed.I've been living in Redondo-ahh the ocean,single with two great kids who are 8 (girl) and 10 (boy). I have been in business for the past 20 years providing services to special needs adults (PC these days is intellectually challenged) and seniors. Love to hear from anyone.

Lisa Conners Nice to see some familiar names on the site. I'm living in Pittsburgh, PA. Wish I wouldn't have missed the 20 year reunion! Will there be a 30? I'm the single mom of a great 8 year old son who looks like a little surfer (I really do miss the beach)! So far, life has been good to me. Best wishes to everybody!

John Cotner Hi All! Down in San Diego with wife Lauren and 2 kids.. Hope everyone is well.

Mike Courtney I really miss that shcool. at the age 48 it is so great to seeing every ones smiling faces. and i hope to see everyone again love, micheal courtney!

Mike Cunzeman Hi everyone,it is nice to see names from South High!I have been working for Federal Express for the last 22yrs and been married for 21yrs,life is good and I hope everyone is doing fine!

Cristy DeBenedictis

Art Diaz I live in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I am retired from the US Army Rangers and teach 9-12 learning disability students. I have to kids of my own, Calvin Chase (5) and Julian (19). Chase is in K and Julian is at UCLA. I am the defensive coordinator a local Catholic school. It would be great to hear from the past:)

Mary (DiGirolamo) Drayer I hope someone remembers me! I moved at the end of our junior year. I been married for 27 years. I have a daughter and three grand- children. I've been a Registered Nurse for 24 years specializing in critical care. Now I work as a Nurse Manager for Public Health. I moved out of the South Bay (to Riverside County) but, I still travel that way from time to time. I keep in touch with Steve Marino, Jim Dixson, Sue Allison-Dixon, and Karen Woolley. I've been reluctant to enter a message since I did not graduate from South High. E-mail me and I'll get back to you. :)

John DiMassa Hi Everyone. We are still in the South Bay. Kim and I will be celebrating our 20 year aniversery. Our daughters, Sara and Alyson both go to South now. All is well in the DiMassa camp. This is at least my 25th year in real estate. I'm with Century 21. You can call me anytime at (800) 808 8536. Let's catch up. Sincerely, John DiMassa

Phil Duthie Greetings. Still in the South Bay. Work for City of Torrance Parks and Recreation Department serving people with special needs and Area Director for South Bay Special Olympics. No current re4lationships except for a very spoiled cat.

Deborah (Eakin) Osborne A Calle Mayor Class of 1972 Reunion/50th Birthday Bash is being planned for the weekend of Friday, August 1 - Sunday, August 3, 2008. If you were part of this class we would love for you to join us! Several of us take part in frequent, on-going group email conversations with one another. We are having a blast rediscovering old friends and making new ones with former acquaintances. If you'd like to take part in this group and/or be kept in the loop re: party details, please contact me!


Andrea (Elek) Coray cool of a class were we? So fun to see lots of great 'old" faces and names and hope that everyone is doing well :)

Michael Fekete WoW! It's been quite a while since I've seen some of you people. Was married for 13 years, divorced, thankfully no kids. Currently happily in love now for 7 years with a great woman (Betty). I still have my 1966 Mustang GT I used to tear up the school parking lot with. It's getting fully restored now. I currently reside in Redondo Beach, about 3 blocks from the pier. Maybe I'll see some of ya down at Burnout or at Naja's. Remember cruising the strand on the weekends! What ever happened to those days?? Be cool/have fun!

Glenna (Ford) Fewell Let's see, all sarcasm aside. I have been married for 12 years, have a 27 year old daughter named Sara Jean Ford (google her) and an 8 year old son named Chad! Yes, 18 years apart! Keeps life very interesting. Go to to see what I have been up to, and join us!

Geralyn "Geri" Freeland Hello out there! I gravitated to the north - Camarillo, Ca - where I work as the southern regional chief psychologist for our Juvenile Justice system, and hopefully I don't know any of your children! Divorced, engaged now, no kids, and still playing bassoon. Would love to hear from you all. Life is very good. Take care and be happy!

Gundi Gallob Living in Manhattan for the last 23 years and traveling a lot.

Paul Garcia What a great place to grow up. Wish I could go back knowing what I know now. I'm married,have 3 beautiful daughters. Two in high school and one in a master's program in education. I sure miss everyone from Calle Mayor and South. I work for the city of Santa Cruz Fire Dept. in Santa Cruz, Ca. Please e-mail me if you like!

Brian Genova Brian was called home by our Heavenly Father on February 16, 1997; due to renal failure, resulting from a long illness. He had returned to the home of his childhood (Torrance) to help care for his mother and grandmother, until his untimely death. A gentle soul, he is greatly missed by those who knew him.

Debbie (Green) Johnson Howdy-Been married to the same wonderful man (Robert) for over 30 years. Have three awesome sons-Michael(29),Steven(27)& Andrew(24)-all South High grads. Have two beautiful Grandsons-Van(4)& Rylan(3), thanks Mike & Roni! Just sold my country gift shop (Mulberry Cottage) that I have built & owned in Torrance for 16 years. Looking now to enjoy my free time & play with the Grands!

Jay Gregory Hello all, not to be confused with Jon E Gregory of class of 76, I was on the x country and track team. I work in San Francisco, married, 1 child. Please email me. Take care

Tim Gumm

Kit (Harney) Wheeler Married 21 yrs to Dan Wheeler class of 74. 2 college age kids. Living in Chico, CA

Jim Harvey Hello Everyone, keep in touch with facebook.

Richard Hill HEY, Yes I got a haircut, and a real job. I hope you are well. Later, Rick

Annette Hillman I am living in Arizona with my two kids, Lily and Jacob and several beasts. I would love to hear from my SHS friends. I sure am digging that 70's hair on y'all!

Jill (Holcombe) Tremblay

Clayton Isemann Hello & best wishes to all SH Alumni, Living in No. County SD with my wife of 16 years and all is well. We have been blessed by the lord by way of good health and happiness. We wish the same to all of you.

Jean Janssen Left Torrance for San Diego right after graduation and haven't really been back. Been married and now divorced. No kids, well, unless you count the dog or the horse. Miss the 'hood and would love to hear from anyone who lives near by.

Wes Jones Would have graduated in'76. Moved to NY in 70, then Tulsa,OK in '72. Got BS-Accounting and MBA-Accounting Information Systems from Tulsa Univ. Played soccer in England (Crystal Palace) in '76. Finally stopped playing 3 years ago after 35 years. Run my own Accounting Services business in Tulsa. Married, have 1 child, 3 stepchildren.

Lorraine (June) Crawford Hi all -- Guess I missed the 30th reunion. I've been living in the Bay Area for the last 13 years, including Lake Tahoe, married for the last 10 to Doug and my hair has long been gray. I spent 20 years in marketing in the travel business -- lots of great adventures -- and for the last five years have been teaching World history and English to middle-schoolers. Hardest work I've ever done -- but still lots of stories. Moving back south to somewhere in Orange County next spring, where my husband will be working for UC Irvine. Love to get back in touch with folks. Send me an e-mail!

Steven M. Kendall G'day, mates! Hope all's well with everyone. Living large in San Diego! Note change of e-mail address. Ciao!

David Klepinger Thanks to the webmaster who put his website together. My toll-free number is 1-888-246-6791. It sure would be great to talk with other grads from South. It was the best of times and the worst of times, if you know what I mean. I have lived out of the area for many years, but I may find my way back home in the near future. Life is a mystery. Please stay in touch! Best regards, David Klepinger

Rosemary (Kugler) McFarland I am married with four beautiful girls. Ages 27,23,16 and 11. Registered nurse, labor and delivery for 20 years! Actually did travel nursing for the last four. We now recently just moved permanently to Eugene OR. Would love to hear from you.

Kevin Lenton Still in Torrance, An Electrical Contractor since 1986. Married for 17 years to Linda. Two kids, Kyle in 8th Grade at Calle and Megan a Sophmore at South.

Steve Leventis It's great to see some familiar names from the distant past. I'm happily divorced and living in Sacramento, trying to improve my terrible golf game. Hope to hear from some of my old compadres.

Jeff Marousek Hey all. I can't believe that is has been this long! Wow, where does the time go?? Great to see all the good people out there. Now in Victorville, CA. I have two kids and my granddaughter just turned 1 years old. I am still married to the greatest girl Janelle.

David McClure Greeting all. It's been a long time since I have seen or heard from all but a handfull of you. I heard about this web site so I thought I would reach out to say hello. I hope every one is happy and living large.

Maggie (McGrath) Gitchen I live in Chino Hills and work for Disneyland. I just dropped by this web page and wanted to say hi to old class mates.

Pete McGrath Still living in Albuquerque. Beauutiful wife and three beautiful girls. God is very very good.

Melinda McIlvaine My father,also an alumni teacher Mr. McIlvaine, just sent me the address for this web page. I have lived in Northern Calif., Sonoma County, for the last 20 years. I am divorced with one daughter. I am currently in grad school getting my teaching credential (following in old dad's footsteps). I have many great memories of South High and have heard updates over the years through my dad and nephews who are currently South High students. I hope more class of 76 alumni sign up because there are a few people I would love to get in touch with!

Robin Menzies Have been living in Lake Havasu City, AZ since '82.... divorced 1 year, 21 year old daughter, went to recent '70's picnic, it was fun!!! See some familiar names, drop a line a say hi.

Bill Michalek I stumbled upon this website while searching for the website to my sons elementary school in Thousand Oaks. Google must have got it's gears crossed. A very odd coincidence. I am married with a son and daughter, ages 4 and 2. I am a software engineer by trade but If you knew me at all back at South, you'll recall my first love was writing. Check out a few stories under the TALES button on my website Also some family shots, artwork and such. Please drop a line if you like.

Les Mistofsky I have been married for 23 years.We have two kids,a daughter thats 21 and a son who is 18.We recently moved from Moreno Valley Ca.(20 years) to retire in Seaside Oregon.Drop me a line,I would love to here from old friends and classmates.

Michele (Morgan) Kukiela Living in Long Beach with husband and three children; 7 yr daughter, 20 year old daughter who plays soccer for Long Beach State , and 24 yr old son who is going to Cal State Dominguez(the 24 year old just moved out)

Art Moses I live and work in San Diego. I've been married for 23 years and have three wonderful daughters. I will be at the 30 year reunion this weekend and look forward to seeing all of you.

Dan Nannini Still playing and coaching soccer, wife, 2 kids,counselor at Santa Monica college and wrote a book on how to transfer to the University of California ( Send me a fondest memory of a party at the Nannini's if you can remember :).

Gunther Neckel Hi folks, I am doing good, still the same guy you had been known, play soccer and coaching, live in Hamburg, Germany and prepare my emmigration to the USA or Canada. Hope to see you soon again in Torrance, Gunther

Mark Nedleman Dear Alums, How is everyone doing? I'm still in Portland and continuing to love it. I have no marriage partner not children, yet I have a very fulfilling life. My life is rich in community! I'm very active with several community organizations and belong to a thriving small Jewish congregation. After 12 years, I'm still in business with organizing (see: www.graceful- for more information). My latest travel abroad included Europe, with visits to the U.K. France, Italy, etc. It would be great to hear from alumni, especially those in Oregon. : )

Cindy Oviatt Hello Everyone~ It's fun seeing some similar faces here :). I look forward to hearing from any of you.

Mike Palmer Hello out there. Moved back to Torrance in '99, over near Gable House. Married to Heidi Adler ('79) 17 years. No kids; 3 critters. Still listen to ying-yang (Top 40) music [comment in yearbook in '76] MP

Karen (Peterson) Rowe

Mark Pitcher Lived in San Diego (Rancho Penasquitos) for the last 20+ years. Happily married 17 years, 4 kids, dog, cat, Suburban and a GTO. Still a gearhead after all these years. Life turned out great!

Charles Powell Clean and sober now for 15 years. I'm married with 2 children. I've lived in Cypress for 16 years now and Worked for Mobil oil now ExxonMobil for 24 years. I still see a few old faces from South High.Wow, what a adventure life has been so far. I still love outdoor sports, Boating, Motorcycles etc.Drop me a line if you like.

Doug Profitt I've been married for 16 years. I have 3 kids - 13, 10, and 7. I'm a Project Manager at AeroVironment (look us up on the internet). We make unmanned aircraft in Simi Valley. It's a very cool job. All former Calle Mayor students, get a hold of Debbie (Eakin) Osborne for the reunion. It will be a blast.

Carol (Raab) Suman heard about this web site from robin menzies, living in sonoma county.3 kids still married.

Bradley Raech Brad passed away July 2002.

Erin Ryan

Fritz Sanders Still in Torrance, Married with four kids, 27,25,11 & 9. Oh Ya, 2 Grandsons also. The kids make you older, but the grand kids keep you young...

Eric Schiller Hello Alumniest, My son Bryan came across this site and shared it w/me. I've been married for 20 years have 2 boys Bryan 13 & Jason 11. I still live in the Riviera. I've been in the Office Products industry for past 25 years. My passion is Golf:4-Hcp. & watching my kids play ball. I would love to here from ya! Keep it in the short grass, EZE

Jim Schlatter Hello all! I just came across this site and saw a few familar names. I live in Canby Or. about 25 miles south of Portland. Spent 7 years coaching college football at Humblodt, Portland State, and Oregon State. The last 15 I've been teaching high school and coaching. Married with 3 kids. Love to hear from you when you get a chance!

Alllan Sloway Hello all, I have been living in Sonoma County and working in San Francisco for the past 20 yrs. WOW!! SEND SOMETHING--email will do. Take care! Allan Sloway

Patricia (Smolinski) House Hi to anyone that might remember me. I'm married 17yrs, have 1 daughter 15yrs old, & live in Lomita. Keep in touch. It would love to hear from you. Thanks & take care, Trish

Leslie (Sullivant) Rose Hey, South High with a webpage. And we thought the Sword and Shield was cool! I'm up in the Santa Clarita Valley teaching 5th grade. Yikes. Two kids, one heading to college in the fall. Double Yikes. Love to say howdy to y'all.

Irene (Sultan) Jones My husband & I just retired to Reno, NV. We are enjoying retirement very much and we love Reno. We have been married for 31 years & have 2 children. Facebook has enabled me to find & contact people who I went to school with. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me!!

Eric Swan Yes, I graduated in 76, I think I told about 10 people that I was going to graduate after three years. It was a bad idea but I got over it, after a long while. Have been living far away from Torrance for a long time. Happy.

Don Thomson Wow are all you guys old. Married for twenty, three kids. I waited to be 21 forever, then after that it shot like a rocket. Great to see the gang still around

Margaret (Tribe) Murray I live in Texas with my husband, our daughter, and our various animals. Between activities with the family and working as a hospitality consultant, time flies by! Hope everyone is well.

Jeff Usdansky

John Vampola Married, 4 kids, life in Santa Barbara is wonderful

Larry Voss Hello all! Great to stumble on this page. I moved to PV in my Softmore year and graduated from PVHS, but still knew most of you the longest as I attended Riviera and Newton from 1965 on. Please write and say hi. I work for Northrop in San Diego and El Segundo - commuting each week.

DeRue (Wardell) Cornett Amazing! Random chance of finding this site!!! It was so great to see your updates. I'm an empty nester already! It was a great ride! All three are in college. I ready for the next adventure!!! Life is great in Sammamish, WA. (Microsoftland!)

Paula (Watamanuk) Goldman I am keeping busy but not to busy to return an email. Would love to hear from you! Living in Santa Barbara still and can't imagine being anywhere else. Hope we have a good turnout this Summer! Any old Hillside gang out there? Ta Ta

Kerry Welsh Are we having a 25th reunion? The 20th was kinda interesting. 25 yrs???!! Hooooly sh*t! FWIW I'm divorced, living on the Avenues in Redondo, and pretty much married to my biz, which is mfg'ing backpack chairs for retailers around the world. I almost have enough FF miles saved for a ticket on the next Space Shuttle.

Stephen "Steve" Westrick

Steve Westrick Hi to all. Married, 23 years, 3 kids, 2 boys, 22 & 21, 1 girl, 13. Moved away in 81. Flew with the Navy, 2 airlines, and now with FedEx. Split my time between Vacaville, CA and Memphis, TN.

John White Hello all,had ticket for 30 year reunion out of town so missed, enjoyed the reunion book though. Retiring next year from 30 years at UPS.

Shelley (Whiting) Scarr I'm also down in San Diego Co.-in a small town called Valley Center in the North County. I haven't been able to make it to any of the reunions but always get the books and videos. I teach Special Education students in Valley Center, now married for 20 years with 2 teenagers, and several animals, including a goat.

Craig Williams Looking at my last message, some might think I am hiding down in Mexico all these years. Denise and I celebrated our 20th and we've been in Mexico 15 of those years. We have Alicia (14) and Joshua (13). We are missionaries with a Christian organization, CAM International out of Dallas, Texas. We begin new churches and mobilize existing churches to impact Mexico. If you come to Mexico City, write me and you can stay at our home. We would love to have you.

Claudio Wolff I am practising law as a corporate/real estate attorney in Century City. Married with three daughters. I keep in touch with some of the old South High soccer gang, and would love to hear from anyone else who wants to drop me a note.

Garrett Wright Still living in Torrance. My kids all went to Seaside, and now my daughter is a freshman at South. My older daughter (and gasp! 2 year old grandson) are living with her husband in Japan (in Air Force). My son is going to Calle (7th grade). My wife is currently the PTA pres at Calle and I'm anticipating the same happening at South (shes already involved). Very interesting going to back to school night at South as a parent.

Robin Wright Well I sorta grew up and have been married 20 years with 4 kids. I live in Rancho Palos Verdes CA, (Hi Trish) and I am working in Afghanistain right now; what an arm pit. Plus you try to help and they shoot at you to boot, Its not a life, its an Adventure.

Bonnie (Zachary) Zachary-Yurk

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