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Class of 1999
Arie Abaud Hey guys, how is everyone? I am still living in Chile, six years and really happy. HOpe everyone is doing great.

Brian Adams

Rhianon (Amburgey) Caingcoy Wanted to say hello. Still in Torrance, but married and have a baby girl on the way. Good luck all.

Zaina Ashar Hope everyone's enjoying life on the outside. Ya I definately enjoyed my four years at South, memories that I can always cherish forever. And those of you reading this that I havn't talked to in forever, email me! I love redwindle old friendships. Take Care. Class of 1999 is the best! No doubt about it!

Nina "Ash" Ashrafzadeh

Brian Belyea

Andrew Bernick Just graduated from Arizona State. College was way sweet. I should have failed a few classes so I didn't finish.

Kenny Besada I thought I would join the group since I was with you all for the quarter of your senior years. After a little bump in the road that I hit in not actually graduating from high school due to foolishness, I managed to get my degree from Cal Berkeley. Now a Financial Advisor in Torrance California. Wish the best for all of you.

Janel Cardenaz Hey guys, I was just reading over all of the messages and decided to write and say hello to all. I live in O.C. now. Its okay not as cool as South Bay but I am having a good time. Take Care all. God Bless!

Tom Celli What's up fellow Spartans. Class of 1999 Red Dragons were the best. High school were some of the best years of my life. I made so many memories and friends that i know will last me the rest of my life. All of you that are still in school, get involved! Make the best out of your high school days. Get involved in any way that you can and most important, have fun! Enjoy your days at South, I did.

Tim Chen

Alan Cheng I miss HS.

Marc Choueiti

Michael Chung Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley, Newport Beach, 949-760-2451

Cynthia Chung

Richard Coffey

Lisa Crawford Hey everyone! I hope everyone is doing well... I am currently living in Irvine and attending UCIrvine, working on my Film degree and will be graduating in June '04 (finally!) I am going to be making movies when I get out. My (twin) sister Elena is going to UCLA for a double major in PolySci/ History. I have a made a lot of new friends out here, and still hang out with some of the old ones (Monica Bustillos, Amber Artino, etc) but I miss everyone that I lost touch with! Good luck to you all, I wish you the best... drop me a line sometime:

Katherine Curry

Mickey Davis

Amy Dempster Wow, I didn't know this message board existed. I graduated from CSUF then went and got my Masters from Rutgers University and am currently living and working as a lobbyist in Washington D.C. I hope everyone is doing well and look forward to catching up with everyone at our 10 year reunion; which means we are getting old!!

Nick Dere Hey everyone, im still living at home and im on a 6 year at El Camino. haha Im going to transfer to CSU Dominquez or goto a techniqul college. I miss hs. I do see some people from our class though, like Dick Holmes and Erin Kirby. Im not going to say where Erin works though. But Dick Holmes is getting married to Jeremy Edward's sister Brianna Edwards in March of 2005. Laterz

Mandy Drasco

Jeffrey DuVall

Ali Eftekhari Hello Spartans, Just wanted to stop by and give everyone an update. After graduation I took a couple years off, began attending Cal State Long Beach in 2001 and graduated in 2006 with a BS in Marketing. I still live in South Torrance. I am a Realtor with Century 21 Amber, serving the South & West Torrance area and also have a construction company. I hope everyone has been doing well and would love to hear from you!

Julie Harned

Julie (Harned) Schioppi hey everyone.... 10 year is coming up!!! so I am still living in the South Bay, I got married in May 07 and just started to go back to school EL CO baby!!! Hope everyone is well and cant wait to see everyone at the reunion.. put your party hats on !!!!

Craig Hashi Hey, what up yall. I didn't even know this existed. I just graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in Mech Eng. Now I'm a grad student up at UCB & UCSF in Bioengineering. Hope everyones doing well. Drop me an email

Mari Higuchi I started to consider attending our Reunion, when it dawned on me that if people wanted to stay in contact, they would have. I've run into other SHS Alumni from various graduating classes, and the feeling is mutual. Any way... A major life lesson that High School taught me is this: people come and go out of your life, but you are the one that has to wake up and look at yourself in the mirror everyday. So, stop worrying about what everyone else says and thinks about you, and worry about whether or not you can stand the person looking back at you. If I had learned this valuable lesson in high school, I probably wouldn't have taken so many detours in life. Needless to say, I am continuing to find myself on a day to day basis and I am also finding happiness.

Jerry Hixson Hey guys! Wow- I miss South High. I am now a golf pro and I shoot mostly around 70- pretty good eh? Well, take care... if you see any nice looking Hondas, I'm in the market. Peace.

Jennie Ho Wow, almost 9 years since we've graduated from South! After hs, I attended UCI... graduated in '03 with a BS in Biology and then went to pharmacy school in Hawaii for a year... long story! Anyhow, I reside in Aliso Viejo/Laguna Niguel and work at Allergan Pharmaceuticals in Irvine. Work is great but my dream would be to open up my very own restaurant! I am currently engaged and getting married in January 2008... very exciting! I look forward to seeing everyone at our 10 year reunion. Take care and keep in touch.

Amber Jackson

Taha Jilani

Aaron Jones whats up everybody, just found out about this site by accident. There are a lot of people I lost touch with out there that I would like to talk to again. As for me I went to play baseball at Texas Tech University, before transfering to UCSB, which is where I am at now. I am set to graduate this spring.

Brett Joseph Hey people, I did the whole, elco/csudh, I live in redondo, started a computer consulting company, play video games, surf on occasion, vote republican, smoke crack with nakamoto, and live off a diet of Robitussin and Tabasco sauce. Hit me up on facebook.

April Kayter

Matthew R. Keach Some of you may have recently seen me in the news after that little "fiasco" at Zinn's wedding. I just want to say that I don't think it was funny either and would like to apologize to the wedding planner and more importantly the mariachi band. I hope all is well. God bless!

Jane Kim Hello there fellow spartans. Be proud to be a South High Graduate. Best Wishes to all of you and have fun in high school while you can. Make as many memories as you can with your friends and peers. Love you guys and gals.

Sun Kim Wassup all... man, it's now 2001, almost 3 years... wonder what everyone is up to... i miss south high... i hate college... when did this web page every exist?

Won Jong Kim Hi.

Nellie Kim

Cathy Kim hi fellow spartans! hope all of you are doing well! =D

Jihoo Kim

Julia Kim Hello all! I will always have fond memories of HS. I had so much fun! Anyhow, after HS, I went to UCLA, graduated with a BS in Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology and took two years off to work before going to grad school for Pharmacology at Boston University. I can't wait to reconnect with you people, hopefully at the 10 yr reunion party. Wow.. this green background is hurting my eyes.. wonder why..

Carrie Kintz

Erin Kirby What up. Still chillin same old same old.

Jessica Koga I graduated from U.C. Davis with a degree in enology and am part of the winemaking staff at Schramsberg Vineyards up in the Napa Valley. If you find yourself in wine country look me up.

Eugene Kovshilovsky 10 year already, time flies by so fast!

Haruki Koyama oops. I gave you the wrong address last time. Sorry for all the millions of you people who did remember and sent me tons of fan mail. Still single, maybe slightly less dorky. I live off Japanese taxes running around at four second intervals carrying mock mine clearance explosives in front of tanks wearing a gas mask thinking I'm dying of asthma--so why don't you read this all in one breath as well? and waiting for Kim Jong Il's friendly gifts to land nearby. Did you notice I'm a bit more fluent? I did go to a remote college called William Paterson in New Jersey to study French literature. Funded trips to downton Montreal were the best.

Andy Kuo wuts up guys..., join the military as a computer technician, attend school while in the military at UCSD, I seperated from the Navy and now attending Cal State LA for real estate and finance while working part-time.

Matthew Landers

Alicia Larriva Hey what up chicos y chicas!!!! Gina Veeragoudar and I are here making fun of South, cuz were losers and didn't really graduate there and we came across this website. Hope everyone is doing well. I miss you Arie!!! Take care everyone and see ya around...............

Alice Lee hey!!! how is everyone! wow... its been 3 years since graduation. well, hope everyone is doing well.

Brandye Leonard WOW... I cant believe how many people are on this site. I cant believe our 10 yr reunion will be coming up. I am in torrance still, working at a cardiologist office and going to school. I am working towards my real estate license and nursing. If you want to say hi, please email me, I'd love to hear from you. I miss high school!! Well good luck to everyone!!

Albert Liao How y'all folks doing out there -- I'm doing know how it is. Anyhow, I'm living up here in Seattle, WA for a bit so probably won't see many of you for a while. Hopefully most of you are graduating this year? Haha...its good to be outta school ain't it. Take it easy I'll see you at the reunion.

Ronit Liberman Hello

Anna Lucchese I am braziliam, but I lived for one year in Torrace and I met good friends at South. I am back to the U.S. and hoping to find them. It's kinda hard to keep in touch u know?

Ryan Mahoney Eight years out and I'm still lovin the froshies. Big hands...Big Feet. Big...Cups??? Q-Ball and all those who are dissin BJ (Brett Joseoph) step up because if it weren't for him and Nickademas our polka band "Sanchez Sucio" would have never made it through the tour. WHAT?

Adam Malmgren Hay what's up? just heard about this site. I'm living in Aspen CO. I manage a bar and get on the moutian as much as possabile. Hope all are doing well.

Kelly Mayes Still working and going to school, I'll be done soon though. Hope everybody is well...

Sean McAllister Whats up everyone. I'm sure I haven't seen any of you in a long long time, so I hope this finds you in a good health and spirit. I graduated San Diego State University with a degree in philosophy in 2004 then traveled and poked around after that for a while. Currently I am living in the S.F. Bay area, teaching sailing and working as a craftsman. Feel free to drop me a line. Cheers.

Erin McCart Hi Class of 99! I am still living in South Redondo. I am working in the ER at Little Company of Mary. I am engaged to Chris Deamos (who is also a South High Alumni) and we are getting married in the Spring of 07. Drop me an email to say Hello.

Lindsay McLeary Graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in Philosophy in 2003. Finished my MA in Philosophy at Stanford in Fall of 2006. Next year I'll begin a PhD program at a yet-to-be-decided university. Things are going well; except my back hurts a lot of the time. I think I drink too much coffee and get too little exercise.

Stephanie (Moyer) Beck-Moyer What's up everyone - thought I would check back in - Things are completely different in my life. No longer with Travis - Am actually with the man of my dreams, come to find out! Austin and I have been together for 3 years - We have a beautiful 10 month old baby girl named Kaylee Marie Jordan. Austin and I are engaged and are getting married on September 15, 2007. We are living in San Diego. I am doing accounting for an Aeronautical Company that builds the un-manned aircraft known as The Predator. Life is good! Hope all is well with everyone!

Ryan (Nakamoto) Powerhouse-Jackson Hey everyone that used to know me in High School. Most of you thought I was stupid, which is cool, because i was. I was at UCLA getting my 2 degrees about to finish in 3 years until I decided to experiment in college. I tried some mind-altering drugs which eventually led to an unfortunate addiction to crack cocaine. Unfortunately "the grip" had me so strong that I dropped out of school. I didnt have anywhere to go in life after that. Even now Im just using some internet cafe near an alleyway where a guy named Tayshawn sells rocks. Anyways, my only message to all you - dont do drugs. Thats it

Lisa Nelson

Eric Ogawa hey what up? I'd like to give a shout out to the C.O.T. pose and yeah south high good memories there.

Michelle Oliveira Hi, I wet to SHS from 96 to 98. I hope I find all my friends here. Please email me, I am in Brazil now. Kisses Michelle

Alex Park Jr Ha. Ha. To all of you. :)

Michael Parker

Ginger (Parker) Schooling Hey everyone! Got married and am living in Nor Cal (Red Bluff) with my hubby. Graduated with a B.S. in Math/Stats. See everyone in a couple years at our 10 yr reunion!

Myra Piedad I just got my bachelors from USC in Business Administration in May and got married a month later. I will be working at Warner Brothers in Marketing starting August. I'm still working with helicopters and now a new non-profit helping kids stay off the streets at the Compton Airport. Congratulations to everyone who's graduated, married, has kids, making money and is just happy with whatever they're doing in life! Send me an e-mail!

Clayton Preis Hey everyone, im moving back to Torrance in late 2004. Ill be finishing up my degree at cs dominguez hills during the summer and possibly into the next year, we will see. I have a real estate lisence and will be working on my contractor lisence because my goal is to get into housing development. Throw me a line if you remember me or have any information you would like to divulge.

John Radine

Veronica Ramirez Hello Everyone! Even though I didn't exactly graduate from South I still have lots of memories. =) I just wanted to wish everyone much success in whatever they set out to do and to be the best humans they can be. Life is definitely too short! Take Care V-

Greg Reilly

Stephanie Scholl Hey everyone! I just recently graduated from USC with a bachelors in Communications. I am now selling orthopedic gear for a local company. It is cool and all but I miss school! Hope everyone is well!

Shadi Shenasi

Olivia Simonian Hi everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robert Sisco To all of my friends and teachers I'm doing great both to get married 9-8-03 working on a baby I dont live in cols no more I sure miss school I want to go back so bad, I just wish I know what I know now thats all good luck to u all in ur lifes. Bulldog still rules Class of 99 is the best year of my life so far.p.s May god bless u in ur familys

Jason Spaulding I graduated from UCLA in 2004 and just finished Air Force pilot training. I now live in Little Rock, Arkansas and fly the C-130 Hercules. Hope everyone else is having as much fun as I am.

Peggy Su Just wanted to say hi to all you former Spartans. There were some fun times there at South. Hope everything is well...can't believe that there is a website for our high school.

Angela Taninies Sigh, the high school years--a hootinnanny of a good time!

Lorraine Tarpley

Amber (Thatcher) Hernandez Hi all doing well I have gone into the travel business and love it. I have a beautiful daughter Kassie and am still livin in the southbay area.

Eric Trimingham

Jeffery Turman

Allen Yu Just want to say wasup to everyone and see what everyone's up to. As for me, I'm a 3rd year at University of Michigan - Ann Arbor (Go Blue!), majoring in political science, hoping to land one of those hotshot foreign policy internships in DC and become an advisor for/on the cabinet. (Thanks to Mrs. E & debate team for getting me involved in the major!) Oh yeah, also found a chapter of Pi Alpha Phi Fraternity at U of M and to the graduating seniors, check it out when you go off to college. To my friends that I've lost touch, drop me a line when you got time. One final word to the ones still in school: get involved, study hard and have fun! Trust me, you won't regret it!

Hanna Yu

Sharon Yu good times, good times... :)

Michael Zinniger MAN, I just want clear up some confusion about some stuff that has been going around about yours truly. 1. I am not homeless or a bum. The truth of the matter is that I simply have a wicked beard, mellow dreadlocks and a stench that reeks of 100% reggae. 2. Yes, I did recently go through a messy divorce with a certain high school girlfriend. Please don't ask me about it on the streets as it is still a sensitive topic. 3. Lastly, I would like to say that I have forgiven Matias for what he did to the Mariachi Band at my wedding. We're cool bro!

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