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Class of 1980
Michael Baker Wow! Talk about reelin in the years! 30 years are you kidding me. Hope life is good for all. After South I did a stint in the Army (combat medic) then became a physicians assistant. I have been working for the Best plastic surgeons in the south bay for over 20 years. I am also a landscape contractor and have built a moderately sucessful business (Best West Landscape). I still like getting my hands dirty. I have 2 boys Adam 23 and Michael Jr. 22. Adam is just finishing pre-med and will start med school @ U.S.C next year (Yes!!!)He is also a personal trainer @ end results across from south. Michael Jr. works with me in the landscape biz. He is very hardworking and smart. He is also considering a stint in the Army. They both graduated from South (Yes!!!) and are both awesome young men. Love to hear from old friends. Maybe see you @ the 30th. Peace to all.

Leslie Barnes Hi Everyone!!!! I just heard about this site from Diane Wattle's 1979. She is looking people up to plan their reunion and they also want to include class of 80. What a great surprise that was. Hope everyone is doing well. I am in Oceanside, Ca. with my boyfriend of 19 yrs (omg), I guess that makes us common law lol. We just never made it official. I have a stepdaughter that is 23 yrs old and a model in N.Y. and living the good life! I live just a few mins from Cheryl Jacobson (Freeze) and Tracy Derschan is down the way a bit further. Would love to hear from everyone

Corey (Bennett) Shaver What fun to see familiar names and faces...30 years it took me to do this! I guess it might be time to get on facebook and start chatting, too. Life is good in Grass Valley, CA (northern). I have three kids, Paul 24, Kirsten 19, and Allison 13, and a fantastic husband, together now 22 years! My dad passed away in November 2009 to cancer (what a shock!)...still recovering from that tradegy. Mom's doing ok and still living at the house in the Riviera. I work at City Hall, Nevada City (15+ years), I am the Deputy City Clerk & Administrative Senior Clerk. I'm back into horses again - I have four and got the family involved, too! That's it for now...good to be healty and alive!

Lisa (Bernstein) Branson Life moves fast, doesn't it? I have a 16 year old daughter that is now a Junior at SHS!! I work in the IT field. Just counting the years to my own retirement! Life is good. Say 'hi' if you dare ;).

Pamela (Booth) Brace Lovin' life with my husband and daughter here in Marble Falls TX!

Maria (Briguglio) Hatcher Hi to all my old friends!! I'm living in texas enjoying the outdoor life. Ihave three girls 5,6,@8.If anyone ever gets this message I would love to hear from you.

Nancy Brooks After graduating, went straight into the work force. Worked in Torrance for a few years then moved to Orange County and worked for a Diesel Engine Part Replacement Co. for about 9 years. Moved to San Antonio, TX in 1991 where I have started my own business and am still plugging away at it. No kids, Never married, but have been in a wonderful,committed, relationship for the past 13 years.

Bobby Campbell Hi everybody well the 30th reunion is coming up . the reunion committe is working hard to find people from the class of 1980 and let them know about the reunion so let your classmates know and if you have e-mail addresses you can send them to or go to Face Book.... South Torrance High School class of 1980 Reunion and find out more info. Hope to see all of you there

Kelly (Carll) Scott So there is life after 40. I'm a freelance writer and cradle robber married to a standup comic. We have a spunky 7-year-old daughter. Somehow we ended up in a smallish town in Iowa, a state whose exact place on the map was murky to me when I lived in California. It's taken me 8 years, but I've become fluent in windchill factor, tornado siren and crop yield. Lesson finally learned: Wherever you are in life, enjoy yourself.

Marcel Caruana Hello to everyone! Glad to read that other alumni are still out there and doing well. Some names are unfamiliar while others are again fresh in my mind. I am eager to again meet all of you but so far have seen nothing as to time or place of a reunion. I live in Mission Viejo, Ca and am happily married with three boys and another on the way. I still visit the South Bay from time to time reminscing of a much simpler life suprisingly, twenty years ago.Best wishes to all of you until we meet again.

Lisa (Cilva) Ward Update (new e-mail address): Hello everyone. I hope you are happy, healthy and well. I've been living in Park City, Utah since 1981. Graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Communication, and some graduate study. I've worked as a writer, editor and communications consultant for 20 years, and have a communications consulting company, Ward Communications. I also co-direct a community leadership program, mentoring adults in leadership, civic involvement and volunteerism. I am happily married, with two amazing sons, one in high school and one heading off to college. And I'm still a runner, though now it's on mountain trails.


Anthony "Tony" Clemente HI everyone. I went to South till 1979 Jr.Year. I moved to Orange County my Senior year. I am married and have a child 13 yrs old. I cant believe the BIG 25 years has gone by. I have worked in the Radiology field since 1985 and currently work in the Cardiac Cath Lab. Tony

Wayne Craig After South went to grad school and got a masters in music to try a stint at film scoring. Did some bad "B" movies and few tours playng sax and had a lot of fun checking out Japan and the Pacfic Northwest. Got married and put my Ex through scholl to get her doctors degree while running a few businesses. Since becomming single 5 yrs ago was offered a job with Brinks and now run the Western Region. Took up snowboarding and scuba diving years back to keep active and have even become pretty good at golf. Still live in the South Bay when in town and travel up and down the coast a lot. After all the South Bay is still one of the better places to live after with such nice beaches to run on, good weather and moutains waiting to be snowboarded.

Frederick Dai Hey! Just went to the reunion and heard about this website. Anyways, after graduation, I enlisted in the Marine Corps, then got an engineering degree from UCLA. Been a rocket scientist ever since. Then a few years back, I became an actor, got my SAG card and am out there doing commercial, tv & film work. Anyone out there have work for me?

Bryan Dalrymple Hello again. Myself and family are living back in Torrance since I have now retired from the Navy after 20 years. I repair radiation oncology equipment around the LA area for a company called Varain medical systems. I have two sons age 4 and 2. I am happier then I ever have been in my whole life. Drop me a line and we'll get together for a coffee.

David Dalton Hi There! Here's the skinny on Dave as of 10/7/00. I've been married to a Hawthorne/Mira Costa chick by the name of Michelle Lane since 1986. We met at work. We have three kids, David-13, Jessica-11, and Derek-9. Yes that means "I" still have a ton of homework! We bounced around a bit - Lomita, Madera, Camarillo, Las Vegas. We are currently in Lakeside, Ca., part of the East County of San Diego. Fairly healthy, fairly wise, and still working on that wealthy part. Most importantly, very happy with what my life has turned into. I love nostalgia, so drop me a line. Best wishes to all. Dave

Joann (Davidson) Milne Hi all! I did not formally graduate from SHS because my dear sweet parents (gotta love'em)decided to move to ,,,FRESNO,,,augh,,, the middle of my Junior year. However, after 11 years in the Torrance School district my heart will forever be with SHS. I am looking for several friends---any help??? SANDY RUSSELL, JEFF MILLER, MANDY MORTON, KENNETH LEIGHTON, PHIL MORTON. Please let me know anything and everything. I hope life has treated everyone kindly--Joann

Garth Davis

Sharon Davis 30 years later, after much travelling and a Doctorate in Chiropractic, I find myself loving the desert life outside Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Marla DeCuir

Mark Diederich I just found this site and enjoyed the updates so I thought I would add my own. Currently my wife Carolyn (married 15 years)and I, along with our three kids (Lauren 14, Jack 11, Scott 9)live in Yorba Linda and have remained in SoCal since SHS. Over the years I have kept in touch with a few people and occassionaly run across a fellow alumnus. It is always fun and so I welcome the chance to hear from you.

Kent Donnelly Greetings all. I am married with two children, Conor and Luc, live in Orange, CA and still keep in touch with many friends from South. Would love to hear from any of my old classmates/friends.

Robert (Bob) Doyle Hi all! I've been married 23 years to my wife Diane. We have 3 kids. The oldest just graduated high school, the others are 17 and 8. We live in the mountains just outside Albuquerque NM, where we run a process serving business. I talk to Tom Lindsey occasionally and Andy McDevitt. They're the only people from South High I've kept in contact with.

Michael Duffy After South I moved to Orange County and graduated from Cal State Fullerton and UC Irvine. Married (wife Linda) with 4 kids (Sean 17, Ethan 14, Rachel 12 and Adam 8 but thinks he's 18). Enjoying life....

Lew Elwood Hey Everyone, I have been married for 12 years as of 2002, have 2 boys 6 & 3 and am enjoying life in Temecula Ca. Still talk to a few classmates but not enough. Own my own packaging materials business for 9 years and having a blast with my boys. Take care.

Jocelyn (Estiamba) Pickard It was great seeing many of you at the past South High reunions. I hope to see more of you at the next reunion! Take care!

Margie (Finch) Tosch After a lifetime in Torrance (Calle Mayor & South) I left after half way through my Junior year for wild adventures in Texas. Moved to Seattle after three years, where I remained until moving to Sonoma, CA in Summer '99. Married, two kids - Brittany, 18 and a freshman in college in Washington, and Taylor (boy), 9 in third grade. I am a consultant in the hospitality industry, and also have begun designing (and manage) web sites, mostly restaurtant recruiting sites.

Linda (Garrett) Swenson Hello. I was just wanting to see if I could help locate any one to inform them about the upcoming reunion. Is there an "unable to locate these people" list? Also, I lost track of a few friends myself. Do you know where Jocelyn Estiamba, Lisa Massey, Greg Grant or Mary Del Signore are? I'll check back later. Bye.

Mark Gonzales Just completed my tour at the Navy's Flight Test Center at Naval Air Station Patuxent River (PAX River), MD. as the S-3 Viking's Aircraft/Systems Engineer after flying the S-3 for 14 of my last 16 years in the Navy (the S-3 is the same aircraft President Bush flew onto the Aircraft Carrier Abraham Lincoln). I've flown from the Aircraft Carriers USS Ranger, USS Constellation, and two deployments aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt. I've been stationed in San Diego, Pensacola (twice), Virginia Beach, Jacksonville (twice), NAS Patuxent River MD. with a couple of short assignments in Italy with NATO and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for the Secretary of Defense. I'm currently a Commander, back on flying duty with the S-3 Wing in Jacksonville, FL. Married to a VERY understanding Navy wife for 14 years.

Gregory Hargis

Tim Harris

Chris Hartman

Scott Holcombe Still living up North in Sacramento. It's hard being a Dodger fan in the land of the Giants. I work as a Newsphotographer for the CBS affiliate and also do some work for the Oakland A's farm team. Divorced for about 3 years. Anyone up my way this winter, let me know and we'll make some turns in Tahoe.

Lori (Holt) Harrington

Philip (Horne) Rosoff-Horne Howdy all-- Live up here in Sacramento. Got my BA in liberal arts then Masters in Math. Lived in Calcutta, Spain, and many parts of the US. Spent several years as a monk, here and in India. Wrote & published a book on 16th century music and published lots of articles on Vedic philosophy. Play the lute & classical guitar and am joining an early music choir. Now I teach at an innovative high school in Sacramento (prosaic, no?) and look for that elusive man of my dreams. Hope y'all are doing well. I enjoyed looking at all the bios. Cheers.

Patrick Howard Hello everyone, I'm currently living in Victorville, Ca. I'm married and I have a 15 year old boy (Chad). I'm a Fire Captain/Paramedic and currently work for the Orange County Fire Authority. I hope everyone is doing great!

Ron Hupe I got married had three kids Ashley now 16, Ronald jr. we call him Bubba 14, and Kyle 12. I'm now divorced and happy about it to. i work all the time but its the only way to bring in the money.Well yeah drop me a line some time.

Carolyn James I'm living in Berkeley, happily married with two grown stepsons. I got a biology degree from Univ. of Chicago, but after a few years in research, changed fields to social services. I ran a nonprofit agency serving the homeless and low-income for the last seven years, and am now taking a break and studying accounting/finance. I love sailing & scuba diving here in N. Calif.

Cynthia (James) Wright Wow! Just found this site. How cool is this? Now I have to find my old school foto. Well, let's see - after school I worked for LAX, Hughes Aircraft and Jane's Defense Publishing Co. in Virginia. I'm married, for sixteen years now, live back in CA, have seven kids, a gorgeous hunk of a husband, and I sit home, ride my horses and write spy novels. All and all life ain't too bad.

Stacey Kaates

James Kalinski

Mark Keller Like most, I went to college after High School. I received my teaching credential and my Master's (never would have guessed that one.) I taught the Gifted and Highly Talented for ten years, made a career change, got married, got divorced. At 45, I'm still just as care-free, happy and undenyibly handsome as I was in High School. If anyone has info on the 30 yr reunion, I would very thankful if you send it to me.

Christine (Kopec) Testolini After graduating from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, with a degree in marketing, I moved back to southern California (San Diego). Met my husband-to-be and moved to the Bay Area for 5 years where I worked in advertising sales for a major computer magazine. Twelve years ago, we moved to Colorado where I now work part-time as an independent marketing/sales consultant while raising our three beautiful children (Dante, Lucas and Sedona). Life is great!

Jeanine (La Fraugh) Stevens Hello , It's been a long time.We moved from Torrance 3 years ago and now live in Riverside.I've been happily married 19 years.We have 2 daughters 18yr-15yr, 1 son 11yr.I work for the RUSD,working with Sp.Ed @ handicapped children.Before that I worked for TUSD.I guess I can't seem to stay out of school.I can't believe I have a child graduating already! Boy,time does go by...See you at the 20th .

Steve Lizardi Hello everyone! Graduated from L.B. State and worked at TRW where I met my wife (Colleen). We moved to Atlanta 12 years ago(sure miss the beach...but real estate is much cheaper) We have 5 kids: Anthony 17, Ryan 13, Erica 12, Kristan 7 and Joel 4. Miss you all and God bless.

Don MacKenzie

Nola Mae McBain How did all those years pass by so quickly? Graduated UCLA with a BSEE in '85 then Loyola Law School with my JD in '95. I've worked for Xerox Corp. for forever, now at the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) in Silicon Valley. Married the love of my life in 1999. Count me in on our next reunion!

Mike McDonald Hi everyone. Well it looks as if I took longer to get the major things in life done than most of you did. Didn't marry until I was 30, but she is more than worth the wait. Celibrating our 10th aniversary this summer. Two children Joshua 6, and Michelle 4. After putting in my time as an aerospace engineer I started my own company developing mechanical engineering software. We live in Spokane WA and love it here. Look forward to re-union opportunities. Drop me a line and say hi.

Brigitte (McGee) Travaglini WOW! Can you all believe it has been thirty years almost. After South, I graduated USC Communications in 1985, went to law school for 1.5 years and then decided on a family instead. I have worked in downtown Los Angeles for Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP (law firm) for nearly 25 years and now am the Los Angeles Office Managing Law Clerk. I have three handsome sons (16, 12, 10). Oh and Todd S ... two of them are soccer All-Stars and one plays club. My oldest is a straight A student (6 years in a row now) and interested in Bio-Chem and Stanford. I enjoy hiking, hanging on the soccer fields and watching just about any type of sports. In fact, I was just at SHS in January where my middle son played his soccer game on the SHS football field ... yes the very field that I lead cheers. Pretty awesome to walk the field again. Although there is no more orange dirt ... its all about the turf now. My newest distraction is my home which I just purchased and closed at the end of January 2010. I now live in beautiful Woodland Hills. My extended family is back in Florida and Kentucky. My brother Jason Crawford (SHS 1990) is here in Cali too. He lives in Reseda. He moved back from Pennsylvania. My brother Brion Candela (SHS 1978) is in Florida. Looking forward to visiting with you all at the 30 ... COEXIST and positive energy always! (Feb 22, 2010). TTYL :)

Joni (Melim) Honore Time for an update: Things are great! (I have a POSITIVE attitude) I have 5 grown children, all boys, and my granddaughter will be 5 this August. I keep myself busy, and I really enjoy my family and friends.

Robert Meyer Born July 19, 1962. Robert passed away July, 14, 2009. Rob will be missed forever by his family and friends. He is survived by his two beautiful children, Katie and Ross; and their mother, Stephanie. Also surviving Rob is his mother, Gloria (Bill); his father, Gary (Vicky); his sisters, Susan (Mark), Peggy (Todd); step-brother, Taylor; and nieces and nephews Jennifer, Christopher, Kevin, Heather & Kelly. Services are Monday, July 20th, 1:00pm, at Halverson, Stone & Myers, 1223 Cravens Ave., Torrance, CA. Please sign the guest book at


David Nathanson Hey, life goes on. SHS, then 10 years in the OC, I live in the South Bay and am a Macintosh computer consultant as Mac Medix. No viruses, so it is a mostly happy Mac world. I like to go 4x4 exploring & camping. Also an occasional ham radio operator. Find me on Facebook &

Melissa (Noble) Barron Can't believe that the 30 yr. reunion is just 2-3 yrs away! Have been unable to go to previous reunions,but will definately be at the 30th. Just celebrated 21 yrs married to Bill and have 3 kids- Joshua (20), Michelle (17) and Ryan (13). Worked as an ICU nurse for many yrs, but stopped working a few yrs ago to be a stay-at-home mom for awhile. Let me tell you, it would be less work to go back to working as an RN! Lived up in Sacramento for the past 15 yrs, but moved to Aptos (by Santa Cruz) a few months ago and absolutely love it here. It is so awesome to be back by the ocean again- had no idea how much I missed it until we were here. We live about a block from the beach and it's great!

Keith Nobles Remarkable! Anyways, I have been living in Colorado for 12 years and I am Software QA Manager for a .com company. I have a wonderful five year old daughter and am engaged to be married in November and have not really kept in touch with anyone at South.

Pam (O'Brien) Quinn Hello to class of '80. Hope to see everyone at 2010 reunion.

Pat O'Reilly

Thomas Ollivares

Michael Palacios hey people - can you believe all this time gone by ???

Paul Parmer

Edward Peltier hi every one im still alive, living in laguna hills ,im into the marketing buiness i,i nowhave a 17 year old son .i was married for 10 year ,but now single and having lots of fun & still fet working out and taking kickboxing sessions .so it show that age 40 is not that bad see ya

Sheryl (Peterson) Prizlow After graduation, I attended El Co & CSULB and got a Bachelors in Bus. Computer Methods (now useless info). I married Larry in 1982 and we're still going strong. We have 3 daughters 21, 18, and 14 as of 10/08. Life is busy as a wife of a general contractor, office manager, 2 kids in college and 1 in high school. I live in the South Bay and still love the beach! We are so blessed!

Jim Pickard Hi guys, Was great seeing you all that the last reunion. Hope to see more of you and the next one. Jim

Melanie (Porter) Solven I can't believe its been almost thirty years since high school! Even though I didn't actually graduate from high school, I did go to elementary (Meadow Park) and middle school (Calle Mayor)with quite a few of you. As you may remember, drugs and alcohol took over my life while at South. I just celebrated 16 years clean and sober in April 2009. I have been living in the Sierra Foothills since 1988 and I love it here. I currently live in Jamestown Ca. with my husband Jim (We are newlyweds), 3 cats and a fox terrier named Jeff. If anyone has a picture of me from the high school year book...I left south in 1978/1979 can you email it to me? I plan on being at the reunion next year. Can't wait to see everyone!

Pamela Pretty It's great reading about all did good!!! in Corona del Mar...Masters in Exercise Phsyiology..loving life..taking care of aging family members..and lucky to be doing so..good to see all of you!

Anne (Proudfoot) Koltvet Itís now June, 2007, 5 years since my last update. I still live in Murrieta (6 years now), and not much has changed, besides the kids getting older. My daughter is 15, just finished her freshman year, plays the bassoon, gets good grades and canít wait to start driverís ed Ė ĎHoly &$#%@$!!!...í (hey, Dave Thayer, remember our driverís ed class???) My son is going into 6th grade, plays the trumpet, also gets good grades, and will be 11 on August 8th, which is also our 20-year anniversary. Iím still a stay-home mom, tho Iím hardly ever home. A few years ago I started playing the sax again and play with a jazz band that meets at the local college. Itís a bunch of old dudes, some who played with the Big Bands in the 40ís. Iím the youngest, with the few in their 50ís, and the rest up into their 80ís. Weíre not ĎBenny Goodman and his orchestraí, but we have a great timeÖ Would still like to hear from anyone who remembers meÖ And in the meantime Iíll be looking for a recent picture to post here, on the right, since this one to the left is SO icky!!

Kerry (Reed) Dunki-Jacobs It's been great to reconnect with so many of you. The efforts from the Class of '79 has blazed a trail for our class! Finding old classmates and even friends from our old neighborhoods and feeder schools has been easier than ever! If you attended their reunion last summer, you know how much fun it was. We loved the laid back feeling and the come as you are dress code! It was truly a memorable event. This year, the Class of '80 would like to create the same atmosphere and also include a few more of our closest friends! I'm sure there are many of you had best friends you grew up with, but they either moved or for whatever reason, didn't graduate from South. Well, since this is the 30th and it's harder these days to get us all together under one roof, the reunion has been opened to many alumni and those from our feeder schools as well. We're expecting a big gathering and we hope that you will be there to reconnect with your favorite people, celebrate 30 years and just have a great time! So many ways to reconnect even before the reunion (Sat. 7/31/10) You can contact your Reunion Committee anytime by emailing us at and on Facebook at!/group.php?gid=123513106125 This year's reunion is all about YOU! Please help us to make this our best one yet. Get involved! We need to get the word out and get this party started! Send us your email address so that you will receive all the details on your reunion, the latest about your classmates, blasts from your past and much more! Want to know who's coming? Well, get in touch with us and we'll bring you up to speed! Really looking forward to seeing so many of you in July. I hope life has been extra kind to all of you and yours. Take care, Kerry

Diana (Roby) Johnson

Brian Rosen 25+ years. Where has all the time gone? It is great to see so many familiar faces and brings back some good memories. Lets see ... joined the Navy out of HS. Got married, had 2 boys, went to SIU and got my BS in Education, retired from the Navy then got divorced. Living in Connecticut working for Philips Medical Systems. I hope to make our next reunion - will be nice to see everyone!!

Jacques Rousseau Guess Ive been slacking, just found this site. I graduated from Cal Poly SLO in 1985. Moved back to the South Bay with my 1 year old, decided to move to Santa Barbara and now live in Goleta. Have worked as an engineer here since. Went through one knarly divorce (she left me with two kids) and remarried about 6 years ago. Now I have 4-kids. All older (12,15,17,19). Presently I am a manager of test and test equipment engineering at Litton guidance and control systems. Of course, we have just been sold to Northrup Grumman and they are closing our facility. So goes the life of an engineer. Was surprised to see all the familiar names and what not.

Sandy (Russell) Esparza After dating Paul for 5 years, we married in 1981. I graduated from CSULB, then went to work for Logicon in San Pedro as a Computer Scientist. My daughter was born in 1987. My son arrived in 1989. Several jobs later, we moved to Arizona in 1993. A majority of the time I worked as a consultant providing Project Management Support and acting as liaison to the users. Paul got his dream working in Law Enforcement. Lt. Paul R. Esparza lost his battle with cancer in 2004. I am now working as an Academic Counselor with two kids in college although still both living at home. Would love to hear from you all...

Wayne Russell Hi to all,Just had my 20th wedding anniversary.Kim and I have 3 girls.Brittany 19 sac.state [deanslist!]heather 15,and megan is 10.we own a little house in petaluma,ca[northern ca.]I have an old jet ski that I ride.We are loving the slower pace,but miss the sunsets,surf and people we left behind.

Todd Saldana

Julie (Sauber) Breslau Where does one start. It's wonderful to read all your stories. I moved to San Diego in 1983 when my father transfered with TRW. Worked in accounting for awhile, then caught the bug to travel, so I managed a travel agency in La Jolla and traveled the world a bit. Have been married 20 yrs, have 2 boys, one is a freshman in high school the other a freshman in college(Notre Dame) Spend time between our home in San Diego and our townhome in Steamboat Springs. A 30 year reunion is in the making for August of 2010, please be sure to attend. See you soon, Julie

Ron Schmidt Hey All, OK, so I didn't graduate from South but I still remember all of you...surprising after all that stuff I used to smoke!! I too just happened to stumble upon this site. It's really cool to hear how well all of you are doing. Dean, I'll bet you still have funny looking hair. There are people that can help you with that these days! Has anyone been able to contact Jim Pickard, if so please write or forward my e-mail to him. And just in case anyone has wondered...yes I did jail. And now I'm a US government sub contract admin. I know, scary! PEACE!!

Dean Seislove Hello to all. I still live and work in the area. I often think of my classmates and experiences at South High, and the memories are always positive. Hope all of you are healthy and happy.

Suzy (Silver) Nastaskin Wow! I didn't know this existed! Hi all. Let's see... I graduated from USC, worked at a large PR firm in NYC, then came back to the Hollywood Riviera and married my hubby, a Russian immigrant (Igor), in 1989. We have three kids. I still live in the "Riv," and get this ... starting Sept. 2005 my 14 year will be a freshman at South! The place hasn't changed a bit. I see Nancy Sarpolis and Stuart Lee often ... they are happily married now. Also run into Phil Schneider, another Riviera resident, as well as lots of others of us who have stayed local. Todd Saldana even runs my son's soccer club. So, I have mini reunions all the time, which is great. Peace to all.

John Snider Wow... 30 years... Married 20 years to my wonderful Rosie... 5 great kids and 1 great daughter-in-law (no grandkids yet)... after high school I did some short-term and home missions work - working with people with drug and alcohol addictions, in and out of college for a while, worked in a number of fields, everything from punching cows (seriously) and milking them (true) to warehousing and working security in county housing to finally settling in direct mail and marketing for a number of years. For the last several years I have been back working with youth and am a pastor on staff at a church here in Corona, CA, where I have also coached all my kids through AYSO soccer for the last several years... the youngest is 9 and the oldest 25... if you are ever in the IE, give us a holler

Jon Stilwell Married my college sweetie, stayed married, raised a really sweet five-year-old boy along the way. Current career strategy is to get wife through grad school so I can become a golf bum here in Chapel Hill, NC or back in CA! Where the heck are the track-sters from 1978-82 - and anyone else who survived Doc Elliott, Mrs. Hawkins, and Mr. Hondrick?

David Stinson 30 years have now past, it is amazing how fast time fly's bye. Great to know so many of you are still in the area (South Bay/So-Cal). Life has been great for myself, as I have been heavily involved in the automotive racing industry for many years now. I am a department manager for the single largest manufacturer of automotive racing components, and make a very comfortable living doing what I have had a strong passion for, for so many years. I can remember like it was yesterday my four years of auto-shop under the direction of MR. Porter. What a great instructor! If any of you browsing the site would care to contact me, please feel free to do so. Enjoy your summer! David

Greg Strawn I am a grandpa. My eldest daughter and her husband have a new baby boy. My children are all growing up (five of them-- 3 girls & 2 boys, ages 24, 23, 20, 17, and 14). Two of my daughters have been married for over a year, and my eldest son will be married in 2010. I am still happily married (25 years next month). I spend most of my free time with my family (which is growing). It is nice that my children, their friends, their spouses, and my grandson often still hang out at the family homestead with my wife and I. Nothing brings me more joy than being around my family. I want to attend the 30th reunion in 2010. Perhaps, I will see you then. I hope you all enjoy peace and happiness.

Greg Summers Mahalo everyone! After 29 years I just stumbled onto this site. Since SHS the time has flown by at light speed. Why did it seem to take so long to graduate? So many familiar names and faces from the past. After reading the bios, it was nice seeing so many have successfully navigated the challenging waters of life. Since I've been unable to attend the reunions here's a snap shot of my life after SHS. Let's see after graduating I went to ECC. On the side I studied eastern philosopies. In '82 moved to Dallas Tx. Moved back to South Bay in '84. I missed our beautiful beaches,desserts & mountain ranges. I relocated to the Hollywwood Rivera area. Worked for a Fortune 500 Company in Management. Helped form a Post Punk Neo Psychedelic Rock Band. By default I became the singer/songwriter.Since the band was comprised of several Computer Progammers we decided to call ourselves The System Failures. We eventually disbanded as our real lives took hold. In '87 I went back to college, got into painting, B & W photography and poetry. I did the L.A. & Long Beach Coffeehouse Poetry Reading Circuit to keep the creative juices flowing and overcome my fear of public speaking. In'89 I found my Soul Mate, Cyndee. Since she & her family lived in the O.C. I moved to Orange in 90. We got married in San Juan Capistrano one year to the day we met. While working in the Financial Services Industry I went back to school part time to study Architectural Engineering. When we decided to expand our family I returned to Corporate America. I worked for the same company the last eleven years as both a Mentor and Trainer. My last position was as an Account Executive in their Sales Division. Since everyone has been saying the Earth will end in 2012 I am taking some time off, now,to reconnect with my family and re-focus my priorities. Both Cyndee and I are into Mid-Century Architecture, Hawaiiana, (we've got Tikified) and the Polynesian culture. As a result of our new found love I've been developing my skills at Drink Mixology & Tiki Carving. Family stats: We are blessed with two healthy boys. They are brilliantly gifted lads whose humor and take on life, keeps us in stitches. Coleman (12) who is a high functioning child with Autism and future Game Developer and Cooper (9) whose latest wish is to join the FBI. If anyone out there has connections, please let me know. They are both involved in Scouting, Taekwondo & Stop Motion Animation. We have resided in Yorba Linda, Ca. the past 11 years. We recently completed remodeling our home. It is a true fusion of styles. We were inspired by Asian, Craftsman and Hawaiian Architectures. If you are ever in the area drop me a line. There is always a seat in our home for old friends. Happy Holidays to All! Mahalo/Warm Regards, Greg

Dave Thayer Hey e-mail address. Hope all is well with everyone......Have a 15 month old son , now....What a blessing.....His name is C.J.

Kelly (Thompson) Doyle Years have passed rather daughter is grown and attends USC Med School, I am still a teacher and live near Philadelphia with my husband.

Eric Toloza Hi, all. Just came across this site while goofing off on the internet. After graduation, I went to UCLA for undergrad and then for med&grad school. Along the way, became a catamaran sailing instructor at Marina del Rey. Then did a General Surgery residency at UC Irvine. Followed that with a Cardiothoracic Surgery residency at Texas Heart and MD Anderson Cancer Ctr in Houston. Am now a thoracic surgeon at Duke Univ in Durham, NC. Am married (almost 13 yrs) and have an 8-yr-old son, a 2-yr-old girl, four dogs, and a parrot. Missed the 20-yr reunion (actually all the past reunions) - did not get notice about the last one, but looking forward to the 25th. Hope to reconnect with some of you folks.

Glenda Uchio

Mary (Vamploa) Miller 30 Years!! Really that old?? I still don't trust anyone over 30... I met my husband, Tim, at El Camino. We have been married for 23 years and have 3 daughters. The oldest will be graduating from college in a few weeks, my middle is finishing her first year at ElCo, my youngest is a junior at South. All three have played volleyball at South. I have mostly been a stay at home mom; occassional part-time jobs, volunteer ministry, and a Master's degree have kept me busy when not hanging out with hubby and girls.

Ronald Walker I got married in March of 1998 and have two beautiful daughters. One is 5 and starts kindergarten this year. The other was born on the 13th of this month. Living in the Riverside area and doing what I've always wanted to do. Looking forward to a 30 year reunion (Has it been that long?).

Kirk Werner Hi all, just read through the directory and it was good to see the familar names. I graduated with a bachelors in Operations Mgt. from Arizona State in 1988. Worked for aerospace companies and hated it. Went back to school and graduated with a degree in Physical Therapy C.S.U.L.B 1995. Married a class mate Monique in 1996 and now have two wonderful children Megan 7 and Kyle 5. We live in San Diego(Carlsbad) CA and love it there. Would love to hear from others.

Steve White Wow. So many old friends and great memories. Didn't even know the Spartan website existed until today. After South, I went to CSULB for undergrad and CSUN for MBA. Spent several years in Corporate Accounting (yawn) until three years ago I switched tracks and now do Project Management for Countrywide (good move). I landed in Moorpark and finally got married in 2004. Alma and I now have a sweet little three-month-old who likes to babble a lot and eat his hands. It's great to read your comments. Good luck to all.

Nancy Whitehead Hi All! Heres a little update. I am currently living in Lomita; working in Torrance at a PR agency specializing in cable and high tech; raising my 11-year old daughter and learning to surf...finally ;)

Arthur Whiting (updated 3/10/03)It's funny what you can find on the internet. I found the South High webpage on the same day they were having a 20th reunion for the class of 1980. Well I guess I missed another get together. I'm living in Orange county and I have been working for Disneyland Entertainment for 16 years doing shows, control systems, live T.V. braodcast, comercials, and stuff. I'm married and have a 6 year old boy and a four year old girl. Why have many of you moved to Texas?

Bruce Wininger Hi All, I'm updating as of 1-30-07. I still live and teach in Murrieta California. I have been married for 22+ years. My wife is a Palos Verdes graduate. We have 4 sons, 21, 18, 18, and 14. The 3 oldest are in college. It's been a long time since South, but it feels like yesterday. Email me if you get a chance. I'd love to hear from some old Spartans!

Deborah (Winkler) Dreher Hi everyone! I attended the 10th & 20th yr reunion but unable to make the 30th. I'm on Facebook. Was married in 1986 - for 21 1/2 years. My husband Michael passed away 12/28/2007. I take care of my 5 children: 1 girl (19), 4 boys (17, 15, 13, 11) and 2 cats. I keep busy with the kids, errands, chores, hobbies, friends. Have lived in Oregon for nearly 16 years now.

Scott Winslow Hello to everyone from the Class of 1980! It's great to see so many familiar names again, and to see that so many of you are still in the area. I am living in Huntington Beach now, but still spend alot of time around the South Bay (it's hard to stay away, even with the traffic). I'd love to hear from any of you, and hope to see you at the January benefit reunion.

Lisa (Wright) Hannon Let's see, 25 years in one paragraph. After skipping out on the class of '80 and graduating in '79 I went on to graduate from Cal Lutheran, get married, have 2 daughters and get unmarried. I work at an advertising agency in Camarillo and live in Thousand Oaks, but dream of the day when I can move back to the South Bay. I still visit often and miss it!!

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